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Now, if only the ocean would turn LIME GREEN!!!

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  1. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Man…I wonder what was in that hooch I drank! 😀

    BEAUTIFUL picture! I would love to see that up close and personal! When we were in Florida to see Hubby’s sister and her family, we were kayaking with her, her husband, her 6 year old daughter, and her 3 year old son. I kept trying to convince the niecling and nephewling that those fins that kept popping up in front of us were SHARKS!!! Of course, they knew I was full of crap. 😛


  3. Beautiful. Amazing what nature can produce.

  4. berthaservant says:


  5. For some reason all my tummy ails are cured…They should name it Pepto!

  6. berthaservant says:

    well, not quite, so consider my previous post a really bad haiku instead of a b***n

  7. berthaservant says:

    Oh, and PS, these are NOT fish (re: tags).

  8. photogirl says:

    Wow. Barbie PINK Dolphin!

    There used to pink dolphins in Hong Kong (but they built an new airport right on top of their harbour).
    They were more of a baby pink colour, not day-glo pink like this one.

  9. You mean my happy place is SCIENTIFICALLY ACCURATE!?!? Yaaay!

    (Yes, my happy place contains pink dolphins. And kittens. And puppies. And unicorns. And Edward Cullen. Don’t judge me!!!)

  10. There’s a small lagoon in Singapore dedicated solely to pink dolphins. It’s disturbing to see everyone go SQUEEE while I go Meh, Been There, Done That.

  11. seadocII says:

    That looks like a sunburned albino bottlenosed dolphin.

  12. PLEASE tell me there are plans underway to attach a red ribbon to his/her fin á la Hello Kitty!

  13. *Pshah* Lisa Frank knew about these ages ago!

  14. River dolphins are pink, too, but not quite this technicolor … the important question is, is this a girl dolphin or a boy dolphin? Because if it’s a boy dolphin … poor guy.

  15. Lime green oceans are the answer to whose prayers, exactly?

  16. Oh, and PS, while it’s quite true that my cousin Prof. Brooks would back you up, mister, we know that these are NOT fish (re: humor). So THPPPPPPPPPT.

  17. MoonCatty says:

    Whoa, pink dolphins are real?! Color me stunned!

    If this is an albino dolphin that is bright pink due to sunburn, then poor baby! Gosh, if only dolphins had high SPF waterproof lotion.

    Hope they can get more photos without disturbing him/her too much… simply fascinating!

  18. Subhangi says:

    WOW! What a riotous pink! I’ve never seen this kind of albinism before.

    Stay out of the sun as much as possible, pinky!

  19. VERY cool. There are some albino fish that have a pinkish hue as well (before anyone says anything, I’m not calling dolphins fish), but nothing as bright and radiant as that! Very awesome. Really hope no one gets it in to their mind to try to catch it or cause it harm or anything. And hope its coloration doesn’t hurt it in anyway when it comes to hunting or getting away from predators.

  20. I cannot believe this is a real photo of a real dolphin. i thought maybe it was a regular dolphin playing with a dolphin-size plastic Barbie dolphin.

    okay, seriously, sightings of mini-unicorns are going to start happening soon, right?

  21. Hon Glad says:

    Blancmange Dolphin.

  22. This pleases me more than I expected it to! Not that I was expecting this piece of news.

  23. I seriously think April’s come a little early this year.

    If a freakin’ white hedgehog is too vulnerable to be on it’s own, how can a day-glow pepto bismal dolphin survive.

    Unless it hangs out with a lot of flamingos.

  24. Von Zeppelin says:

    I don’t know about the lime-green ocean, but the pink and black dolphins have a nice Fifties look. My uncle’s Edsel was pink and black.

  25. Ah, it’s actually an albino. I wonder if the photo was just a tad enhanced?

  26. Aww, I think Mr. Pink-Fin eats marshmallows for breakfast and covers himself with sparkly starfish during weekends!

    (On a darker side note, would marshmallows equal plastic foam and sparkly star fish equal oil-covered starfish in reality? Scary thought, no?)

  27. starling says:

    Is it really pink? Or an albino with sunburn?

  28. LisaHoneychan says:

    And here I thought “pink dolphin” was just another tern for the male…*coughs* Happy Place.
    Guess I was wrong, all along!

    (methinks the photo might be shopped, that pink looks just too neon..But, maybe it’s just cool like that)

  29. Do the boys come in blue ??

  30. OH. MY. GOD.
    Please mother nature, let this be a dominant trait and let this adorable thing reproduce. I knew I was studying marine biology for a reason!
    *ahem* is. NOT. fishie.

  31. photoshopped for its brightness, search pink dolphin on google, youll find that picture, just darker

  32. Gail (the first one) says:

    Somehow, a pink dolphin just feels “right”….maybe a baby blue manatee to complete the set???

  33. You mean my happy place is SCIENTIFICALLY ACCURATE!?!? Yaaay!

    (Yes, my happy place contains pink dolphins. And kittens. And puppies. And unicorns. And Edward Cullen. Don’t judge me!!!)


  34. Shock and horror at photoshopping! Real thing is still waaaay anerable though

  35. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    What are bottlenose dolphins doing in a LAKE? Do they have access to the open ocean? I’m confoozed.

  36. katiedid says:

    OMG I’ve died and gone to Lisa Frank Heaven!!!!

  37. Why can’t anyone RTFA? The speculation is all answered therein.

  38. Incidentally, had a Photoshop contest over the weekend in which you had to make something pink.

  39. Now if we could only attach frickin’ “lasers” to its head, the world would be ours!

  40. chanpon says:

    By any chance, were Mary Kay’s ashes strewn into the ocean when she passed away?

  41. has a good article on the pink dolphin, giving a good explanation of the pink color. Their picture is a different pose of the same one shown here, but the color is much more believable; more a biological pink than a bubble-gum pink as shown here. I, too, smell a little Photoshopping. Cute, though; makes me want to float around on its rubbery back!

  42. RedAngell says:

    Snopes has it too, it is an albino, but its not sunburned, just looks pink, some photos make it look brighter than others, but its pretty pink…lol

  43. biscuitz4bearz says:

    Oh god – don’t let Paris Hilton find out about this. She’ll try to put it in her purse.

  44. Katie Kat says:

    WHOA…. that’s beyond awesome! I’m stunned that it’s real!

  45. Theresa says:

    Look out, look out
    Peenk dolphins on parade
    Here they swim
    Splashetty splashetty!

  46. scooterpants says:

    seems that the color might be enhanced a little?
    its sure is pretty though, i guess they have had to tell people to leave it alone, since its getting bothered all the time.
    it can come to my house and live in my pool in the backyard, i wont bother it a bit.

  47. Katrina says:

    Dontcha just hate it when people chew a big wad of bubble gum and then just spit it out in the ocean? Dontcha?

  48. balamuthia says:

    This is so funny! My three year old and I *just* watched a Go, Diego, Go! DVD that featured river dolphins!

  49. Wheeeeeehehehehehee! *SNORT*

  50. Some of the other pic’s show the pink eye so it’s definitely albino looking.

    I THINK that this is a video, not sure as I’m at work.

  51. At first I thought it might be fake, but after googling a bit I found some more pictures.
    These look quite different from the overly saturated pic over here at CO.

  52. Still looks pink, though.

  53. Charlie says:

    My friend said he saw pink dolphins when he was little in Hong Kong so it does happen I guess just very rare. I expect if any animal could be nice enough to be pink it would be a dolphin :>

  54. Guys I think everybody knows dolphins are not fish, but “fishie” is an adequate tag, considering there isn’t “sea mammals and other non-fish aquatic life forms” tag.

  55. Barbie pink or Ms. Piggy pink- I don’t care. It’s a pink dolphin!

  56. Lonicera says:

    Hmm. All of you who are oohing and aahing and wishing all dolphins looked like this, you should know that albinism is a very deleterious trait, and most dolphins in the wild who demonstrate this trait die prematurely. This is not something to wish for.

  57. Michelle S. says:

    Beautiful. I always wonder what others of their own species think of odd-colored individuals. Do they think it’s pretty? Weird? Do they treat them differently?

  58. Lonicera — dolphins don’t have a lot of predators; “river dolphins” even fewer. Think of it this way: the pink coloring on Malibu Flipper here could possibly even serve as a high-visibility warning to boaters, kinda like traffic cones.

  59. WickedWendy says:

    No way! I need more proof.

  60. Samantha says:

    I saw this and was planning to send it in, but then my internet got all slow and poopy and I closed out of everything and forgot. I’m glad someone remembered though, because it’s like the coolest thing on the planet.

  61. I do kind of want to rub that thing down with sunblock sp 500.

  62. Katrina says:

    “So long, and thanks for all the Pepto Bismol!”

  63. David (the first one) says:

    Hmm, is that why Naruto ( ) are pink on the outside?

    /quickly ducks behind a big tree

  64. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    There is a rare, possibly extinct by now, pink-colored river dolphin in China. This is a different species. Normally the bottlenose isn’t pink.

  65. totally thought this was a plastic thingy hoax!

  66. I was going to say… It’s Lisa Frank come to life! I see someone beat me to it. 😉

  67. Sally S. says:

    Holy mess! I sent this in! =]

  68. Sally S. says:

    Something I sent in got posted. Yay. =]
    I think it’s adorable.

  69. kibblenibble says:

    This must be brightly-colored-animal day! (Pink dolphin and orange kitteh.) *dashes off to don her shades*

  70. This seems to be an albino Bottlenose dolphin. The “lake” it is in is actually an estuary, a large cove of the sea only partially cut off from the rest of the ocean. It is a salt water habitat.
    Now ‘pink river dolphins’ are a separate species. They are adapted to life in fresh water – the Amazon river.
    Here is a link:

    and a relevant passage:

    ” Pink dolphins can be found in pink, light gray or brown colors but there is not conclusive evidence of the reason why (most) pink dolphins are pink.

    It could be an adaptation to the river life or caused by the presence of capillaries near the surface of the skin what provide them such impressive color.

    Additionally, pink dolphins get pinker when they are excited or surprised, resembling blushing in humans. ”

  71. katiebug says:

    some albino animals are pink or red without being “sunburned,” mostly fish and snakes i believe. bottlenose dolphins are adorable; pink ones all the more so!

  72. Oh, for heaven’s sake people! Someone just got a little happy with the color enhancer. That’s all. It’s probably a very light shade of gray, with a tiny hint of pink — not bright plastic-Barbie-car color.

    “Traffic cones”… Hahahahah

  73. Unbelievably cool

  74. Katrina says:

    OK, who is embarasking the dolphin? What cartoon character said embarasking? 10 points to the first person who remembers. An old cartoon series, b-t-w.

  75. Score one for Louisiana!
    We got crokked politicians, lousy schools, and hurricanes, but we got PINK DOLPHINS!!

  76. @ Donna – i love the idea of dolphins blushing, there’s a whole cartoon running in my head now, with shy dolphins giggling behind their fins… Sugar sweet!

  77. Who else wants to go to Louisiana to see her?

  78. This has to be an omen of something, like the white buffalo calf in The X-Files. An omen of what, exactly, I don’t know. But I feel good about it!

  79. OMG!!! is Mary Kay dead??

  80. Is Ed censoring our comments again??

    [Remember, if you don’t see your comment show up right away, reload the page in your browser first; the F5 key is a fast way to do this… – Ed.]

  81. Oh OK.
    Sorry Ed.

  82. Blushing dolphins?


    Just, wow.

  83. I wanna stick my toothbrush in it.

  84. this dolphin is not an albino, photoshopped, or anything of the sort. I have seen them with my own eyes, and they are actually not that pretty. Since they live in very dark waters (like the Amazon, where I saw them) they don´t really need their eyes, which are very VERY tiny. They are pink like crazy, though!

  85. hamster-on-rye says:


  86. Xime –

    The dolphin picture is of an albino Bottlenose dolphin, – a saltwater species which is normally grey.

    The dolphins you saw in the Amazon were, presumably, Amazon river dolphins, or Botros – a freshwater species which is normally pink.

    Both are ‘pink dolphins’, but they are not the same- or even that closely related.

  87. Kristen says:

    It’s a cloudy day and I feel cloudy, so I came back to the embarassed bubblegum dolphin to feel better. It worked! Thnx CO!

  88. lynn crago says:

    very beautiful

  89. Ana Luíza says:

    Hi,my name’s Ana and I’m from Brazil. Here we have something that look like this pink dolphin. It’s BOTO COR DE ROSA (in portuguese) PINK BOTO (in english). I think this animal in the picture is a BOTO from Amazonia,in Brazil. Only a scientist can tell what is that.

    PS.I hope you can understand my English.
    PS2.If you want, come to Brazil and visit Amazonia,it’s a beatiiiiiiiiiiiiiiful place


  90. Faran Riley says: