Did You Make Your Bed This Morning?

"Oh yeah, I made my bed, all right… I MADE IT BEG FOR MERCY!  BWAH-ha-ha-ha-haaaaah!  That’s right, I’ll show the furniture in this house who’s boss!"

Wicker?  I hardly knew 'er!

You must be on a first-name basis at Pier 1 by now, Angela S.



  1. Paunchie says:

    OH. MY. GAWD.

  2. Oh my. And he looks so proud of himself too.

  3. Now THAT’s a dog! I love that he doesn’t have one of those “oh man, you caught me, let me look guilty” looks on his face. No. Instead he’s SMILING! He just tore up your furniture and is proud of his damn fine work! Doggie, you da man!

  4. BAD BOY!!!!!!!!!

  5. I want to say, “Bad dog, no biscuit,” but it’s hard for me to stay angry with that face.

  6. lol that’s too funny. Mine tries to still my bras time to time…and he’ll stop and just look at me like “what?! Don’t accuse me!” lol

  7. chanpon says:

    There. It is sooo much better now.

  8. LOL the happy proud face is just too much. LOLOL

    although if I came home to that I might not be laughing. Still, who could stay mad at that Mug. Not me!

  9. !!!

    “I’m not even mad. I’m impressed!”

  10. Upside Down says:

    Not That Mike The Other Mike has posted the last few pictures. Where’s Meg?

  11. You said: Stay off the couch.

    He heard: Somewhere deep within the couch is a slice of pizza.

    Anyone could have made that mistake.

  12. Ha! Love the caption. 🙂

  13. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    This is a total set-up. I was nowhere near the place at the time….

  14. the bird says:

    There are no words to describe this!!!

  15. tracyflick says:

    Oh dear God.

  16. Good Lord…

  17. Theresa says:
  18. Hey mom, you like?
    I am STARVING after that workout.. whens dinner?

  19. claudia says:


    Love the proud look

  20. Ah, the sublime satisfaction on that doggy’s face…

  21. Wow!!! I am actually too impressed to say anything clever!

    My dog had a thing for foam…so once we came home to him shredding a sizable corner of our Tempurpedic mattress, as well as the 2 free pillows that came with it. There was foam EVERYWHERE. And don’t even get me started on when he chewed up the seats to my Honda Civic. That was an uncomfortable ride to the dealer, and $1500 I’ll never see again. But I still love the guy!

  22. That’s right, doggie. You show that lounger who’s boss.

  23. Now, shall we discuss your “No milkbones before dinner” rule again?

  24. dharlan1too says:

    Warning on couch tag:
    Do Not Leave Dog Unattended!

  25. DumBunny says:

    Actually it looks a lot like my bed this morning, except with mine it’s feathers that have escaped my pillow.

  26. binky-mama says:

    The couch was ebel. So I keeled eet. *grin*

  27. Kallisto says:

    Yep, that grin is just too much. I love it. He’s so proud and happy. Who could stay angry? Not me anyways.

  28. wannadance says:

    omg. i have nightmares like this all the time, only w/o the dawg. just destruction…

    i gotta stop watching ‘alias’ dvd’s.

  29. Yitzysmommie says:

    I Love how proud he is of his work. the smile it KEEEELS moi!

  30. All that, but he left the mattress tag intact. Good doggie!

  31. SoCalSis says:

    That hovertext is BRILLIANT! I can hear it in Groucho-voice… imagining the wiggling eyebrows.

  32. We once had a TINY rat terrier (less than 5 pounds, at the time), that totally, completely destroyed a wooden louvered door we’d installed to keep him contained in the kitchen when we went out. From 3 feet down, the door was GONE. Nothing left. I was so impressed, I couldn’t even be angry.

    And he had the same look this goggy has…LOOK WHAT I DID FOR YOU!!!

  33. If this dog were mine, it wouldn’t be for much longer!!! Destructive pets such as this one don’t deserve a NICE home or NICE owners. The damage this dog did is a shame – what’s next, the neighbor’s child?!?!?!!!

  34. Linda H. says:


  35. Von Zeppelin says:

    @Ronni–You’re absolutely right. If my dog did this, I’d sell him to the Korean restaurant immediately.

  36. “Otis the Dog debuts his new, enlightened design style. He calls it…FANG SHUI!” (rimshot)

  37. itsmemom says:

    yeah, wicker is good, but I realllllly have a craving for a bark-a-lounger.

  38. speedwell says:

    Oh, come now. That piece of furniture is old, gray, and decrepit, and being stored OUTDOORS. The dog was probably catching something that burrowed into it to have babies, or something. The neighbor children can still sleep at night.

  39. Pirate Dog strikes again!
    I simply love the black patch over his right eye.
    @ronni: And I assume your kid is up for adoption the first time s/he steals a cookie from the jar?
    Sometimes pets destroy things. We all slip up from time to time, so what? I’m not giving up my two kittehs just because they toppled my mothers ficus tree. I’m merely redecorating.

  40. dobermama says:

    My doberman has done that to two (yes, two, of different brands) of those “chew proof” dog beds. Dadburn dogs.

  41. dude is totally king of rule 32.

  42. doxnsox says:

    OMG. I would die.

    His little face ALMOST makes it OK.



  43. Bad dog, bad dog,
    Whatcha gonna do?
    Whatcha gonne do when they come for you?

  44. Lerrinus says:

    It’s dead, Jim! LOL!

  45. He looks very proud of his work – and he should be. It’s obviously his “art”.

  46. octaviaorca says:

    ha ha! i know this face! this is the face i come home to when my dog has eaten the diapers in the diaper pale, the bread in the kitchen and the snacks in the diaper bag! ‘look ma, i’m helping to clean up! can i go on a walk now?’

  47. Lily…I heart Otis and his new enlightened style,
    “Fang Shui.”

  48. Hey Ronni?

    I just wonder if you would have made a comment advocating the abandonment of dogs,if the dog in that picture wasn’t a pit bull.

    neighbors kid is perfectly safe, *I* worry who’s gonna protect the poor doggies from you.

  49. soo funny! The doggie isn’t even attempting to look innocent!

  50. Babycakes says:

    He’s doing what dogs do.
    It’s sad to think that some people feel the need to abandon a dog for chewing. :[
    Oh nooes my dog doesnt understand material values of outdoor furniture! LETS GO TO THE POUND, FIDO.
    I bet if it was a little bichon that you wouldn’t have said poo.

    Look at that smile! He’s so adorable.

  51. This smiling fellow reminds me of Bill Sykes Bullseye from the movie musical Oliver!

  52. ” Hey’s People I saved you from that evil thing. I did great didn’t I. Nows where’s my special treat.”
    …or maybe it’s
    ” see if you go to the beach without me ever again! Ha! I’m so proud of myself. I teach my humans who’s boss.”
    Either way I think having a great sense of humor and knowing whats most important is the key to a situation like this.
    P.S. Bored dog = trouble
    ( said in a sing song voice )

  53. Juniper Jupiter says:

    I see I’m not alone in the fact that the dog looks a wee bit too happy in his “Yup, I fooked up the chaisse lounge! It was fun, too!” escapade!

    Love the pic!

  54. Henriikka says:

    This might just be one of my favorite CO captions of all times 🙂 And the look on the dog’s face… Priceless.

    Keep it up, Mike! (Not that Mike, the other Mike, of course)

  55. Hon Glad says:

    Erm, da Cat did it, we doesn’t have a cat? well it was the cat next door, I tried to stop him.

  56. Subhangi says:

    Awwww, how can you stay angry at heem?!

  57. Salleon says:

    He looks like he’s saying, “I told you to take me for a walk, didn’t I?”

  58. Mir, mine steals my bras too. Once, I’d bought one, and it was still on the hanger, in the bag, below a bunch of stuff, and I’d only set it down for seconds before I returned to find the bra already chewed on. THEY’RE LIKE MAGNETS.

  59. Alice Shortcake says:

    Ronni, on the off chance that you’re not a troll: try living in a neighbourhood that’s regularly vandalized, covered in graffiti and strewn with litter by KIDS. The damage done by dogs is trivial in comparison.

  60. quasimodo says:

    Adorable! (Ador-a-bull?) My pits give me this smile all the time, even when they HAVEN’T been up to something naughty! My shepherd mix gives me this smile when he’s presenting me with a dead rat. How can I not be happy and entertained? And kudos to all who defend the pits. The media BS about them is terrible, and they deserve better. I can’t say the same about the neighbor’s kids.

  61. spikedcolor says:

    That face melted my heart.

    Stay mad? I couldn’t even GET mad at that cutey!

  62. I came home to a phone book that looked like this. Then I took my Aussie to obedience training. haha. And that’s just the thing. If you have a dog that destroys things, it’s not because he’s a bad dog… he just doing what some dogs do! It’s the owner’s responsibility to train it. And if not… you have no one to blame but yourself. Every dog deserves a nice home. Got it Ronnie?


  64. I admit, pits make me a wee bit nervous, but he’s so dang smiley and proud that I just want to smoosh him with kisses.

    Plus, he’s all like “that JUST happened!!!”

  65. temperance says:

    this reminds me of my first dog. i remember how cranky i would get coming home to yet another destroyed piece of furniture. but i would let him destroy every stick in this house if i could have him back. it’s just things.

    also- rule number 32 applies to everyone ronni, even pit bulls.

  66. Theresa says:

    All we are saying is give pits a chance!

  67. Theresa says:

    PS Where are Doggy Grins in the Rules of Cute?

  68. This confirms my suspicion that pits have the best doggie grins of all doggies. Thx.

  69. I, too, own a Bad Dog — mine is a Red Heeler who is hyper (after all they, like other working breeds, have been bred to run up to 70 miles a day), and will get into the trash, chase the cats, steal any food within reach or that she can figure out how to reach, tears things apart, and is a chicken killer. I love her anyway 🙂 In summer after a day of running 20 miles behind the horse on the trail she becomes a very mellow dog too tired to cause trouble. For a couple hours anyway. All dogs, and all horses, need a Job to keep their minds busy and their bodies tired!

    Love that grin — I like all friendly dogs regardless of breed, and being a mail carrier for 28 years I have met both vicious and mellow individuals of EVERY breed. Except I’ve never yet met a mean Husky or Malemute, they’re amazingly people-oriented dogs.

  70. I chuckled. Awesome photo. Awesome text. Nice jaerb, Other Mike – good boy!

  71. kodalai says:

    Love the people making up excuses for the dog. Reminds me of my sister, who has a cat who will scratch and destroy the bedroom door if they don’t let him sleep with them at night — “He thinks that the bedroom door has trapped us, and he’s trying to rescue us!”

    Ah, pets have us well trained. 🙂

  72. Yep…I’ve got a bully and yep….that looks really familar.

  73. Pit Bull grins! They have the best doggy grins. They are almost Tim Burton-esque in the horrifically adorable way they curl up at the corners.

  74. Whoa! You know, I’ve always wanted an excuse to call Cesar Millan….

  75. lilybutt says:

    Um, wow. Yeah, cuz I have a dog that looks EXACTLY like your dog – and – she just ate the cushion of our brand new CB2 couch. Ya gotta luv ’em!

  76. leelee beat me to it, this is totally rule #32.

    That chair is so much better his way. They needed a new one anyhow.

  77. cowsharky says:

    Full disclosure: I used to think bullies were kinda homely, but when I saw the huge sh!t-eating grins they get, I totally changed my mind. They are the goofiest dogs on the planet, and their smiles always make me happy.

  78. gooryctr says:

    “You said you were sick of looking at the ratty old thing, didn’t you? Now let’s go window shopping!”

  79. jennifer says:

    This picture made my day!

    @ ronni: if this was any other breed, you wouldn’t have said a thing. shut up before you make yourself sound stupid.

  80. jennifer says:

    another thing, in the words of my friend, and from personal testimony, but a galileo bone, but any nylabone brand bone will do. They are perfect for mighty chewers. And the Kong ball can’t be destroyed. Kudos for both toys from my bully dog and his ppl.

  81. ha ha. The dog looks so proud of his work.

    Good boy.

  82. Our dog Lily is a Hovawart which is a breed of German Shepard-herding class.
    We don’t have a fenced in yard but my father in law does so 3 or 4 times a week we take her over there to romp an play with her doggy cousin. I love telling people that my dog goes to grampas for a play date. They either smile or look at me weird. We also use the longest leash we have when we take her to the park. We find a wide open but at least mostly empty spot. The longer leash gives Lily a chance to stretch her legs.
    And for those folks who are wondering, yes of course we shorten up the leash when around more people and yes she has been trained in all areas of knowing and minding her manners and does very well at remembering her manners.
    Our main problem with her is that she thinks she’s a lap puppy.
    “what do you mean when you say ‘get off me
    I can’t breath’ I only weigh 5 lbs.” “The vet scales lie. I only weigh
    5 lbs not 55 lbs.”
    As I have written in past comments our cats think her long furry coat is perfect to sleep in. When Lily needs to get up she always does so slowly with the cats falling off slowly like pieces of dust bunnies.

  83. It’s too bad that dog is wearing a choke chain. Choke chains are extremely dangerous for dogs and often cause injury. It’s really sad that some owners either still don’t know better, or don’t care.

    Tracheal damage’ll teach him not to destroy the furniture! …Or not.

  84. Got ducks?

  85. this is why i prefer lizards over dogs… lol!

  86. eternalcanadian says:

    whoa! talk about a temper tantrum to get attention!

  87. Katrina says:

    alexa- your doggeh and kittehs sound so wonderful, and you wrote it so well I can see the dog getting up very slowly with balls of fluff rolling off onto the floor. You made my day! Thanks!

  88. Kristabelle says:

    I love his face!
    Terriers must be kept occupied, or they will find SOMETHING to occupy themselves!!!
    Our older Wheaten (when he was a puppy and we didn’t know better) disemboweled a doggie bed that had a huge lion head on it – it was an awesome bed. We came home to stuffing EVERYWHERE. It was like the thing had exploded. Wheatley was VERY proud of himself!!

  89. Katrina 🙂
    how to tell when your old school?? when the pictures stack up on your cameras memory card instead of uploading them, just like on the old rolls of film that rolled around in the junk drawer with me promising myself I’d drop them off for processing on my next trip to the drugstore. sigh!!!
    result= no pictures shared with friends here. sigh!!!

  90. Human: ??????

    Dog: You’re WELCOME!