What’s For Dinner?

(Let’s see… I could make an omelette… nah, that’s too much work… Well, an English muffin and cheese sandwich sounds good… Maybe with some of that meatloaf?  Ick, there’s hair growing on it… Ooh, there’s some salsa left…)

Could be meat... could be cake...

Ya got enough beer, Joanna?



  1. now to be fair, anything with “lite” in the name isn’t really beer. and i am willing to bet it was bought for the cat to drink anyway.

  2. beer!

  3. It’s meat-cake! George Carlin hovertext, I call!

  4. Meatloff !!

  5. (a guy’s fridge definiteleh)

    Just don’t close the door !!

  6. Hmmm, kitteh loaf. *nomnomnomnom*

  7. Dexter Fishmore says:

    That kitty is chillaxin’. ( Emphasis on the “chill.”)

  8. I’m having flashbacks to my ex’s place: same brands of beer, same dang cat.

  9. One of these things is not like the others, one of these things just doesn’t belong!

  10. what meat loaf? what kitty?

    ah cain’t see them.

    i am going blind, in actuality, fer real, so could somebody tell me where they are? or at least the kitty?


    the halt and the blind…

  11. wannadance, check the bottom shelf, on top of the sour cream (or whatever it is) tub.

    And *who* puts the milk back with just *that* much left in it???

  12. OMG. That is a funny photo…little kitty is just looking for the milk–it must be hiding behind the beer somewhere!

  13. George Carlin reference for the WIN!!!

  14. fish eye no miko says:

    Re: the hovertext: Hey, what’s the from? I know I’ve seen that bit.


  16. Yeah, a guy’s fridge — but more like a guy with roommates.
    Consider the evidence: two different brands of eggs on different shelves, beers divvied up on separate shelves and a syrup or juice on it’s side in the middle when it should be upright on the top shelf. It’s obvious the other two roommates from the middle and top shelves finished up their kitties days ago and the guy on the bottom shelf is trying to hide his so they don’t steal it and try to replace it later.
    Funny cat.

  17. An afterthought: Who leaves their fridge open long enough for a kitty to crawl in and get THAT comfy? Probably college students. Ahhhh, those were the days… 🙂

  18. DumBunny says:

    Wannadance, it’s just below the blue can.

  19. George Carlin! Yay!

    Could be meat… could be cake. Honey, we’ve invented meatcake!

  20. DumBunny says:

    oh, and they’re now talking pneumonia

  21. DumBunny says:

    sorry, talking

  22. Carmelly says:

    Aww, I feel less awesome for catching the George Carlin reference now, ’cause several others beat me to it. But still… meatcake ftw 🙂

  23. new york kitty says:

    This is just an internet kitty-geek paying homage to the Lolcats of Yore.

  24. PBR, Miller Light, def college boys.

  25. Von Zeppelin says:

    @ JB–Another reason we know this is a guy’s fridge (and I speak from personal experience, as one of that species) is that he has not noticed the cat, because the kitty is at the back of the shelf. Persons of the male gender can only see things at the very front of the shelf in the refrigerator–hence the strategic placement of the beer. If the fridge owner were actually LOOKING for the cat, he would stare blankly into the fridge, and then call in in a loud, whiny voice to his wife, “Honey, do you know where the cat is?” This is a condition called “refrigerator blindness,” induced by the light inside the fridge. It is a genetic condition connected to the Y chromosome.

  26. Jaysus, wheres that fridge, southy? pabst, miller light and leffe?

  27. Jennie Mello says:

    I love how we’re all examining the contents of the fridge, rather than admiring the kooky kitty. By the way, I think that is an enormous container of salsa, on its side, rather than juice.
    And it’s my birthday today.

  28. “Who ate a cat and just put the head back in the fridge? You know I hate it when you do that.”

  29. Puttins wants a brewski!

    Happy birthday, Jennie!

  30. Levi-Ann says:

    hahaha did anyone else notice how much eggs they have aswell?
    must be a shared fridge….

  31. Don’t you see that cat is scared ? Worried ? Not at ease ?
    Not cute ?

  32. scoobie says:

    I wanna know who said an American diet was so bad? Cheese, more cheese, beer, kitties. What’s bad with that?

  33. Theresa says:

    Snerk! Beer much?

  34. leiabelle says:

    Refrigerator cat is watching you masticate! ^_^

    [groannnn…. – Ed.]

  35. cristin says:

    kitteh, beer, frank’s redhot.. mmmm mmmm mmm

  36. OMG— I thought that Picky eater reference would live in my childhood forever! I don’t like pink bicycle tires either!

  37. Jennie Mello, Happy Birthday! Celebrate safely — you can have the whole bottom shelf of beer if you’re of age and aren’t driving. But we’re saving the cat head for Sunday dinner. ‘k?

    skip — Half eaten kitty? or just whole fresh Head Cheeeeeese? Bleck!

    Von Zeppelin — thou truly knowest thyself and thy brethren of the species. ‘Tis a quality to be admired. 🙂 But your observation begs further questioning: does fridge blindness mean that if YOU crawl inside and shut the door behind yourself, all that you seek will be revealed to you? (Ummm, note of caution to your Y chromosome: Don’t try this at home!)
    😀 j

  38. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    My fridge suddenly looks pristine. Missing a kitty, though.

  39. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    My fridge suddenly looks pristine. Missing a kitty, though.

  40. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    My fridge suddenly looks pristine. Missing a kitty, though.

  41. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    My fridge suddenly looks pristine. Missing a kitty, though.

  42. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    My fridge suddenly looks pristine. Missing a kitty, though.

  43. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    My fridge suddenly looks pristine. Missing a kitty, though.

  44. tracyflick says:

    Party at Joannas!

  45. @ Hi — appreciate your concern. My guess is kitty’s hyper-alert or just got caught red-pawed. My cat gets the same look when there are many people in the house and she perches at the top of the stairs observing everyone or when she starts knocking things off my dresser to wake me up.
    Guessing kitty crawled in the fridge and her people set up things around her for the photo — don’t think they have her sleeping there or anything.
    And this comes from someone who is ALWAYS alert to animals in distress.
    ‘tsall just my take of the pic, though. j

  46. ATanzer says:

    It looks like there’s some tonic water in there, lying on it’s side behind the PBR’s, just under the kittie’s chin. Maybe he wanted a nice G+T?

  47. That bottle in the upper right hand corner ain’t lite. Believe me. Of course, I use it purely for cooking.

    I Love the way his tail is wrapped around the container of sr cream/cottage cheese/dairy product.

    “This is mine”

  48. balamuthia says:

    LMFAO @ Skip!

  49. Jennie Mello…Happy Birthday! We’ll get you the
    birthday tub of salsa with the grande rancho chips.

  50. I actually did accidentally close one of my cats in the fridge for a short time when she was a kitten. She’s fine – stupid as can be, but fine.

  51. cachorro says:

    At first all I could see
    was a cute stripey cat head…could this be the
    Cheshire cat? Oh wait…the cat isn’t grinning…

  52. My late cat Mya, as a youngun, used to get herself into all sorts of things, including refrigerators, attics and car roofs (not known until we were downtown and heard all the honking!) with no one noticing. She was a master at it! And we weren’t even drunk! Amazingly, she lived 14 happy years (although I must admit she cut down on the shenanigans after about the age of 5).

  53. totalee puppy says:

    Why don’t I get a kitteh
    with my refrigerator? Is that a valued customer

  54. Kristen says:

    I believe there are pita pockets, cream cheese and brown eggs there. Not guy food, right? And lite beer…maybe the cat’s on a diet!

  55. hamster-on-rye says:

    Why do I wonder if the eggs on the bottom shelf are from free-roaming hens?

  56. chanpon says:

    Just another typical bachelor’s fridge:
    beer, eggs, beer, cream cheese, beer, soda, beer, kitty head, beer…

  57. katiebug says:

    tell me that nuff was a joke.

  58. Selphie le Boffin says:

    Who cares about the fridge contents? Look at the kitteh! Such a sweet face.

  59. kibblenibble says:

    She IS sweet! And when she climbs out, everything will topple over and they’ll have to cram it all back in…

  60. wannadance says:

    okay, have located what i believe to be a ghostly kitty head with white paws? below the blue can? on top of plastic container.?

    i cannot tell you how weird it is to really and truly not be able to see the stuff yall are talking about.

    were i a different personality type, i would come to believe that everyone is making fun of me. but, fortunately, i believe there’s a kitty there and can sort of see white dots in said location.

    man. weird.

    thanks for the hep.

  61. HRHQueenCat says:

    eggz, salsa & beer – small wonder kitteh is hiding in the fridge …

    holding its breath …

    wishing for open windowz …

    and a strong breeze …

    after the guys eat …

    phew !!!

    *handing sweet kitteh some nip*

    you will survive, little one

  62. wannadance says:

    besides, once, in a somewhat george carlin chemical state, my friend and i, respectively, put the ham on the back porch and the cat in the refrig. about thirty minutes later we arose simultaneous, crashed into each other in the hall, and switched our charges to the proper places. just another event from the sixties…what can i say?

  63. Theresa says:

    Kitty: This is a Westinghouse isn’t it? Well, I’m Westing!

  64. wanna dance you need a new monitor.
    I scrolled down a bit and cracked up kitty is waiting to jump out at some one

  65. berthaservant says:

    I believe one of the signs of alcoholism is “locking your pet in the fridge” and/or “believing you see your pet hiding in the fridge.” I’m not casting aspersions about the owner of this fridge. I’m just sayin’.

  66. scruffylove says:

    Even if it’s a joke nuff it ruined my good times. Animals do silly things and look guilty when caught. Let it be. Sometimes I wonder if nuffers even have pets, or more accurately, let pets have them.

  67. scruffylove says:

    Oh, and I LOVE the vertical marks above that kitties eyes. Bee-yoo-tiful cat. Indeed.

  68. RevWaldo says:

    – What do you like to drink, neighbor?
    – Uh, um, PetRefresh?

  69. Martha in Washington says:

    Yup, that’s a guilty look not a scared look.
    Kitteh is all “What? You never said I couldn’t hide in the fridge!”
    We locked my cat in the closet one night because the silly thing runs in there when I’m getting her food.

  70. Hmmmm, the presence of Miller Lite in the fridge suggests the Pabst is being consumed in a non-ironic fashion.

  71. I’m so happy there are other people who remember Carlin’s meat-cake joke…!

  72. Martha: I totally agree on the guilty look…
    I love the thought of things falling and crashing and breaking and smashing when she’s climbing out of there :O)
    And to everyone who’s stuck on the shared fridge theory – Maybe there’s a party going on… A typicall bring your on beer, cheese and eggs party…

  73. Someone PLEASE PLEASE tell me why the stupid cats like so much to get into the fridge. Mine does that all the time, he stalks at the fridge door to get in when he sees I am heading torward it.

  74. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Patola: Because kitteh MUST KNOW WHAT IS IN THERE!!

  75. Two of our three kitties like to climb into the fridge. Fully in, all the way. And it always seems to happen before I can stop it.

    I know one is going in there because of the nummy smells, the fatso, but the other is just plain dumb. She also likes to sit in my shower as soon as I’ve finished. Just sittin’ and starin’… Come to think of it, she looks an awful lot like this kitty.

  76. RevWaldo says:

    @Patola – the same reason “Slick” Willie Sutton like to rob banks.

  77. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    My cat does something similar, only he wants to get into the rat cage (with the rats) where it’s small and dark. Refrigerator-hab?

  78. Mmmm, huevos rancheros & beer! It’s a brunch!

  79. I had a tabby who’d get in the linen closet any time it was opened. Now, it’s less important to close a linen closet than it is a fridge, but she would get in and turn around to look at you in about a second or two. That time included hearing it open, running up the the stairs, aiming for the opening, and jumping in. Must. Sit. In. Closet.

    Now, my other cat – a tortoiseshell – had that “look” on her face ALL the time. You could see her all sphinx-like and warming herself on top of a radiator and think she was scared out of her mind.

  80. My question is:
    How did the cat get into the back of the fridge without knocking everything over??

    (Wait. It’s a cat. Question answered….)

  81. Jennie Mello says:

    Thanks for the well wishes, people. I had a great day!
    I have been thinking about this one, and I think perhaps this is a Lion, Witch and Wardrobe type of fridge, in which Kitty here can pass through to another reality. Hey, it’s possible, right?

  82. Dorkus Malorkus says:

    I interpret the “there’s hair growing on it” line to be a reference to the song “Living in the Fridge” by Weird Al. I guess if I’m wrong, I just proved my infinite nerdyness. Crap.

  83. Paunchie says:


    Von Zep “refrigerator blindness” is exactly what I call it too! Happens all the time!

  84. Paunchie says:

    I think there’s three dozen eggs!

  85. Those eggs are expired!

  86. And there’s Christmas tree cookies to the left of the kitty. I didn’t think guys could bake. Lol

  87. NotAnotherMIlo says:

    My previous cat, Loki, was a door opener. Cabinets, cupboards, you name it. He even figured out how to open the fridge. If I forgot to give him breakfast in the morning, I’d come home to an open fridge door and a big mess on the floor. Lesson for the day – if you name your cat after a god of mischief, be prepared to pay for it!

    This guy is sayin’ “Dude, who ate my tuna.”

  88. Patricia says:

    That is the same look my cat gets on her face right before a serious pounce.

  89. Well having had a daughter at college with four roommates and they divided the fridge into sections for each roommate and cupboards too. and having done this myself with roomates when I was young and living with roommates this is a girl fridge. especially with all that light beer
    A girl fridge right before a big party. or right after. and the kitty well the kitty knows where the food is. SMART kitty.

  90. scooterpants says:

    omg.. the disaster will happen when someone reaches in and tries to yard out the kitty. back end goes limp and legs catch on everything on the shelf, (and some stuff not on the shelf) and it all comes smashing out onto the floor! uck. gee i thought my fridge was bad, mine looks like a better homes and garden ad compared to this one! who puts liquids in the fridge on their sides?. course mine has Beer AND the hard stuff in it, (i’m so cosmopolitan giggle,snort)
    its an adorable kitteh, very pretty, do college guys have cats?

  91. I didnt even see the cat for a minute there…

  92. No fair. The last time I cleaned out my fridge I didn’t find a kitty. Just some brown and green thing that was old enough to vote.

  93. Lady Jedi says:

    Kittah: Huh, your out of milk, and the expireation date on this sour cream was for March 2nd… of ’08’ (cracks open the lid, and crinkles up kittah nose)

  94. metsakins says:

    see now the first thing I thought of was

    “Cat, one hell of a nice animal, frequently mistaken for a meatloaf.”

    by the bestest understander of kitteh, Kliban

  95. Well, we know it’s an east coaster’s fridge because of the bottle of the Yuengling on the bottom shelf (it’s to the right of the two cans of PBR). Yuengling only distributes their beer to the east coast states, Georgia and Tennessee.

  96. 5^^now8ing says:

    YES, Metaskins! We had that Kliban poster on the wall for years! I think it’s still around here somewhere…. We often refer to our cats as “meatloaves” when they sit in that, well, meatloaf position — head up, body horizontal, all 4 feet underneath, like they would just fit in a large meatloaf pan. Smile…

  97. Wow, Mary, that’s impressive. I grew up and went to college and grad school in the Philadelphia area and I didn’t recognize the Yuengling.

  98. metsakins says:

    scooterpants – college guys sometimes have cats that come with the apartment.

  99. scooterpants says:

    crap! i bought a whole house and it didnt come with kittehs!
    must be in the lease or somthin.

  100. SomeonesMother says:

    @Scooterpants: Do college guys have cats?
    Once I visited my son when he was living in a large house with many other guys…I asked to use the restroom and they didn’t want me to. I was desperate and insisted. Whew, teh cat box! yowser…also no TP for humans. When I asked them what they did for tissue they said “When we order a pizza we ask for extra napkins.”
    The cat was a guy too, he didn’t seem to care that his box was in serious need.

  101. metsakins says:

    nah…just other college students who can’t take the kittehs home.

  102. Von Zeppelin: My family calls that “T-Rex Syndrome” because we can’t see anything unless it moves. It runs in the family.

  103. Hon Glad says:

    Yes, the light does go off when you close the door.

  104. Miller Lite, Pabst, Leffe and that one that’s turned around looks like a Yuengling. Someone’s in the northeast!

    And there MUST be roomates in this equation, one person drinking those four different beers is mind blowing.

    Oh yeah, and there’s a cat… 😉

  105. That kitty is on the attack! Under the bed is getting boring – the fridge ambush really generates a suprised response, ‘specialy when they’re lit. wadda rush!

    btw, an I have the last Leffe Blonde?

    as to the eggs:
    ‘Brown eggs
    are local eggs
    and local eggs are fresh!’
    ‘Ginger cats
    are local cats
    and local cats are fresh!’

  106. Hey! Are there 2 kitties or just one? There is a tail I spotted right below the kitty head… is that that kitty’s tail or another kitty’s tail?

  107. Wooowm I didn’t even see the kitteh the first time I saw this photo!

  108. Coot — same cat. She seems to be cuddling the yogurt.

  109. scooterpants says:

    oh someones mother-
    i REALLY hope you didnt clean anything for them.
    That’s just not right.
    cept the kitteh pay back which would be peeing on their clothes/beds/shoes etc. makes me feel only a little better.
    guys are so icky.

  110. FuzzBob Chubbypants says:

    @ 5^^now8ing — We call that pose the Muffin Top or Mushroom, whichever you prefer, due to the perfectly rounded kitteh back looking strikingly similar to a, well, mushroom or muffin top!! 😀 😀

  111. Kiragirl says:

    Aaaah, Belgian Leffe! Good taste!

  112. Keira, they aren’t necessarily in the Northeast. Yuengling distributes to all the east coast states, even Florida. They also distribute to Alabama and Tennessee.

  113. Keira, they aren’t necessarily in the Northeast. Yuengling distributes to all the east coast states, even Florida. They also distribute to Alabama and Tennessee.

  114. Yay for Belgian beer !

  115. Meow meow that cat looks cold

  116. Can I have some cheese with my coldcat sandwich?

  117. Kristabelle says:

    Despite the mess that is that fridge, that is a very cute kitty cat!