National Geographic Upgrades

Way to go, Questionable Content!


This one sent in by everyone and their bros, especially Fiv3r!



  1. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Meg, if you crossed over to NG, I would SO buy that book!

    YA RLY! 😀

  2. YEP! I’d buy it 😉

  3. The exclamation mark on the front cover really adds to its credibility 😉

  4. Put me on the list!

  5. This month in teh new National Geographic:

    * OMG OKAPI!!!1! SQUEEEE!!!
    * My Life Among The Exotic Minnesotans, by Theo
    * Not That Ubangi The Other Ubangi

  6. Seriously…if you do take over, I would like a job as a reporter. Or snorgler. Just let me know when you’d like my CV.

  7. hahah that’s awesome! Grats on your promotion, Meg! >.>

  8. That is so funny because I clicked over to here FROM questionable content.

  9. superboymom says:

    Perhaps Meg could suggest a name change: National THEOgrahic MEGazine The Other Magazine (or NTMTOM).

  10. Kristabelle says:

    The comments are almost better than the cartoon!!!!

  11. David (the first one) says:

    If Meg took over National Geographic, can she tell them to stop referring to themselves as “Nat Geo” all the time on TV? I don’t know why, but it just doesn’t sound right.

    That said, National Geographic on HD is hypnotic. But then again, so is Food Network on HD.

  12. ROFL
    Great I just laughed out loud in the middle of cubicle jungle and everybody wants to know why.

    “* Not That Ubangi The Other Ubangi”

  13. Mary (the first) says:

    But meanwhile, what is it that happened to Faye that Dora told Marten about while the blond girl was hanging out? WHAT?!?

  14. That’s totally the book that crazy little kid who narrated the cat book would write…except it would say KITTENS!!! and the audiobook version would sell really well.

  15. 1348?

  16. Mary (the first) Faye was sleeping with Dora’s brother Sven (who is kind of a man-wh*re), Sven hooked up with another chick, fessed up to Faye (who works for and is good friends with Dora), Faye told Dora and it all kind of snowballed from there.

    You are now up to speed. (kinda)

  17. Re to Mary (the first)

    Hannelore (the blonde) was with Marten when he was telling Dora (Marten’s gf) about the fact that Faye’s love hopeful at the time slept with another woman. She is now in the dumps (as you may have guessed).

  18. 1348 is the number of copies that would be sold the instant such a book were cutevertised on CO.

  19. Failboat 9000 says:

    I think we should petition Nat’l Geo. to have one of these. Or even a series! The Big Book o’ Bunnies, The Puppy Portfolio o’ Plenty, and more!

    You could even have lil’ stats next to them, like Noms Per Hour, their Wildlife Snorglability Quotient, their Average Frequency of Squee-Generation…

    I think this needs to be done. For our child-lets and their kidlet-lets! 🙂

  20. Origamigryphon says:


    The number of the comic. :3

  21. The Other Other Carrie says:

    I <3 Okapi. :)

  22. scooterpants says:

    the very idea of NTMTOM , Theo and that Jones guy taking over the reins of COL is terrifying to me.
    Meg, say it isn’t so!

    oh, and the reason Faye is sad is because she had to ask Dora to tell Marten that they couldnt go out any more since Faye had a nasty rash that seemed mysteriously to develop only after her and Martens first ‘date’. uhhh, hmmm.
    unbeknownst to Faye, blondie chick here also has said same…rash.

  23. hehehe.. my bf reads this comic all the time.. I can’t wait to see his reaction to co!!

  24. scooterpants: lolwhut?

  25. scooterpants, I like your style.

  26. berthaservant says:

    Anything that mentions C.O. must automatically be awesome. Congrats on the ink Meg.

  27. I love QC! Love them even more when they mention Cute Overload.

  28. ‘it’s the end of the world as we know it…and i feel fine.’

    cuteologists unite!

  29. and, for our dyslexic breathren (that would be me):

    cuteologists untie!

  30. Mary (the first) says:

    so .. Questionable Content is a comic version of a soap opera of some kind? yikes. YIKES I SAY!!

    [If you’re thinking “Mary Worth” or “Rex Morgan, MD”, then no. It is not like that. – Ed.]

  31. theloveofisis says:

    ROFLMAO – Awesome!

  32. I thought the only people who followed webcomics were the jaded Ph.Ds who write reviews for The Comics Journal.

  33. I know it’s the number of the comic, I was wondering why it’s also the hovertext.

  34. Mary (the first)

    it’s most definitely not a soap opera of any kind!

    you should probably just check it out to get a gist of what it’s about.

  35. lol, at first I thought I had clicked the wrong bookmark, I was all “wait I wanted CO not QC!”

  36. Sebastian Redl says:

    So if the CO readership now storms QC, bringing the server down … does that make it a Cute Server Overload?

    *slaps self*

    [Heh. Looks like they’re holding up just fine, tho… – Ed.]

  37. The self-promotion is getting a bit much.

  38. Adelaide, this is not self promotion, it is a link to another site mentioning CO.
    I (and others here will agree with me, I am sure) like it when CO points out other places it has been mentioned. It’s like watching a game on tv, and searching the crowd for a friend you know is there, and the camera actually pans on them! So exciting!

  39. Mary (the first) says:

    Well, and it only seems “polite” when another site (QC) promotes you (CO), to return the favor.

  40. Strugglebucket says:

    I’m surprised no one already posted this, but here’s JJ (author)’s comment on the day’s comic:

    With the kind of photo archive National Geographic has, just IMAGINE the juggernaut of adorable they could put together if they tried. And if you’re unfamiliar with Cute Overload I would like to know where the rock you have been hiding under is located. The moon? Mars? ATLANTIS???

  41. I have never subscribed to National Geographic because I can’t keep up with the magazines I already get, but if they had a Qte series that you could get along with your subscription, I’d sure think hard about changing my mind. Especially if they came in “Pat the Bunny” interactive versions.

  42. Mary (the first)
    you really ‘sound’ jaded for a person who is checking out cute overload

  43. I would totally own that book. And then make a narration in my annoying childlike “kitty” accent.

    I’m in Hawaii!!

  44. Yaaaay! Hooray! QC is my favourite webcomic EVAR! <3

  45. CO on QC made me sooooo happy!!

  46. Dan in Tempe says:

    Right on! Now it’s a movement…

    [You can get anything you want, at Alice’s Restaurant (excepting Alice) – Ed.]

  47. totalee puppy says:

    QC and CO…Meg at National Geographic…great comments, guys…LMAO.

  48. Skip — updated.

  49. Is Hannelore, uh… not wearing foundation garments in this comic?

    [Rather than answer, I shall direct you to a point in our story where you may pick up reading… – Ed.]
    [ ]

  50. heh <3

  51. I loved it, I might even start reading the comic…maybe…lol

  52. Aww, love CO, love QC, great combo! I hadn’t run over to QC yet, so now I don’t have to. 😉

    (I am a QC geek, have the Pintsize hoodie, though hubby has stolen it.)

  53. whoa, nice “pictures for sad children” dead-octopus t-shirt on our heroine there.

  54. So kick-butt Meg! I can totally see you on the NG board!

  55. Bwahahaha @ “nice boobsquid!!” Had to search a bit for what that was referring to.

  56. Theo is exploring the arctics of Minnesota? Me too. And so is BirdChick from Disapproving Rabbits. Now I’m beginning to ponder if there’s some kind of cute magnetism in the mid-west…

  57. The thing that happened that Hannelore found out about is that Dora’s brother slept with another girl and Faye is now really upset. Ooooorrrrr…you could just go read the comic, since it is really good. 🙂

  58. Theo has indeed been exploring the arctics of Minnesota. Recently. In the snowstorm, on the 494 bridge over the river, which slopes upwards on the far side just enough to prevent maybe eight semis from getting any further. Fortunately I was in Teh Sube, but it still took me literally an hour to get across. F’in blizzards.

  59. tarasauras says:

    I read QC and visit CO religiously, and almost had a heart attack when I saw the reference on QC!! I sent my bf a message in capitals about it. YAAAAAAAYYY!!!

  60. I work at National Geographic and I can remember when they made children’s books about cute baby animals, and my kids loved them. I’ll pass along your suggestion!

    Meanwhile, you might like this My Shot Minute video of (sometimes cute) bird photos submitted to National Geographic by readers:

  61. If Theo takes over the Geographic will it become the National Theocratic?

  62. the big book of kitties! INSPIRED BY…KITTIES!!!!
    *beeeef jeeeerky*

  63. Squids -n- racks? I’d like to see that! A new sub category

  64. Incidentally Questionable Content is an awesome comic!

  65. lol! NG does indeed have a big book of cat pictures from their archives. It’s called, appropriatly enough, Cats and the cover has that picture of the kitten staring up the leg of the ballarina. I gave it to my mum for Christmas. It’s got some beautiful pictures and little blurbs from the photographers about what was going on and why the took the picture.

    However….it would be elebentykabillion times better if the pictures had commentary from Meg, Teho and NTMTOM instead.

  66. Gail (the first one) says:

    You peeps are SO funny!!!Too many LOL’s…..

    Since I’m a weenie about the “real Nature”, I would like a Cute version! Especially if it was “inspired by KITTIES”!!! We’re in Hawaii!!

  67. I LOVE QC, and I LOVE Hanners, and I LOVE kitties! Meow!

  68. @ Mary the First

    It’s a funny comic with a coherent, mostly, story line. My husband is now a closet fan because of this particular story arc. It’s been really funny.

    To break it down to it’s basic ‘this is what’s going on’ it loses all the humor that the author has put into it and it comes across just like one of ‘grannys ‘stories”. The author, Jeph Jaques, has only occasionally had serious moments in the series.

    Go back and start reading it from the way back. I think most peeps would enjoy this comic.

  69. Oh, you guys should check todays comic. lol It gets weird.

  70. Theo-‘with pictures and circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back to describe each one’?

    I think you would make a fascinating story, along with Meg and the other Brain Trusts of the CO.

  71. Great. Now I have three, no four addictions. Cute Overload, Disapproving Rabbits, D-Listed, and now Questionable Content. If anyone needs me, I will be reading Questionable Content all weekend. 🙂

  72. Jonathan Mayer says:

    Y’all know about the actual National Geographic Big Book of Kitties, right?

  73. J. Mayer — no! Or at least, *I* didn’t. I’m emailing the link to Jeph. Thanks! [whistling]

  74. Lurve this comic, and I was so psyched to see my favorite happy place mentioned on it. Hooray!!
    BTW, Michelle, it takes more than one weekend to catch up- he’s got several years of back comics. . . I think it took me 2 weeks of a couple hours a day. Yes, seriously. (of course, sometimes my computer would crash, but that’s not his fault.)

  75. J. Mayer, that’s the very book I gave my mum for Christmas! I still say it would be elebintykabillion times better if the CO crew did the photo comments……

    (The pics in that book are stunning however, mum *almost* didn’t get it under the tree)

  76. Yitzysmommie says:

    I’m waiting for my next month’s National Geo to have SQUEEEEE on the cover in hot pink with romping kittayns as the pic.

  77. berthaservant says:

    I am now addicted to QC, but only up to episode 200 or so, so no one tell me anything.

    I am so Marten (though not so skinny and with a better job), and every woman I know is Faye.

  78. There’s a sword, BServ. Watch for it.

  79. Awesome!!! Keep spreading the power of Teh Qte!

  80. I’ve had the Nat Geo book of kitties for years! I keep it close to hand just for cheering-up purposes.

  81. I Totally read my webcomics daily as I do your site, and two other sites(hot/cheez). I almost fell off the couch when I first saw it! (glee) YUSS! My geekdom collided! (woot!)

    Now I just need some world of warcraft intermixed and Ill be completely satisfied! (hint hint)

  82. I found this site because of questionable content, never knew it existed.

  83. Yojinj — how’s the real-estate & housing market in Atlantis these days?

  84. apotheosis says:

    I never knew about QC until this post.

    Now I read the whole thing. And I’m annoyed that there aren’t more strips yet.

    I’m also annoyed that I’m wondering whether Marten and Faye are ever going to hook up. Clearly they belong together. BUT HOW’S THAT GOING TO EFFECT DORA?




    PS- I love you, Mr. Jacques!

  86. Here’s a ridiculously cute baby animal photo submitted to National Geographic’s International Photo Contest; you can download as wallpaper:

  87. CuteOverload and Questionable Content??!!? {Worlds colliding} *passes out from awesomeness overload*

  88. deBaire says:

    I pull up Cute Overload all the time at work when I need a bit of a cheer up. Even my team are now quite enthusiastic about the benefits of a bit of Cute Overload – obviously the phenomenon is contagious!

  89. Oh, yeah, I forgot… Hanners is usually free like that.