It’s frakking HOT IN HERE!


[Claws…. FLEXING!]



"Tom in a teapot" Photo by "Z"



  1. Kitteh yells “Can’t you see I’m taking a bath? Some privacy please!”

  2. Frakking!!!! LOL.

  3. Tempest in a teapot, I think!

  4. Hmm, looks like Orange Pekoe (or is that Orange Pinknose?) to me.

  5. What kind of tea is that and where can I get it?

  6. This must be part of the Japanese tea ceromony I missed.

  7. um, ceremony.

  8. they’re bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy
    fun, fun, fun, fun, fun!

    until they land in the teapot and then it’s all who left this half full of earl grey!

  9. Kittea!

    Reminds me of the wee mousey in Alice in Wonderland.

  10. Mommy, I’m stuck!!!

  11. Poor baby, he says “Get me out of here, somebody help me!” Isnt he precious!??

  12. cheesybird says:

    Lol@ 260Oakley. “Orange Pinknose”. Hee! My favorite flavor.

  13. Kristabelle says:

    I was beaten to the tempest in a teapot comment… dang!

    Perhaps Tomcat in a Teapot?

    Clearly this is Orange Marmalade Tea.

  14. RE Hovertext: Teh orinj ones r poysin!!

  15. Clearly kitty is way over-caffeinated. Get the decaf stat!

  16. Aww, poor baby! *kisses teh pinki nose* Now, for some cream and sugar :-p

  17. Aww! Poor behbeh! He looks like he’s saying “stay out! My teapot!”

  18. What a wonderful plethora of babies we’ve been getting lately… puppies, bunnies, hedgies, kittens. Love it!!

  19. Aw, pretty kitty. I won’t let them drink you. *grabs teapot with kit-tea and runs*

    My own favorite is Harrod’s No. 14, English Breakfast Kit-Tea.

  20. Kitty looks deranged!

  21. Well, my overlords are far too ginormous to fit in a teapot, but dat don’t mean I ain’t drinking a lot of kitteh fur.

  22. David (the first one) says:

    @260Oakley – more like Orange Ceylon, or is it Cylon?


  24. temperance says:

    perhaps kitten wouldn’t be so cranky if they’d only chosen a nice, herbal catnip tea. so soothing…

  25. bsg + co = happy wednesday morning

  26. zomg help the itty bitty kitteh out of the tea pot!!

    …and provide kissies for emotional support!

  27. Melissa — oh ha ha.

  28. Happy Un-Birthday! New cup, new cup, move down, move down.

  29. Orange Cylon FTW, David (the first one)!

  30. Gail (the first one) says:

    Clearly, this kitteh is NOT singing “I’m a little teapot….”

  31. Fuzzy tea bag. Does that pot have a strainer for fur?

  32. Him want milky in him tea!

  33. scooterpants says:

    so now are you people gunna tell me this is called a “dumbo kitten”?

  34. Awww, poor bebeh looks so unhappy! He’s all “NO LIKE! OUT NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!”
    That little baby face is way prosh!

  35. superboymom says:

    @Kari: Kit-tea . . . very pun-ny 🙂

  36. The tiny splayed toes with teensy clawettes, they slay me.

  37. @Noelle: Perfect! If only the kitty looked a little more tie-tie.

  38. anonymous4 says:

    [muzzlepoushe . . . anerable]

  39. Meoowmom =^..^= says:

    where are his toofers??
    poor baby, him is mad
    that there was no milky
    in his teapot!!!!

    love that lil mouf it
    looks like he saying

  40. look at those big paws!

  41. Poor li’l Tom Kitten! Got no toofs!

  42. Felipe 058 says:


  43. Melissa, the kitty’s not in pain — he’s just being a typical kitten! Kittens always look like they’re in pain when they mew really loudly.

  44. What is it with Cats and tea? My Bella insists my tea would be better paw-flavored. If I leave it unattended for a moment then she’s dipping her paw in it!

  45. @Argentee My Lily used to drink black coffee if I left the cup within her reach.

  46. Once again- Cute Overload has made a crappy day SO much BETTER.

  47. AWW! If I saw that, I would be taking the little sweetie out and give him plenty of hugs and kisses BEFORE running off with him or BEGGING to take him home with me.

  48. I want that kitteh!! So prosh!!

  49. berthaservant says:

    : said in wee marmie kitteh voice :

    “I am ze terrible cobra of ze tea kettle! I am enchanted by your siren song played on the kazoo. Please feed me mice or I weel spit my poison venom at you.”

  50. totalee puppy says:

    260Oakley–LOL “Orange Pekoe tea”. It’s only Wednesday, and I’m helpless with laffs.

  51. Berthaservant-ROFL at the cobra of the tea kettle.
    Gray matter envy.

  52. I’m guessing the kitten didn’t get in the teapot himself. He looks pretty upset. The photographer must’ve crammed the poor thing in there and took the picture as he was crawling out. Not cool.

  53. tea cat mama says:

    That was a baby I fostered for a while. He was screaming mostly because it was his first time outside. Didn’t matter what he was sitting in!

  54. sorry i don't speak kitteh says:

    how can you people keep putting words into this poor kitteh’s mouth? all i can hear is MEEEER! MEEEER! MEEEER! (as high and squeakily as the human ear can hear)

  55. Mmmm, kittehs & tea. Nom nom nom!

  56. Tea mama, my guess is that you let him yell for about five seconds before scooping him up for a reassuring cuddle.

  57. No no–you’ve got the story wrong: it’s the Dormouse that the Mad Hatter and the March Hare put into the teapot. Not the Cheshire cat. In a minute this kit is going to disappear leaving just his grin. I think that is a grin! Maybe a mad grin.

    Oh but his squinty baby blue eyes and sharp baby claws are QTE!!! He’s just a little morsel of marmalade at teatime.

  58. The tipped-over-ear stage of kittenhood keeeeeeels me every time.

  59. Could be worse. It could be trapped in a frakking toaster.