Never Get Lost Again!

Thank you for purchasing the Bunn-O-Meter™ model OD2750!  The Bunn-O-Meter OD Series puts powerful omni-directional global positioning in a convenient size for pocket, backpack or purse.

No, I don't double as a keychain. Don't go there.

INSTRUCTIONS:  Step 1. Release Bunn-O-Meter onto any outdoor surface.  Be certain that patented RabbitEarz™ duo-dimensional audio scanners are fully extended.

Reh-reh-ready to as-sis-sis-sis-ist you, Puh-puh-puh-Pee-Wee!

Step 2. Wait a few moments while your Bunn-O-Meter’s ultra-sensitive SHL™ (Sniff-Hear-Look) multi-sensor array performs a full 360-degree scan.


In just minutes, your Bunn-O-Meter will point in the direction of the nearest vegetable garden, farmer’s market, or greenhouse, showing you the most efficient route back to civilization.

DING!  Iceberg at 4,500 yards!

For best performance, return your Bunn-O-Meter to its convenient Hutch-I-Tat™ carrying case after use.

Best. Job. Ever.

Only $129.99 from SkyMall!  Now with patented Ilana-D™ sender-inner technology!



  1. G’morning lil Bun!

  2. Be carefull when passing farmers markets and green grocers can upset delicate mechanism of Bun-ometer.

  3. Does this model have the auto-disapprove feature?

  4. Is this the model with the GPS-Gardening Positioning System, too? So I won’t have to do that annoying clapping to find it again before putting it down in the ‘tat? The clapping hurts my hands. Thersiusthly.
    Bun-bun! They come thix to a box, how many would you like. thir?

  5. do i sense bunneh disapproval?

  6. Why do I think bubuns lisp?
    I’d like to purchase a xzilliion, please.

    Auto-disapproval feature *snerkitysnerk*

  7. superboymom says:

    A bun in the hand is worth two in the bush?

  8. OMG – Conky hovertext reference ftw!

    I just want a bunny. it’s really all i have ever wanted.

  9. Oh, NTMTOM… thanks ever so for the Pee Wee Herman nod in the hover text. 🙂

  10. Oh, who are you kidding? Skymall magazine is the best onboard entertainment for its mock-worthy overpriced tchotchkes. Never found anything worth buying in them.

    This bun, however, is a masterpiece and a must-have!

  11. Jennie Mello says:

    I think if you did not feed the bunn-o-meter so much lettuce, it would not be quite so soporific, and therefore might function a bit faster.

  12. They could’ve used this little floofy morsel on the Titanic; he’d have told them where the iceberg was.

  13. Such a disapproving bunny. Look at those disapproving eyes…

  14. Esther Sassaman says:

    Just a nuffy note – If you find a wild baby bunny leave him alone! His mum will be along later – they leave the bunnies most of the day so as not to attract kittehs and other cute but deadly predators!

  15. Are you sure that’s not a “Rab-I-Tat”™ carrying case?

  16. I’ll buy the entire stock, please!

  17. I think if I had one o’ those little guys I’d get lost on purpose!

  18. @thepetmuseum- me too! Such bunnulence!

  19. *snort* @ the pee wee’s playhouse hover text.

  20. Gee ain’t it great
    after staying out late
    Hoppin’ my bunny back home.

  21. catloveschanel says:

    That is one unique rabbit!
    (Sniff – Hear – Look
    Your wish is my command…)

    How do you catch a unique rabbit?

    Unique up on it!

  22. Von Zeppelin says:

    To insure that your Bun-O-Meter remains fully charged, place a medium sized carrot in the Hutch-I-Tat after each use. Failure to keep the unit charged may result in disapproval.

  23. In the words of Jim Gaffigan, “Nobody buys anything from SkyMall!”

  24. Oh, the disapproving peepers of the leapers!

  25. LibrarianJessica says:

    All the zeroing in on vegetables and disapproving of things seems to have tuckered the Bunn-O-Meter™ model OD2750 out.

  26. Includes Calendar and Alarm:
    Beep! “You’re late! You’re late! For a very important date!”

  27. Hey, wait a minute! I have something from SkyMall, and I use it every blessed day! It’s a desktop-sized microwave for heating up my tea at work — love it!!

    So, since I’ve bought useful stuff from SkyMall, sign me up for 10 of those prosh lil’ Bunn-O-Meters!

  28. Mr. BunBun’s either very disapproving or totally sleepy — or both!

  29. For the cuties! says:

    Just echoing Esther’s sentiments…please leave wild bebeh buns alone. Rabbits leave their nest during the day and do not return until the night so as not to attract anything to their nest. Even if you see the buns wandering outside the nest by themselves…resist the temptation to handle them at all. All it takes is one little touch and the chances for the mother to reject it skyrocket.
    Keep in mind also that bebeh buns have a less than 5% survival rate among well-intentioned humans who think they’re doing the right thing by trying to care for it.

    ADORABLE little bun (especially with that jut), but remember the golden rule: look, but don’t touch (though I realize the difficulty in this when it comes to such cuteness!!).

  30. Ok, I got it…look but don’t touch the bunbuns. Do gentle kisses on the sweet soft fuzzy head count as touches?

    Heavens I hope not. That’s how I spend my days.

  31. OMG DO WANT!! So cute.

  32. oh noooooo, this poor little baby needs milk, not lettuce. i hope the photographer will take this adorable little guy to a wildlife rehab, where it may have a fighting chance.

  33. Vicki Carpenter says:

    This poor little tyke should not have so much lettuce. In fact no animal should be given a diet of just lettuce. There is too much iron in lettuce and could kill the baby if not mixed with other things like carrots, brocille, celery and like said above milk and plenty of water. But I agree look don’t touch if you really care.

  34. For the cuties! says:

    Sorry Ed, but as a former wildlife rehabilitator that worked with small animals such as buns, I can say it IS true. It’s not fun to hear, but it’s the truth. It’s really no different than other wildlife in that regard. Are there exceptions? Definitely (and thank goodness!). Unfortunately, cuteness doesn’t trump the truth of the situation. The “myth” lies with the belief the rejection rate is low, which sadly it is not. 😦

  35. OH How I love a bunny!

    I’m a wildlife rehabber, and yes, please leave bunny nests alone. We get in hundreds of “kidnapped” bunnies at the Wildlife Rehab Center every spring and summer. If you find a bunny nest, and you’re not sure if the mom is still alive to feed them, place some light twigs in a cross pattern (or leaves) over the nest and leave it overnight. Check it in the morning to see if the twigs or leaves have been disturbed. If yes, that means mom rabbit was there to feed them. The mom only goes to the nest in the a.m. and p.m., for a very short time, to feed them. She doesn’t want to attract predators to the nest, and so she leaves the babies alone most of the time.

  36. For the cuties! says:

    Oh just wanted to point out also that this is not just my own personal experience working with them, but also working in partnership with wildlife rescues that specifically worked with buns as well as several vet offices that took in wildlife and individual vets and rescuers that studied the behaviors of wild rabbits/buns. I wish it was just random info I pulled out of a hat, but it’s not.

    As far as kisses go, noonie…I’d kiss every cutie I see if I could!! 😀

  37. Thanks for the good info, Zeldapie! What if I picked up the buns and STUFFED THEM IN MY MOUF???
    No? OK, then, I’ll just have to resist. 😦

  38. the bunny looks sick

  39. This is so freaky…just today I was purusing my local SPCA site and they have two bunnies for adoption and I was just thinking I’ve never had a bunny and it might be cool to have one, maybe I should adopt one. Then I come to CO and here is an adorable little bunny. Maybe it’s a sign!

    Just a wee note to those speaking of not touching wild bunny babies…..You of course realize that this may be a domesticated baby bun, and not a wild one. I only point it out for the one person who said they hope the photographer gets the baby to a rehab…it’s very likely this baby is a pet and therefore in no danger and no need for rehab. Just trying to head off any potential nuffers who could criticise thia poor phtog.

    Unfortunately we no longer have loads of wild baby bunnies in my yard. We used to be overrun with them, but then we got a new dog, who unfortunately killed two baby buns (before I learned the preferred nesting areas and avoided walking her near them) and a pair of Red-tailed Hawks took up residence. Now I hardly ever see grown up rabbits, let alone baby ones. I miss them, the babies were so cute and occasionally would venture out of the nest and I would just sit and watch them as long as I could (I never touched).

    *SIGH* Maybe I should seriously consider adopting a bunny?

  40. Oops, spelling errors…should read “this poor photog.” My internal speller is not functioning well today.

  41. This is definitely a wild bunny, not a domestic one. And, it looks to have barely opened its eyes. As other commenters have said, it should really be with mama or a wildlife rehabber. As for domestic bunnies, they make wonderful pets, and I would encourage anyone to get one. But, remember, they are as much work and responsibility as a dog or cat.

  42. This bun is cute, but clearly a wild rabbit.

    This little one is not ready to be tromping around in the grass, and it looks cold in several of those pics.

    Whoever the caretaker of this little sweetie is needs to provide it with more warmth and better shelter. I suggest giving it to a local wildlife rehab.

  43. Bun-NOM-meter!!

  44. leo…How can you tell this is a wild bunny?

  45. Mary (the first) says:

    I was under the impression from previous posts/info from COers that bebeh buns had a little white spot on top of their heads? White spot notwithstanding, this little one is adorable and I do hope if he/she needs to go to rehab that she will be taken there by conscientious CO poster person.

  46. Ohhhh the thumpers on that thing! And the eye capsules!

  47. I agree, this bun needs milk. Kitten formula works for buns too….but otherwise, thats a good looking peice of hardware…or should I say soft and fuzzy ware?

  48. Typos, Noelle-tell me about them! You did just fine.

    A bunny us always a good thing to contemplate.

    DOWN Theresa, good girl….

  49. Esther, True that baby bunnies that appear abandoned are not necessarily so.
    However, I had a bad kitty once who dragged a baby bunny into the house through a cat door. I rescued the poor thing before any damage occurred (ever heard a rabbit scream? It is a horrible sound). It was so tiny I knew if I put it outside it would never find it’s way back home. I put him in a cage and fed him dandelions and clovers, and whatever else I could pick from the yard, for a couple of months.
    I intentionally did not hold him or snuggle him, or get him used to being handled (hard as that was), and when I decided he was big enough to fend for himself, and it was warm enough at night so he wouldn’t freeze, I let him go.
    I like to think he made himself a home in the empty lot next door, and he was one of the many bunnies that hang out there.

  50. zeldapie, thanks for the tip. Not wishing to suffer severe disapproval, I tend to avoid bunnies whether wild or allegedly domesticated. I vow to refrain from such bunny “rescue”.

  51. That thing would be gone in one bite!

  52. I think I just fainted! *plonk*

  53. Yup, Kasia, that’s CO fainting all right!

  54. Patty – Reminds me of an episode in my childhood where we were all three woken out of a sound sleep by a cat coming in with a baby bunny in its mouth, and the bunny getting loose in our room and hiding under the bed. Remember cat owners — always perform a mouth check if your cat’s “let me in!” meows sound suspiciously muffled!

  55. aww, I was hoping for the model 1701-D to come out. Get yer bun-corder today!

    (or: set your phasers to Disapprove.)

  56. FuzzBob Chubbypants says:

    Not to be a tewtal downer, but is it just me or are we getting few posts per day than before? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I squeal with delight every time I visit C.O. and see such delectabuhls bunneh proshness, but I want MORE I say! Just thought I’d throw that comment out there and see what happens 😀

    P.S. Check out those giant feets! *head tilt*

  57. “No I don’t double as a keychain…”

    One of your best IMO. That got me good! Oh my sides! ;D

  58. What’s today’s secret word?

  59. I agree. Seems the cuteness factor is diminishing? Say it aint so! The world needs more CO posts!!!
    I check daily multi times, in the hopes of new posts, as I need my cuteness quota filled. I is even training my kittens to be cuter but they no listen 😉

  60. FuzzBob Chubbypants says:

    Me too, Heather! I like checking the site and having something new and cuter each and every time. Speaking of which, how are the bebbeh kittuns? Send some pix to Meg!!!

    *runs home to snap some pix of Mr. Chubbington the Cat*

  61. Meg and Mike and Teho and Tony are probably just busy with their real jobs, folks. Don’t worry. The Qte will keep flowing.

  62. FuzzBob Chubbypants says:

    *stops in her tracks*

    You mean to tell me that Meg actually runs a Kinkos or something, instead of appeasing the cute overlords all day?! Noooooooo! [in best Charlton Heston “Soylent Green” voice]

  63. @FuzzBob, you mean you’ve never seen this picture of Meg?

  64. COers…I need your help…

    About a year and a half ago a co-worker of mine asked me to watch her ferret for 1 week while she moved. Well what she failed to tell me was that she was moving someplace away from where we were currently living and never answered her phone. Basically she ditched her ferret on me. Now dont get me wrong I love teh little knee sock. He has become a major part of my family. Well out of the blue today she calls me wanting her ferret back. Its been a year and half and this is teh first im hearing from her. When I got him he was dirty, his ears were horrible, he was loosing fur and he had sores all over his little body. In the year I have had him, he has filled out a bunch and he looks so much better. The mites and fungus is gone from his ears (I took him to the vet)…I dont want to give him back…What should I do? Everyone keeps telling me to tell her that he is dead…I just need to know what yous guys would do in a situation like this. I dont want to give him up.

  65. FuzzBob Chubbypants says:

    Whoa that’s a toughy. I DEFINITELY would not give him back to her. She obviously wasn’t properly taking care of him in the first place. Plus, she really can’t be trusted if she just ran off on you for a whole YEAR and now wants him back!

    DO NOT give him back, that’s what I say. However, I’m not sure what you should tell her. Saying he’s dead would probably stop her from taking you on Judge Judy and demanding him back, but I dunno.

    You’ve definitely come to the right place for advice! We’re here to help Jmper!!!!

  66. FuzzBob Chubbypants says:

    @Jmper: After snorgling, err, thinking it over for a few minutes, I believe you only have a few options (giving him back NOT being one of them :D)

    1. Tell her he’s dead. That kind of lays to rest (no pun intended) any questions she may have about where he is, etc. However, it might be bad karma.

    2. Tell her you relinquished him to an animal shelter, because you were under the assumption that His Knee Sockness would only be staying with you for a week, not a year. This options lessens any bad karma from the “he’s dead” story, but she could still probably bug you about where you brought him, etc.

    3. Tell her you’re keeping him. This is the riskiest of all choices, because she (legally) could take you to small claims court and try to get him back. A judge could probably go either way on this: a. Since she paid for him, he’s hers and you have to give him back, or b. She gave up all rights as his owner when she dumped him on you for a whole year.

    It’s up to you. You know your friend better than I do, but if she’s a total loon I wouldn’t even bother telling her the truth — I’d tell her you no longer have him and never talk to her again 😀 IMHO

  67. I wouldn’t lie to her, Jmper. But I think you’d be well within your rights to say that she abandoned the animal, so it’s yours now. She might kick and scream, but I don’t think she has a lot of leg to stand on to challenge you.

  68. Oh, and PS Jmper, you might want to see if you can get copies of your vet records, as ammunition for proving she’s not a fit owner.

  69. Yeah, she could take you to court and she’d LOSE since it took her over a year. The ferret is legally relinquished. Tell her to buy another ferret to abuse, you’re saving this one from her.

  70. Thanks AuntieMame and Fuzzbob Chubbypants for the ideas. I tried calling her cell phone back (she originally left me a message as Im on the ambulance today and was busy) and her voice mail box is busy…again…jsut like before. So my position right now is this…I tried calling her back adn she didnt answer. If she doesnt call me back so be it. If she does I am just going to tell her that he is a member of the family and I wont be givign him back seeing as how she gave up custody a year ago. If she takes me to court so be it. I have had a steady job, work for a living and didnt run off to new york or whatever to try and make it as a model.

    I’m torn as what to do, but I have a feeling that the right words will come to me when I need them.

  71. FuzzBob Chubbypants says:

    Jmper: You have me and both my kitteh’s support!!! (if that means anything, LOL)

  72. YEAH, DEFINITELY don’t give him back. I would tend towards your second option of telling her you took him to an animal shelter. This would stop her prying. And it doesn’t sound like she would even pursue it anyway since it seems like he his just a possession to her.

    Um, I could use some direction also, can I borrow someone’s Bunn-o-meter for just a little bit?

  73. i want to kill it

  74. Em(original) says:

    hey catloveschanel- How do you catch a Tame rabbit?

    Tame way, unique up on it! 🙂


  75. Jmper : Not sure what the law is in your state, but here in Illinois, after an animal has been kept for three weeks following last known correspondence with the owner, the animal is considered abandoned. I’ve done this many a time with stray dogs and cats. I actively look for owners (or in your case, try to contact a known owner) for three weeks. After that, the animal is considered a stray and ownership can be claimed by you. After a year, you must be way past any state’s statute of limitations.

    Keep the fuzzy and tell your buddy that she gave up her rights as a pet owner when she disappeared for a year. If she throws a fit, say she can either let you keep the knee sock or you will charge her a years’ worth of boarding fees and vet services.

  76. Em(original) says:

    Jumper – I agree that you’ve got rights to your lil guy. Ive seen examples in my former job where people had been taking care of abandoned pets of family, friends, etc. for a lot less time and it counted with the local animal control that they were the new rightful family of the animals 🙂

  77. Jmper, if you want to keep him (and I think you should), but don’t want to lie to her, just tell her she owes you some exorbitant amount for having cared for him for over a year. If she’d kenneled him with a vet for that long, she’d be paying a ton. If she was willing to abandon him without a backward glance for a year, I suspect she won’t pay.

  78. WANT

  79. Jmper :

    She clearly abandoned the animal and it is clearly better off with you. I would present her a bill to be paid in full before for EACH days care, feeding, vet bill. Bottom line she wasn’t caring for the ferret properly and if I were you I wouldn’t give him back – do what she did, don’t answer the phone and ignore her and live in happiness with your little cutie ferret friend. They are awesome – but they do have to be cared for – your “friend” seems like she has extreme responsibility problems (as in LACK of). Don’t let the poor guy/girl ferret into her clutches again.

  80. Noelle – wild rabbits are pretty distinctive-looking. They have proportionally large ears, that grayish-brown colouring with white underneath, and tend to be much scrawnier and longer than domestic rabbits. I can tell just from the narrow shape of the face and the long ears that this is a wild bun – a domestic bun of that age would look almost like a round puffball, with much shorter ears.

    If you see domestic rabbits wandering around (i.e. buns that *don’t* look like this one), please DO rescue them as they are often Easter presents that have been abandoned.

  81. NTMTOM psts are always such a pleasure to read AND view. Will you marry me? 😉

  82. Awww, tiny choco-bun!

  83. For the one with the Almighty Kneesock- Keep him, even if ferrets are bitey. They’re intelligent and sensitive and bouncy, and she obviously did not appreciate his charms.

    As for the potentially wild bunny, I’d like to know from the photographer him/herself. It could be a rescue at a rehab facility, it could be another country. I’d like to hear the whole story before passng judgement.

  84. totalee puppy says:

    Jmper…Good thoughts to
    you. You deserve the ferret. I like the shelter
    story because it suggests
    the SPCA may be looking for
    the original owner for neglect and abandonment. I
    don’t think she will follow-up.

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  87. As a bunny momma to 4 adorable furbabies (well one’s 10+ lbs so not very little anymore) and bunny foster mom I have to echo the sentiment that wild baby buns need to be left with their mommies. You can watch out for the bun and check that mommy has come, but don’t touch b/c your scent might scare off mommy.

    My mom taught me as a child that the baby birdies that looked abandoned had mommies that would come back for them. And BTW that baby is way to young to be away from his mommy, or left out in a box. Chances are his mom won’t get him now, but you can put on gloves and place him in the same spot and watch from aa window or safe distance, or keep checking back (still at a safe distance so momma isn’t scared away.)

    If not, take him to a Wildlife center. If you decide not to do that, he needs to be indoors, and supplied with a warm *enclosed* nesting box filled with bedding like Carefresh and/or straw (he needs mommy and siblings for warmth but they’re not there, and bunnies dig holes and they feel comfy hidden in something)and also a realistic stuffed rabbit for company. (No joke! Baby monkeys separated from their moms in the lab (horrible!) will cling to the soft stuffed “mommy” monkey, even though the metal monkey mommy has milk and they need food) bun bun also needs to be bottlefed.

    For those of you considering getting a rabbit, please know they are A LOT of work, not a “starter pet” at all. Read for all the info. If you *have* to have one, please adopt from a shelter or rescue group. There is no difference between store bought and adopted bunnies, usually just the fact that the owner didn’t realize how much work they are or that they need to get them fixed or they will become very destructive. Domestic and wild bunnies shouldn’t leave their moms till 8 weeks, they need to nurse and stay with her. Often young bunnies are sold at 4 weeks at Easter b/c of how cute they are, but some die and the rest usually end up at the shelter during their teenage period. Many are euthanized b/c of a lack of adopters. They usually are always fixed when they come from the shelter, and that the surgury can cost $100-$350, so a $25-$75 adoption fee is cheap. When they are more mature you’ll also get a better idea of their personality. Get them fixed at ~4-5 mos, teenage time. My boy bun was humping his bonded bun so much she couldn’t even sleep at night, so he had to be fixed a bit early, but it really helped w/the ripping and digging at the carpet, chewing furniture and the baseboards and marking territory everywhere! He calmed down right after. Many people who buy rabbits drop them at the shelter at this point, when all the bunnies need is to be fixed. They are truly wonderful pets, each with very distinct personalities. For that reason, they need your attention and care just like a dog or cat. You can’t lock them in a cage and pet them once and awhile. Ideally they should get 4 hrs a day outside their cage.

    OK, sermon over. 😉

  88. Apparently there are 2 Noelles, so I’m the bunny momma and I’ll go by Ellie. Noelle is the prospective bunny owner. The rabbit is 100% a wild rabbit. Domestic rabbits and our wild rabbits in the US are not related, domestic bunnies are descended from European buns. And I missed the lettuce, babies can’t eat veggies they get diarrhea just like we wouldn’t shove cheerios in a newborn’s mouth;)

  89. The best part is in the last photo where his little leggie is pokin’ out, all casual-like!

  90. BUN.
    A singular sensation,
    Ev’ry disapproving face.
    A thrilling combination,
    Ev’ry move that he makes.
    Bun twitches nose, and my compass will never do.
    I nose I’ll never get lost with my bunny-boo.
    A moment in his presence,
    And you can forget the rest.
    Then you’ll put him in his nest
    With cress,
    Hop! Sigh!
    Give him your attention!
    Stop! I
    Really need to mention,

  91. Ellie…I thought I had seen another Noelle on here. There are actually 3 of us, the other goes by Noelegy. Watch out people, we’re taking over! 🙂

    Anyway, thanks for the advice about Bunny ownership. After dealing with my whining, smelly (she got skunked a week ago and it’s still lingering slightly) Dog last night I don’t think I have the energy for another time consuming pet right now. I have to know my own limits. Maybe in the future when my Dear Leela goes to visit my former pets across the Rainbow Bridge I’ll consider getting a bunny for something new (I’ve always had dogs and the occasional cat). Right now my hands are full.

  92. Welcome Noel Overloards! *Snerk*

    Noelle-have you tried tomato juice for the doggie-who-got-skunked? V-8 works nicely too.
    Been there, done that (times a few). She hates the way she smells and she may have a boo-boo that is stinging, or she may be a whiner, I don’t live with her. But, if you can help her change her smell to something more palatable, she’ll thank you for it.

    Make sure to wash her face with a nice, moisturizing doggett soap, not the V-8.
    (I know you knew that). Good luck.

  93. Katrina…I did try the tomato juice and it worked a little. I did learn the hard way that the smell comes back when they get wet. Ewwww! We had her to the groomer and they trimmed her and used a skunk odor remover they had. She was fine when she first came home but the smell has returned, again! althoug not as bad as before. I found a recipe on the ‘net by a scientist using peroxide, baking soda, and dish detergent that is supposed to work really well. I may try that this weekend.

    BTW, my dog is a whiner, which is her least adorable quality. (she has so many adorables qualities though that they cancel out the whining….usually) She’s also upset because she is being banned from certain rooms in the house because of the smell (previously she had the run of the place). We will never let her out at night off a chain again!

    Odd about skunks…such an adorable creature but such a bad smell!

  94. UGH! Excuse the typos. I think I type to fast 😦

  95. Big thanks to everyone who has given me advice. Rosie Posie I do live in Illinois so that was a big help. Anyways in the knee sock drama of ’09 (this is what we are calling it) I called my brother who is a lawyer said basically what everyone else is saying. But it might be a moot point. I tried calling her back last night and her voice mail box was full. I have not heard from her since. I did my best to contact her, but I am not going out of my way to get in touch. Who knows maybe she moved away already.

    So a big big thanks from everyone in the Jmper house…Rylee, Bear, Pippin, Me and of course Sir Reginal McStinkypants AKA Gerry the ferret.

  96. a bunny that young should still be drinking it’s mother’s milk. be careful with it even if its a little cutie :/

  97. sorry for the late response. I can tell this is a wild bunny, b/c I volunteer at a wildlife center and deal with bunnies like this all the time. It is an eastern cottontail. I also volunteer at a shelter w/domestic bunnies, and there really are no domestics that look like eastern cottontails. Not sure if this link will work, but here’s a link to info on eastern cottontail babies (this is not from where I volunteer).

  98. T.U.M. gave me an earworm!

    Jmper – screw her. She abandoned yer lil kneesock and has no right to get him back. If she does get a hold of you and gives you a hard time, tell me and I will come over with my brass knuckles.

  99. Love eet ^_^

  100. Awwww.

    He looks VERY tired. And oddly not interested in the lettuce.

  101. zosterops says:

    I am really glad there is so many people who point out that the bunny is a wild one, sick looking and way too young to eat lettuce. as funny as the subtitles are, it makes me cringe seeing them posted with an animal obviously in a bad situation. I cared for wild bunnies myself and the trick is not to handle them anymore than absolutely necessary. so taking them out for a little photo shooting is totally out of the question. please make sure he gets what he needs (warmth, the right milk substitute, REST) so he wont just die on you.