8 uses, 1 screen

WHO are the AD WIZARDS who came up with THIS ONE!?

ABsolute hilariousness from the folks who make this Samsung product. Creative uses INDEED!

GREAT WORK, Theo and Theo’s friend who sent this to Theo!



  1. thelibrarianne says:

    OMIGOSH. That’s amazing. Those puppies were unreal. Also: evil hedgehogs. PURE GENIUS.


  3. now only if i didn’t spell “hilarious” wrong. rong.

  4. I want this phone just so I can have a fireplace everywhere I go!!! Oh and maybe a bunny that can help me in the work place 🙂

  5. I sent this one in too! I knew it was only a matter of time before it ended up here! Some thing you just KNOW! 😀

  6. Ai-ya! Brilliant!

  7. Dude. S’all I’m sayin.

  8. LOVE IT!!

  9. Beth (in NC) says:

    OH my God I think I just died laughing. What in the world??? Baaahahahaha.

  10. Beth (in NC) says:

    PS- I love the techno on the chick dance floor…

  11. The Amazing Spinning Hedgehog!
    The Puppies With Tiny Unstable Leglets!
    The Porn Muisc Kittens!

    this is too moiche q.t. 😀

  12. EBUL hedgehog hiccups!!

  13. Brilliant!

  14. Was that a ferret DJ? re-DONK! 🙂

  15. The lover kittens! LMAO that was too much, Loved it!

  16. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    I watched it twice so far… passed it on to a friend, and am probably going to watch it twice more, unless… oh, no… ‘splode!

  17. The vignettes are hilarious; I could have done without the shouted introductions, however.

  18. Each little scene was perfect! I love this!

  19. I was able to control myself until the bunny flopped over asleep. GENIUS!

  20. cellarmouse says:

    @laureling – not a ferret;
    a. nose too roundy
    b. ferrets like to eat chicklets

    some strange fantasy qtedroid i surmise

  21. That was grrrrreat! Like, Frosted Flakes great. Especially the office buns, I hope I’m not the only one who wants to see an episode of The Office acted out by buns now.

  22. *must …warn …all my peeps …of the cuteness overload …in this vid*
    Seriously I think my heart just exploded. and my face broke from all the dang grinning and laffing!

  23. I loved the shouted introductions, it added the right amount of seriousness to make the clip that much funnier. And cuter. The kitty porn! And I finally, finally got the cuteness of hedgehogs! Hedgehog hiccups, who knew?

  24. @ Laureling – It appears to be a chinchilla DJ. Everyone knows ‘chillas know how to chill!

  25. TheChibiKitten says:

    I think the DJ was a bebe chinchilla! <3

    *goes to watch again*

  26. Hilarious and TOTAL genius.

  27. who’s supervising those kittens – they’re way too young for that!

  28. Best commercial EVER! That was pure awesomeness.

  29. The sleepy office buns – that’s how I feel too!

    Gaaaaaaah, this is one the funniest damn things I have seen in a loooong time.

  30. It says it’s no longer available?

  31. I love how they even incorporated the word/spelling “kitteh” twice.

  32. Sasha's mum says:

    ITA, pscaley. I found the kitten sex scene highly inappropriate. But other than that … two opposable thumbs up!

  33. I almost wet my pants at “Evil Hamster Control Screen.”

    Also, KITTEH PORN!!!!

  34. Sasha's mum says:

    Ok, just watched *again* and I think the evil hedgehog is my favourite. Very Doctor Who.

  35. Oh my god that last part had me ROLLING

  36. smartest. ad. EVAR!

    I fell out of my chair laughing at the evil hedgehog hiccup.

  37. LMAO @ The Evil Hedgehog

  38. GENIUS!!! kitteh falling off couch… bunny falling backward… sheer, total, cuterrific fun!

  39. Juniper Jupiter says:


    I just saw this on Fark!

    I knew it be a matter of minutes before it’d show up on here!

    Genius viddy!

  40. I MUST buy a Samsung UltraTouch now. This commercial compels me to do so (either that or adopt lots of furry critters).

  41. Awesome with chipotle awesome sauce!!!

  42. PS Yes, I am SOLD on this product. These ad wizards have found THE KEY TO ME.


  44. Is it just me, or did the puppehs look like they’d had one too many at the airport bar?

    Evil hedgehog needs his own webseries…seriously. Very Danger Mouse AND Dr. Who.

  45. berthaservant says:

    I, too, am very inclined to purchase this product.

    And somehow, I don’t think this product exists if Cute Overload doesn’t exist. I think it was made just for us.

    The kitties did it for me (as they always do)….

  46. I MUST adopt an evil hedgehog now. This commercial compels me to do so (either that or buy lots of nifty smartphones).


  47. oh. my. SQUEEEEE!



  48. Is this even a real commercial ? I kept blinking in disbelief, but with a big grin. You just know it was made by peeps (geniuses) who watch a lot of C.O. Yay !!!

  49. Surely that is the very definition of REDONKULOUS!

    Also: Did anyone else notice a certain theme of SERIOUSLY CHUBBEH BELLEHS?

  50. Watching again, just noticed the evil paw tenting of the hedgie with world dominayshon plans. Hee !

  51. The Hedgehog reminded me of the scene in Austin Powers when Dr. Evil couldn’t control his motorized chair. “The power of Christ compels you!”

  52. @ Bobel..exactly! haha! “I need an old priest and a young priest.”

  53. girlnextdoorTN says:

    (‘scuse the yell)

  54. holy crap BRILLIANT. i love the bunny ones the best– but the hedgehog one was quite funny 🙂

  55. Try this if it’s not working for you!

  56. Brenda( actually the other one) aka the other Brenda says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!So cute!!

  57. EHHH MUCACCIO!!????

  58. NOMTOM, with your mad “prickly kid” skills, I bet you could do an entire storyline just on the hiccupping hedgie. I double dog dare you…

  59. Gah… too cute! Eyes… glazing over! Head spinning! Must buy product, or shall collapse! Quickly… to the Melismobile!

  60. Does the Melismamobile emit sinuous lines of melody as it goes on its way?

  61. Mary (the first) says:

    ok it took me a second time to figure out what product they were selling. I was so focused on the evil hedgehog spinning around with toes out (“wheee! oops I mean, “I am evil .. hic…”) and the kitteh porn. (Seriously, peeps were offended? All they did was kiss!) OMG this is hilarious.

  62. PS: A-a-a-a-a-leluia-a-a-a-a-a!

  63. YAY! I sent this one in as well 🙂 Just knew it was only a matter of time before it was emailed by a bajillion people and posted.
    I’ve watched this I can’t even count how many times now hehe.
    Suggest watching it on youtube though, they have bigger higher quality version.
    And that bunny tietie flop just about kills me every time and sends me squealing!

  64. Clearly, the target audience has been reached. I would like a million phones, please, as well as EVERY AMINAL IN DAT COMMERCIAL!!!

    Office Buns!? YES! Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!!!!

  65. Mary (the first) says:

    Yes a meeeeelion times yes to Office Buns!!

  66. D’oh, best kitty porn ever!

    And if my office had adorably floppy bunnies like that, I’d never leave work.

  67. Super Stuff ! !

    Here’s a new batch of friends for you!

    Google: Andrea and the Weimaraners

    Mary Waters, for the Dog Office!

  68. AuntieMame says:


    I just got a new cell phone, but I’m convinced I got the wrong one. I wonder if they’d let me trade it in after two months?

    (And the only thing that made the kittehs “pr0n” was the music.)

  69. kibblenibble says:

    This is what the world should be like. Chubby, clumsy, sleepy sweeties *everywhere*!!!!!!!1!!! CO, take over the world, please. I’d be so happy! 😛

  70. OFFICE BUNS!!!

    Hey, wait… my office has no buns! Well at least not qte fluffy ones.

  71. Love the bunbun and kitteh falling off their perches, I feel like doing that right now too so off to bed I go!

  72. I want this product.

    I have no need for it, but this ad has sold me.

    These people obvs. read CO and ICHC, with the “kitteh” spelling, and the Evil Hedgehog, and the hamsters actually saying “NOM NOM”.

  73. IN-SANE! ‘specially the bun office space! Yeah.

  74. totalee puppy says:

    Guess I can’t say “Thanks
    Theo” too many times…I loved every scene…laughed the entire
    time. If I have a favorite, it’s hamsters in the theatre seats, eating

  75. I’s just teh messenger. 😉

  76. I love that the theatre hamsters are saying NOM NOM NOM NOM.

  77. The Evil Hedgehog did me in, evil hiccups and all. Love the hands spread wide when the chair keeps going around (“Wooah!”), wrapped up with an ironic ‘wink’ to let us know he’s in on the joke… brilliant!

  78. OK … I sat there with a big grin widening, widening, widening. And then I saw a small rodent with little turntables and chicks boogying down and I totally lost it!!!

  79. Love the bun that conks out in the office – that is me everyday! Too hilarious!

  80. Martha in Washington says:

    Loved the Office Buns, the evil genius hedgie, kitties and hammies, etc…but it was the St Bernard puppies that got me. So tiny at that stage but WATCH OUT!!

  81. The Bunnnss…the bunnnssss They’re too cute… xD

  82. Evil hedgehog isclearly he best, I also lolled at the Barry White kittehs and the NOM NOM cinema hamsters. Amazing!

  83. My favorite was the kitteh fireplace scene! OMG!!!

  84. I totally agree, they must know of the home of Teh Qte!
    The spelling I has scene it only one place….where is? I can no say 😉 secret evil hedgehog wink 😉

  85. Being the “Administrator” and “Chief Cook and Bottle Washer’ on many projects, I want to give props to the people who constructed the sets for these scenes! Wow, what attention to detail. The animals they chose were perfect and my fave was the hamsters eating the popcorn in the the theatre. A+ for the whole endeavor! This goes to UCONN! Great job, folks!

  86. Kathy mommy25bunnies says:

    EEEEP!!! The evil geniuses at the ad agency have done it! I must have EEET!

  87. Bunny workplace sent me over the edge.

    A++ for Cute-ness!

  88. That was hilarious! And that one bunny, the white one in the cubicle who fell off his chair snoring? That is so meeee at work sometimes.

  89. I think it was the kittehs and the chicks doing DDR that did it for me…*swoon*

  90. Kitteh can haz ur world!!! Aaaahahaha!

    I think the shouting works, because they’re clearly trying to imitate Japanese absurdonkulous cute things that we so frequently see on this site, yet another awesome nod! (nom nom nom)

    I am slain by stubbularness here, people!

  91. OMG! All that cute crammed into one video. I’m glad I didn’t miss this. My tickle bones are itch’n now! Thanks!

  92. roflmaowtfbbq

  93. MORE!!!


    Oh. My. Goodness.

    These people are INSANE.

  95. That is the greatest commercial ever. They have totally won my money.

    Puppies and kitties and bunnies and hedgehoggies!!!

  96. absurdonkulous is my word of the day, and possible my week!
    great job, Emmerly!

    I am seriously considering buying whatever they want me to buy. Whatever it was.

  97. I have no need for the type of phone advertised. I cannot really afford it or any other new cell phone anyway.

    And yet….yet….I am sitting here calculating how I can purchase one because that commercial is ABSOLUTE FREAKING PERFECTION!!!!!

    If this method of advertising starts going across the board, my budget is in serious trouble. Think about it…hair dye commercials, car commercials, medication commercials, household product commercials. Heck, Evil Hedgehog is likely to sell me anything and everything, just by hiccuping in his uncontrollable chair.

  98. evil hedgehog!

    oh man

    i’m going to be laughing inappropriately for days

  99. I now want an Evil Hedgehog t-shirt. Some enterprising Qteologist might hit a goldmine with that one.

  100. The Kittehs!! the kittehs by the fireplace! and that last kiss is to die for! *dies*

  101. LOL! now i want that phone. and i hope it comes wif all the critters 😀

  102. CUUTTTEEE!!!!!!!
    I <3 The Hamster Cinema!

  103. Evil Hedgehog says:


  104. HI-LARIOUS, loved the pups and kittehs best.

  105. No new picture, how can I go to work without my cute fix????

  106. HILARIOUS! LOVE IT! ADORABLE! P.S. Hilarious if only u spelled it right it would make the video alot better!=)

  107. omg now I totally want one! And I want those kittens too, along with that adorable kitty-sized furniture.

    loves it!

  109. AlbertaGirl says:

    Did anyone else notice that the hamsters are watching “The Piano III – The Return”? LOL!

  110. Will the insanity ever end????

    *overwhelmed by the genius and cute*

  111. Bumma — the vid’s no longer available. Waaaaaahhhhh!

  112. Here’s a link to the vid on Samsung’s YouTube account:

  113. This has been making me happy for 2 days and I can’t stop watching it. My favourites are the chick dance floor, evil hedgehog and hamster cinema! LOVE IT SO MUCH.

  114. LMAO – well done!
    “Kittehs can haz ur world” logo?! The disco floor LCD screen! Ahhhhh, with each segment I kept saying, “This is too moishe!” (Already been said, but…)The people working on this ad really knew which buttons to push!

  115. This rulz. I love the Ham Cinema and the Bun Office! The people who made this MUST have a directors cut and out takes and bits that didn’t make the final cut. PLEASE let us see them! I wanna see buns peeing on the photocopier and Hams snoozing at the pictures! MAKE IT SO!
    xxxx Z

  116. omg, this was possibly the best commercial i have seen in like, 2 years…sooo kyoot! the kittens and the desktop bunny were cute! omg XD

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  118. EaterofShades says:


  119. That hedgehog can evilly rule my empire anyday, as long as he lets me watch the buns ove and over again.

  120. Kyra — if this is genuine, just look in the right-hand margin under “Email Me”.

  121. O.M.G that was so awesome every animal clip was fitted to their size always remeber stay anti-fur

  122. I too was impressed at the attention to detail of each setting.
    And of corse, the little fuzzies all made me SQUEEE!!!

  123. I showed this to a 15 year old girl-I didn’t remember how ultrasonic those ‘squees’ could be-and right in my right ear, too. It should stop ringing soon. It was worth it.

  124. snorglepup says:

    I watched this 4 times before I realized the cell phone was supposed to be the feature of each scene.
    I couldn’t get past the cute animals.

  125. Manda Bain says:

    1. Puppeh pawing the air in tired whatevs motion: “Eehh”

    2. Evil Hedgie hiccup and paws splayed in “WHOAooaahh”!

    3. Bunneh grooming in his cubical until being startled by coworker!

    Yup. This post is full of win!

  126. omg. this really is genius. the puppies are sooooooo cute!!!!!! the hedgehog lollll!!!

  127. scooterpants says:

    Theater hamsters! tottling babeh puppehs! tipping over teenie buns! if they all come with the phone, i dont care how much it costs just sign me up right now! That is the cutest vid I’ve ever seen posted on COL. genious!

  128. this made my day!!!!!