How I Got Teh Qte

I was a "normal" person once, one foot in front of the other, living day to day.  Then one morning I woke up, and like a vision, there it was — a pair of ‘tocks, hovering above me like a fuzzy angel.  It was at that moment that I attained the enlightenment known as Teh Qte.  In an instant, the Universe unfolded before me, unlocking its secrets, revealing to me the answer to every question, except for one:


… how the hell did I manage to pass out here?

And what's more, I think the Universe stole my wallet.

Hmm, last I remember, I was doing shots with Deborah and James S., and then…



  1. HA! Smooshed prairie dog ‘tocks! If that doesn’t lead to enlightenment I don’t know what does.

  2. Get drunk and make an arse of yourself.

  3. biscuithead says:


    I believe!

    /repositions tinfoil hat

  4. Prairie dog butt!!

    This is almost as fascinating as the underside of a kitty loaf.

  5. That is ridiculously cute. The little feet!

  6. Oh, it’s a terre-bubble. I didn’t scroll down far enough and thought you were being Congressman Dilbeck and that neked prarie dog was perched on a glass topped coffee table…sorry to have doubted you had left teh qte moral highground.

  7. Where is this fabulous zoo?? The Detroit Zoo has something like that, but I don’t know if it’s that cool…

  8. TexIrishRose says:


  9. scooterpants says:

    i’ve seen this before, seems like last time there was some full grown man with dark hair inside the terre bubble, but no one clever enough to take a photo of the underside of a prairie dog! luff the ‘privacy tail’ bah – ha- ha! amazing!
    [shoots rubber band at Noelle and Theresa]

  10. Heee! Did the human in the bubble try to pet the ‘tocks? I would have.

  11. Ok, I totally need these in my backyard! I have squirrels and deer and birds and other small furry creatures that I could observe all day in safey. Anyone know where I could buy some of these?

    [ducks to avoid flying rubber band, returns fire while wondering “What the…”?]

  12. Can’t get enough of those ‘TOCKS!!!

  13. @scooterpants…I answered the “what the…” question. I hadn’t checked the previous comments before commenting here. My bad! [See what I miss when I fall asleep in the back of the class]

    BTW, did someone say these domes are at a zoo? Can anyone venture into them or is it only for staff? If anyone can go, then please tell me where this zoo is so I can commiserate with small furry critters.

  14. LOL!

    When I saw the first picture I couldn’t quite understand what I was looking at. The second picture made me burst into giggles. His back legs splayed out….LOL.

  15. PS: please to be noting the Privacy Tailsmoosh™

  16. NotAnotherMIlo says:

    This isn’t the zoo in my town, but we have something similar. Without all the nice green trees in the background. (I can never remember if I’m livin’ in the desert or in the dessert, but either way I like my life a la mode).

  17. This is in the Baltimore Zoo in Baltimore, MD.

  18. Oh, yeah. This is the woodchuck area. The prairie dog pit is elsewhere and equally fascinating.

  19. Still not sure if I come here to read the captions or look at the pictures. That is funnneee!

  20. Remember the one with the prairie dogs, erm, playing leapfrog on top of the bubble? Where is that, anyway?

  21. ohhh myyyyy…..:)

  22. Michelle S. says:

    Teh Qte. <3

  23. The top photo is what the photocopier sees at the Prairie Dogz, Inc. holiday party after someone spikes the punch.

  24. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    Mel2 – snerk… for some reason, today that cracks me up.

  25. I love the additude of the groundhog in the second photo… ho-hum, just sittin’ ’round… (and the hovertext rocks too… nice job).

  26. The Auckland zoo in New Zealand also has these domes. Unfortunately when I was there, it was pissing down rain and nobody was out. 😦

  27. berthaservant says:

    Those front paws in the first picture are actually a little frightening.

  28. Pressed prairie ham under glass.

  29. AuntieMame says:

    “Mom, Harold’s mooning the tourists again!”

  30. Only problem is I can’t discern which is tail and which is splayed back leg.

  31. totalee puppy says:

    Hon Glad–Awesome. “Get
    drunk and make an arse of

  32. Brilliant!
    NTMTOM you are a master of the written genres.

    When’s the postmodern qte novel coming out?

  33. The domes are also at the zoo in Memphis, TN. ^_^

  34. Karen in Toronto says:

    I. Finally. Got. It. I should drink less in the morning…

  35. falkjflskj? dlkfjas! I don’t believe it! Such ‘tocks! You know, I’m pretty sure I had a vision like that, but then I realized I’d woken up with my cat perched on my face.

  36. Yes, Ginger, and we did have to go pht phhht pthhttt!

  37. if i become a prairie human do i have to live like that or can i have a more, um, conventional crib?

  38. Wasn’t there a similar post like this a while back with some groundhogs getting dirty while a creepy guy looked on from one of those bubbles?

  39. kibblenibble says:

    spb: I had the same prob, so I peered and peered, and I *think* the tailio is smooshed under the left back leg, hence the extra fluffularness on that side. Also, I thought that the dirt smudge to the right was actually *on* my computer screen, until I scrolled down, and it went up. (Can you tell I’m pretty bored today?) *sigh* 😛

  40. Well doctor, call me crazy but… the first ink blot picture looks just like the splayed footsies and squashed ‘tocks of a prairie dog…

  41. It looks like the prarie dog’s legs and tailio are knotted up.
    Lof the 2nd hovertext.

  42. The domes are also at the Bronx Zoo in New York City. I could swear it’s that very zoo, the domes look exactly like that.

  43. Looks like the Prospect Park Zoo in Brooklyn, NY.

  44. There’s one of these in Norfolk, VA’s zoo, too. I went in and a prairie dog got on top and I tapped a little on the dome and he started itching and thumping his foot back at me. =x

  45. Sightedwolf says:

    That looks like it was at my zoo. The Memphis Zoo to be exact. =)