MINSCULE MEERSICLES! (with harmonica soundtrack)

Taronga Zoo is celebrating the birth of two Meerkat pups, the first to be born at the Zoo in nine years. The two pups, named Zanzibar and Nairobi, were born on Friday January 23 2009 to mother Malawi and have just started venturing out of their nest box to explore the Zoos African-themed Meerkat Desert…

Thanks to Brad H. and The Manly Daily!



  1. OMG that was my birthday 😀 YAY!

  2. *curses the gods for not being able to view videos at work*

  3. How could you resist smooching the bebehs? The handler sure couldn’t!

  4. I’ve loved meerkats for many many years, and theses bebehs are the most proshest, loveablest, snorgablest EVER!!!!!!!!

  5. I believe a matchingks tag is in order here. The end where one is sitting on the other’s back is too-too cute!

  6. OMG!!! TOO CUTE EVEN FOR THIS WEBSITE….I’m sooo jealous of that zoo lady I wanna kiss a baby meerkat on the noggin!

  7. Baby claws!!

  8. Jenn in IL says:

    I am insanely jealous of the zoo worker that gets to hold them and kiss their little heads and coo at them.

    Insanely jealous.

    This is too cute. CO, you have outdone yourselves.

  9. Anne Boleyn says:

    So young to already have the eyeliner thing down perfectly!

  10. meerkats in racks

  11. scooterpants says:

    i call matchinks!
    and YES, those belong IN MY SHIRT! I too am so very jealous of that zoo-keeper lady person, no fair… I do not have any Meerkats to hold and cuddle and kiss on the head and SHE has 2.
    Careful, someone will come along and take your Meerkats and divy them up so everyone has the same amount of Meerkats.
    I’ll bet when no ones looking she stuffs them in her shirt. If she doesnt, shes STUPID.

  12. temperance says:

    that kiss! so awesome.

    i would hold those yucky worms too, if i could cuddle those babies…

  13. Mealworms have never looked so tasty.

  14. Scooterpants– re-distribution of Meerkats, that sounds like SOCIALISM. What if she earned those Meerkats fair and square? What is this, class warfare?

  15. The eyes have it.

  16. Whats better that a baby meerkat? Two baby meerkats!
    I want to out them in my mouth. If that wrong?

  17. *Put* them in my mouth. I need to stop posting during class.

  18. PS What is the Manly Daily? Is it something only Manly Men can read? If so, has it become Manly to “squee” at adorable baby beasties? Oh what does it all mean?

    [I was wondering about that too, while flexing in the bathroom mirror… – Ed.]

  19. OMG, Sqeeeeee! That is just too cute! I love baby animals and these are the cutest evar! They are so lively and curious. I would so work at a zoo if it wasn’t for the fact that I’m so friggin’ allergic to everything! So unfair that my heart has so much love to give animals but my immune system rejects them so violently! (I do have a dog at home that I seem to be ok with, but if I go to other people’s homes that have pets I am wheezing and sneezing in no time)

    Sidenote: I coldn’t figure out what that clicking noise in the background was until they showed all the photogs. Too young to be hounded by the paparazzi 😉

  20. scooterpants says:

    hmmm… yes it DOES.
    I feel someone yanking on my meerkats as we speak, and I dont like it.

    Isnt the Manly Daily a newspaper? and what exactly was ED flexing in the mirror? flexing what?

  21. scooterpants says:

    hmmm… yes it DOES.
    I feel someone yanking on my meerkats as we speak, and I dont like it.

    Isnt the Manly Daily a newspaper? and what exactly was ED flexing in the mirror? flexing what?

  22. @scooterpants….maybe ED was flexing his muscles in the mirror to see if he was manly enough to read Manly Daily 🙂

    No…well, just a thought…um…what else do men flex in the mirr…no, never mind, don’t answer that!

  23. ::HED SPLODE::

    That was fatally cute! I need pocket meerkats… or at very least, I need to watch old episodes of Meerkat manor again.

  24. M-U-S-T H-A-V-E….

  25. scooterpants says:


    (immature uncomfortable laughter) 🙂

  26. Noelle and Scooter:

  27. Theresa, Noelle, Scooter —
    I enjoy double entendres as much as the next wag, but c’mon.

  28. (yes yes, I am aware it’s Friday)

  29. NOT FAIR!



    I totally call not fair because that girl gets to kiss those yummy little baby meerkats AND I DON’T!!!!

  30. Meerkat pups? More like MEERKITTENS!

  31. Sister Theo enjoys a joke as much as the next person!
    Hey, we need Katrina here to complete our “back of the classroom” dynamic.

  32. wow. i had no idea meerkats were so cute! adorable!

  33. Cute li’l masked bandeetos ! Mmmmm, yummy centipede larvae !

  34. Oh my! Those are some CUTE critters!

  35. NTMTOM, join us in the back of the classroom (throwing paper wad)!

    LOVE those extry meerkat pics– what about those eyelashes and tubular noses!!

  36. I want one soooooo bad!!!

  37. Manly is a suburb of Sydney on the north side of Sydney Harbour, not far from Taronga Zoo. The Manly Daily is the local paper.

    And yay! Meerkittens!


    also *yum*, mealworms.

  39. Pixy Misa, you answered a the question, but I’m afraid it just raises more. 😉

  40. Kristabelle says:

    Australia has quite the monopoly on cute animals. HMPH. Gonna have to get there one of these days!!!!

  41. scooterpants says:

    OMG! NTMTOM. Those are the cutest pictures ever!(i love the kisses on the nose pic, but i am not liking that girl, jealous) thank you for sharing!

    [steals NTMTOM’s pen off desk and pulls Teresa’s hair, flicks paper football at Noelle]

  42. Kristabelle says:

    I sense a detention in your near future…



  44. I can haz bebe meerkat?

  45. Around :45, doesn’t it look like Zoo Lady is playing the baby meerkat?

    I imagine they do sound like harmonicas!

    I would have just undone the bun and let them play in my hair.

  46. Alice Shortcake says:

    I can’t believe that woman is being PAID to snorgle baby meerkats.

    *Stamps foot and begins to cry inconsolably*

  47. meerkatties having a press conference!! Does it GET any Qter?

  48. Over here in California, we had to give our meerkats birth control because they were making so many tiny meerkats! Obvi someone needs to ship our…erm…’stimulated’ meerkats out to oz!

  49. Niki– stimulated meerkats– oh jeez, snerksnerksnerk!!

  50. HRHQueenCat says:

    Kristabelle – Australia has, it really has …

    we have koalas, and kangaroos, and wallabies, and platypussies, and kookaburras, and magpies, and fairy penguins, and wombats, and lyrebirds, and skinks, and teensy green tree frogs, and emus, and dingoes, and brumbies, and Tasmanian Devils, and, and, and …

    this brother & sister Meerkat pups act is food for the soul …

    in Not That Mike The Other Mike’s link, one of the pics is licking the lucky handler’s shnozz … too cute 🙂

  51. Theo…what double entendres? *snicker*

    Besides, you started it. Nyah..*sticks out tongue*

    [Scooterpants: touchdown! flicks paper football back then quickly averts eyes innnocently to avoid detection. Man I just can’t do another detention, I never get home on time as it is! 🙂 ]

  52. They wouldn’t notice if say, one went missing…into my purse…would they?

  53. NotAnotherMIlo says:

    We had baby meerkats at our Zoo this summer… there were about 6 of them. Meerkittens are a level of cute that is almost addictive. Congratulations to the Taronga Zoo on their new arrivals!

  54. The cuteness, she is overwhelming me! I is ded!

  55. Theo, those little cuties will for sure make better pupils than us. Just keep them pounding those mealworms. 😉

  56. Kristabelle says:

    Theo, when I saw that photo, I immediately channeled a certain 6 year old kitten captioning girl… 😀

    [“DOUBLE HEAD!” hehehe – Ed.]

  57. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    Interesting close-up of the “double heads.” They have bicolor noses!

  58. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    Interesting close-up of the “double heads.” They have bicolor noses!

  59. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    Interesting close-up of the “double heads.” They have bicolor noses!

  60. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    Interesting close-up of the “double heads.” They have bicolor noses!

  61. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    Interesting close-up of the “double heads.” They have bicolor noses!

  62. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    Interesting close-up of the “double heads.” They have bicolor noses!

  63. What lovely little morsels of cuteness!
    The meerkats, not the mealworms.

  64. i would like to slurp these meersicles. SLURP THEM.

  65. berthaservant says:

    YOUR a stupid doublehead Theo!!!

    (not really, just trying to get into the back of the classroom act)


  66. Glad you liked the video guys.
    There are more pictures and the article on the Manly Daily site.


  67. Brad Hunter, a Manly name indeed… Welcome onto CO !

  68. The meerkat keeper at Taronga Zoo maintains a Flickr site you should definitely check out. I love this photo of these two babies:

  69. Aliens ! Hilarious photo, thanks Jay!


    conjoined meerkats?! 2 hands 2 pups… why was one always squeeshed?!

  71. @ Holly;
    I love that ad… Who would’ve thunk an eastern-european meerkat in a velvet smoking jacket could do so much for car insurance?
    Seeemples!(www.comparethemeerkat.com to see what the heck i’m on about…)

  72. comparethemeerkat.com : creative genius in advertising, indeed.

  73. Lest i forget… Amazingly snuggleable bebes, and their keeper clearly adores them! Lucky woman…

  74. kibblenibble says:

    Lookit the teeny teefs when they eat the worms! Soooo cu-hute!

  75. Both of them are needed to make a handful. squee!

    and dig that serious eye capsule plinkage.

  76. totalee puppy says:

    I’m dying from cute…erk…gasp…My dying wish…kiss baby meerkat on the head…must have baby meerkat…so little time…

  77. Cutest critters I’ve seen so far this year!!!!!

  78. binky-mama says:

    “Rub-a-dub-dub, thanks for the grubs”

    (meerkitteh grace)

  79. AHHH!! *head explodes, cute runs all over*

  80. *turns to puddle* 😀

  81. You know you are little when one meal worm fits in your mouth just fine.

    Sweet little things- they would be in my blouse in a second!

  82. awwww

    li’l meerkat rawk-stars

    givin’ innerviews, chillin’ with a mealworm

    it’s all good

  83. @iggle and poohbear
    Alexsandr is on Facebook and Twitter too! lol. I love him and his fuzzy little head.

  84. *ded from the cute video and photos*

  85. AfricanWildCat says:

    Re the comments about Manly: the area got its name when the governor who established the new colony in Sydney went to explore the area and noticed some impressively masculine Aboriginal people on the beach. Hence, “Manly”.

    I live near Taronga Zoo and I can hear the chimpanzees screeching when I walk past.

  86. I love cute overload…and I loved the meerkats…but I have to say, the handler was pretty damn cute, too (in quite a different way than the meerkeetons.)

  87. I’m sorry I was late to class, are there any more seats in the back of the room?
    Here’s my hall pass, I had to make up a Sex Ed test…
    Now what were we talking about? Let me get out my notebook….pen, ok, I’m ready to take notes. I was a great note taker- people clamored for my notes.
    No illustrations, just great notes. I was always able to figure out what would be on ‘The Test”.