Happy FIRST Birthday Oscar!

Ruhmember our The BIG WINNER of our Lymphoma and Leukemia Cute Overload Custom Post Auction back in July!? Our winner, Mr. Judd "I Like Birds" K. has spoken and…

HIS DIRECTORIAL DEBUT HAS ARRIVED (Just in time for the academy to hate it)

It’s called: Potsie and Ello vs. (Birthday Boy) Oscar

Leukemia_2 Ichat_image2008151634 Congratulations on a stellar movie, and first BIRTHDAY Oscar, Amy, Ello, Potsie & Judd 😀 And Judd, thanks for keeping the kicking to a minimum.



  1. Beth (in NC) says:

    Licking his bits… licking the baby…. dude it’s ok, dog’s mouths are clean, right?????? hahahaha

  2. Sahrawi Wife says:


    That is SOOOOOO NOT CUTE YALL !!!!!!! :0{

  3. I <3 the song played towards the end of the video! Anybody know who/what it is?

  4. That ending was soo cute. A little cute-overloader in the making.

  5. Sasha's mum says:

    “My doggie sense is tingling.” “Mine too.” “No, not that!” LOL

    Anyone know what the song was at the end? “What would you do with all your power?”

  6. I love that house !!

  7. bloody sweeeeet. pun intended.

  8. I’ll have to watch it again at home where I have sound. Meantime, why is it that dogs look so sheepish all the time, even when they haven’t done anything?

  9. Here’s hoping the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society joins the many other charities that have stopped funding research on animals. Help the peeps without hurting teh Qte!


  10. the last song is yeah yeah yeah by the flaming lips

  11. michellemybelle says:

    That was spectacular! Oscar is a very lucky kid with such great parents and older brothers 🙂

    I believe the song at the end was by the Flaming Lips (the name of the song escapes me though).

  12. Sasha's mum says:

    Thanks for the song info, Potsie and Michelle.

    (Potsie, you spell very well for a dog. Perhaps you could give my cat lessons?)

  13. me likee lickee

  14. Happy birthday Oscar!

  15. Tractatus Blorpico-Philosophicus says:

    do I dare say Pasickie?

  16. nice dogs. nice cause.

  17. good dogs. good coz.

  18. inter-speices snorgling!

  19. Gail (the first one) says:

    Perhaps this should have an “I shall leeck you” tag????

  20. Two thumbs up, and… one, two, three…. eight paws and two tails up!


  22. With all your power aka the yeah yeah yeah song… is by the flaming lips. Love this song. Also loved the video!

  23. Awww. This is awesome.

    I must email o my boyfriend and make pouty eyes now (evil grin)

  24. I have to be honest with you guys.. I was super confused throughout the whole video.

  25. ????

  26. h a p p y
    b i r t h d a y
    o – t r a i n !

    x o x o,


  27. Little Tart says:

    Adorable – excellent post and cute puppies and baby.

  28. Yeah.

    No likey.

  29. MediocreDeity says:

    Hmm… Not bad, not good. If I’m being honest, I mainly watched it all the way through because you won and all.

    I love the part where the dog is licking the baby and the back leans way back. But I think probably the rest could have been edited down…

  30. MediocreDeity says:

    .. Baby leans way back.. not back leans way back. Sorry. 😛

  31. Aw c’mon, it was very cute. They put a lot of work into making this vid for their little boy. I loved it.

  32. just boring…

  33. eternalcanadian says:

    omg, ewwwww @ the dog licking its genitals then licking the kid. why do people let their dogs do this? would they allow such a thing to happen if people were able to lick their genitals then lick your face? ewwww again. i think the dog is having problems pooping and its anus is itchy and that’s why it is licking its rump so much. ewwww again at the dog licking its bits then licking the kid’s face.

  34. Ewww. Nothing better than a few dog genital germs on a baby´s face, right?

    Still… great video. 😉

  35. nuffpeople: didn’t your mothers ever tell you, “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all” ? sheesh! i know that there are a lot of unhappy people in the world, but why do they have to take it out on everybody else?

    PS happy b-day oscar! licklicklicklick

  36. Biscuit Tin says:

    I thought this was the most pointlessly drawn-out video in the world until I watched it a second time at home with sound. (After I saw the credits for the dog’s “voices.”) A heads-up re: “sound required” would be helpful to a lot of people at work who can’t use sound. Just a suggestion.

  37. radiobleep says:


  38. Anne Boleyn says:

    All you nuffers: Go lick yourselves.

  39. Is there any reason that I CANNOT see the video??? Where it should be is just a big white blank space as if it were never inserted! Help!!!

  40. Jennie Mello says:

    Wonderful birthday pressie for the little fella. Great video for posterity!

  41. Happy Birthday Oscar!

    Nicely done, parents. This was hysterical.


  42. Trabb's Boy says:

    I sense the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

    Whenever my 4-yr-old son needs to be “punished” for doing something “bad” I pick him up by his feet and yell “sluuuuuurpeees” and the dog comes running to lick son’s face just like the doggie in this vid.

    Also, advice for the parents, peanut butter on Oscar’s toes will make everyone happy!!!

    Happy Birthday, Oscar and congrats on the great video, parents, and let’s all do what we can to fight lymphoma and leukemia!!!!

  43. KK3 – do you maybe use Firefox with plugins, like AdBlock/NoScript? If so, you’ll need to allow “blip.tv” to see the video.

  44. Leelee and Anne Boleyn: Kudos on your anti-nuffing. I totally agree.

    I thought this was an adorable video. After a year of playing second fiddle to the dang kid, any dog would be plotting revenge. I thought the dialog was very witty. It has my vote for best documentary short subject! Is it too late to submit for the Oscars?

    Oh, and….Pasickie!

  45. Adorable!

  46. Well that was just plain rude lol

  47. That was boring. FAIL!

  48. Homer & Maggie's Mom says:

    Ya know, I somehow always knew our four-legged children could plot evil – and now I have PROOF! Sweet vid …

  49. Chronic Sender-Inner says:

    STFU Nuffers… jeesh.

    #1 reason I don’t come here nearly as much, is because of all the whine a$$e$ who can’t do anything but b*tch about what someone else is posting on their own frakking blog.

  50. What a great video!The “conversation” between the 2 pups was hilarious! Like it was said earlier, this was such a creative and thoughtful present for posterity….Imagine when Oscar sees this at, say, 15 or 16…you know he’ll laugh his tush off!!!

    Oh, and the song is “The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song” by The Flaming Lips. It’s the very first track off their record “At War With The Mystics”. Have a great day all! <3

  51. This video is adorable! Naysayers either don’t have pets, or don’t have kids, or don’t have a soul.

    Happy birthday, Oscar! And congrats parents!

  52. That was adorable! And happy first birthday to Oscar and congrats to his wonderful parents.

  53. Cute video…just had to turn the volume down during the licking segment. That sound boils my blood for some reason.

  54. Aw, boo to the nay-sayers. Do you never let dogs kiss you? Or do you always try to wash their mouths out first?
    Did you never let a dog or cat kiss you as a kid?

    Honest to goodness, IT WONT KILL YOU.

  55. cheesybird says:

    “My junk got jealous.” Hee hee!!

  56. I have pets and a soul and love kids, but found this painfully boring. Yawn!