What is This, Some Kind of Dog-and-Pony Show?

I mean, because you’ve got a dog there… and it’s on a pony… and, well… y’know, a dog and a pony are the principal elements of a dog-and-pony show, after all… so I just kind of assumed that this might, uh… might be some kind of… well, you know…

We ride all this way, and Shakespeare here can't think of a decent caption!

I feel like I’ve let you down, Maggie C.



  1. Cutest dog-and-pony show I’ve ever seen!

  2. Regardless of good captioning, I need this for my work!

  3. A dog rides a pony into a bar . . .

  4. Pony loks a bit Eeore-ish.
    “Thats right stand on my bad back, thats all I’m fit for a beast of burden.”

  5. Awwww. Pony has an owee.

    This could almost go under matchingks!

  6. In the next episode of HBO’s new western, “Dogwood”, Wild Bill Collie leaves town on the horse he rode in on.

  7. @Hon Glad: You’re right, it does! haha

    Extremely cute. I wonder if the pup got up there on his own or if someone placed him there? If he did it on his own…why?

  8. Pony: Hey pal, how ’bout a little scritch to the left & down a tad.

  9. A horse with a dog on its back walks into a psychiatrist’s office. And the dog says . . . no, the horse says . . . no, the psychiatrist says . . . oh, darnit, I always tell this one wrong!

  10. shahinrani says:

    I love how stoic the pup looks!

  11. scooterpants says:

    oooo- the back hoofie is extremely worrisome poor babeh… OMG PONIES!!1!
    Puppeh is all “yep, I’m runnin this here Dog and Pony show!”.
    yes, I agree, Matchinks!

  12. The dog has to walk the pony daily. Physio you know. Its a dog’s life but someone has to do it.

  13. *stern look on dog’s face*
    “We’ll see if I can make him drink…”

  14. Michelle S. says:

    They look like Irish traveler’s pets. Only thing missing is a pipe in the terrier’s mouth! ;D

  15. Alexandria says:

    Yaaaay! Jack Russell terrier for the win!

  16. Only Mike could come up with something like this…

    BTW, what’s up with that rear leg? Do you commonly bandage a pony like that or is that a leftover from the Halloween mummy costume.

  17. berthaservant says:


    Mike, sometimes the best hovertext is the anti-meta-hovertext. This is one of those cases. Awesome work, Shakespeare (whoever he was).

    Hey peeps…sorry to threadjack but a very adorable puppeh I know named LUNA is an a contest. She is a teeny and adorable and licks my face until I giggle like the Buddha on nitrous oxide. Check her out and vote for her (if you agree she is the cutest of like, 1000 submissions).


  18. “to dairy queen, silver, giddyup!”

  19. OMGosh…….so sweet yet somehow so sad. Very serious looks on both faces…but the caption just makes you smile:)

  20. Kristabelle says:

    Pupster even looks like he has a bit of a ruff around his neck!

    Go out on the horse ye came in on…

    Perhaps this doggie should not look a gift horse in the mouth…

    Hey doggeh, get off yer high horse…

  21. There are over 30 anipals named Abbey or some derivative!
    Luna is very sweet!

    Dog and Pony Show- cute, NOMTOM!

  22. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    berthaservant: I’d almost pay admission to see you giggling like the Buddha on nitrous oxide. That is quite an image. And, your puppy friend is very cute, as well.

  23. Stressfactor says:

    All you need is a cat and a rooster and you could have a “Three Musicians of Bremen” (or “Brementown” depending on which translation of the folktale you read).

  24. Terriers!!!

  25. very cute, but lackluster… the show could use a little more sparkle

  26. hmmm…I wonder how that wee little dog got all the way up there on that pony’s back???? crazy human, no doubt!!!

  27. Meoowmom =^..^= says:

    So that is why the
    Buddhists are so darn happy! Thanxs Bethservant
    for the info and I voted
    for the lil cutie.
    I love a good dog & pony
    show! More pleaze, pleaze

  28. kibblenibble says:

    Bserv, I voted for your cute friend. I could use a good puppy kiss-n-giggle right now. Enjoy one for me, okay? 😎

  29. FredZeCloud says:

    Awwwww……..[head tilt]

    I wonder what breed of poneh that is. Doesn’t appear shaggy enough to be a Shetland. And what happened to his poor leg? Why is he all bandaged up? [pets poor poneh] It must be the cause of him being all dejected looking.

    I can just picture the dog being the poneh’s vet. Going all “hrm…the injury is appearing to be healing nicely, but that limp is not improving at all. And that hoof concerns me as well. We’ll need the farrier to come out again…”

    Give that poor poneh a handful of peppermints stat!

  30. Dorkus Malorkus says:

    I love the dog’s expression! He’s like, “yeah, I’m a dog, and he’s a pony. Wanna make something of it?”

  31. Hmm, is that horse wearing legwarmers???

  32. It looks like a bandage but legwarmers are a great idea! Maybe that’s just what this show needs to give it a little pizazz: knitwear!

  33. The Ruff Riders!

  34. T.U.M.- I bow in reverence, niiiiice one.

  35. “It’s time for the old steal-the-horse bit again, is it?” — Mr. Horse, getting stolen by Ren and Stimpy

  36. Sehr gute Seite. Ich habe es zu den Favoriten.