Bitsy’s Plan Hits A Snag

"Oh, man, this is going to be awesome.  I just sit here in the bowl and act like granola, and when she comes over with the milk, I open my mouth real wide, and…"

"Wait a minute, when did she switch to soy milk?!  Dang, I hate that stuff!"

And besides, I'm non-lactose intolerant!

The best-laid plans of mousers and men often go awry, Diane D.

[Looks like this one has been around the internet and back since a couple of years ago…  – Ed.]



  1. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    This is so pass-on-able!! I snickered out loud!

  2. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    This is so pass-on-able!! I snickered out loud!

  3. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    This is so pass-on-able!! I snickered out loud!

  4. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    This is so pass-on-able!! I snickered out loud!

  5. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    This is so pass-on-able!! I snickered out loud!

  6. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    This is so pass-on-able!! I snickered out loud!

  7. Ah, the breakfast of champions

  8. fancypants says:

    “act like granola.” that makes me laugh a lot.

  9. how does one act like granola, Bitsy?
    [Well, first you hafta make a noise like a carrot… – Ed.]

  10. hey, couscous!

  11. Act really fruity and nutty.

  12. I like my kitteh with a slice of nanner.. 😉 jk

  13. A bowl full of Scottish Foldey goodness and soy milk. What better way to start the day?


  15. Jennie Mello says:

    Although I AM quite full already, maybe just a teeny little bowl of dessert would be nice. Why thank you, it looks yummy!

    You heard it here first.

  17. Another flaw in kitty’s plan? The inevitable nomming! Look – he’s already got his ears NOM’ed OFF!

  18. David (the first one) says:

    I’m with kitteh, all the soy milk on the market have this weird aftertaste. Miss the real thing…, but will take a Scottish Fold any day.

  19. David1 — the Schmoop & I really like this stuff:
    Especially in tea.

  20. David (the first one) says:

    Theo, thanks, I’ll have to try that one, because I really love soy milk.

    By the way, do adult cats need milk? A friend’s 2 year old cat still prefer it to water.

    [That’d be a no. I *prefer* Newcastle Brown Ale to water, myself, but that doesn’t mean it’s a proper substitute. – Ed.]

  21. berthaservant says:

    Pets in Pots? Does that mean the treatment is pothab?

    Meanwhile, OMG SCOTTISH FOLDIE!!!!1!!

  22. shahinrani says:

    LOL “act like granola”

  23. That picture is yummy!

  24. Wait, isn’t that a box of couscous?

    Y’know, it would be much easier for cats to conquer the world if they learned to read.

    And got opposable thumbs to operate the can openers.

  25. A great heaping bowl of Scottish Oats! Nutritious and delicious…

  26. Nicolletta says:

    Kitteh stays crunchy, even in milk!

  27. mervtheflamingo says:

    I love this picture. But haven’t we seen it before? Or am I hallucinating?

    [I think so too. Haven’t found it yet tho… – Ed.]

  28. Wow. Love it. The cat looks totally like a little kid thinking: Oh no, I’m going to get in HUGE trouble!

  29. scooterpants says:

    terrified of soy milk.
    eyes popping out of head..

  30. @Nicolletta – only Quarry stays crunchy in milk.

    “Real” soy milk is delicious! Tastes like soy. US soy milk tastes gross because manufacturers try to make it taste like cow’s milk. Booo!

  31. nomnomnomnomnomnom

  32. Somedays, I just surf through the comments on CO looking for amusing little Theo-isms. That’s all I really searched for today – those little square brackets always signal that a witty retort follows and voila! My day is a bit brighter …. Thank you, Theo.

    [Erm… OK, you’re welcome! – Ed.]

  33. Oh yum, Honey Bunches of Cat. My favorite!

  34. What a mournful face!

  35. personally, i’m a fan of the rice milk. it’s not as nutritious as soy but so yummy on my cereal.

    none of my critters likes cow’s milk. (in Japanese cow’s milk is: gyuunyuu. doesn’t that sound so awesome?)

  36. Why does he look so scared?

  37. I can’t think of any semi-witty or stupid comments but I have to tell you,NTMTOM, you slay me. 1st the dog and pony show, now bowling katz. but did you ever see the Monty Python Plush Bloody Rabbit With Teeth measures appoximately 8″L and is intended for ages 14 and up. ? totally redonk.

  38. Gail (the first one) says:

    Poor kitteh just realized that today *could be* HOT cereal day!! Oh NOES!!!!!

    I’ve never tried soy or rice milk….I’ve always assumed I probably wouldn’t like it, since I like cow milk so much.

  39. I’m all for second helpings of this cutie pie! Glad to see this picture resurfaced.

    @Theo and David1: Whole Foods’ soy milk is pretty good too.

    and NOMTOM, you’re on a roll lately.

  40. Mommy of this very kitty!! says:

    Ooh, Squez made it onto Cute Overload TWICE!! (his name is pronounced “skwez”). I am SO PROUD!!! I am the mommy of that adorable kittypants you see in that bowl. He was just a few months old then and was doing his “hiding from mommy” pose.

    He still does that. If I’m coming down the stairs, he’ll hide “under” one of them, even though you can see most of him, and think he’s all hiding. 🙂

    He has a sister named Ion (because she’s our cation…eee!) and they are our beloved Scottish Fold friends.

    I have TONS more photos of them if anyone’s interested!!!

  41. Squez mommy says:

    By the way, for you legal peeps, the photo credit goes to K. Wagner and the cat’s name is Squez of Kinross Cattery.

    Enjoy!!! He’s shown up on icanhazcheeseburger a few times too! hehe 🙂

  42. temperance says:

    gail (the 1st 1): i too love the cow’s milk, but rice milk (and vanilla rice milk) prevent me from pouring extra sugar on my cereal- both hot and cold.

    no two brands are alike so you gotta experiment. strangely, hy-vee’s store brand is my favorite.

  43. You know, Rainbow’s store brand of soy milk (it’s all branded “Roundy’s”, not sure why) is surprisingly good. I actually tried a side-by-side taste test today with the Soy Dream stuff we already know we like, and damned if I could choose between them. By this I mean that I could detect a very subtle difference, but one was not better than the other. Usually there’s such a disparity between brands of soy milk that they shouldn’t even be in the same aisle, let alone be grouped together on the same shelf. And here’s the punch line: the Roundy’s stuff is $2 cheaper per quart. It’s a no-brainer.

  44. Almond milk, Peeps. Almond milk all the way. I just don’t know how those big milking machines get around those tiny almond udders, but it tastes great and the vanilla almond milk is even better. Can’t drink anything else, so I’d better like it. Apple Cinnamon Cheerios and vanilla almond milk, it will make you feel like acting like, um, granola(!) (which I also can’t eat!) -Sigh-

  45. All the cool kids drink Yeo’s.

  46. Vanilla…Almond…Milk…!

    *drools on keyboard*

  47. My cats hate soy milk. They give me a big WTF look when I give them the dredges of my cereal.
    Oh, and Silk Original is my favorite, though I haven’t tried many others. Years ago when I first started drinking soy milk I tried one that had the texture of mucus. *blech*

  48. Alex:
    Voltage Management Punisher?

  49. I loves me some cow milk. First thing in the morning, I down a big glass and I’m good to go! Yay, bovines! Yay, non-lactose intolerance!!

  50. AWW 🙂 The little kitty looks so cute in the bowl. Reminds me of my kitty Badger who had to sit in a glass bowl after I had put it on the table to dry. Picture a dark tortie in a glass bowl (GIGGLE)

  51. AWW. What a cute kitty. Reminds me of my kitty Badger. Picture a dark tortie in a glass bowl.

  52. OMG, Squez is SOOO cute…. I love those huge eyes. He so looks like a Scottish Fold (love ’em)….

  53. temperance says:

    i can dig the almond milk on occasion, haven’t tried the vanilla yet (it’s now on my grocery list).

    what i can’t stand is hemp milk. yuck.

  54. totalee puppy says:

    Decca–LOL “Honey Bunches of Cat”

  55. I cannot agree more, actually I wrote a similar post weeks ago


    Frontier Blog – No one ahead, no one behind

  56. that’s the best prize i’ve ever seen in a cereal box!!

  57. Why do peeps find alternative milks necessary, lactose intolerance or what?
    I’ve never found the need to try them.

  58. tracyflick says:

    Good Call * Hon Glad * – I actually switched to soy milk and started breaking out and until my friend suggested (bc it happened to her and her friends) there might be a correlation I didn’t even consider it! There is. So random. Not applicable to all but still…

  59. hon glad: yeah, lactose issues(i know someone allergic to both dairy and soy), veganism, arthritis (abstaining from dairy helps many people). plus, some peeps just like to try out different things, mix it up a little…

  60. Amazingly, my cat LOVES soy milk.

  61. I knew about about the exploitation of defenseless soy and rice, but I had no idea the heartless food industry was now milking the poor almonds.

    Oh, won’t *somebody* think of the nuts!

  62. Hon Glad- Lactose and Soy intolerance. Gut issues all around.
    Rowr- The almonds are humanely milked with…oh, heck… the almonds are smashed into oblivion and pulverized and made into “tiiiiiiiny bits” for my personal consumption- yes, I am responsible for the deaths of miiiiillions of innocent almonds. There, I said it and I’m proud! Bwa-hah-hah!

  63. I love the no ears!

  64. Katrina the Cereal Killer!!!

  65. David (the first one) says:

    Squez mommy:

    Cation – that really brings me back to high school chemistry. I can still see the substitute teacher correcting us: “no, it’s not pronounced ‘ca-shion’, it’s ‘cat-ion’”. That and our World Lit teacher telling us it’s pronounced ‘Anti-gone-nee’, not ‘Anti-gong'”.

  66. My granola never acts this cute.

  67. Hon Glad — I learned how dairy cows and their calves are treated, and it broke my heart.

    Almond Breeze vanilla is my favorite, although vanilla Silk is okay.

    Kittehs are better off with water.

  68. Yes, I murder cereal for my own pleasure!
    Thread jack-
    We just got the schedule for the New Haven Symphony Youth Orchestra Festival-March 22nd, 11-5:30. So, for all of you CT Peeps out there, I would LOVE to meet you and show off my orchestra! No admission charge. We play at the ACES Educational Center for the Arts, not Woolsey Hall, but maybe that’s all for the better!

    “Pacific” makes the Vanilla flavored Almond milk I drink. Have a great day.

  69. Seven Paws says:

    Squez mommy — do you have a site where we can see more pix of this delicious kitteh?

    Just like a bowl of cereal…it just leaves ya hungry for MORE!

  70. Katrina, what’s the program? How neat!!

  71. I am somewhat lactose intolerant, but I drink soy milk because it tastes good. Asians have been drinking soy milk (not as a milk substitute) for ages. Absolutely delicious when hot, and I know many moms who make this fresh.

  72. @Hon Glad, I drink rice milk to reduce my carbon footprint and because it lasts twice as long in the fridge as cow milk.

    @David (the first one),
    adult cats are lactose intolerant. You can buy special milk for kitties in little “juice boxes” at pet stores or, I assume, feed them lactose reduced milk from the grocery store. If you let them drink too much regular milk, they will get diarrhea.

  73. Bowl o’ pudditat!

  74. Hon Glad- I’m lactose intolerant, but I’ve never tried the almond milk because I’m allergic to nuts as well. -_- I can’t win. I really miss Rocky Road ice cream, as I haven’t always been lactose intolerant or allergic to nuts.

  75. AuntieMame says:

    I’m really not a science geek, but I guffawed at the cat-ion joke! (I work in environmental engineering, so I have *heard* of cations [and anions and…], even though I know diddly-squit about what they do.)

  76. Hon Glad, I just don’t LIKE milk. Never had. Never could understand its value as a thirst quencher. My throat feels all thick and slimy just thinking about it. Pleh. HATED elementary school lunches, when milk or choco-milk were the only choices!

  77. Temperance: HEMP MILK?!?! That really doesn’t sound very appealing at all. Do you know anything about its nutritional content?

  78. Hemp milk-sounds like a joke-are you serious? What next, bamboo milk?

    Anyway Theresa, (since you asked, thankyouverymuch) the CCCYO is playing The Overture to Die Meistersinger, Farnadole, Shehandoah and The Moldau. All four orchestras may play Copeland’s “Hoe Down” from The Rodeo- that is still pending.

    Thread jack over, thank you, patient Peeps.

  79. temperance says:

    it’s no joke, folks. i’m (almost) always willing to try new things so when i saw it on the shelf next to the rice milk i thought, ‘it’s a bit pricey but what the heck!’ live and learn…

    i do, however, recommend vanilla oat milk- it tastes like liquid oatmeal cookies!

    for the curious:

  80. Hemp milk is actually pretty good (esp chocolate) – creamier and more of an actual, milk-like consistency than other milk subs. Soy milk tastes like water that has somehow gone bad…but that’s just a personal preference.