Winston is Bananas

In honor of Valentines Day, we show Winston with his beloved bananas.

Rich of FourFour, you justify my love!


  1. biscuithead says:

    No more catnip for Winston.
    This is too trippy!

  2. ogeminijune says:

    OMG, Hahahaha

  3. The B&W slays me… Winston as Madonna… gotta love it. Rich is too friggin’ funny!

  4. This cat is bananas, b-a-n-a-n-a-s!

  5. Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring ring,
    Banana Phone!

    [You are SO evil. – Ed.]

    [I’m worse, though. – Ed.]

  6. The soundtrack adds a slight porn feel to the entire thing. Nice!

  7. Oh Winston, how I love thee!

  8. HAHA “Interspecies Snorgling” tag.

  9. I love Winston and that he loves bananas.

    My cat, Tizzy also loves bananas.
    I named my blog “My Cat Eats Bananas and Flies”.

  10. Winston is a rock star

  11. Kitty porn!

  12. Best part of this entire video was when Winston had the peel on his face, and in the middle of trying to shake it off, gave into the banana-y goodness and just started licking.

    Go Winston!

  13. kibblenibble says:

    Bow Chicka Bow Bow

  14. superboymom says:

    My yellow lab loves bananas. Somehow he peels it and leaves the peel behind. He also loves cold carrots and broccoli. But we won’t talk about the time he ATE my son’s lefty Dodger blue baseball glove. Nothing left but the thumb. Do you know how long it takes to properly break in a glove? But we still wuv him SO much (and keep all leather gear out of his reach).

  15. weird

  16. Oh my. I think this is PG 13, no?

  17. Weeenston eez craaaayzeee !!! his meow and purr and general cat noises make my toes tingle. The music on the soundtrack is OK but covers the slurping and smacking of Weenston-leeps – although you can still barely hear the Weenston noises if you’re a crazy Weenston fan like me.

    (Does the above sound faintly dirty ? *eye roll*)

  18. Oh and the banana peel on face reminds me of John Cleese in the underwear-on-head-while-speaking-foreign-languages scene in A Fish Called Wanda…

  19. Rich: You are a bad boy and need spankins.

  20. Always bring a banana to a party. Bananas are good!

  21. Erotic and fantastic.

  22. Winston is such a (lovable) little freak! Every cat I’ve ever had hates bananas. Sometimes, I amuse myself by putting a banana up to a cat’s nose, to make it back away with a look of complete disgust. (Come to think of it, that makes them look a bit like Winston.)

  23. As always Winston rocks. Rich’s editing on the other hand…
    I’m not sure it’s even PG 13, I think it is mighty close to an R rating.

    But I lurve it anyway!!!!!

  24. thicktortiethintabby says:

    And folks, that was the most action *I’ll* be seeing this Valentine’s Day.

  25. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Oh, my, GAHD.

    That is the dirtiest kitty porn I have ever seen!

    That Madonna music didn’t help, either!

    It was funny as hell, tho.

    My bebeh girl kitteh Gentry likes nanas, too. And peanut buttah.

  26. ” I want to know you. Not like that” Winston.

  27. Bwahahaha! I used to have a horse who would do ANYTHING for a bite of banana.

  28. Oh my god get this thing off me…mmm, banana!

  29. um, that was a little uncomfortable to watch. get a room, you two!

  30. A banana circling Winston’s leeps?!?! Winston eating it out?!
    BANANA CURTAINS even, and nary a nuff?!?!?!
    Well done.
    But with that purr,’R’ fer shur.

  31. My God, this is almost indecent! I almost dropped my coffee cup. Lol!

    Seriously, Rich, is one disturbed auteur.

  32. What is it about cats and bananas? One of mine loves them so much that he will wake from a dead sleep and come running if he hears me cracking one open.

  33. berthaservant says:

    Oh, you people. Get your mind out of the gutter. Sometimes a banana is just a banana. And sometimes a cat is just a big pu(censored)

  34. err… this looks so wrong. but fitting for valentines day.

  35. I’m glad it’s not just my cat who LUUUUURVES bananas!

  36. Theo– Boop-a-doop-a-doop!

  37. I sort of felt like I as intruding on a very private moment between Winston and his special nanner “friend”.

    Wanting, needing, waiting, to justify his love indeed!

  38. Tractatus Blorpico-Philosophicus says:

    um… shouldn’t the soundtrack be by bananarama?

  39. Gail (the first one) says:

    “BANANAS!!” (said in a Chris Elliott as Marlon Brando voice)

    My poor cats are so deprived…their mom doesn’t like bananas!!

  40. o.O

    I think I need a cigarette now…. And I don’t smoke.

  41. somethings on my face!! get it off get it… OH HELLLLO.

    LOL this was hilarious.

  42. Bow chicka bow bow!

  43. What the bloody hell winny?!
    He is TOO NICE.
    smooshy freak of nature <3

  44. Uh, wow. I feel like I need a shower now. I see Winston in a whole different light now…

  45. Someone needs to go to Petsmart and get himself a REAL cat toy…..

  46. LOL! @ Berthaservant

    Also, this video made me blush and giggle. The innuendo! I love Rich and Winston!

  47. Awww, Winston loveth the nannas. Its a beautiful thing!!

  48. On the second viewing…I have to say, there were some moments when you began to wonder just how much Winston was “loven” on those nanners! I about blushed in the middle of my lol!

  49. BWAHHAHA! That was awesome. I seriously LOL’d when he had it on his face and started licking it.
    I ♥ Winston!

  50. I felt so dirty watching it.

  51. Oops! I came back to this page and it re-posted my message, sorry!

  52. Nibbler, devourer of souls says:

    Poor little bred-to-hell kitty.

    Still.. mmm.. nannas.

  53. That boy needs a girlfriend. Let me introduce you to my “Reginella”. You will never ever need to make love to a nanner again.

  54. Melissa H. says:

    It’s Nannerpuss!!

  55. KittehMama x 3 says:

    OK, was it me, or did he sound a little like the “Preditor” in one of the purs at the camera? Even weirder….

  56. This made me uncomfortable to watch. The music and the slow motion made it seem vaguely sexual.

  57. Yeah … I found it both really funny and somewhat disturbing!!!


  58. Yes, Weenston, I will be your Valentine. Though I have a feeling you’d prefer your bananas. Strangest Kitty in the World award.

  59. Now we know if Winston ever goes missing, he’s probably out at the peeler bars.

  60. crazyweinerdoglady says:

    Michelle – that was kinda the point LOL

  61. this video is OBSCENE.

  62. DLR in Canada says:

    Oh my, I felt like I was intruding on very private moments between Winston and the banana. 😛

  63. I don’t know which I like better: Winston, or his obviously kookie owners who made this video : )

  64. Heyyy, Winston. Want a ‘nanner? *wink* Just hilarious.

  65. I was JUST saying yesterday how I could do with a little Winston. 😀

  66. I once put catnip all over someone when they were asleep on the couch… she had 5 cats…

  67. This is diiirtttyyy.

  68. Too moishe… too funny

  69. Meow chicka meow meow!!!

  70. Kitty Pr0n!!!! ;D

  71. Oh weeenston!! ob-seen!!

    Thanks for the Valentine, Winnie…

  72. Best V-Day present ever!!!!lol.. They should know by know Winny can’t eat anything that is paralle to his face…
    Oh, and nice porn music lol Bow chick wow wow…

  73. *now…. sorry

  74. Best banana ad eva. I think I’m gonna have a banana for breakfast now.

  75. Shouldn’t we all be arrested for watching this? I mean, it is kitty porn after all. *rimshot*

  76. Winston loves him some potassium! Bow chika bow bow…

  77. I am absolutely stunned by the number of people who completely missed the allusion in this video, and therefore the humor. C’mon guys.

  78. Is it a bannana or a phalic symbol.

    [You’re both right! – Ed.]

  79. Michelle S. says:

    Best Winston video ever. Still laughing. <3 the comments as well!

    Is that a banana in your pocket?

  80. So, um, is Winston gay? Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

  81. kibblenibble says:

    michelle: vaguely?!? srsly? 😉

  82. Significant says:

    Unfortunately for exploited Winston, all he’s basically telling his human (which is a guy, big surprise there): Look dude, I know you’re not getting any lately but does that mean you have to play out your lame ass fantasies with me and my food? Christ, go get laid already.

  83. snorglepup says:

    Wow. I think I need a cold shower.
    Or maybe a banana and a glass of wine…

  84. clearly, this is not Rich’s first, um, private-stash type video . . . a little to well thought out, my friend.

    and there is just no way to convey this to others wondering why you are laughing and pounding on your armrest while watching kitty smut.

  85. Significant says:

    Unfortunately for Winston, the exploitation by his human (who is a guy, big surprise there) is basically just a video of him saying: Look dude, I know you’re not getting any, but could you leave me and my food out of your lame ass fantasies? Christ, go get laid already.

  86. Winston’s jumped the shark. Next.

  87. lolz…too kyoot! kinda sounded and like a porno the way it wus edited…lolz XD

  88. Winston!! what are you doing? this is just wrong in so many ways…waiting..needing..wanting.. to justify this video.

  89. I tried to submit this to to cuteoverload. Because so many people get a kick of out winston and his humans

    glad to see i was not the only one that tried to send it in. Winston your a tripping kitteh….

  90. jackie31337 says:

    Bwahahahaha! I should have known better than to watch this while drinking coffee. In my defense, it was my first cup of the morning, so I obviously must not have been thinking clearly yet.

  91. Um… I want that rug.

  92. Wow, I think Winston can kiss his future on the Supreme Court goodbye.

  93. See, this is where PETA went all wrong. They TOTALLY should have used this video for their “Vegetarians Have Better Sex” Super Bowl PSA.

  94. Jeepers Rich peel it already and let heem eat eeeet.

    Love the little chirp in the beginning.

  95. Cats and bananas: two things Madonna HASN’T exploited in a video.

  96. Not sure what planet little Winnie is from – but sure glad he transported to this one.

  97. Wow, look at the unit on that cat!

  98. That just gave me the creeps. Someone filmed, edited and posted that and thought it was cute.

  99. kibblenibble says:

    Zach: The fact that it gives you the creeps is an excellent indication of Rich’s sheer brilliance. But I must add that OF COURSE it is cute because Winston = Cute! =)

  100. David (the first one) says:

    Noelegy: don’t give her any ideas! You know she’s desperate when she’s gone back to her late 80’s/early 90’s playbook:–new-boytoy-get-intimate-in-w

  101. Oh Winston, I LURVE you.

    (although hmmm, some of this could be considered x-rated! tee hee)

  102. Best. Kittyporn. Ever!!

    Winston, you dirty, dirty boy!

  103. Chasingthedog says:

    Does anyone else feel like they need a shower?

    I lol’d the whole time, but still feel a wee bit filthy.

  104. Cato-eroticism.

  105. that was the cutest video ever

  106. I love Winston in all his ugliness…

  107. winston is the real nannerpuss!!!!!

  108. I’m sure there’s a double-entendre up in here somewhere…

    ..just can’t figure out what it could be…

  109. This vid has a weird p*rno soundtrack to it…

    Wonder if that intentional?

    Cute scale.. 3
    Creepy scale.. 10