It’s Friday. Sniff a flower.

Even if you’re a kitten in the "non-eyeball-focusing" stage of development you should still stop and sniff the daisies.

Check out the "looking at first, throwing to third" action:


Simply sniffing flower, by Urs Wachter™.



  1. This looks like Skippy as a baby! Now he’s buff (technically “cream”?) but when he was very little he was pink!

  2. “Trying…hard…to…focus….”

  3. Funny, I had trouble focusing this morning, too. Which explains my lateness to work.

    Such an adorable wittle kitty! I just found I have a stray living in my garage. I’ve seen him a couple of times and he was there again this morning (also a reason for the lateness). Unfortunately he was up in the rafters and I couldn’t get to him. Also, I think he’s using my bird feeders as an all-you-can-eat buffet. I’ve found a couple of dead birds and tufts of feathers around. It’s hard to choose between the birds and the cat. My Mom wants to get animal control, but I’m afraid of what might happen to the poor kitty. Oh the joys of country living.

  4. DIPSTICK TAIL! I just want to take it, dip it in chocolate and nibble on it a bit. Just a little.
    And I’m lovin’ those tiny whiskers in radar mode. So sweet.

  5. kibblenibble says:

    Flower is almost as tall as he is…love these soft peachy kittehs…=)

  6. Mini kitty & mini daisy
    OMG ! Must beep that little pink nose !!
    Beep beep !!

  7. Daisy daisy give me your answer do.

  8. Oh my, I really love those kitty pics from Urs Wachter…

  9. OMG hahahhah the looking at first throwing to third was too much lol

  10. momof2kitties says:

    A) Isn’t this a repost? If it is I don’t care, they’re worth reposting.

    B) OMG!!!!!!! Fuzzy Fuzz Halo in piccy #1!!!!!!!!!!

  11. NotAnotherMIlo says:

    Noelle – see if you have a animal rescue groups that does feral trap and release in your area. They might be able to help.

    Little unfocused kitty makes me miss the pitter-patter of baby kitten feet around the house. With my two boys its more of the thud-thump-crash of chubby grown-up kittens. (followed by a look of “it wasn’t me it was him”)

  12. scooterpants says:

    day jaw voo?
    i feel i know this
    lil babeh.

  13. Wait, why would you look at first and throw to third? Isn’t that a balk?

  14. if you dont mind, i will sneeef zee kittie instead.



  15. schweet widdle marmie?

    :: grabs smelling salts and waits for berthaservant ::

  16. NotAnotherMilo: Same here! I have 2 cats, both 8 years old and they’re adorable! But I miss fuzzy, pwetty, kitty behbehs 😀

  17. AuntieMame says:

    Theresa, not if you keep your feet set. 🙂 This kitteh looks like he’s trying to choose between sniffing and nomming the daisy.

  18. It’s called “Kitten Fever” or “KF.” You may have drawn the line firmly at your quorum of felines, but you see something like this:
    and your brains turn to gloop.

  19. For all you peeps missing kittayns, consider fostering ! Pleeze check with your local shelters, kitten season will soon be upon us.

    Looking at Urs Wachter’s photo streams on Flickr makes me want to take to the mountains and find his chalet… He seems to lead a charmed life among sheep, kitties and assorted animules, right here in snowy Sweetzerland.

  20. AuntieMame, I never know anymore. I’ve seen too many games called by “Balkin’ Bob” Davidson. Nose-pickers on the mound, beware!

  21. NotAnotherMilo…thanks for the advice, I’ll check around.

  22. I know this is abnormal, but human babies get NO reaction from me. But show me a tiny kitteh and I practically lactate.

  23. Babbeh has markings like little surprised eyebrows. And the earsies haven’t made their way yet to top of hay-ed.

  24. I would foster kittehs if my own two wouldn’t cause a fuss! and I wouldn’t get too attached and keep them…
    I love fuzzy kittenhead!

    my girly kitty still does the outwards eye-thing when she’s confused. they never really growd up right!

  25. One eye looking at you, the other eye looking for you.

  26. Gail (the first one) says:

    Fostering kittehs is JUST THE TICKET for Kitten Fever!!!!! Of course, there is no cure—it’s a chronic disease; in a year, you’ll want to do it again! (Or at least *I* do!!!)

  27. If you look very, very closely you can see the little wings and halo.

  28. I only wish I could foster kittens! Sadly, the thing stopping me from fostering is the same thing stopping me from adopting: no-pets rule on my apartment. 😦

  29. Sweetness! Such a cute widdle kitten 🙂
    In case anyone has missed the story about the dormouse asleep in a rose (yup, you read that right!), go look here:

  30. OMG, that dormouse MUST be on CO!!!

  31. catloveschanel says:

    continuing honglad’s song…

    I’m half – crazy; allergies say HA—CHOOOOOOOO

  32. I didn’t know there was another Jen on here. I am sure she was prolly first, so I will post as “Other Jen” from here on out.

    [Oh, we got LOTS o’ Jens here… – Ed.]

    OMG this kitteh needs snorgles by the truckload! *beeep beeeeep sound of semi backing up*

    Oh, and I am terrible at abbreviations on here- what does IAW mean? Just curious! Have a great day everyone!

  33. berthaservant says:


    And a baseball reference!!!

    (I think it’s a repost too but I’m not complaining!)

  34. AWW! What a little cutie!

  35. Looks like a little buff stripey boy…I know kitten season is coming soon…I get at least one litter of bottle bebehs every spring from the pet hospital I work at….I truly love the sweet little kitteh bebehs.

  36. All mah daizees are covered in 2 and a 1/2 feet of snow. : ( But dis kitteh gives me hope. : )

  37. Cutest. Kitten. Ever.

  38. TheBladeRoden says:

    *looks left* *looks right*

    What flower? I don’t see any flower..

  39. what an absolute angel! look at that halo!!

  40. Apparently, this kitty “Simply” is a sibling to the kitten in strainer posted this week,”Flamenco”.

  41. And here is their sister Ruskea with a daisy! Yay tortie!

  42. OMG this pic is SOOOO cute! && i Luv this website!

  43. OMG this pic is SOOOO cute! && i Luv this website!

  44. OMG this pic is SOOOO cute! && i Luv this website!

  45. OMG this pic is SOOOO cute! && i Luv this website!

  46. OMG this pic is SOOOO cute! && i Luv this website!

  47. OMG this pic is SOOOO cute! && i Luv this website!

  48. Redtube