Double the ‘Tocks, Double the knobbules. [The Scroll Down]

I’m not sure if this pic is really cute or kinda gross. [Shifty eyes] I think it’s a case of the photographer being RIGHT BEHIND this ‘tocktacular scene… right!?


Dani F., ostriches and giraffe knobby knees—what an awesome combo.



  1. so adorable.

  2. that made do one of those weird hyena laughs that makes the whole office look at you funny…

  3. Now THAT would be one freaky hybrid. Never mind your ligers and zorses.

  4. scooterpants says:

    well. at least no body is peeing. HA!

  5. What I want to know is, what is that ostrich looking at/for?

  6. Wow. Backwards-bending knees, yet.

  7. kibblenibble says:

    Didn’t know the two could get along. Ms. Ostrich could use a bath. =)

  8. Definitely not gross. I love giraffes! Two ‘tocks for the price of one?

  9. Uhmm……interesting;)

  10. haha XD

  11. Giraffe: You know what I really HATE?!! Ostriches!! With there ruffly feathers and stuff…
    Other Giraffe: *Stares Wide Eyed*
    Giraffe: There’s one right behind me isn’t there??
    Ostrich: Hurump!

  12. Well, I’ll make like a giraffe, and stick my neck out…

    I know that everyone mixes animal prints these days,
    but the ostrich feathers and the giraffe print…well, I don’t think so….

    Maybe I’ll just make like an ostrich and just stick my head in the sand.

  13. AuntieMame says:

    Is this an ostrich or a goose? 😉

  14. That’s a Mr. Ostrich, the males are black, the females dull gray/brown to match their background.

  15. [snicker] @ AuntieM

  16. i wanna know how the giraffe knew ostrich meat was so tasty. then i want to know how he kept from being constipated by the feathers!

  17. Q: why did the giraffe poop ostrich feathers?
    A: because it was too hungry to pluck the bird before he ate it!

  18. Manda Bain says:

    …if you’re not leading the pack, the view is always the same.
    I’ll bet if you could see the giraffe’s from the front, you’d see eyes the size of saucers! 😉

  19. why do giraffes even BOTHER growing such a tiny mane?

  20. I want to know just WHERE that ostrich is planning to bury her head?

  21. There are advantages to a tiny mane. No tangles, plus think of all the time you save not having to blow dry it in the morning.

  22. berthaservant says:

    You’re all wrong. The giraffe is a female getting an exam.

    From an ostrichician.

  23. The giraffe looks a little like “HE-llo!”

  24. when I took this, the ostrich kept poking at the giraffe which finally got annoyed and walked off. Sorry to ruin the story! 😛 They always have giraffes and ostriches together at the St. Louis, Missouri zoo, where I took this picture. I’m glad you all seemed to enjoy it! I posted some more pictures from that day, but I have yet to see them on cuteoverload 🙂 I actually submitted this for Tocktober..took a little while, lol. Later in the day, one of the giraffes came right up near the railing where everyone was and was eating out of people’s hands. It was really neat!

  25. Gail (the first one) says:

    Dr. Ostrich: “Turn your head and cough, Mr. McKnobbular.”

  26. fish eye no miko says:

    “Would you hurry up? Other people want to use the drinking fountain, ya know!!”

  27. Omg, I lol ed that was sooooo unexpected and so funny!!!

  28. Ostriches are eggsaperatingly annoying said the giraffe.

  29. Giraffy..”does this print make my butt look big?” BFF Ostrich..”no sweetie you look fabulous!”

  30. Does anyone else see a startled old man in the ostrich’s butt?

  31. OK, this is epic awesome. The tallest animal and the tallest bird TOGETHER in a pic? I dig.

    Yep, epic awesome.

  32. Ostrich, well your piles seem to be reducing nicely, keep using the cream

  33. That’s a shot we used to call “just lookin’ up yer old address”…

  34. I’m just glad this didn’t get an Interspecies Snorgling tag. 😉

  35. Iiiiiiiiiiiiii love a parade…

  36. now we know why ostriches evolved the way they did.

    they’re nature’s proctologists!


  37. Oh I juuuuust can’t waaaaait…to be king!

  38. Uh? I made a funny, and it disappeared?

    Wot I said:

    Oh I just can’t wait to be king!

  39. Ummmm….nevermind…*shuffles away*

  40. I’m not sure what is going on. I don’t think I want to.

  41. The people in this town drive just like that ostrich.

  42. Thank you bserv, I now have coffee all over my monitor! ;-D

  43. What a retricul-ous shot!