Knitting + Kittens = KNITTENS!

[Kneading sounds to infinity]


helpless, young and sleepy, don’t wake me up, i’m sleeping, all by DIgital DI! Nice earless kitteh, BTW.



  1. Baden's Mom says:

    These babies look very warm!

  2. Baden's Mom says:

    These babies look very warm!

  3. Baden's Mom says:

    These babies look very warm!

  4. Baden's Mom says:

    These babies look very warm!

  5. Baden's Mom says:

    These babies look very warm!

  6. Baden's Mom says:

    These babies look very warm!

  7. Beware!! Too much knitting…er, kneading means kitty is trying to kill you according to this:

  8. WANT!

  9. WANT!

  10. WANT!

  11. WANT!

  12. WANT!

  13. WANT!

  14. Regency Kitten says:

    I’ll have to try out this pattern of knit and purrrrr…

  15. Knit one, Purr two, Knit one, Purr two…

  16. fish eye no miko says:

    Awwwwww… these are head-explodingly cute!

  17. Awww, I wish I had a little knitty…

  18. OH MY GOD


  20. I was already dead after the first picture…

  21. snoopysnake says:

    Those snuggies are crocheted, not knitted. Where can I learn this kitten stitch? I would like to add kittens like these to my crocheting.

  22. Pic 1: Awww!
    Pic 2: *squeeeee*
    Pic 3: *brain melts all over keyboardkhg;lh;hsdhfipwef hflvjfgl….!

  23. *dies of squee*

  24. Gail (the first one) says:

    I’ll take a dozen, assorted colors please!!

  25. So adorable! <3

  26. indeed, not to be knitpicky but those are crocheted. I have to keep my kitten away from my knitting and crocheting because he tears it up!

  27. KITTIES!

    Also, I cannot access CO through Is this change permanent – should I update my firefox bookmark?

    Great site though. 😀

  28. Dawn: Want? Or Knead?

  29. superboymom says:

    Afghan kitties 🙂

  30. The top yellow item looks knitted, though. Definite knit v’s and purl bumps there… garter stitch even 😛

    And yes, we need a link to the kitten stitch… I’d LOVE to learn that!

  31. Dang, my chenille grafts *never* take. Lucky lucky.

  32. Mary A — don’t know what to tell you. That URL does work (even with the extra accidental dot at the end like that, oddly).

  33. wannadance says:

    now THIS looks like tons of fun…

    guess i’ll have to go out and mow down a policemen to make up for it…sigh.

  34. I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed it was crochet and not knitting…


  35. <3 The first one has little chocolate chips for ears.

  36. Oh Dear God no.


  37. You know what I’m going to say:

    We need a knitted category.


  38. Ahhhh the babies

  39. Smitten by a knitted Kitten.

  40. I like the kitteh knitteh

  41. *hyperventilates*
    eeearless morsel ! *nom*

    And yay for back-to-normal naviga-shon and comment pages (really, really, no more next and previous buttons ? Goodie !)

  42. Kitten Cozies!

  43. Thank you for the navigation reinstatement. It is just sooo much better!

    Now, kittehs are cute, but I’m wondering what size hook you need to make those tiiiny clawsiies or are they added on after the crocheting?
    AND I don’t see any dangling threads-it can’t be my crocheting-I’m a knnnn-itter myself.

  44. All you hookers =P

    Two out of three are knitted, therefore KNITTENS, blah!

  45. Jeez. That just makes me want to go back to bed, too. And you know that even after they grow up, they’ll be trying to crawl into those cozies. Maybe wearing them like hats, just sitting there purring. lol

  46. Finally, the combination of my latest addiction and my longest addiction – kntting and cats.

    Let’s see… yup! My pattern says to knead one, purr two across all rows.

  47. soqte. I tried this with Picky. Once.

  48. By the way y’all – if you want to tear up a little, go to Digital DI’s photostream and read about the kitten rescue. They’re all cute and sweet, but some of them are not well.

    Big round of applause for Digital Di and the volunteers who work at animal shelters everywhere.

  49. Last night I came home from work to find a skein of yarn on my stairs. Perhaps the cats were trying to tell me something? Maybe that if I knit up a cozy, a precious little knitten will appear? Always worth a try….

  50. “We are the kittens
    On knittin’s.
    You smittens?”

  51. The teeny tiny ears!! The third kittens are so small that you can’t even see them.

  52. I luv kitten cozies! A great new take on a classic combo: kittlets and yarn…
    I want the last one most of all

  53. That is really cool yarn! Gotta paste CO link over in YH blog and ask if she’s ever hand spun any o’ this! Hah – I bet NOT!

  54. YAY! Knitting and kittens, two of my favourite things, and very awesome in combination.

  55. oooh, and the sender-inner is a fellow torontonian. Perhaps I could go and visit these kittens and their knit/crochet cozies…

  56. ok, so these babies are Toronto Humane Society kittehs. I could indeed visit them.

  57. David (the first one) says:

    I love this thread so much:

  58. this should TOTALLY BE A NEW CATEGORY!!!!!!!!!!

  59. I kitteen scarf!! You shouldn’t have! But since you did, I need one for day of the work week. Thanks.

  60. Also, come to think of it, I would mind wearing one of those on my head either. I think it would calm my brain.

  61. i’ve been killed by the cute.

  62. So like, if I take up knitting, I could learn to knit one of these teeny sacks of adorableness? Sign me up for the crochet class!

  63. ThreeCatNight says:

    I could sure use some knitten earwarmers and gloves (if they didn’t bite me, that is!).

  64. OMG awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    what else can you say??


  66. Mew-dorable!

  67. WANT!!!!!!!!

  68. There’s some crocheting in there but even so…knitten sounds better than crochitten.

    You have to say it to understand.

  69. The top kitten looks like Suri Cruise to me.