“Kittens, Inspired by Kittens”

Don’t ask what the title of this movie means.

Just watch. The verbal captions of a Kitten photo book by a six year old.

Via BoingBoing.



  1. That is just dear. We need more good stuff from kids!

  2. Kids are great and all, but that was just extremely annoying.

  3. ringtailroxy says:

    oh-my-dog! this was hilarious! i love children & i love kittens! AAIIIIEEE!

  4. Meh. Breeder humor/cute.

  5. that was 17 kinds of adorabubble.
    love, love, love, the screaming kittens.

  6. Chronic Sender-Inner says:


    Although I see a huge “No Humans” Nuffumentary coming up.

  7. I am weird!

    No honey, you’re just 6.


    As a mother of a six year old, I was NOT surprised to see the peeing sound effects LOL

  8. I hope my kids grow up to be just as dorky!

  9. geneticlemon says:

    :O …

  10. Silent Meow says:



    So cute, and so hilarious! I absolutely love it! Will watch it like a thousand times today!

  11. Baum Chicka Baum Baum?!!!

  12. Silent Meow says:

    Ok, Ok, Ok, NOT first. I stand corrected. Sorry.

  13. This video totally reminded me of myself at that age.
    Of course, back then I was making crazy cassette audio tape recordings…but equally as silly.

  14. NO SHE’S NOT!

  15. Now in pain says:

    Booooring! And now I have a headache from the tin-whistle screaming. Not a fan.

  16. honeypants says:

    Bow bow chicka bow bow. That was hilarious!

  17. OMG! I want Beef Jerkey!


    This is so cute and funny, I was laughing so hard I almost had to go to the bathroom, pssssssh. ROFL!

  18. Laughing my tushy off!!! OMG!!! Yes, the kid haters will come out. I’m a part-time hater myself. But this was a SCREAM (SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEM!!!!)

  19. AlbertaGirl says:

    (pointing and making ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’ screaming sounds) Humans! Filthy humans on CO! NOOOOOOOO!


  20. I am going to have the greatest day ever now. thank you so much. 🙂

  21. I have to say that my ears are still ringing and my head aching from the screaming. Annoying is not cute or even funny. The only good thing is that it reminded me why I didn’t have any children.

  22. Manda Bain says:

    How is this NOT funny?! I pray my baby girl turns out that creative/random/hilarious!


    *wipes a tear*

    Man, I love that child.

  24. Just adorable.

    (Sweet Pea- me too!)

  25. Yeesh. Is there any sound more painfully annoying (or annoyingly painful)than the high-pitched scream of a little girl? I’d rather hear nails on a chalkboard. Hell, I’d rather drink Drano.

    There. Nuff enough for all you nuff-predictors? ;-)(And no, I don’t hate kids. I do hate obnoxious noises.)

  26. AWESOME!!! and i’m scared of children. i LOVED the screaming bit! so funny… AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

  27. It is hilarious w. the sound down. I love the groovy 70s kittens. Is that an early Invisubuhl Bike I see?

  28. I totally win! All my childhood ramblings (such as There Was an Old Woman Who Swallowed a Fly in its entirety) are recorded on… reel to reels! Okay, I’m officially old.

  29. I loved that! Too cute and if you don’t like kids just skip it. Personally, I don’t think chimps, etc. are cute but you don’t see me dissing those who do. Who peed in your breakfast? PSSSSSH!

    I want pie AND beef jerky!

  30. That girl is the master of one-liners. “I’m her mom! / No.. she’s… NOT!” SCANDAL!

  31. Janet in Cambridge says:

    Well, that’s different.

  32. I’ll take the kittens, will someone else please take the KID (far far FAR away)??

  33. We adopted a dog the other day. Both my kids are adopted, and my son (the older one) has been begging for a dog for a year.

    So we found a labradoodle at the shelter and brought him home. We went to pick them up from school, and when we went home, asked them to help carry the groceries upstairs.

    My son: Why did you buy dog food?

    Me: Why do you think?

    My son: …

    Me: Go on upstairs. You have a friend to meet.

    My son: (runs upstairs at lightning speed) HELLO! HELLO! Your name is ‘Gus’!

    Me, following: Why ‘Gus’?

    My son: Because ‘Gus’ is a good name! Your name is Gus and no one’s ever going to leave you.

    Then I started to cry a bit.

    Gus is very happy and likes to sleep in the crook of my son’s knees. He also greatly enjoys chasing off pheasants and hares and other threats to our house.

  34. Oh, to be six again…

  35. Nuuuuu! Don’t evah do that a g a i n !!!

  36. OH MAH GOD. I just laughed till I cried. My coworkers think I’m insane.

    Hahahahahah, sooooo funny!!! XD

  37. Edward, that made me tear up a little. That’s so sweet!

    RE: the video – I wonder if her parents read ICHC to her often…

  38. I had goosebumps throughout the whole video.

  39. I want pie! I want beef jerky!

    For the haters – did someone force you to watch the clip against your will? Grow up.

  40. scooterpants says:

    so how does this kid know about ‘boom-chicka-bow-wow’ ???
    giggle-snort-guffaw…that was the most hilarious part for me, little kids kinda give me the willies, but i could deal with this one, i was a spaz just like her when i was little. 🙂

  41. I’m sure her Mommy finds this cute but I’d rather have teeth pulled.

  42. I like this because this kid has a good sense of humor and didn’t do the thing that most kids do that creeps me out.
    The reason I don’t like most kids is that they’re, quite often, overpoweringly, little sponges that excrete advertising and pop culture, rather than original ideas. This kid gives me hope that there are still kids around who don’t sing commercials.

  43. Tee hee, some people on here have RAGE!

    I thought the kid was effing hilarious. LOVED the pie/beef jerky and peeing sounds.

    Kittens’ screams!!

  44. Edward you SOOO ROCK !!

    maybe a pic of your son & Gus will make it on C.O. !
    would luuuv to see a snuggle-thon !

  45. That is the best video I’ve ever seen in my life.

  46. va_cat_mom says:

    OMG, I’m literally in tears laughing at this! The screaming kittens and the “I have to go potty” were classic. And how does a 6 year old know about Bow, chicka bow, wow?! 🙂

  47. Gail (the first one) says:

    I *loved* it! Small doses only, yes, but SO cute!!!! I loved the “Bow-chicka-wow-wow”, too…may she never know why we think it’s so funny!

  48. I’m guessing all the nay-sayers opted to raise animals instead of children 🙂

  49. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Edward: THAT is a fabulous story….and made me tear up a little, too!!

  50. AuntieMame says:

    Ugh! I can’t see the video at work! I have to wait until I get home!

    But I have to comment anyway. Exploder is no longer opening a whole new window everytime I click on something! Glory hallelujah!

    Now if it will just start remembering my name and email addy again…

  51. OMG…I have that book…I may have to do a 29-year-old version! I promise that I will not scream though! Also, I think that child may have some issues best addressed by a mental professional (ie: I’m her mother; No she’s not! and Bow-chicka-wow-wow!)! As a side note, what do you get when you cross a brown chicken with a brown cow?

    Also Edward…give your little guy a big hug for being so sweet!

  52. People! If you don’t like kids, if you don’t think this is funny. STOP. WATCHING. GO AWAY. Seriously. Some of you, I recognize as being regulars and I mean no offense to you guys, because we’ve often been on the same side of the nuff war…but why does this same argument come up every single time there’s a child on CO?


    Is it such a massive deal that some of you have to come on here and use words like “breeder” (which is extremely offense to the human race, btw)?

    This is a kid enjoying her book. Whatever. The screams were high pitched, sure. But they also only lasted about 5 seconds. Your precious ears could take that, right?

    I’m just so tired of people not understanding that back in the day, when they were 6, they probably did the same thing. When did all of you become so bitter and angry about kids and people with kids? I don’t even like kids, I thought this video was funny.

    If you’d rather drink Drano than watch this again, you’re welcome to try. If you’d rather have your teeth pulled, I can probably call a dentist. This is NOT the place for you to come and rain on other peoples’ parades, especially because this is supposed to be a NICE place where people go to have a good time and to take a break from what may be a very bad day.

    KIDS are not evil spawn. You were a child once, how would you want to get on the internet and see people say they wanted you locked away in a cabinet somewhere so you wouldn’t have to be in a YouTube video giving color commentary to a book about cats?

    Read Edward’s story about the kids and the dog named Gus. How can you read that and NOT understand that kids are people too, and they need affection and care and sometimes little things like having a dog are important. More important than tanking 401ks and car insurance payments.

    I can only WISH that I was that carefree. I’m jobless, I’ve still got rent to pay, and things aren’t looking any better. But at least there’s a kid on CO who gets joy out of cats in a book, and that made me happier today.

    If it doesn’t do the same for you, fine. But don’t ruin it for other people.

  53. Chronic Sender-Inner says:

    Edward, that’s a beautiful story!!! Share a picture of Gus and the boy with us!

    And congratulations on adopting!

  54. Chronic Sender-Inner says:

    I think CoffeeCup is THE WIN on this thread.

    If I could do a heart here, I would. Impressed!

  55. Double head!!! 😀

    Very creative little kid.

  56. Sorry for the double post guys! My computer just threw a mini tantrum!

  57. @ CoffeeCup

    If these comments INJURE you so SERIOUSLY, you are FREE to NOT READ them.

    That said, the audio on this post is as grating as anything I’ve heard all week. Ugh.

    [Pipe down, wouldja? I’m trying to listen to the video… – Ed.]

  58. NaughtyLola says:

    I’m her mom!
    No! She’s! Not!

    We’re in Hawaii!!!

    Freaking hilarious. That girl is deeply weird, and I love it.



    Oh man, I hate kids, but even I thought that was hilarious.

  60. bees on pie says:

    I visit CO every day, and I usually don’t click on the videos at all. I like the pics, and I’m too impatient to sit through videos that seem like they just don’t interest me.

    Would you like to know my super-clever method for avoiding the videos that I don’t want to watch? I DON’T CLICK ON THEM. Wow! Bet some of you never thought of that.

    Sheesh, people, it’s right there above the video: “The verbal captions of a Kitten photo book by a six year old.” Don’t like kids? Don’t watch the video. Gah!

  61. I suspect the Baum Chicka Wow Wow — or however it is spelt — came from the Chipmunk Movie.

  62. balamuthia says:

    The “anti-kid” ’nuffers were never children, coffeecup!

    They were artificially created in a lab that added extra “bitter” and “uptight” to their mix, that way they came out full adults who never experienced any joy!

  63. CoffeeCup, how in the world can someone else’s comments affect your enjoyment of a video? Can you only enjoy something if you know everyone else also enjoys it? Get some boundaries already! And stop with the projecting: no one else’s post can hold a “bitter and angry” candle to your own loooooooong rant.

  64. This disturbed me a little bit.

  65. Edward: Gus is an AWESOME name! Your little guy is incredibly sweet.

  66. Pasickie?

  67. CoffeeCup, it starts early. I was in church with my two-year-old niece announcing to the whole congregation that she had to go to the bathroom. The two four-year-ols in front of her were looking back, absolutely horrified! They clearly had no recollection of such behavior on their parts. 😉

  68. Good grief! Now I need a “Cute Oveload Martini! Make that a double!”

  69. themightyfinder says:

    Go, go, coffecup!
    This video was too cute. I’m used to being around 6 year olds so the screams didn’t even seem high pitched to me, just endearing.
    Also, I had no idea how high pitched my voice was when I was a kid until we watched a home video of me running around in a party dress screaming “MEW MEW MEW MEW MEW MEW MEW”.

  70. LOVE this kid!!! I laughed so hard at this video. We are in Hawaii!!

    Save it nuffers 😀

  71. I’m pretty sure what Ijust watched was “ICHC for the Illiterate”. <3

  72. Um, yeah, just click the STOP button if you’re annoyed. Helpful hint: it looks like a little square.

    Every cuteoverload fan had to start out as a young animal fan. I think her captions are pretty funny – Pie and beef jerky?? What a combo. I’ll admit that my raging headache wasn’t helped by those high pitches, but she’s having fun.

    BTW: I think the title would best be explained by typography:


    inspired by “KITTENS”

    based on an idea about

    produced by a fan of

  73. yuck. the screaming is so not cute. it made my dog bark and my ears bleed. Please, no more rug rats!

  74. recipe for a CO Martini, anyone?

  75. This could not help but make you smile 😀 I loved the ‘psst down to his feet *peeing sounds*) xD

  76. Hon Glad : *snort!* (that will be the extent of my nuffing)

    Edward : lovely story ! I teared up too ! Wishing you many years of happiness with Gus.

  77. Oh evil girl I am… I am starting to get enjoyment out of reading the comments too


    then I will get sick of some of them I am sure, and stop reading. 😉

  78. Jorden cook says:

    Oh to have a brain that agile!

  79. berthaservant says:

    I’m quite disappointed in the nuffs. Here’s why:

    This girl is doing what we all do. Watching it before I read the comments, I was going to say something like “Wow, Meg as a six year old, when do we see the NTMTOM childhood vids?”

    Obviously, the girl has “help” — she’s practiced what she’s going to say, and has been given material that she probably doesn’t completely understand. (I’ve done this before: I made my adorable niece, then 6, stand in front of a TV with a picture of static and say “They’re here.” It was a Christmas, it was pretty funny).

    But she’s having SO MUCH FUN. She GETS that she’s sharing her imagination, but throwing herself into the performance with glee and delight. This is a happy child with an imagination. When we come to C.O., we rekindle that imagination and that wonder and delight we have for cute things (mostly pets, I’m not into the occasional cute product post, and some of us don’t like “babies” or “children” apparently).

    I don’t particularly like kids, don’t really plan on having any, and think the way children are coddled and controlled is what usually turns them into monsters of one sort or another — the kind of kids who GROW UP TO BE THE KIND OF PEOPLE WHO HATE KIDS. But here, we have some evidence of a parent playing with a child — pretty freaking hilarious material might I add (“I want beef jerky!” is totally awesome and I bet the kid came up with that one) — and some of you are acting like it’s video from Guantanamo.

    You people need to seriously grow down a little bit.

    Keep playing little girl. Never stop playing.

    P.S. The story about Gus is going to sit with me for a long time, thanks for sharing.

    [Hear hear. I totally think CO needs to hire this girl. – Ed.]

  80. To answer a question that had been asked a couple of times: little kids know “Bow chicka bow wow, chicka bow wow!” because their evil uncles teach it to them because they think it’s funny. (I.e. my husband and his neice.) *Sigh*

    I love the screaming kittens! And the “I’m her mom!” “No… she’s not!”

  81. @Camero: I have that book TOOOO~ I think I still do. And it’s around the same age as your book. lol.

    But I’m not half as hilarious as this little girl was. EEEH!! I want PIE!! I want BEEF JERKY!! I’m her mom! No She’s not.

    *still giggling*

  82. Loved the three tenors!

  83. momof2kitties says:

    I continue to be a little bit in love with Berthaservant. Very well put, sir. Thank you.

    I love kids, and I love kittens, and I wish my 3 rugrats were this creative. I thought it was hilarious and cute. I didn’t even mind the ear piercing screaming because. That’s. What. Kids. Do.

    And to the anti-kid nuffers, I repeat what has previously been stated. Don’t watch what was clearly labeled as a video with a *gasp* human child in it.

    Were you never a child? Were you never loud or annoying or dorky or emabarrasing? Were you born as a mature, calm, educated 30-something year old? Everyone of us here has been just like this sweet little girl at some point in our lives. You can thank your parents for bearing and raising you.

    /end rant

    Now, I am going to go watch this video again and again, and try to absorb some of this child’s innocence, creativity and joy.

  84. Completely annoying. I turned it off after five seconds.

  85. Wow, if you don’t think that was hilarious, you have NO SOUL.

    Yeah, I said it.

  86. I have to say, I watched it and then made my boyfriend watch it, and we both thought the screaming part was one of the funniest parts of the video! Creative and hilarious!!

  87. OMG! I had that SAME FRICKIN BOOK when I was little, and I’m 35! How cool to see it again here! And the little girl? – riotously funny! Keep it up, sweetie!

  88. *applauds CoffeeCup* And yeah, my unmarried, childless self still holds anyone who uses the word “breeders” to refer to parents in extreme contempt.

    I wish I could watch this clip right now – I’m in a public place with no headphones – but once I get back to the dorms I am ON IT. I mean, kittens! Little kids! Always an adorable combination.

    Amalo – and if you found CoffeCup’s comments to be SO INANE, then WHY did you bother to read them in their entirety AND THEN reply? Or was it that important for you to get a cheap shot in at an a complete stranger?

    I have always found it fascinating – albeit in a twisted way – that we use our right to free speech as an excuse to make disdainful, mean-spirited remarks and then, when someone (usually quite rightfully) gets upset or offended, we deride them as being oversensitive, politically correct crybabies who are infringing our God-given right to say whatever the hell we want, no matter how unnecessary or cruel. It’s just interesting how this sort of response shifts responsibility from the original speaker to the reactive party – it’s not our fault for being offensive, it’s their fault for getting offended.

    And for what? To make us feel better about ourselves? I don’t feel better about myself. In fact, I feel a little worse. Maybe I’m just an oversensitive breeder.

    Nuffers, feel free to respond with various versions of “I don’t have to censor myself for the likes of you.” It’s a valid point; I just want people to consider why they feel the need to make such negative comments in the first place. Me, personally, I’ll be off living a productive life.

  89. “I’m her mom.”
    “No she’s not…”


  90. OMG! I had that SAME FRICKIN BOOK when I was little, and I’m 35! How cool to see it again here! And the little girl? – riotously funny! Keep it up, sweetie!

  91. Man, I’m just at that age where friends of mine are shackin’ up and having kids… my friend’s 4-year-old daughter ‘read’ me a book I remember from my own childhood called “The Bike Lesson” the other day and it was pretty similar to this.

    So random, so hilarious. And I think the screaming was my favourite part. shun.

  92. You know, it’s not about me. I think the video is funny. Once was actually enough, though. But since when is the rule if you can’t say anything nice, say something really mean instead?

    I don’t care for kids, I really don’t. But these videos are actually pretty funny and infrequent. And nothing pleases everyone. I, of all people, am probably least offended by what people on the internet say. But there’s knowing what y ou don’t enjoy, and not being a nuisance to those who do. I don’t go off on the bugs that get posted, do I? I purposely avoid those posts for a reason.

  93. that

  94. aaahahahahahahaha!! i really don’t like kids that much, but this was one great! it’s exactly THESE kind of kids we need more of on CO!!! LOL, [insert kitten peeing sounds here]!

  95. Rosecitychild13 says:

    I have made the choice to never have children, but if I ever did, my child would probably be like that. xD I loved it.

    So funny how a young child mind works, and props to the parent for filming such an amusing spectacle.

  96. GreyhoundMommy says:

    Good Heaven’s …now I want a baby and several kittens.

  97. I lasted less than 10 seconds listening to that screeching child. Only parents would film this.

  98. I didn’t realize that so many people don’t think little kids and cute animals go together! Oh well, your loss, I guess, because I thought this was darling!!! I’m probably going to watch it several more times!



    Nuffers – if you didn’t enjoy the screaming why keep watching? Screaming = less annoying and more cool than complaining about little girl and kittens…

  100. berthaservant says:


    “I hate wedding pictures. They’re so obviously posed.”

    “I hate pictures of naked women. Do you realize that the models have to be NUDE?”

    “I hate pictures of outer space. They are so obviously taken by machines!”

  101. berthaservant – good quotes. Big chuckle

  102. I LOVED the screaming kittehs! And am quite amazed at the fragility of the eardrums of people here.

  103. Boo Nuffers says:

    I would rather listen to this kid all day then the nuffers. Nuffers have some serious personal problems that they should examine about themselves.

  104. I find it hilarious that people get SO offended if others don’t like posts w/ kids in them as if somehow all of them are against children or something.
    Listen, it’s time to get off your highhorse and realize that something like this just isn’t for everyone.
    I want children and we’re actively TTC our first, but I still found this video annoying. Probably didn’t help that I had my volume turned up and just woke up… but even still.
    Just b/c I found it annoying doesn’t mean that I’m some child hater.
    Good grief….

  105. this was freaking brilliant! i am NO FAN of children, but this kid is fabulous. if it wasn’t part of the narrative, the shrieking would be hideous. but clearly, if you look at the pictures accompanying the narration, the KITTENS are shrieking. it’s simply outstanding voice-acting, really.

    and what utterly bizarre stream-of-consciousness narration! this may be a literary masterpiece of a joycean nature (note the way the girl unhinges the image/text – ie, “we’re in hawaii” when no visual referent for hawaii is visible!)

    also: GUS IS a great name for a new goggie!

  106. To CoffeeCup, berthaservant, and Charlotte…Thanks so much for saying what I was thinking. You all phrased it very well.

    I thought this was funny and the screams were actually my favorite part. This is one clever kid.

    To Edward…Kudos on all the adopting (kids and dog). I agree that Gus is a great name. I hope you and your family have many, many years of doggie kisses.

    To TW….Did you want a cherry or orange pasickie? Sorry, I ate all the grape. I just wuv pasickies!

  107. (Uh oh, my comment went bye bye, I swore I hit post, *sigh* rewrite)

    Kudos to all the anti-nuffers…you took the words right out of my keyboard.

    Kudos Edward for opening your home to kids and a dog. And I think Gus is a great name.

    Kudos to TW for pasickie! Make mine grape!

  108. Screaming??? I heard a former major league baseball player screaming yesterday, a piercing scream, just like a little girl. It was Harold Reynolds on MLB network. So there.

  109. Good times for a six-year-old: one unattended video camera and one kitten book. Eeeeee!
    Glad to see that my kids aren’t the only ones who do this.

  110. Noelle — if it looks like your comment hasn’t appeared, and you just KNOW you clicked “post”, then just refresh your screen. (The F5 key is a quick shortcut.) It’ll usually be there.

  111. I just assumed the little girl belonged to NTMTOM… same wit.
    You people rock. All of you. The defensive, the complainers, the placaters, the peacemakers, the happy enjoyers, the ’nuffers, and especially Edward.
    Thanks for taking in the ones that need it.
    …My car got broken into last night, but today my daughter and I rode the bus and had an awesome time… She’s nuts enough to do a video like this. She sleeps in a cardboard box on her bed.

  112. long time reader, first time commenter. thought the screaming was the funniest!! ..because that’s what it looks like the cats are doing! EEEEEEEEEE

  113. Thanks Theo. I think my computer had a hickup or something because I lost the second comment, too and then I lost the second page of the comments. I found them all now and apologize for the double post. Hmmmm, maybe my computer had one to many catinis 😉

  114. Thanks for reminding me why I don’t have children.

  115. AuntieMame says:

    LisaL, if you’re not a child hater, then the comments are not directed at you.

    But there are haters who crawl out of the woodwork every time there is a human being in a CO post. You know who they are. The ones who make snarky comments about “breeders” or how the sight of another human being turns their food to ashes in their mouths. Or, hell, the ones who come out and say “I hate children.”

    You know they exist because they post here. Every damn time there’s a kid on CO.

  116. Bravo AuntiMame, I was just thinking that but had a harder time phrasing it, you said it so well.

  117. If I wanted to see kids, I’d ask my cubemate how her offspring were doing.

    I do not come to CO to see @*&! KIDS.

  118. Awww. Poor you.

  119. ROFL! Hey, I’m pretty sure I had that book when I was a kid too. All of the pictures looked VERY familiar. 😀

    I laughed so hard. The screaming kittens, the “boom chicka bow wow” (WTF?) and the pee sound effects. XD

  120. That’s great editing and and a really cute and precocious girl.

  121. I want pie!

    I want beef jerkey!!

  122. btw… i checked rules of qte, of whatever it’s called. there are no rules against children.
    should we make one?
    Has it gotten to that point?

  123. I love coffeecup!!!!


  124. I could seriously have done without the piercing, shrieking voiceover.

  125. Jennie Mello says:

    This post was wonderful! I have 2 kids in my life, and they are like this- crazy, imaginative, silly and we laugh EVERY DAY. I did not have that before they came along.
    Edward- lovely story- wishing you happiness.
    I, too, want pie.
    And, I love babies of ALL species- they need love, guidance, patience, and lots of laughter!!!!

  126. Lol…don’t really like kids, myself. Not very cute. 😛

  127. LisaL, you nailed it.

    Weird, isn’t it? You can be skeeved by lemurs or possums without being accused of hating all monkeys or being anti-marsupial, but say anything negative about any aspect of a post containing a child, and (some) people get completely irrational.

  128. temperance says:

    i’ve been in the best mood all week for no reason whatsoever and that was truly the perfect cherry on top.

    that kid is AWESOME! (and yes, i am happily child-free but not humor-free.)

    how can anyone complain about the screams? that is exactly what those kittens were doing. wow. that girl really knows how to read a kitten book…

  129. Juniper Jupiter says:


    As an aunt to a six-year-old girl, I must say this is not uncommon! My niece has taken my sister-in-law’s cat Zeus as her own, carries him even though he’s long and lanky, and even tied a “leash”(basically a loosely tied shoestring, no harm) around his neck, and started walking him around! He actually enjoys this, but when Sis-in-law bought a real cat leash, he played limp!

    Kids, I tells ya.

  130. “I’m her mother!”

    “NO SHE’S NOT”


  131. that was a little annoying….

  132. Hahaha awesome. I’m her mom! No, she’s not! The screams were funny too 🙂

    Edward, pls give a hug to your boy and doggy from me-it was a really lovely story.

  133. This is great! I was having a s***** day, and I feel much better now knowing there’s at least one more person in the next generation to possibly carry on

  134. I’m bored. I am too. That was so funneh! I love crazy 6 year olds! Even the screaming was funneh. Nertz to nuffers.

  135. I’m so glad YouTube is no longer blocked from work. I must have watched this thing 5 times already. So many bizarre statements! Hahahaha!

  136. I’m so glad YouTube is no longer blocked from work. I must have watched this thing 5 times already. So many bizarre statements! Hahahaha!

  137. I’m so glad YouTube is no longer blocked from work. I must have watched this thing 5 times already. So many bizarre statements! Hahahaha!

  138. I’m so glad YouTube is no longer blocked from work. I must have watched this thing 5 times already. So many bizarre statements! Hahahaha!

  139. I’m so glad YouTube is no longer blocked from work. I must have watched this thing 5 times already. So many bizarre statements! Hahahaha!

  140. I’m so glad YouTube is no longer blocked from work. I must have watched this thing 5 times already. So many bizarre statements! Hahahaha!

  141. Did it sound to anyone else like she was reading a script? I did laugh out loud at most of it nonetheless.

  142. My only reaction to this was: OMG I own a copy of that book! Mine still has the dust jacket, though.

  143. You can call my kid “rugrat” the day you let me call your dog “crotch sniffer.” What a rude term!

    BTW when did it become okay to adore cute animals and treat people (including the young ones) like garbage?

  144. I’m actually surprised by the nuffers! I am the least maternal woman on the planet. I have no desire to have children, and quite frankly I don’t usually enjoy being around kids. I don’t like screaming, whininess, or inattentive parents who just think their children cute, smart, innocent, or funny when they’re none of the above. But come on, this video was hilarious! I don’t care if it was staged, I cracked up! Sure, the screaming was annoying, but it fit in with the video and didn’t last long. And it was worth it for “I’m her mom” “No she’s not!” and “I like pie!” “I like beef jerky!” moments!

  145. I think the thing that perplexes me is how people can be HATEFUL about children. I mean, they’re innocent beings (aside from Damien from The Omen) who have never done anything to harm you, and yet…such hatred, and such NEED to say such things in a public Hforum. I’m talking about the people who actively say, “I hate children,” and convey “I hate the people who have children” by calling them “breeders.” What’s so wrong with having children? The world repopulates and the cycle continues. Do we need a lesson in how life works? Hate for someone who has done unimaginable wrong is understandable, but hate for a child? Why?

  146. Is that book even in print anymore?

  147. And I shall call her “MINI-MEG”

    So adorable — I normally skip the videos (my normal browser doesn’t like ’em), but luckily, people told me I had to see this one. Hurrah! Also, CoffeeCup wins the thread!

  148. Occasionally, I do enjoy a good ’round of nuff-reading, I admit. I’m always surprised by the backlash when it’s a human baby, though. I know everyone’s noticed already that it’s NOT “Cute Fuzzy Animal Overload” — it’s just “Cute Overload” – and it’s all definitions of cute in Meg & Co.’s eyes. And it is glorious to behold in all of its forms, in my humble opinion. No, it’s not always cute to me. I can even oblige a nuffer or two who wants to raise a safety concern about dachshund-tossing (keep your weiners below the waist, I always say) …. But does it really need to descend into the realm of “rather drink drano” when a photo/video doesn’t meet one’s personal definition of cute? I think we can rise above that level of discourse.(*Jumps down off soap box, stuffs a kitteh in her bra & struts off to the kitchen for a nice juicy pa-sickie*)

  149. I always speak up against people who make negative posts and ruin the great fun that is this lovely place.

    That said, the video was kinda cute, but yes it WAS highly annoying and I probably won’t watch it again. I understand how lots of you would think this is cute. I am just not a “kid person”, that’s all. And NO, no one forced me to watch it, but this vid is all over the internet so I figured it deserved a viewing. Now I’m good on it. Have a great day, everyone!

  150. and to be honest, I didn’t see that the kid was any more clever or creative than any other kid. It seems to me that all children behave this way, right? It’s the whole unjaded innocence thing. THAT is kinda refreshing. But prefer to see amminals anyway. just my 2 cents.

  151. That was amazing! Posting to Facebook in 5…4…3…2…


  152. And to anyone getting upset over the kids: Just turn off the sound and look at the pictures of kittens.

  153. ok after 20 seconds I had to stop it.. that voice is way too annoying..
    Cute things don’t talk!!!!!

  154. berthaservant says:

    “Cute things don’t talk?”


    That is a very, very sad approach to the world.

  155. This is in response to “David goes to the dentist”:

  156. in tears. struggling. belly hurts. owww. 😦

  157. momof2kitties says:

    Samantha: I posted it to my FB, too!! Hi-lar-i-ous!!! I can’t stop watching…

  158. This girl will revolutionize I Can Has Cheeseburger.

    [This girl has handed ICHC their collective *lolasses*. – Ed.]

  159. Oh get over yourself “berthaservant”. Its called a Joke!!!!

    [Hmm, yes, I’ve always thought B.Serv has been sorely lacking in the sense-of-humor area. – Ed.]

    […wait, no. – Ed.]

  160. What I love the most about nuff-magnet posts are the mods’ replies to most of them nuffers.

    “We don’t give a flaming poop about it.” 😀

    [What? When did I say that?? – Ed.]

    I love CO with its nanipals and little kids, have I already mention that? You guys are made of awesome with some extra awesome sauce.

    […and extra flaming poop! – Ed.]

  161. *sigh*.

    Is it wrong to enjoy how annoyed people get by these things? I figure those people could use a good annoying.

  162. Gail (the first one) says:

    Bravo to CoffeeCup, BServ, Birdcage, et al!!!!!

    Seems like some of the comments about kids are beyond ’nuffing’ to the point of ugly. We can disagree without being disagreeable, right?

    (I’ll have a cherry pasickie, thanks!)

    [Make mine a catnip bleensicle… – Ed.]

  163. I don’t really like kids, and some of this video horrified me, but other parts were hysterical- especially the screaming, ’cause you know that’s just what it would sound like! Thank you, small child, for not just regurgitating the words you hear on tv!

  164. I read CO all the time and deeply enjoy seeing how angry people get over any kind of human whatsoever. It’s disturbing….but no one cares. 😮 go start your own blog, hateful person.

  165. memyselfandi says:

    OK, that was completely, hideously ANNOYING. No more screechy kids, please.

    [Well, OK, since you’ve asked so politely. – Ed.]

    […wait, no. – Ed.]

  166. oh man, i don’t much care for children but that was hilarious!

  167. That’s the most obnoxious thing I’ve been subjected to in a long time.

    [Really? For me it’s stand-up comics with their own TV specials… – Ed.]

    […well, Carlin was OK – Ed.]

  168. Amolo, Juno, Mandi, Mimi, Robin, Aoife, Scary, Nancy, Gryt, Amy, 21skulls and memyselfandi are ALL poopyheads.

  169. Why does a 6 year old know what porno music sounds like?

    [AXE body spray commercials. (Vile stuff.) – Ed.]

  170. Coffecup – go have another cup for cryin’ out loud. Sheesh.

    allis – you’re a ‘nuthern.

    This is juvenile overload. Get a grip people.

    I don’t hate children, good grief. Not everyone finds screeching children enjoyable. Good on ya if you do. I don’t object to children in posts.

    All that jumping to conclusions should be your exercise quota for the day.

    [Juvenile? JUVENILE?? Well *THPPPPPPPPPPP* on you! – Ed.]

    [Furthermore, nyah nee nyah nee boo boo. Stick yer head in doo doo. – Ed.]

    [My mother said to pick the very best one, and you are not it. – Ed.]

    [I could keep going, y’know. This is kinda fun. – Ed.]

  171. Check out the other video posted by same user on YT.

    Awesome 🙂

  172. Ed, thanks for proving my point. 🙂

    I’m done playing now. Back to the cute.

  173. Haha! I love kids. So goofy.

    “I have to go potty!” *zoom in on legs* “pssssss”


  174. I think I’ve figured it out. Some people think this is eBay and they’re supposed to leave feedback. NEWS FLASH!! People watch the video BEFORE they read the comments!! Your feedback is totally useless!! Go annoy eBay vendors.

    And I laughed out loud at the kid, even though I also prefer kids you can give back and the sfx didn’t help my headache. And I don’t click on the little fat arrow if I don’t want to watch something.

  175. Aesthetica says:

    i really could have done without the high-pitched screaming, and i usually like my QTE furry or feathered (i loathed “pasickie”), but this was pretty funny. “bow chicka bow bow,” “i want beef jerky!” and “i’m your mother… No you’re not!” were classic.

    creative play, even when given some help from big people, is a joy to watch.

    you may also enjoy the mashup with the audio from the post-dentist, drug-addled 6-year-old boy.

    discovered at dlisted.com

  176. Stuff it, nuffers. And a big thank you to everyone reasonable who shared your thoughts, whether or not you actually liked the video.

    Personally, I thought it was a skosh annoying. But I still laughed at it till I cried.

  177. What’s great about this is that like, half of her captions make sense with the picture…and the other half are like, “Where the heck did that come from?!” Definitely reminds me of something I would’ve done as a little kid.

  178. I have no kids, I am never going to have kids, I don’t particularly like small children, but I laughed out loud, and HARD at this clip because I know I was JUST like that when I was 6. So random and awesome.

  179. fuzzzstella says:

    i had the same book 25 years ago! well done little bunny!

  180. IAW Jen. What this little girl is doing isn’t particularly ‘creative’ by any means, at least by a six year old’s standards (or heck, even some eleven+ year olds.) I can see how it could be cute to some people, but I turned it off after about ten seconds. Couldn’t take it. I get enough of ‘cute’ six year old antics from my friend’s younger sister.

    I think some people are just way too sensitive. Yeesh. Yes, we were all kids once, but we’re older now, and most of us are more mature. We don’t necessarily need to think that high-pitched screeches are cute anymore. We are perfectly entitled to think it’s annoying, or heck, just plain dislike little children. It’s not written anywhere that I can find. ;P

    “You can call my kid “rugrat” the day you let me call your dog “crotch sniffer.””

    My mom affectionately referred to my brother and I as ‘rugrats’ when we were younger. How on earth is that rude?

  181. Ha! Six-year-olds are hilarious, this one in particular (that’s why I enjoyed a 5-year stint as a school bus driver).

    I want pie!

    I want beef jerky!


  182. One word: LAME.

  183. That was brilliant. I hope that little girl never changes.

    And don’t get mad at the nuffers. They can’t help themselves. They’re the crotchety aunt who tells you that *she* would’ve added more salt to the casserole or the co-worker that tells you that you look like you haven’t slept for days.

    Now I’m gonna go have some beef jerky…

  184. kibblenibble says:

    Zucchino, I’m sorry that has been your experience. I teach first grade,and fortunately, mine has been quite different. For the record, I chose never to have children, but I feel very lucky to work with them. I get more valentines than anybody I know! <3

    This kid has talent, people! =)

  185. Edward, I’m adopted, and your story warmed the cockles of me heart, it did. Yay adoptive parents!

  186. Normally, I’m not a fan of cutesy kid humor, but the “DOUBLE HEAD” had me in tears. That girl is so awesomely weird. She’s like a tiny, female Demetri Martin.

    Also, anti-kid folks? Seriously, get over yourselves. Everyone else is having fun.

  187. omg, LOVE the screaming kittens.

  188. go to Cute with Chris to see the real title and a link to the video that inspired it!

  189. Dear God, it’s the human LOLcat.

  190. Haha loved the “I’m your mother!” “No she’s not!” part.

    Don’t want to have kids, too, but the kid has a lot of imagination that I enjoyed.

    Loved the screams. I’m glad it annoyed people. 😀

  191. Need earplugs says:

    Shrill children are NEVER cute.

    Could not watch past the first shriek.

  192. erinlouise says:

    this reminded me of why I am a teacher…especially since I didn’t even know there were actually people who HATED kids! I mean, I’m not sure I actually want to make my own, but I do enjoy hanging out with them and making them read books and write stories!

  193. There is..
    a paradox.

    The Child-Nuffers. The Ones Who Wish The Children Away. They are also The Ones Who Squee When Fuzzy Pets Act Like Human Children.

    (Yes I’ve been watching Doctor Who nonstop for seven days.)

    But still..
    I can’t be the only one who noticed.

  194. genius. pure genius.

  195. genius. pure genius.

  196. Patito I agree

    also HIGH Larious

    I am still giggling at the video and lots of the comments

    and having been a scout leader and mom to two girls I think most if not all those comments were made up by the little girl.

  197. Meriweather says:

    “I am a secret agent!”

    Whimsical kid. Made me grin.


    And a hearty chuckle at all the morons who saw that it was labeled ‘six year old doing verbal captions’ and watched it just to have something to bitch about.

    “I’m a magician!”
    “And I’M A RABBIT!”

  198. Yuck NO Icky Gross HUMANS!!!!

    They are NOT Cute.

  199. Michelle S. says:

    Cute. Weird. Juvenile. Made me smile.

    {{hugs}} to children with kooky humor and imagination!

  200. Stephanie C. says:

    Humans are completely disgusting, crazed flesh-sacks who spend all of their time in the pursuit of “tail”.

    And they don’t even have tails to pursue!

    Their offspring are even more offensive as they are noisier, smellier, droolier and run-around-ier.

    That said, what do I know? I’m a lizard-thing from Slorgon V; I wouldn’t know cute if it bit me square on my big, scaly bum.

  201. Nibbler, devourer of souls says:

    Oh my goodness. A lot of kid vids out there annoy me, but this was absolutely adorable.

    What is that weird-looking restraint chair in the background? Looks like it could be a highchair, but kinda creepy.

  202. Gosh. I hate kids, get them outta here already.

  203. Deeply disturbing. Reminding me why I chose to be and forever stay child-free.

  204. This reminds me of well over half my friends, who are about three times this girl’s age.

  205. Michelle S. says:

    I just hope the CF people don’t post a big gripe about this over on their baby-hater forums, sending all their pinch-arsed CF friends this way to sprinkle their opinions on CO like some big flock of pigeons on a park statue. I really hope that doesn’t happen.

    *grabs favorite pudding spoon*

  206. ok, sympathy for the kid haters. I can’t understand it, sending you love anyways. and btw, I hate to break it to you, but there is one LURKING INSIDE YOU ZOMG AIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

  207. zomgosh my ears
    they bleed
    could withstand 1/4 of it

  208. 2nd reaction says:

    ‘breeders’, huh? …well, I learned something new today!

    something sad.

  209. Whoa! Less sugar for that kid!

  210. The kitty screams were excellent.


  211. P.S. I absolutely hate pugs. Can’t stand the sight of them. I think they’re even less cute than alligators. But do you see me complaining when they get posted on here?

  212. Ed: Ok, maybe not “say” but the general feeling we get about you guys’ replies to nuffses. “Like seriously, we don’t care. Our blog, our stuff.” Loveses eet~ : D

  213. This is now my favorite video.

    As for the nuffers, don’t you see that this little chickie is a mini-Meg of sorts?? The wacky commentary. The pure joy.

    You people need to relax and remember your youth.

  214. oh….my….


    Give her more books! I need to hear more!!!!

  215. Does no one else find it ironic and a bit scary that those who are posting against the nuffers are saying worse things than the nuffers even did about this video? Saying that anyone who hates children was OBVIOUSLY “coddled and controlled” as a child?

    I was not coddled and controlled. I had my fair share of bumps, bruises, “Hey let’s go after the soccerball that went down in that ditch with the sludgy water, mud, and who knows what kinds of animals!”, “Yes I see nothing wrong with having the Slip n Slide pointed towards the concrete patio. What could go wrong?” and other fun experiences that my parents basically said “*shrugs* They’ll learn.” I never lacked for anything *important* (shoes, clothes, school supplies) but anything after that I had to work for. Took me 8 months to save up by doing every chore I could possibly think of to get enough money ($210 and change) to get my first Super Nintendo when I was 10. As a younger kid I definitely got the flat of my father’s hand when I’d screwed up (spanking, not slapping or beating), and as an older one, they would box up and take all my books away. (Trust me. Far worse than a grounding for me.)

    And I hate kids. I just can’t stand them. I don’t want them. I don’t want to be around them. Just being around my 6 month old niece makes me severely uncomfortable. I’m getting my PhD because I want to teach, and I want to teach at the university level to avoid teaching kids.

    I, personally, did not enjoy this video, even with the cute 70’s era kittens.. because I don’t like kids. The screaming hurt my ears and scared my two cats away from their food in the brief moment it happened before I could mute my computer.

    We nuffers in this thread aren’t saying “OMG how CRUEL!” or “I hope they put that baby animal back with its mother!” or “This is animal abuse! I’m shocked!” or any of the other normal “nuffing” comments. We are simply saying “I don’t like this video. To me, this is displeasing.” And yet we’re being treated as if we are self-haters (because, yes, we all were kids once) and that disliking children makes us completely inhuman because OMG EVERYONE MUST LOVE CHILDREN!

    Personally, in this instance, maybe the anti-nuffers need to calm down a bit and realize that not everyone is going to like the stuff they like, and someone saying “Eh.. sorry.. not really one for kids” isn’t the end of the world.

    [Or, OR, here’s a thought — maybe a studious and articulate troll is still a troll. What you’ve basically done here, Az, is set up a Get Off My Lawn contest, and declared yourself the early favorite. Well, so be it. You lose. – Ed.]

  216. Kristabelle says:

    This video seems like something I would have done as a little kid. Imaginations are hard to come by these days – it’s easier to have an imagination when you don’t have 1,000 cable channels, xbox, a million dvds and the constant pressure on parents to occupy their kids.
    I was read to and read and was fully encouraged to make up a million stories…which I am quite sure contained high pitched squeeeing, because, you know, that’s what little girls do (though the sound of it today is quite unpleasant).

    FYI – when I was 2, my parents got me a kitten and, apparently, I was “playing” with it out back in my baby pool, and proceeded to dunk it repeatedly in the pool. My mom even listed it in my Baby Book!! “Got Krista a kitten, which she tried to drown.”
    Good thing I grew out of that! Wonder what I was imagining… Was kitty going scuba diving???

  217. Why all the child hating?
    Ok, so I have no kids and yes, screaming of children is usually rather annoying……but given the context this was hilarious! Use your imaginations people! lol

  218. It’s Verbal LoL cats!!!

    So cute, I don’t think I would have come up with half that stuff.

  219. “You people need to relax and remember your youth.”

    Fo sho! lol

  220. loved this.. didn’t realize so many animal lovers were kid haters!?!

    This kid is Fab-U-lous.

    com’mon “I’m her mom. NO SHE’S NOT”

    Edward… your kid sound great. I love the name Gus.

    My nephew named his hamster toast. The name became confusing when he told everybody “my hamster is toast”.

  221. Kristabelle — actually… I would argue that “imagination” has done nothing but advance with the times. The bigger challenges now are learning how to focus, be selective, and see creative projects through to the finish.

    I look at the sort of stuff that’s being produced now (I’m talking off-the-wall, out-of-the-blue creative weirdness) and I think Whoa, the bar’s been set so much higher than when I was a kid. But the magic is, kids don’t see it that way. They see what they see NOW, and they learn & act accordingly. (One example: compare animated cartoons today to their counterparts 20 years ago. Creatively, there’s no contest.)

    Imagination, by itself, is NOT hard to come by, these days.

  222. I’ve already watched this 3 times in the span of ten minutes. Ahaha! I love kids — this inspires me to capture the convos of the little ones I work with.


  223. “those who are posting against the nuffers are saying worse things than the nuffers even did about this video”

    Nothing unusual about that. But it’s all grist for the fun-mill to me. Now I can go around sniffing about “the level of discourse” in my snootiest Long Island Lockjaw, and I’m sure lots of people will be quoting “I’d rather drink Drano.” (“Poopyheads,” however, I’m predicting will stay with the 6-and-under crowd.)

  224. I never said, intened, nor even implied a “Get Off My Lawn” contest. Everyone has a right to watch, not watch, like, dislike, or have an opinion on whatever they wish. I simply found it odd that the nuffers were expressing a “Not my thing” opinion, and the anti-nuffers were going “OMG! Since you disliked this you must hate yourself and were spoiled and coddled and are inhuman because you don’t like children.

    I never said “Don’t like it? Don’t read my comments.” or “I want this removed because it’s not cute!” or “I’m not coming back here because I thought this was for cute things!”

    I said that I, personally, didn’t much care for the video. Note that the moment something annoying happened to me, I turned down my volume. I did what every anti-nuffer said that we nuffers should do – watch it without sound.

    Heck, I’m not even saying that the anti-nuffers should stop anti-nuffing! My whole point is that the severity of the anti-nuffing is drastically greater than the severity of the nuffing.

    Nuffer: I really didn’t find this cute. The screaming really hurt my ears.

    Anti-nuffer: Obviously you hate yourself because who could ever hate kids! You were obviously spoiled and coddled as a kid because only those kids grow up to hate kids! If you don’t like it, don’t watch!

    Now which one of those two comments is more “Get off my lawn!”?

    Seriously… everyone has a right to think what they want about this video. Like it because you like kids? Great! Don’t like it because you don’t like kids? Also great. It just rather seems a bit over the top to insult someone’s upbringing and their worth as a human being simply because they dislike the younger form of our species.

  225. OMG that kid is so weird and awesome. “We are wine bottles!” lol

  226. To all those kid haters out there, those high pitched screams also did some things to me. Brought back memories of happier days. As a single father, introduced my date to my kid in a very fancy, quiet discreet restaurant in London.Ordered escargots as an hors d’oeuvre. The quiet was broken by a high pitched scream. “Daddy, they brought you snails”.Luckily, there were no kid haters there, a lot of chuckles and a general air of merriment.

  227. Best.Video.Ever.

  228. A kid who’s not watching TV and playing video games during all waking hours? And what is that? A BOOK??

    That kid’s a scream…if they were all that cool I’d consider having one


    (will that do, Ed? :>)

    But seriously, to the nuffing Brits out here: don’t forget the kids of today will be paying your pensions some day. “Breeders” are making sure you won’t be living under a bridge when you’re old.

  230. “DOUBLE HEAD!!”

  231. I want to adopt her!

    [Generous of you, but I think she’s all set. Heh. – Ed.]

  232. Ok. It is cute. It is also annoying. Hate to rain on your parade, but has anyone thought that maybe the cute, annoying verbal captions were scripted by an *gasp* adult and what you think is the weird spontaneity of a 6- year old is actually just a well-edited setup. Yeah. You guys are suckers for a cute face and totally bought it. And, No, I did not watch it here. Its been EVERYWHERE. That’s how cute it is. Go watch David if you want to snicker at/with a kid. Poor thing couldn’t help that.

  233. Kristabelle says:

    Theo – I see your point… I guess the kids that I have come in contact with, however, would much rather have their “fantasy” already set up for them than work to create their own. I think we’ve fostered mental laziness and it’s “only the strong survive” who work past what’s handed them to create new and better.

  234. @ Michelle S. | Feb 13, 2009 at 03:03 AM: that has got to be the best comment on this thread yet!

    Ahh, I loved the video, partly bc that’s how I am as an adult, let alone how I was a child. All you nuffers are hypocrites if you poopoo a child being a child and yet squee like an idiot over a puppy. Get over yourselves.

  235. Kristabelle…I agree with you. When I was a kid we made up fantasy worlds in our heads and acted them out with cardboard and whatever else we could find lying around. Today kids get their fantasy worlds in gameboxes.

    But I do have to say Theo has a point as well since someone has to make up the worlds to put in the gameboxes to begin with. I hope playing in those worlds inspires little kids to make up their own when they grow up.

    Oh, and Robin, re your comment about this being “juvenile overload”….well duh! Are you new here? The best thing about this site is the overload of adult children. It goes well with my favorite quote (from an old Dr. Who ep I believe) “What’s the point of being grown up if you can’t act like a kid once in a while.”

    So nyahh *sticks out tongue then gets pasickie out of freezer*

  236. You know, it’s not that the kid-dislikers think that they were never children. They know they were. It’s simply that they feel that they are entitled to an ideal world attuned to their comfort, in which they are never obliged to put up with temporary annoyances inflicted by other people or the next generation.

  237. Some of us didn’t have parents who were willing to notice never mind their child’s creativity. Nuturing it? feh!
    Perhaps we can please take from this that a little girl is growing up in creativity and with a warm and thoughtful set of caregivers.
    Perhaps it is the little girl and her obvious love of life and of kittens as and her parent’s support of that that is the story here.
    Just wonderin’…

  238. mandy_Reeves says:

    maybe just my mood today, I usually love little kids…they are delicious with lemon pepper…JK!!! This girl is really cute, her voice was a little grating though

  239. lsuhillary says:

    Why are there so many people with headaches reading this website?

    [Ibuprofen doesn’t work right away. – Ed.]

  240. Whoa, this is starting to get a little scary: some of the people who claim to love children sound mean as hell! I’m hoping they stick to admiring children from afar–probably the most ‘loving’ thing for everyone involved.

    kodalei, since I’m not a “kid-disliker” I know your comment isn’t directed toward me . . . but still! That’s some nasty sweeping generalization you’re making there: everyone whose preference is different than yours has a major character flaw.

  241. Juno: Reading over your comment and mine, I have to say I’m puzzled by the drift of your reply. Unlike some of the other anti-nuffer comments people have made here, I did not insult or impart character flaws to childfree people. I did not say they had no soul, or that they were evil, or that they hated kids, or that there was something inherently wrong with them. I simply put into words the strongly and repeatedly stated preference expressed by the childfree who visit this site: that they don’t like to look at or listen to children, and the implied necessary corallary, that because they personally have made the choice not to raise children, that they believe they should not have to be exposed to anyone else’s children, either in public spaces or in other people’s private spaces (which is what Cute Overload is, you know; it’s Meg’s privately owned website.)

    In other words, they feel they are entitled to have the world the way they like it, free of all the things and people they dislike. What part of my statement is not true?

    But then, you didn’t say it was untrue, did you? You simply said it was mean of me to say it.

  242. KellBell14 says:

    omg, all you children haters are ridiculous. that was the cutest thing ever. you’re all probably crabby old people that never got married and never had kids and say all these witty things about how annoying kids are because deep down you’re BITTER that you don’t have any. grow a heart, jeeeeez.

    “i’m her mom.” “NO SHES NOT”

  243. LOVED the vid. Posted it to my FB wall 😀

    But, here’s a thought I had about the ‘paying your pension’ thing. An *enormous part* of my taxes go towards the schools in my town (not that I am complaining). So it’s not like those Social Sec/pension thingies are favors anyone is doing to anyone. It’s called living in a society.

    Just saying. Also wish there wasn’t so much nuffing going on. After all, it specifically say ‘by a six year old’!

    Also, We’re In HAWAIIIIIIII!!!!!

  244. “I did not insult or impart character flaws to childfree people.”

    You certainly did. You said that “kid-dislikers” (your original term) are entitled. A sense of entitlement as you describe IS a character flaw. In fact, it’s a standout characteristic of several personality disorders. Ask any psychotherapist (which I happen to be) if you don’t believe me.

    “What part of my statement is not true?”

    The part where you suggest that ALL “kid-dislikers” are entitled. Certainly there are entitled people in this world. Some like kids, some don’t. Some “kid-dislikers” are entitled, some are not. The fact that some childfree people have expressed those sentiments means that it’s true FOR THEM–it tells you nothing about the rest.

    “But then, you didn’t say it was untrue, did you? You simply said it was mean of me to say it.”

    Then please allow me to clarify: it was both mean and untrue.

  245. [ahem]
    I want pie!

  246. oh no you dint TW!



  247. temperance says:

    i always thought ‘breeder’ was just another way of saying heterosexual; i.e. it can apply whether you have children or not. am i wrong here?

    plus- i always thought it was kinda funny and clever, not derrogatory. all about perspective, i suppose.

    [You’re right on almost all points; it can definitely be meant derogatorily, though. Compare the word “redneck” – Ed.]

  248. Now I want to see

    inspired by “kids”

    with commentary by a kittens…

  249. Beth (in NC) says:

    “I’m her mom!”

    “No she’s not!”

    That whole thing was TOO funny. I wish she would caption all the pictures I ever lay eyes on.

    “We’re in Hawaii!” {pic of cats in straw basket}

    I laughed out loud in a very obnoxious way. Thank goodness I was alone!!

  250. When I was 3 or 4, my mom was in grad school doing a thesis on linguistics, and used me as the subject… so in high school I found a slightly disturbing collection of notebooks and cassette tapes documenting the craAaazy things I said at that age. I couldn’t listen to the tapes long though, it was super annoying, even though I was curious.
    There’s also a packet of drawings from my pre-school with teacher handwriting that seems to be her asking me questions about the drawings and then writing down my explanations. THAT is pretty awesome. Such as “She has blue hair and a pink dress. Her hair is blue because I wanted it to be.” “That’s a crayon. I’m gonna draw as soon as I get a paper!” Maybe it’s more awesome with my kiddie drawings attached, sorry. I also drew “knight rider” as a pony next to a big black square.
    The most entertaining thing I saw from the linguistics (though I didn’t look much) was a conversation in a grocery store where I fairly randomly said “If -I- were a canteloupe, I’d be really expensive!” Children are crazy hilarious.

  251. I think that was supposed to be “Night Rider” – my mistake.
    My rich uncle had a car with a voice recording that would complain when I didn’t shut the door or put on my seatbelt, so I think that’s where I HEARD of NightRider, but didn’t actually know what it meant.

  252. Oh my god I had this book when I was 7 and I still have it now. I’m now 37 with two kitties of my own.

  253. That video reminded me of Home Star Runner. I liked ‘I am in Hawaii’. Nothing in that pic even kind of suggested Hawaii, unless you count wicker furniture. Also, ‘BRAINSTORM!’

  254. I’m eating pepper and chips too!!! Wait … no, no I’m not, I don’t know what that means. None the less, this is gold.

  255. I lol’d.

  256. Ness, I think she said “rainstorm”, but I also think you’re right on about the wicker. Nothing says Hawaii like kittens in baskets! (…if you’re six, heh)

  257. (after listening again) …hmm, might’ve been “brainstorm”. Tough call.

  258. I am a magician, Spencer, a furious magician.

  259. *wiping away tears*
    not sure if they were from the video (i want pie – i want beef jerky) or from edward’s son and gus!

    btw – as a person with no children (only my cat), i loved the kitten screams!

  260. Nuffers can go make their own “Cute Animals, No Kids” blog anytime they want. Ain’t the internet grand?

    The peeing sounds pretty much made my week.

  261. I lasted 8 seconds – what an irritating voice.

  262. OMG MY EARS!!

  263. Theo, just trying to decide which I like more, the pure randomness of ‘Rainstorm’ or the combined mental power of two heads touching in ‘Brainstorm’. But then, equally amusing.

  264. Not funny, not cute, but to each his/her own.

  265. @ Juno – You should definitely drink the Drano. The world would be better off without you.

  266. Brianfowler says:

    Even though I had to turn the volume waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay down to listen comfortably, this video actually makes me wish I had a child!

  267. lol…
    Those screams made my day.
    I love screams. They’re why I listen to metal & watch horror movies.

    I also love… kittens! and kids! They are both cute, lovable, & fun!

    Funny video! I lol’d.

  268. Super cute. My favourite bit about all this is all the butt-hurt CFers wailing about the kid content. Cry moar!


  269. To all you child haters out there-they aren’t kids forever ok? You guys were kids once too and probably just as annoying so you can stop with the holier than thou attitude. I love kids and I find adults to actually be more annoying than kids. Probably for the very kind of comments I see here.

    Watch this video of a dog playing with a laughing baby:

    Tell me that’s annoying and obvnoxious.

  270. Gail (the first one) says:

    A couple of days since this has been posted and I keep hearing stuff from the video!

    “We’re in Hawaii!”

  271. Kristabelle says:

    Gail – we were in a store and I saw a pack of beef jerky, and of course, I turned to my husband and said, “I want pie! I want beef jerky!”

  272. Oh my goodness, my eyes watered and my face ached from laughing.
    I had never thought of it before, but now I ABSOLUTELY BELIEVE that kittens scream like that.
    All the time!
    Just for fun!

  273. wow you cat people really hate children eh? This was hilarious, what is wrong with some of you?
    Oh and kids know bow chica bow ow because it was in the Alvin and in the Chipmunks movie

  274. I’m not really a fan of kids, don’t plan to ever bear any myself and generally am annoyed by children screaming in restaurants and stuff, and I hesitated to watch this . . . but it has become my most favorite thing on the Internet EVER!!! This is SO great, it’s like performance art! “I’m at work! BRAAAAAINSTOOOORM! MAAAAGIIIIC!” I will never not think this is hilarious or cry laughing every time I watch it. And I’ve been watching it about once a day since I saw it. Still don’t want kids, but THAT kid is freakin’ awesome.

  275. oh dag, this was so funny. i am not someone who is a big kid lover, but just the randomness of this was funny. I almost pee’d. <3

  276. that was the funniest thing i have seen in a while, haha. The screaming kittens were too good.

  277. I hope you know that calling a heterosexual person [especially one with a child] a breeder is the equivalent of calling a homosexual person a faggot. It’s demeaning, rude, and truly unnecessary. You certainly show your “breeding”.

    Other than that, I did like this because wow, what a strange child!! I’d be prepared to accept that she came up with all of that on her own. It was pretty funny.

  278. I don’t really see much difference between her comments and the written comments on the posts on here in terms of annoyance level. I mean, honestly, does no one mentally hear the same type of randomness and screaming? Maybe I’m just crazy.

  279. grr nuffers! This kid is having FUN!
    Re: questionable content: bow chick bwo bow was probably repeated without any idea of the context, kids are absolute SPONGES at that age. And “I’m her mom, no she’s not”- well, it’s a big grey cat, and a little white one. It makes sense- weird sense, but sense- to me.
    And clearly, they cut to the funniest ones for this video.
    The camera did follow her thoughts, though, so it’s possible she was reading- but it’s also possible it was made into a game- here’s a picture, make a caption, i’ll write it, and then you go back and read it while I film. Education AND imagination, willy wonka would be proud!

  280. Oh. My. Word. So NOT cute — that should never have been perpetrated on the world. And as noted, the title makes no sense.


  282. katemonster says:

    I was suprised at all the nuffers on this one.. maybe I was naive to think so, but I felt like CO is a happy place and that we are all heare forthe cute,even if we all have different ideas of what is cute. I’m suprised that anyone who would enjoy this website could be so… venomously negative.

    To Temperance-I do suppose the term “breeder” could be taken that way, but in this context it is a disdainful term used by the Child Free movement to refer to people with children or who choose to someday have children.

    I had a lot more respect for the CF people before I actually encountered the way they conduct themselves on the internet (although I realize they vary in intensityfordislike of children). I myself used to plan on being child free, and when I heard about the movement,I thought it sounded pretty interesting. ButI decided they could pretty much count me out when I heard a memeber refer to a child as a “crotch droplet”. I’m sorry, but that’s just cruel. I respect the decision notto have children- they’re not for everyone- but they’re people too, not genetic accidents or vermin. It is expecially disheartening to see such behavior here- that the same people who can react with such tenderness towards a kitten or duckling or something can be so outwardly hateful to a child. Dis-interest? Okay. But not like that. That’s just inhumane.

    People can say I’m over-sensitive- but I just felt compelled to say that such negativity is frightening to me, and that it seems especially out of place on a silly,fun site like CO.

    That out of the way,I’d just like to mention: You’re the architect of my dreams, Pchefy.

  283. wonderland says:

    thats are really creative child!

  284. I visited your web so many times and I do not know why I keep going back. I guess your drawing and writing are so good, they make me think about life and God. Your work is inspiring.
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