Kingsford is on fire!

Meet "Kingsford" the piggle. He is the most anerable house-pig you’ve ever seen. Squealing included:

Great find, NTMTOM. Via LA Times.


  1. Goodness, that’s the smallellellellellest piggy I’ve ever laid eyes on.


  3. Oooh he can’t get up the stairs!!

  4. wow i love his little leggies in the beginning.

  5. cr4z33gurl says:

    How does someone get one of those piggles!!! He’s adorable…please tell us…how big will he get…he’s SOOOO tiny and ADORRRRRABLES

  6. Tinyuhbles but fearless – will take on anything : cranky meezers, 10 foot waves, you name it !

  7. What a little ham!


    2) Sh-Boom– AWESOME!! My Dad used to sing that when I was little. Just one of those embarassing Dad things. 😉



  9. cute piggy, but why is he away from his mommy? He’s trying to bond with the humans, which is so wrong.

  10. ha ha ha so cute !!!

  11. PS I want awesome palm-leaf shorts like those this summer!

  12. SRSLY? OH… MAH… GOD!!!

    That may honestly be the cutest, smallest, most preshus, adorablest, faint-inducing little critter EVER.

    (*aaaaaaaand, faints*)

  13. balamuthia says:

    Cute pig but EW! There are nasty humans in the video! Don’t you know CO is for AMINUHLS ONLY??!

    Wow. Someone actually nuffed at this. I am amazed.

  14. Hee! He’s so very tiny!
    I wonder if that little piggy goes to market, or that little piggie stays home?

    And I hope he and the kitty eventually learn to get along with each other. Wouldn’t want either animal to get stressed out. 🙂

  15. how adorable!! i love it when he swims 🙂

  16. OH MY GOD!!!!!

    that is the cutest little tiny thing ive ever seen. that little nose. those little leggies. so incredibly cute. is it ok for him to be away from his mom? that ho in the video kept kicking him when they were running. she better be careful, if i owned that precious little morsel i would keep it in a special piggle holder. i wouldnt just let it walk out into the ocean!

  17. Yep.

    I’m really dead this time.

  18. Great soundtrack!

  19. The peeg needs lessons on how to walk on a leash, always zig zagging back and forth like that!

    Pretty cute though.

  20. thedoghaseatenthemop says:

    the litter box. too cute. much too cute.

  21. Wow, for such a cute little guy he can squeeeeeee awfully loud!

  22. Failboat 9000 says:


    I love the stair part – it’s like he’s demanding – ‘Come HERE human!! Ferry me up this contraption! I COMMAND you!’ Hee hee….
    And you KNOW that he will be obeyed.
    Cuz’ e’s cute. :p

  23. Failboat 9000 says:

    And by the way….


    For da lil no’z. ‘^@^’

  24. Assorted reactions.

    …OMG, that was stinkin’ cute.
    …Where do these people live, that seems to be perma-tropical?
    …Kind of wish they’d picked one song and stuck to it.
    …OMG the stairs, the stairs!
    …Meezer is all like, “Don’t bother me, porkchop.”

  25. The leggs!! Just the kyootest!!

    Were they trying to demonstrate how much Kingston would get upset if separated by the stairs??? Errrgh. Gave me separation anxiety just watching it.

    The walking on the sidewalk was kyoot too. They really don’t need a leash though as Kingston just wants to be between the feet of his mummy and daddy.

    Great soundtrack, though.

    Kingston is just too kyooot by far!

  26. ::Head splode::

    I MUST have a piggy to cuddle. Someone lend me your piglet. I grew up around piggies, and no matter how many times may dad told me, I just couln’t fathom why pigs didn’t make good pets. Not even the really HUGE ones!

  27. My gosh what a sweet family – all except for the “nasty cat.” Lol!

    I think they should call the piggy “Espresso” because he zips around in triple time. It’s too delightful.

  28. OMG!! If only he stayed that small!!!!

  29. YAYYYY now we know exactly what both “squeeee” and “enh! enh!” sound like, especially when sounded together! Also, love the name, even though it might have evil connotations if you think about it. “Kingsford” charcoal?

  30. scooterpants says:

    hmm ok, i REALLY dont care for ‘piggies’ , especially ones that SCREAM this loud oh! the screaming almost made my ears bleed and i had to stop the video.

    AND THEN WATCH IT OVER AND OVER AGAIN! this hurts my heart its so cute! he is definatley bonded to palm-leaf shorts guy, cuz he will not leave his feet-area! Love the cat litter box part (you’re gunna need a bigger box)
    LOVE the cat-domination part (“Run you kurr! run and tell em hells a comin and I’m coming with it!” *quote shamelessly stolen from Tombstone*)
    Swimming at the BEACH are you joking with me???
    and the stairs are priceless, check the squiggly feet on the hard wood floor! too much!
    where DO they live, paradise or somethin???

  31. superboymom says:


    But I kept wondering about the messes he would make . . . and then the precious piggie piddled in the litter box.

    Yeah, I think he NEEDS me! mm-hmm . . . definitely yes!

  32. Chronic Sender-Inner says:



    (someone call my husband and tell him I’s ded, please)

  33. Love that little piglet. Such a devoted personality and so much enthusiasm for life.

  34. Never have I ever…Wanted a piggie. Until now. Now I want a piggie. I want a piggie that tiny. And he could wear rainboots in miniature, like the teensy ones posted a while back. And I will love him and hug him and call him George. There. Ded now. D-e-d. The cuteness has killded me.

  35. Screw the Land of Milk and Honey. I want to go to the Land of Piglets and Beaches!

  36. Truly adorable & obviously very smart. What will happen when he isn’t so tiny anymore? Even so-called miniature pigs can be close to 100 lbs. Won’t fit very well in the house anymore after getting that big. Hope his humans have thought this out & are prepared to care for him properly.

  37. Can I move in with them? Awesome house and environment!!!

    Isn’t piggy running to stay under them b/c he would stay under mum for protection from predators?

    If only they stayed that small!

  38. What a wee little piggy! I can only imagine the kind of reactions one gets when walking it.

  39. I love how meezer’s all “get away from me kid, ya’ bother me.”

    And the piggy paddle at the is too much.

  40. Does anyone know what breed of pig this is?

  41. berthaservant says:

    Kitteh: “What, I’m kosher, stop annoying me, you shlub!”

    By the way, I have never seen a piggie in the ocean. That’s just chock full of awesome.

  42. I want that pig. What breed is it?!

  43. Hm, it might be a royal dandie
    breed piggy.

  44. What sort of piggle is he?

  45. Where can you get a piggie this small? The potbelly babies I saw were a bit bigger than this one. I sure would like a little piggie, yes I would.

  46. i don’t normally care for pigs, especially as housepets, but holy moly that is THE CUTEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!

    (and it totally reinforces my choice to stop eating animals. seeing a baby pig being cooked whole was what made me give up meat in the first place.)

  47. Is he one of those Gympie pigs from Australia? I’d almost move there to have one! Sooo cute!

  48. I will never eat bacon again!!! *tears welling up in my eyes* So friggin’ cute!

  49. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s all fun and games until the little piggie grows up.

    The cat is probably staging some early prevention, as it *knows* that when that pig gets older it will have a much easier time hogging the blanket/sunbeam/food from the cat (pun intended).

    (And on a sidenote…..SUCH A CUTE WIDDLE PIGGIE! ME WANTS!)

    the shields cannae handle this cute!

  51. Oh, My, GOD…. Are you trying to kill me Meg?? Are you?????
    That was just too precious for words!!
    If only they stayed that small though.

  52. Gail (the first one) says:

    You shoulda seen my cats’ ears go ‘on alert’ when they heard the squealing!!!!

    That is SO VERY cute!!!!!!!!!

  53. Kiiiiiingsfooooooord!

    That pretty much bury’s the needle on the cute-o-meter.

    It’s one of the cutest things I’ve seen all week, and I’m a resident cuteologist at

  54. was slack jawed until he was in the litterbox, then it was cheers.

    Very very cute indeed!

  55. LOL @ Gail- My cats did the same thing.. that whole “OMG WHAT IS THAT NOISE???? IS SOMETHING DYING IN HERE!!!!!

  56. Oh dear. Another animal to add to my virtual menagerie. If I got one, I think I would call it Hamlet.

  57. i squealed from the cuteness till my husband came over to see it 😀

    oh that is TOO CUTE! what breed is that to be so tiny?

  58. kingsford? as in, charcoal…?

  59. martha in mobile says:

    Isn’t Kingsford a brand of charcoal used in grilling?

  60. I must has it! Oh man, I have a litter of kittens, I think they would be just right for him to play with…my babies are only 6 days old…and he is BARELY bigger then them!!!!

  61. Well, he is a kind of a charcoal-grey color, isn’t he?

  62. Heather, tell us MORE about the tiny bitties!!

  63. You can go to my blog and see them. I post pics every other day… they are soooo cute, and getting markings!

    just click on my name and it should take you to the blog.

  64. I SOO needed this after being in such a foul mood today – poof! all gone now. He is so adorable, and this just changed my whole mood. Thank you!

  65. Which reminds me… I must go take more photos right this second! I love kittens and cute things and I love this cuteoverload blog!!!

  66. I didn’t like the bit where they were walking on the leash, she kept kicking him in the face 😦

  67. There is something unbearably prosh about a piggle that you can PICK UP WITH ONE HAND. That has to be a new rule or something.

    I too am completely flummoxed at how this can be nuffed at. Bonding with humans is what pets DO. This is a happy, happy piggle.

  68. Janet in Cambridge says:

    OMG, I have never wanted a piggy as much as I want this piggy. Pigs are so smart and full of attitude.

  69. OMG That is the cutest thing in the entire world, I’m in love with that little man !

  70. vegas vickie says:

    Diana, bugs bunny reference so funny call him George love it. But I’m not giving up my bacon!

  71. one of the cutest videos i’ve ever seen! adorable piggy! <3

  72. that makes two (2) close-ups of urination, real or simulated, that you guys have shown us today. not cool.

    (pig is, however, cute.)

  73. ah.mah.goh. Why do I not have a rescute little piggeh?

  74. My Mom used to work with a man who got a Vietnamese pot-bellied pig as a pet. The pig’s name was Wilbur. When Wilbur was still very small (only a little bit bigger than Kingston), Mom’s coworker had to go on a trip, and we got to piglet-sit Wilbur for a week. His behavior was almost exactly like Kingston’s, although he didn’t follow us around so closely. He could not handle stairs. He got his food all over himself when he ate. He grunted pretty much constantly and squealed at every annoyance. He really liked to burrow under things. He had a little baby blanket that he would bury himself under. Then he would lie there grunting to himself until he fell asleep. He was so cute and funny! Wilbur grew up, of course. When he was an adult pig, there was an article in the (small town) paper about him with a photo. He was huuuge! But apparently still a very good pet.

  75. I didn’t know piggies came this small! I want one … or I would if I hadn’t just died of cute.

  76. WANT.

  77. OMG, I had no idea they came that tiny! I WANT ONE! Not that my cat would put up with it … Maybe I won’t tell her!!

  78. Uh-oh! I’m sure this has left *ded* bodies and *sploded* heads all over CO nation! Teh cute! Teh squeeeees! Teh OMG’s!!!

  79. Uh-oh! I’m sure this has left *ded* bodies and *sploded* heads all over CO nation! Teh cute! Teh squeeeees! Teh OMG’s!!!

  80. Oh my God, I have to stop eating pork. If that was my pet though, I would be very afraid of stepping on him since he seems to be very foot oriented.

  81. I think kitteh and piggles are in luuuuuuuurve *blush*

  82. kibblenibble says:

    After reading all the comments, I know I’ve missed out…the vid isn’t there…just a big white empty space…=(

  83. kibblenibble says:

    Yay! After I posted, it appeared…so dang cute. Little piggle will do ANYTHING to stay close to his peeps…and his kitteh. Had to laugh when Ms. Cat was all “Stop following me around, why doncha?”

  84. He’s totally adorable now, but I wonder how cute he’ll be when he’s a 200 lb. territorial menace.

    Please people, don’t be deluded. Pigs *can* be great pets, but they are *not* ideal house pets. They do not self-groom and need outdoor space (though, as you saw, they can be litter box trained; but as they get bigger so must the litter box).

  85. I told my husband that if he really loved me, he would get me a piggie just like Kingsford.

  86. darlingdeer says:

    teeeeennyyy breeee breeee squueeeeaaall.

    <3<3 tiny baby piggle!

  87. Ooohhh, it brings back my Leonard’s piglet days. They grow up so fast…

  88. DED.




  89. OMG how you could leave him on the stairs like that??? He’s obviously such a widdle piggy and can’t climb those huge stairs.

    When the kitty hisses, it must mean to keep following it. yes yes.

  90. so much cute in such a tiny little squealing package!! want!!! now!!! the milk mustache!! the stair-induced outrage! the day at the beach! aaaaiiiieeee. why isn’t there a velcro piggy attached to my ankles, darn it?

  91. Chasingthedog says:

    Really cute until they realize they aren’t zoned for pigs and have to find another home for him and he ends up at LA county animal shelter and dies.

    BUT hopefully, since he’s obvy not weaned they’re good people who are fostering him until he gets big enough. Hopefully.

  92. I just got back from Vietnam, and my host family raised pigs (for food, but they still treated the porkers quite well). Check my name for some photos of them!

  93. For those of you wondering where one gets a piggy this teensy, check out this site:

    Look at the “Dandie Extremes” in the photo section…

    They only get to be like 19 lbs…not 100 like the previous poster said 🙂 You KNOW we all want!!!!

  94. So cute~!! i would like to know where can you buy miniature pigs and appro. how much is it? THANKS!

  95. Samantha: Royal Dandies (29 to 39 lbs.) are $2,500.00 to $3,400.00 ) plus shipping and neuter or spay

  96. I don’t think she was deliberately kicking the pig in the face – I think the pig was actually running into her feet. It would be hard to figure out where he was going to be next because he was zigging and zagging all over the place. 🙂

  97. Ohhhh…. surfing… this is torture! I want waves asap.

  98. Chasingthedog – they’re not in LA. Heck, they aren’t in the U.S. at all. If you look at the traffic they’re on the opposite side of the road, and the license plates are shaped differently. The source video says the original uploader is from Australia.

  99. Anita… I admit he looks tineh to be away from his mums, but what’s wrong with a bit of human bonding? 🙂
    Love is love!!
    And this tineh little piggle-ette just stole my heart.

  100. I wonder if his name is a foreshadowing of what is going to end up happening to him when he starts destroying those pristine hardwood floors – which he eventually will.
    I wish people would just have enough sense and compassion to stick to iPods.

  101. I take back my comment about the Khoala being the cutest C.O. post ever; THIS WINS HANDS DOWN. WOW that was cute. More!

  102. Heatherama says:

    OK, I LITERALLY squealed out loud and said aweeeee and oooohhhhhh the entire time that video played. He’s so darn cute! 🙂 What a sweetie pie.

  103. I love the duck-like quacking sounds when it’s trying to deal with stairs. Get that little beastie addicted to caffeine and cigarettes now. Stunt it’s growth before it changes from piglet to pig.

  104. I don’t think that could’ve been any cuter. However, how big is he going to get? I don’t see him fitting that collar for very long.

  105. This was the sweetest thing in the world. I just love how very hard he works to keep up.

    The stairs bit just about killed me. What a cute little piggy. <3 :)

  106. Dang, I want one, too! I will pet him and pat him and call him George. I mean, Kingsf…, er, Hammy.


  107. WANT!

  108. I am never eating bacon again… lol

  109. Every where there’s lots of piggies living piggy lives
    You can see them out to dinner
    with their piggy wives

  110. That made my WEEK. 😀

  111. *calls Chronic Sender-Inner’s hubby*

    “Yes, ded.”

    “Because she said so.”

    “OK, fair dos!”

    I don’t think he believes you, CSI (eeh, CSI, heehee).

  112. Looloobelle says:

    The ‘Hamlet’ comment juust about killed me.
    The little of me that wasn’t already ded after watching this pile o’ cute. OMG! It was the ear waggle when he’s in the water and swimming that really did it.

  113. That made me smile and really brightened my morning!

  114. oh, that’s IT! I want to move to OZ…cute piggies, bathing koalas, wallabee’s in rucksacks.

    That piggie is in total control of that household!

  115. I was munching a piece of bacon when watching this. *sighs* I had to give it to my husband.

  116. I want one.
    I want one.
    I want one.
    I want one.
    I want one.

    I soooo want one 😦

  117. Marianne from GA says:

    “Are you my mommy? Are You my mommy?? Are YOU my MOMMY??? Oh, You must be my daddy ’cause you’re taking me swimming.”

  118. Love him! Love him! Everyone ready to stop eating pork now? Good. (sorry that includes bacon you guys. sigh. I miss bacon)

  119. aaaaaah!!!! aaaaaaaaahhhhh!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!!

    too cute too cute too cute too cute aaaaaaaaaah!!!!!

  120. why assume that these people are bad pet owners? maybe they know exactly what they are getting into and are totally prepared for piglife…that’s what i prefer to think. and maybe their floors are pergo.

    I loved his tiny wittle hooves clattering around! awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

  121. Those tiiiny trotters, the bravery, just too much for my soul to bear, I’ll have to watch it again. He has t have a meezer cat- he;ll learn to keep way from the cranky meezer, who one day will use him as a warm place to sleep.

    I’m wondering if Kingston has his own website.

  122. Beth (in NC) says:

    Honestly, I think that this is *the* cutest thing I’ve ever seen on here!!!!! I had to wrack my brain to be sure, but I have decided that yes, it most assuredly is!! What a teeny cute little guy!! Ocean swimming! Trying wine! Not so bad being a Californian piggle!

  123. Alice Shortcake says:

    I’m a wee bit disappointed – I wanted to see him riding that surfboard…

  124. The pig just wants to get between her legs! Sneaky..


  125. The piggie is obviously unspeakably adorable. But as someone stuck on the US East Coast–where it is currently alternating between subzero temperatures and gale-force winds–and with a head cold to boot, I OBJECT to the distinctly non-cute sunshine and beaches flaunted shamelessly throughout. There oughtta be a warning: “this video contains obscene temperatures” or something.

  126. *melting*
    Awwwwwwwwwwww wwwwwwwwwwwww wwwwwwwwwwwww wwwwwwwwwww.

    I can’t go on. Too cute. *dead*

  127. David Spor says:

    My cousins had two little piglets named Suzy and Donna that looked just like Kingsford. Cute as a button, they squealed and dropped little turds whenever they were picked up.

  128. LisaHoneychan says:

    HOLY…*brain explodes* This is the cutest thing CO has EVER posted!
    I’m also going to start saving up for my own $3500 piglet, as i’ve told the DH that if pigs could be bred THAT small, i’ll be getting one. Okay, so my dogs prolly woulden’t like it much, but who knows?

    TOO CUTE!!*snorgles wee lil piggy* The name’s perfect, too. Mine will be named P-chan, tho.*LOL*

  129. 19 to 29 pounds? but that would only yield about 10 pounds of pork and bacon. what’s the point? I don’t get it…

  130. Riiiiiight, Poo(r)ker.

  131. what a cute family !!

  132. OMG, so adorable! I love the double-entendre of “Kingsford’s” name. If I had a pet piggy, I’d name it “Qwaltney”. Better than “Hormel” or “Jimmy Dean”. 😉

  133. guinea piggle says:

    !!!! Look at all the impossibly teensy babies pictured on that web site!

    Looks to me like some strong examples of rules 27 and 14. 🙂

  134. I’m ded.

    That’s it. There’s no hope. I’m ded. It’s done. I’m just ded.

  135. this is the cutest video i have EVER seen. i cannot stop watching it. CANNOT!!

  136. That piggie’s name is bigger than he is!

    Very cute piggy!

    But swimming in the ocean? Naaaw – that’s called “brining”

  137. he needs some little boots so he doesn’t slip on the varnished floor

  138. Goaty McGoateheimer says:

    What does ‘anerable’ mean?

  139. jackie31337 says:

    marie: “i squealed from the cuteness till my husband came over to see it :D”

    Same here, except it was my 5-year-old who came running in to see what was going on. The first thing she asked was “is that cute overload?”

    juniperjune: “that makes two (2) close-ups of urination, real or simulated, that you guys have shown us today. not cool.”

    Pee is a big part of life with pets. I suspect this was probably the proud moment of Kingsford’s first litterbox pee. I thought it was kind of cute. Then again, maybe being a mom has warped my brain.

  140. I am a horrible human being. I just ate my leftover BLT for a late late dinner whilst looking at cute overload (romantic vday, while hubby snores on sofa.) 🙂 Then I watched this, read comments, and squeed…till someone mentioned pork… I might have just eaten Kingston’s mom. 😦 Bad human bad human, only beans for you! Seriously, I will not eat pork again.

  141. i cried. i have always, always wanted a little piglet and this one is just too cute. gimme!!!

  142. Oh, I fainted from cuteness OV.

    All I want is a piggy..right now.

    And mine will live in paradise, ’cause we’re from Brazil : )

  143. pounce – I agree! And how disappointing to read someone calling the piggy mama “that ho”. 😦 Just horrible.

  144. S.K. Riedel says:

    Am I the only Ranma 1/2 fan looking at this? My immediate reaction was “P-Chan!” Pour hot water on him and he’ll turn into a morose young martial artist with a lousy sense of direction, named Ryoga. Pour cold water on him and he’ll turn back into an adorable piglet!

  145. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!

  146. My cats freaked when they heard the piggy. Big tail and fast feet, they ran like they were going to be eaten. IT was great lol…

  147. zomg cutest, tiniest, itty bitty piggy eva!! soooo want to snorg!!

  148. RevanValkyrie says:

    wow, the cute little bugger can book it!

  149. Anerable means adorable. I’m not sure of the etymology. Theo-how did it come to be, anyway, Theo? Are you there Theo? Theo Theo Theo!


  151. I’ve had both pot-bellied pigs and full-size pigs and they all start out at least that small. What you probably don’t realize is the piggie in the video is probably just a few days old. The wonderful thing about piggies is they pretty much know what to do right out of the ‘chute.’ It’s scary to see him on those hardwood floors though. Pigs legs break very easily and they’re just setting him up for a serious accident. Hopefully They’ll get some throw rugs around.

  152. spikedcolor says:

    Too, too adorable! The foot-blur nearly killed me.

    All pot-bellied piggies start off that small, but over the next 2 years they can reach 100+ pounds, easy. You can’t always predict a baby’s eventual size from the parents, either.

  153. Does anyone know what kind of pet-pig Kingsford is? He doesn’t look like a typical pot-bellied baby pig (or maybe they look like that before their belly catches up with their legs?). He seems like the perfect pet – has the bladder control of a cat and the swimming and loyally-following-master-everywhere trait of a dog. I must get one. Now.

  154. OMG! i must get one of these little piggies!!!!!!

  155. love the pig, hate the bitch..

  156. So adorable!!! Totally best peegle ever! I’ve been thinking about not eating pork anymore anyway…

  157. Kingsford is the name of a brand of charcoal. XD

  158. AWHH!! i jst LOVEE PIGGIES!! he looks like half dog and half PIGGY! and HE’S SO TEENYYY!! <33333333

  159. so adorable.. please don’t abandon him when he’s bigger and not baby-cute anymore though. : (

  160. OH MY GOD!!!! I need a pig like this!!! its sooooooooooo cute *_____*

  161. okay, okay, I’m hooked! At first it was just social Kingsfording, but I was visiting more & more often. Soon my needs drove me to crime! I wanted a little Kinglet of my own! A little piggie go wee-wee-wee, all the way home to ME! Finally my addiction drove me to steal a few stills from the video and make a little movie of my own! I don’t even know if I’m in dutch, but here I am tattling on myself….I don’t care anymore!
    Oh, Kingsie, if I get sent up to the big house — wait for me! wait for me!