Why not get a “Pomster”?


[shifty eyes] I’m still checking if they exist. Something about the beady-eye to paw ratio scares me.

This pocket pet pomster was created by Scuzzi for a contest. No, you can’t have one.



  1. Needs tongue hanging out of the side of his mouth.

    Fake or not, WANT ONE!

  2. ……for a split second i actually thought that creature is real!!!!

  3. Looks photoshopped.. I can tell by the pixels.. lol 😀

  4. Not to nuff, but I think that’s ‘Shopped.

    LOL@asterisked text!

  5. katiedid, jinx — you owe me a Coke!

  6. *head ‘splodes*

  7. Whatdya mean I can’t have one?! Dammit!

  8. OBVIOUSLY Shopped! Send me two anyway. I will take a male and a female so that they can have the babies.

  9. OMG – I so want one! Pomster-perfect. Can’t we make them breed those little buggers for real? Maybe if we collect enough orders…

  10. scooterpants says:


    If I cannot have it please do not show it to me…

    Lets all go in together and hire us a mad scientist to genetically whip one up for us. This is a must have.

  11. WANT!

  12. i need an insulin shot ovah heah. too much sugary sweetness!

  13. is that a cheeto in the pawski’s?

  14. Ugh, this is kind of creepy. Unaltered hammies for me please!

  15. katiedid, you forgot about the lighting and the shadows. They’re a dead giveaway. 😉


  17. We should have a rule of cuteness about 2 cute animals being shopped’ together =double cuteness!

  18. balamuthia says:

    That’s adorable! Great use of photoshop!

    Aw, I love the way Julia says “A tiny bit of water” in the youtube video of her…which was linked here but seems to be gone now?

  19. Kirlia- we could call it Platypus Aminals!!!!

  20. Dear Mad Scientists:

    Two, please.

  21. Thats cute but still kind of creepy.

  22. Cracking up at the caution on the pic “not recommended for guarding homes” ya think?!

  23. Methinks this should be tagged under Unusual Animals…!

  24. I just died and went to minipomham land.

  25. Do they bark, or squeak? Or squark? Hmmm.

  26. If pups had grasping paws they would, indeed, pown the universe!

  27. A “Pomster”? What about a “Hammeranian”?
    Hammeranian Time!

  28. Genetic tinkering!!! A new growth industry to lift our economy out of the morass. (Heh)

  29. OMG it’s Digby! Well, part of him. But the old link even still works!
    Here’s the updated one…

  30. Darn you, Theresa! Now I’m going to have that song in my head for the rest of the day.

    Can’t pooch this!
    Stop–hammie time!

  31. ThreeCatNight says:

    Pseudo-hybrid or not, I would love to have one to keep in my pocket, and take it out to kiss– but not too deeply or I might ingest it!

  32. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Theresa: Can’t touch this!!

  33. I think George Lucas is going to use this in the next Star Wars trilogy.

    Due to the economy he’s downsized Wookies to Ewoks and now Ewoks to Pomsters.

    There will be a line of tie-in stuffed animals, complete with home habitrails, video games (Find the Gummy worm)and of course golf club cozies.

  34. I’d rather have a kitster.

  35. This is almost as good as a cat-sized panda.

  36. Totally photoshopped. But I’d buy one if they were real. Pop him in my purse! 🙂

  37. I’d like a Hammaranian please.

  38. vegas vickie says:

    lol lol lol lol lol lol rofl

  39. It is definitely fake, the site give you the link the the original hamster photo from wiki.

    I want dog size elephant, pocket size giraffe, and hamster size panda.

    If only that can be true. Japanese breed dogs for cuteness, and their dogs have 5 times more genetic diseases than dogs elsewhere (who already has problems).

  40. i want my very own pornstar

  41. The first clue that I noticed to it being fake is that it’s a dog’s head on a hamster’s body. 😉

  42. The problem with Japanese dogs: the breeders are very irresponsible and there is a lot of inbreeding, which explains the genetic diseases.

    Can’t decide if I find the Pomster(tm) cute or creepy. Cute. Creepy. Cute. Probably both.

  43. OMG….best giggles of the afternoon!!! The world cannot handle such cute!!

  44. OK, now make the hamster the size of a rel Pomeranian. (Please)

  45. OMG….best giggles of the afternoon!

    The world cannot handle this cute:)

  46. But I waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant ooooooooooooone! If you don’t get me one I am going to hold my breath!

  47. Wild pomsters are common in the mountains around L.A. But they’re hard to find because they only come out at night. If I adopt one, do I need to get a county dog license?

  48. ew, I actually think that’s creepy. Then again, I don’t really like poms so there ya go.

  49. madscientist says:

    Well, I am getting my PhD in genetics. Now I have a post-doc project! All I need is funding….

  50. berthaservant says:


    If you think this is cute, you should see the pomster babies.

    That is all.

  51. I WANT!!!!!

  52. CREEPZ.

  53. LOL – I want one…make it two


  55. the photo has credits which say where the two individual photos used to create this came from… so for those who are going “haha, this is so Photoshopped”, well duh. 😉

    …doesn’t mean I don’t want a dozen of these guys, so I can lay on my back and have them run around on my stomach.

    :hopes genetic splicing research technology makes a giant leap forward, like, now:

  56. I admit that had me for a moment there. A leetle creepy.

  57. See, THIS is why I want to be a genetic engineer. Pomsters, mini pandas, mermaids… MUST HAVE!

  58. I like Hameranian better actually.

  59. Waaaaaaaaaaah, must have a Pomster!

  60. liz, we have an implicit sarcastic font.

  61. Perfect pocket Pom.

  62. Why does everyone think EVERYTHING is ‘shopped? C’mon people! My cousin’s neighbor’s niece has one of these!

  63. Kristabelle says:

    I’m not much for the Hammaranian, but I really would like a pocket sized giraffe… I imagine he’d be a little fragile though…
    What about a Pommie sized Panda? Pomdas anyone?

  64. Gail White says:



  65. problem is that everyone will want one now…when i was a kid i got a hamster cage with a pic of a pandabear hamster on it. i wanted one. i searched and searched….do they exist?

  66. rachelattack says:

    Well, not to be too critical… but I can think of onnneee reasssonnnn.

  67. Lighten up peeps. It’s special.

  68. Re: Panda Bear Hammies…just google!

  69. for those of you saying, “This is ‘shopped, I can tewtelly tell…” Uh, yeah. I think that’s kinda the POINT.

    Regardless, it had me going for a minute until I looked a bit closer. I don’t think humans could handle so much cute in such a tiny package! Way too cute…Oh, and if the Mad Scientist is taking orders, put me down for 2. kthxbai!

  70. Pomster? More like PALMster if you ask me. Fits in your palm!

  71. Here—

    It was made for someone’s photoshop class:(

  72. Miss Cristin says:

    Awww. That’s what we used to call my Pomeranian, Romeo. He looked just like a hamster when he was a puppy. So cute!