Behold the Tiny Tongue of DISAPPROVAL

Apparentleh, this kitteh named Neptune got a SERIOUS hairs cut and like, hated it!


BLEEEEH! Neptune: Haircut Summer 2008 and Neptune: Haircut Summer 2008 – 2 by tammyhq.



  1. AuntieMame says:


  2. Is that a “I said ‘NO!!!!'” I see there?

  3. Looks like someone could give Winston a run for his money!

  4. Very Winston-esqe! Oh kitteh…it can’t be that bad!

  5. Gail (the first one) says:


    And, what a great name!

  6. ChristineW says:

    OMG he looks like Winston’s relative! And with the same attitude!

  7. I sometimes make that face after I cut my own hair, but when I stick my tongue out it’s not nearly as cute.

    Don’t worry, Neptune–it’ll grow back!

  8. I think that’s Bill the Cat from Bloom County

  9. Winston’s long lost cousin!!

  10. Neptune – perfect cat name. And as everybody and his cousin is saying, definitely of Weeenston lineage.

  11. Oh yes, and very good drumstick action in the back there.

  12. poor kitteh – I bet he’s one of them short nosed kittehs who has trouble breathing

    (nuff sorry)

    I like hees weeskairs!

  13. What a fluffeh face. That’s definitely not a happy tongue. No sir.

  14. This is the haircut I got right before eighth-grade pictures.

    Damnit, I was supposed to look like Olivia Newton-John!

  15. Zelda Smith says:

    That poor kitty can’t breathe.

    He’s adorable though.

  16. He looks like he’s part walrus. I like him.

  17. Oh the indignity! And yet still he maintains his composure folding his paws so neatly before him.
    (or is that the precurser to evil hand tenting?)

  18. fish eye no miko says:

    He looks like has no eyes!

  19. That looks like my Smush!! And he has trouble breathing, too. Makes the most hysterical noises AND is a messy eater!! But I wuvs heem!!

  20. OMG!! It looks like Winny as a baby!!!! WANT!!! NOW!!!

  21. The ridges on the tongue! Unbelievable.

  22. catloveschanel says:

    Well, who could blame him with that doo? That is so last year!

  23. Is this a baby Winston?

  24. Look at the wilford brimly whiskers!

  25. my kitteh Klyde does that too! i call it the tiny tonge and tell him how cute he is. he is happy when he does it. maybe this baby is very happy after all…

  26. Mighty Neptune! Beware his wrath!

  27. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    He’s not disapproving, he’s singing… maybe?

  28. Definitely matchingks with Winston, and seems to be working on getting just as grumpy.

  29. He is Winston’s love child!!!

  30. ooh dear. poor shaven disapproving kitteh!!

  31. Lion cuts on long-haired pusses are always cute. Sometimes sad, but always cute.

  32. berthaservant says:

    He needs a little trident.

  33. I am stoked to see i am not the only one who thought it was Winston! So much disapproval…

  34. but… but… *splutters from teh qte* why are hims shaven hairs white but the rest not??

  35. Remember “The Guiding Leash? Now do you believe me? Somebody was pottsying with someone! And lo, and behold, little “Mr. I’m not going to even look at myself, so you can’t se me either!”Otherwise know as the “Ostrich Defense.”

  36. OMG did anyone check out the other pics of Neptune? Apparently his leetle tongue makes frequest appearances!!! Tee hee!!! Love eem…

  37. Natalie, Neptune seems to be a cat with “points.” Like Siamese and Himalayan, and some other kinds of cats. They have darker fur on their faces, ears, paws and tails.

  38. Man, and I already used the “Drool Runnings” joke.

  39. he looks a lot like winston! we can haz more pikchurs?

  40. The Fedex Mon always hated he.

  41. ROFL!

  42. Of all the indignity, I’ve had heaped on me, this takes the kibble.

  43. That dog really looks the part!

    This kit-teh is as cute as a button.

  44. lsuhillary says:

    He is not only giving Winston a run for his money, this kitteh is horning on the rabbit disapproval market

  45. “Do you have DIABETISSSSS?”

  46. Mild sedative?

  47. snoopysnake says:

    Poor little Neptune! The indignity! Keep your eyes closed and tongue out and make those nasty human furdressers sorry they ever messed with you. I hope they learn from their mistake.