New From The Franklin Mint!


Angela C.



  1. “HUMMM… There has got to be about 3 dollars in change in here.. just enough to buy kitty treats!!!”

  2. Now, HERE the question is “how are you gonna get it out of the bottle?” instead of “how did they get it into the bottle?”

  3. (bogglebleen)

  4. So Bonsaïkitten are for real finally!

  5. Pat Seifert says:

    And I thought the “bonsai cat” story was an urban legend!

  6. I am slightly alarmed.

  7. Looloobelle says:

    *Cue the really undignified ackshons of a kitty trying to extract itself from a bottle*

  8. Kristabelle says:

    Kitty has bobcat ears! I don’t think I would mess with that kitty… Will he back out of the jar???

  9. Extracting the kitteh is easy: just wait till it turns into liquid when it falls asleep then pour it out!

  10. Fluffitania ruled the waves and waved the rules.

  11. Wow! I wish I could have seen how that kitty got out of the jar! 😀

  12. I love the one little paw sticking out of the jar in back!

  13. Is there an “after” pic available? I, too, would like to know the fate of this kitten.

  14. It’s mine ALL mine! Bwa ha ha!

  15. That cat is more fluff than anything else. I’m sure it got out just fine. And probably went right back in.

  16. This looks like the Christmas kitten the little girl didn’t want. People, please don’t recycle unwanted kittens into art. The ASPCA generally looks down upon such practices.

  17. Trabb's Boy says:

    I feel sooooooo patriotic all of a sudden!

  18. I love how long haired kits look so huge, meanwhile they’re so scrawny! Eh Winston?


  19. Please tell me that cat is okay!

  20. Quick! Quick! Enjoy the absurdity before the ’nuffing begins! No worries–the handle… um, tail is still conveniently in reach.

  21. I hope he doesn’t have one-way fur or he’ll never get out!

  22. anyone who is alarmed has clearly never owned a kitten…

  23. …or has a sense of humor.

    Cats get themselves into tight spots all. the. time. I don’t even have a cat and I know this. If you look really closely at the jar, you’ll realize that it’s actually a pretty big jar and that kitty’s mostly just floof.

    Yes, lets all enjoy the absurdity before the nuffing.

  24. Von Zeppelin says:

    I will add this model with pride to my collection. All Americans can be proud of the good ship USS Fluffitania. Who can forget the Battle of Dinnerdish Bay in 1779? The Fluffitania, under the command of Commodore Isaac Grimalkin, pounced out of the fog and sent HMS Fancyfeast to the bottom.

    [Jeez, I shoulda paid better attention in history class, I don’t remember ANY of this… – Ed.]

  25. Commodore Isaac Grimalkin: “I have not yet begun to floof!”

  26. Janet in Cambridge says:

    This one has particular value, since one leg is still sticking out the back.

    How’s the oxygen supply in there?

  27. LibrarianJessica says:

    It’s a rule of the feline kind: if I fit in it, I sit in it.

  28. Janet in Cambridge, it probably smells like old coins. Which to me isn’t a particularly wonderful smell, but cats are crazy.

  29. How come no one is bringing up the obvious bottlehab issues? I mean, how can we accept kittens in bottles but not kittens in boxes? Double standard of receptacles I tell you! Double standard!!

  30. David (the first one) says:

    Kitteh will be fine. Cats have no true collar bones, so they can get in (and out) of any opening that they can fit their head through. This kitteh’s head is actually very small, don’t let the big ears fool you 🙂

  31. David (the first one) says:

    Puss ‘n Booties?

    /just noticed the coins

  32. Awesome, I’ll put it between my 1984 Winter Olympics silver-plated coin set and the Princess Di commemorative plate.

  33. That’s amazing how they build those right in the bottle like that!

  34. This reminds me of the hilarious bonsai kitten website (yes, it IS a joke, folks; don’t get your kitty loving knickers in a twist) at

  35. Correction:

    [Actually, I wouldn’t call it “hilarious”, myself… – Ed.]

  36. Oh yeah, and the little hand-painted Union and Confederate soldier statues. How could I forget?

  37. if I fit in it, I sit in it.

    Yes. For varying degrees of ‘fit.’ Our big lump of a marmie still thinks he’s a kitten – of COURSE he can fit in the tiny box. Silly human.

  38. Let the nuffin begin.

  39. Gail (the first one) says:

    Kitteh’s expression is all “Where’s all my quarters?!! Mom, did you use my quarters for the laundromat?!”

  40. Doesn’t look very happy to me! Looks like its wondering how its gonna get out. Won’t go back in in a hurry lol

  41. Kitteh *fine*. My baby, The Killer Robot Cat Klunk, in all her life only got herself into one bind she couldn’t get out of–she loved to slide under the central air conditioning unit in our apartment. Almost overnight she grew too big for that space but didn’t realise it, and got stuck one day. She kept trying to go forward to get out, which got her more stuck. We had to rip the unit apart to get her out (landlord was NOT happy, but we fixed it), and after that I fastened some thick mesh over the intake at the bottom, so she couldn’t get in at all anymore. RIP, comedic Klunk (she had a series of strokes six years ago, and was put to sleep ;_;).

  42. This reminds me of bonsai kitty!

  43. Damn laundry day! Never have enough quarters!

  44. One of my cats once lept behind the bottom drawer of my filing cabinet once and crawled under it. I had to tilt the (very heavy) filing cabinet up a couple inches for her to get out, and I’m still amazed that she was able to squeeze out, or I would have had to find someone to help me actually pick up the cabinet. Cats are amazingly compressible (and also FAST at getting into places they shouldn’t).

  45. Tractatus Blorpico-Philosophicus says:


  46. In b4 Bonsai Kittens nuff.

  47. Anyone who is concerned about kittykins has never washed a cat…they’re mostly fluff. In fact, in a pinch, The Fluffitania could be floated out of there. Maybe that’s how these cat boats are launched?

  48. Oooooo! I’ll take 12! I imagine the kitty dander would be nicely contained in that, er….container… 😀

  49. David (the first one) says:

    PJ – I had to wash a big white cat after it got under the stove. That was pretty traumatic, for all parties involved. Yes, they are mostly floof. Afterwards I had to wrapped her up like a burrito in a towel to dry off (it was winter and heat is not on).

  50. Must be that New Frugality the papers are talking about.

    Rather than letting them go to waste, someone’s caning kittens for a rainy day.

  51. kitteh penny-pincher! (think British slang)

  52. I had no idea that ships were equipped with laser-eyes during the Revolutionary War. We were so advanced!

  53. What an audacious little kitty!

  54. Beth (in NC) says:

    I betcha this was probably a backing-out extraction… my kittehs always look particularly miffed when they have to leave somewhere in such an undignified way… “TAIL FIRST?! Oh, the humanity!”

  55. Something tells me there’s a really long story about this one. 🙂 That’s a dedicated kitteh. I wonder how he got out?

  56. Two words: Bonsai Kitty!

  57. berthaservant says:

    I’m surprised no one has suggested the possibility of jarhab. Because floofer here clearly has a promble.

  58. “promble” [schnickeringks]

  59. That takes kitteh boxaholism to a whole nutha level.

  60. My cat once got stuck in the birdhouse on the top of the garage. We couldn’t find him for a full day – and then we heard this pitiful meowing. My mom had to recruit some construction workers from next door to partially dismantle the birdhouse and rescue him. The incident did explain why birds never set up in the birdhouse though.

    Cats are not really that bright about getting out of things they try to get into. That said, I’m sure that with a convenient hind leg available to yank on, this kitty made it back out of the jar just fine.

  61. Biscuit Tin says:

    I LOVE that little hind foot!!!

  62. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    I’ll never forget “losing” my cat in high school – I put up with the allergy. It was her dinner time, and I had put it out for her, and called and called… no cat. Finally, I heard the dinner plates meowing. Or so it seemed. She had gotten herself into the china cabinet and the door closed behind her. She just sat on a plate until she got hungry enough, and started to meow. When I opened up the cabinet she came out looking entirely miffed, and meowed in a way I’d never heard her do before. I do believe she was cussing me out. 😀

  63. I too had a cat get stuck. She was moderately overweight, a problem I can sympathize with. So even though she could get her head places, the pudge didn’t necessarily follow.

    She got herself stuck in some sort of floor joist, heating pipe, plumbing conflaguration in the basement of our house. We heard her desperate meowing through the floor of the living room.

    I loved that cat dearly, and I cried because it was so troublesome getting her out. Cried because I was laughing so hard.

    She’s passed on now, but everytime I walk past her stuck spot in the basement, I pause to remember her and wonder: what the hell was she doing?

  64. Poor kitty! Hope she got out ok and was mostly floof…

    (goes to get diamond to cut the glass with and rescue kitty)

  65. Kibblenibble says:

    I know the kitteh survived this, but my claustrophobia is kicking in just looking at her. *goes to find a paper bag to breathe in*

  66. I can’t even look at this cuz I gets the claustrophobias!

  67. Aaack! I feel claustrophic just lookin at that kitty! I hope no animals were harmed for this picture!

  68. Fancy's Mum says:

    2 comments: did they have to pull the tail to get the Kitteh to fluuff up once it was placed in the bottle?

    Is this kitteh a Mynah!

  69. i don’t think you’d have to pull on the back leg or the tail to help the kitteh out; you could probably just pour.

  70. I cannot believe ya’ll fell for this. This is obviously a promo-pic from the new Sting song, “Kitteh In A Bottle”.

  71. I have the same problem with pocket fuzz getting in my change jar.