Porter Earns His Merit Badge

"OK, let’s see… the rabbit goes through the hole, then round the tree… no, wait, that’s not it…"

Well, it KIND OF looks like the diagram ...

"Shoot, now it’s all tangled up!  Well, maybe nobody will notice if I cut it a little…"


"YIKES!  How’d it get wrapped around my ankles?!"

Oh, SWELL, now I'll be hanging from the flagpole until sundown.

"Ah, to heck with this.  Who ties knots these days, anyway?"

What they REALLY need is a Playstation merit badge.

You’ve earned your sender-innering badge, SM.



  1. looks like he’s knot giving up.


  2. We need boxhab ASAP!! This kitty needs to debox!!!

  3. hee hee hee hee ohhhh man, I do NOT miss Boy Scouts…

  4. Flossing is good for your teef, kitty.

  5. Well, at least Porter was holding his tongue right in the first two pictures…

    Beautiful kitty, great pictures!

  6. Now is it right over left or left over right, I know use a cable tie.

  7. Aww! How cute is he?????

  8. @Hon Glad:
    Depends which one you start with. If you start left over right, you finish with right over left. On the other hand, if you start with right over left, you finish with left over right.
    Of course, if you don’t start, cable ties work fine.

  9. Jorden cook says:

    Porter is a great name! And such a handsome fellow.

  10. Feline Lovin' Scout Leader says:

    What’s up with the boy scouts… they have a dog care merit badge but no cat worship merit badge, so unfair!

  11. Looks like my old man Beast. RIP, Beastie. I miss you, dude.

  12. Janet in Cambridge says:

    Love the crazed kitty eyes…but biting the string to make the knot work is cheating, y’know.

  13. lookie at that tongue!!! so peeeenk!

  14. scooterpants says:

    OMG octagonal-box hab needed immediatley pleeze.
    and, nice flossin job!

  15. [swoooooon]


    the TONGUE!!!!!!!!!

  16. He’s pretty ambitious for a cat. Looks like working on the nap badge is in order.

  17. Gets out Girls scout leader hat

    Right over left,
    left over right,
    Makes a knot
    tidy and tight.

    Next we will work on our half hitch

  18. Is it me, or does anyone else want to play with the peenk tongue?????

  19. Awww, knots have left the kitteh all tie-tie.

  20. Annie, that’s the one we were taught for tying a sling, cos it’s a nice flat knot that doesn’t hurt the shoulder.

    How come I can remember that 30 years later but all my French has left me?

  21. mervtheflamingo says:

    he looks like my mortimer! He looks like a crazy manic monster kitty like Morti too.

  22. What a cutie! Lovin’ the tongue!

  23. LOL Starling… Yeah a properly tied slip not will not slip.

    I was a scout as a child and then a leader for both of my daughters troups. We had a blast.. I was the kind of scout leader who taught my third grade girls all how to light matches and we did knots of course and compass Reading and proper fire building techniques and we went camping.

    I know boys do this all the time but we just do not teach our girls survival skills like we should.
    My scouts were awesome.

  24. Boxhab! Boxhab! Boxhab! Nice that the box was round so he could squish himself in thar. If the box was squar’, might not’ve.

  25. Starling — just tie the sling off-center, so the knot isn’t *on* the shoulder. Then you can totally go nuts. I once tied a macrame plant hanger into a sling for a gardener who’d taken a header off a rickety arbor.

    I am making this up.

  26. Okay and now I am gonna post this web site I found becasue it goes right alog with our cute kitty scout.


    IT is an entire site devoted to properly tied shoes and bonus it has some really cool ways to lace up your shoes besides the standard way.

    It is perhaps a new favorite for me.

    BTW it is SFW.

    I tried to “KNOT” post it but I couldn’t resit any longer.

  27. At Teho’s macrame sling… SNICKER

  28. superboymom says:

    Very knotty kitty . . . indeed!

  29. Annie…I too was a girl scout but we had the “not an outside type of person” leader (my Mom). We never learned knots or lighting fires and we only went camping once a year, preferably in a cabin. We did learn a lot of cool crafts and sign language and dance moves and first aid and such, though.

    I should have taken my kitty along, maybe he could have taught us knots.

  30. A macrame sling? Was it in the shape of an owl? Why is most macrame in the shape of an owl? Enquiring minds wish to know.

  31. That tongue is unbelievable!!!

  32. thefelinepunk says:

    It looks like he’s trying to floss. :3

  33. momof2kitties says:

    Annie, you beat me to it! I remember that ditty, as well. I believe I even won some kind of knot-tying award at GS camp one year. Who’s up for some hobo pie, or doughboys??

  34. (resists urge to rub snaggle toof showing in 3rd pic.)
    He’s such a sweetie.

  35. Now, is the half-hitch knot “over, under, through”, or is it “under, under over and through?”

  36. Starling — it was in the shape of a sling… OK, I based it on this design:

  37. (the plant we had in the hanger was Oriental Bittersweet, btw; it worked out well, but the gardener was never seen again)

  38. He’s FLOSSING.

  39. Mary (the first) says:

    Porter is indeed a handsome fellow with very lovely white teefs. He does seem to be flossing instead of tying, however. I don’t think his heart is in it, hence the early retirement into kitty-shaped box.

  40. Mary (the first) says:

    (instead “of” tying)that is to say.

  41. love the expression of concentration. kitties are the best.

  42. Mary1 — there is that “Preview” button, y’know.

  43. berthaservant says:

    “I’ve heard of tongue-tied before, but THIS is riDICulous….” (preferably said in Jack Benny voice)

    Oh, and EYE BOOGERS!

  44. I was ok until the eye boogies were mentioned. I MUST PICK EYE BOOGIES!! My cats run when I get that look in my eye…..

  45. Awww…I miss my kitty…so cute!

  46. He bears an eerie resemblance to my Maude as well (even though she’s a blue tortie). Perhaps it’s just the pretty yellow eyes, the luminous fur, and the aura of mad genius. I wonder.. does Porter also have a Genesis Device? And has he figured out how to “reverse the fields”?

    Actually, if you could get back to me on that.. um.. it’s kind of important.
    Got to go now. CLOMS.

  47. kibblenibble says:

    <3 This kitteh looks just like my George! (Prince Curious George Fievel Silverfoot the First) See how the grey fur is so shiny on his feet they look silvery? Bee-yoo-tee-full!

  48. I LOVE the “Yikes” picture!

  49. An octagon at the top but is it an octagon at the bottom too or a hexagon?

  50. Fancy's Mum says:

    OMG a bigger, male version of Pudd’n (Princess Precious Pudding Face). I hope he’s awarded both badges (the knot and nap).

  51. That’s one good-looking blue Burmese!

    Of course, the fact that he looks like MY blue Burmese has nothing to do with it 😉

  52. im in ur room……eatin ur shoo lacez