Behind the scenes at Westminster

Dang, Beeyatch! You got some fiiiine har!

[fluff fluff]


MORE pics from behind the scenes at Westminstah shog dow here! Thank you, Carrie L.!



  1. When I go to work looking like that, it’s called bad hair day. But this guy is actually going to a show like this. Not fair.

  2. looks like a Q-Tip after my cats have gotten ahold of it!!

  3. Mary (the first) says:

    Shog dow??

  4. …just wait until the french braids are finished.

  5. I can’t beleive they only showed an hour because of the wrestling – most fake sport eva!

    I couldn’t believe though, the Scottish Deerhound won the group! I also couldn’t believe that Green had to disqualify TWO handlers. I’ve never seen them disqualify one before but two in one group?

    For someone who won’t have a dog, I sure watch this too closely.

  6. Don King’s going for another championship!

  7. I love watching Westminstah, but why is there ALWAYS a Poodle (or two!) in the best of show?!?

  8. Lifecoach: screw that, I wanna see BO DEREK CORNROWS.

  9. Kristabelle says:

    Theo – I think the closest you’ll get are the dreds on the Puli…

    [Drool runnings, mon – Ed.]

  10. superboymom says:


  11. Maybe if she can’t see the crowd she won’t freak out.

  12. Is this Old English Sheepdog best of breed Mr.Winston?(not to be confused with grouchy kitty Winston)It’s funny how they both share the same head shape!

  13. Whole show was on, started on USA then switched to CNBC. Tonight is all on USA.
    Go Scottish Deer Hound (please eat the std poodle!)
    so tired of the poodles of any size color shape!

  14. SCOTtish deerhound and SCOTtish terrier!

  15. “God loves a terrier, yes he does, God loves a terrier! That’s because
    small sturdy bright and true
    they give their love to you”

    Dang! that hair is reDONK.

  16. Not that I have anything against the dog shows, but how come they never seem to have any CAT shows on TV?! I would love to watch one!!!

  17. ahahaha this just makes me laugh, this is awesome. My three year old is very very confused, “But, where’s his eyes?”


  18. This is what professional dog groomers call the “cumulonimbus cut.”

  19. I used to look like that in the 80’s.

    It was L.A. back in the days of cha-chas and hair metal. EVERYONE had big hair.

  20. @Susan, can you see a cat allowing itself to be groomed and fussed with — and then led around on a tight leash? I’m thinkin’ notsomuch.

    On the other hand, they could have events like Luurkenschproing, sunbeam napping, biscuit-making, etc.

  21. Where can I get a giant cotton ball with a cute nose?

  22. Now that’s a fro and a half.

  23. Martha in Washington says:

    Yay for all the Scottish dogs! Go Deerhound! I too am sooo tired of seeing the poodles win. I mean, no offense to poodles (okay, maybe a little offense) but there are so many OTHER dogs out there in the ring to choose from. Use your imagination a little bit, Mr/Ms Judge!

    Does anybody else remember “Nanny and the Professor”? What was their sheepdog’s name?

  24. looks kinda like your average Texas woman – big hair, blond – ‘course you can usually see a Texas woman’s eyes…

  25. AlbertaGirl says:

    Go terriers!

  26. berthaservant says:

    It looks like Digby, the Biggest Dog in the World, after an unfortunate encounter with a wind tunnel.


  28. Janet in Cambridge says:

    That’s what I look like in the morning.

  29. Janet — you mean the paisley blazer, or the exploding hair?

  30. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Martha in WA: I remember the show, but not the doggie’s name (nor anyone else’s, for that matter)……

  31. Holy big hair Batman!

  32. Janet in Cambridge says:

    Theo, the hair! 😉 Don’t do much paisley, y’know!

  33. Shag-tastic!

  34. Farmer: OK, Shep, how many sheep we got in this field today, eh boy?
    Shep: Forty, sir!
    Farmer: You sure? I thought I only had 38.
    Shep: I know, but I rounded them up.

  35. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Humphrey the Bear from Disney’s “Rugged Bear” with Donald Duck…the washing/drying machine!


  36. wannadance says:

    here is a true confession: this is exactly how my hair looks when i first wake up in the morning.

  37. The comment above the photo seems to be skating mighty close to racism.

  38. kibblenibble says:

    Good one, pyrit!

  39. Good grief, a ten year old won? Is that like George Foreman reclaiming the title or Cloris Leachman winning that dancing show?

    Go maturity!

  40. Fanstatic hair.

  41. Martha in Washington says:

    Yay for the Sussex Spaniel! Although I was rooting for the Deerhound. (See earlier post.)

    Gail (the first one)–Well, there was Nanny, of course. And the Professor. (As played by Juliet Mills and Richard Long.) I have tons of this completely useless information stuffing my head. And now that I think about it, there was a son named Hal, I think.

  42. oh man, i want to borrow that thing and have him crawl around my house and under my bed to get rid of all the dust bunnies.

    Jeez, with a dog like that, my house would be immaculate!!! xept for the hair, i guess….

  43. Yah for “Stump” the Sussex spaniel!

  44. Westminster rocked this year. Stump was my fave to win Best in Show.
    (My own personal faves were the Dal and the Pom.)
    And I always love David Frei. Would somebody please put him in Wikipedia!

  45. Makes me glad I have Chihuahuas!

  46. So, Janet, you’re also one for bad hair moments?

  47. I really don’t get dog shows. Why Stump? I mean, a nice dog and all, but best in show? How do they even compare different breeds?

  48. Paunchie, the judges don’t compare different breeds. The judges compare each dog to its breed’s standards.
    After that, showmanship!

  49. NO this ISN”T the BOB winner but it should hae been.
    This is Nikki (a much better dog) from California with owner Christine Pesche a really nice person.

  50. BajaOklahoma says:

    The two handlers were disqualified because Green had been their mentor when they started handling in shows. The handlers had been informed prior to the Group event – even had the option to get an alternate handlers, I believe.
    Neither of my Old English Sheepdogs have the fluffy hair – just long.
    I wantedeither the Scottish Deerhound or the Puli to win.