Rules for Living

Rule 12: Breakfast tastes better when it’s color-coordinated.
Rule 41: Just let it ring.  They’ll call back.
Rule 77: Spoons are for losers.
And the all-important rule #1: If at all possible, be a ferret.

Because ferrets rule.

Pass the Ferret Flakes, Kate S.



  1. I claim a snowy-white ferrety first!

    And so graceful, too!

  2. mervtheflamingo says:

    So …. Slinky?

  3. mervtheflamingo says:

    I AM a ferret

  4. Tres elegant.

  5. Aren’t ferrets “pocket pets” and not really “unusual animals?”

  6. Ferrets, when eating cereal and neglecting to answer the telephone, are highly unusual animals.

    Also, this one is super cute.

  7. So beautiful. I think the ferret wants the raisins in that granola… or the milk, it may be the milk he is after.

  8. I just finished my cereal.
    I’m not color coordinated.
    I used a spoon.
    I’m not a ferret.

  9. I’m generally not much of a “ferret fan” (“felines”, dontcha know …) but this is pretty sweet; espesh. the calm color coordination …& wanted to note to Ntmtom; very much appreciated the oddly #’d “rules of life”….nice quirkinesss!!!

  10. I wonder how often this fert’s human makes the mistake of grabbing *him* instead of the *phone*. Because I know I’d do that. (Well, OK, on purpose.)

  11. 260Oakley says:

    Looks a little bit like the British pound sign: £. A sterling example of ferretitude.

  12. Dorkus — hmm, maybe. Do you really *want* a ferret in your pocket?

    Um, don’t answer that. I’ll update.

  13. Such a pretty weasel!

  14. what is the rule about curved belleh action? ’cause we got some MAJOR CURVITUDE GOIN’ ON!!!

  15. Theo, the Beastmaster kept his ferrets in pockets. 😀

  16. I love the little indentions around his feets on the cushion.

  17. Jennie Mello says:

    Make that yogurt covered raisins for Mr Ferretopoulous.

  18. How adorable! I would love to have a couple of these guys.

  19. Jennie Mello says:

    for color matching, of course.

  20. haha just yesterday at my kids school, I was chatting with other parents and the talk turned to ferrets, and I mentioned Beastmaster and they looked at me like “sheesh whatta weirdo” lol
    Hey, it was a cool movie to an 11 year old, ok?

    What a beautiful ferret this is!!

  21. These guys are hyper enough. Do you really wanna feed them frosted-coated sugar bombs?

  22. cataddict says:

    Of course, the Beastmaster had BIG pockets…..

  23. If this is IKEA’s new marketing look, it’s totally working. I wanna go buy something cool and Danish looking. Plus a ferret. Does IKEA sell ferrets? They should.

  24. Not even stoats / weasels / ferrets are able to resist the power of tasty cereal. Let’s admit the fact that we’re all addicted.

  25. I wanna see the pic of him scooting the chair up to the table. He’s really hoping for a bowl of Wheaties…oh and a cup of coffee, no cream, 1 extremely tiny spoon of sugar. I am watching my long and lanky waistline. Hold the phone calls, too early to start discussing lunch meetings.

  26. Von Zeppelin says:

    To balance the duality of the universe, is there a black ferret standing on a white chair cushion? Perhaps eating frijoles negros without a spoon? Black walls, black space heater thingy, black phone.

  27. At first I read the caption as “Spoons are for lobsters.” Which may have been funnier than “losers”… lol

  28. I totally want to poke that exposed belly. Maybe nom on some tiny earsies. Oh, man. I can’t wait to get home from work so I can snuggle with my own musky babies.

  29. The Beastmaster’s costume did not have pockets. It was major beefcake time, and there wasn’t much to put pockets on. He carried the ferrets around in what looked like the legendary-style messenger bag in leather with brass accents. It was tewtelly kewell. I thought the ferrets were soooo brave! Are ferrets naturally brave? I know they are curious and like to poke around alot, which may be risky behavior, if you don’t know what you’re poking into, but does that constitute bravery?.

  30. I wish I were long and slinky like a ferret. I’d be able to like, reach things.

  31. staticgirl says:

    awwww that’s v sweet.

    TV news progs are reporting on measles outbreaks today and I keep hearing weasles outbreak. I would love an outbreak of weasles near me!

  32. SO CUTE!!!!

  33. Maureen (the one in BC) says:

    I wish ferrets didn’t smell so much, or I’d have three already. They are gorgeous creatures!

  34. Of course ferrets are brave they are known for their superior protective skills against all manner fo intruders in the home.

    This little one is rocking the danish cool crisp clean look!

  35. iWeasel

  36. fish eye no miko says:

    mervtheflamingo said: “I AM a ferret”

    So you’re one of those rare flamingo ferrets?

  37. LOL Patito you made me choke on my coffee

  38. Maureen of the Canadian West–I’m with you on the stink vs. cute factor. I’m not sure I’d ever own one personally (they’re pretty mischievous little animals, and would not get along with my neurotic cat), but I do enjoy looking at them. If they weren’t so musky I suspect I’d like to hang out with them, too.

  39. Just the right length!!

  40. mervtheflamingo says:

    FENM: Indeed. *Slink* *Slink* *Slink* (aren’t those the noises ferrets make when moving?)

  41. The wee handz!

  42. David (the first one) says:

    LOL, Patito, for some reason I too always want to work the phrase “a member of the weasel family” into the conversation.

  43. momof2kitties says:

    That belleh needs a zrbt, STAT.

    *raises hand to volunteer*

  44. NotAnotherMilo says:

    Such a zerbertable tummy…

  45. the bug man says:

    You’re brilliant, Patito.

  46. Ooh, is the tail propping him up for extra support?

  47. CoffeeCup says:

    Ted, my boy, I’m going to teach you how to live!

    I wish that ferret was named Ted.

    $10 internet dollars for anyone who gets the reference.

  48. Looloobelle says:

    It’s a small point but IKEA is Swedish so he’s probably emulating sleek Swedish design, if anything. Who cares anyway PROD THAT BELLEH! And I love the impreents of the feetsies on the chair too 🙂

  49. Wait, are we talking about the movie franchise or the television show?

  50. @Theo: Lovely pic!

    So it’s now a documented fact that Lobster plays the spoons. Very fitting; he’s Acadian. But who plays the washboard? Octopus? Ferret probably plays the, erm, jugs.

    Uh, yeah. I’ll just crawl back into my little hole now.
    *blushes, scurries away*

  51. AuntieMame says:

    I think the question is not whether you want a ferret in your pocket but whether the ferret wants to be in your pocket.

  52. …or whether I’m just pleased to see you

  53. [slaps self]

  54. trinky dink says:

    Totally tubular atheletic sock action pic.

  55. hahaha Theo not too hard, that was a good one

  56. …aaaaaand that’s what SHE said. Obviously.

  57. Jimboooo! says:

    Long ferret is looooooooooooong

  58. *laughingk at the insinuendoes*


    Because of CO, I can no longer ever look at a ferret without thinking “knee sock with eyes”. Although this one looks more like the white tube sock variety popular with tennis players.

  59. berthaservant says:

    I am outraged!!! How dare you post the obvious coddling of an animal that is ILLEGAL in our largest and most populous (and therefore most important and right-thinking) state! I don’t run posts of slackers smoking their medical marijuana and I don’t expect to be taunted by the flaunting of all things legal and good by the presence of this obviously harmful non-pet!!!

  60. Uh, I call MATCHINGKS! That is still a category (ferretagory?), yesh?

    *snorts ferret contentedly*

  61. We need more ferrets on here. They are so cute.

  62. Adorable pic – but those of us with ferrets know all to well what the next frame would be: cereal all over the table, chair, floor, milk dripping into those vents LOL Ferrets LOVE bowls and cups especially if they contain something that makes a REALLY good mess when it’s tipped over! 😉

  63. “Harmful non-pet”? Huh, Bertha? Obviously it’s idiotic people like you that are keeping ferrets illegal in California, Hawaii and NY City. Might want to try EDUCATING yourself about ferrets.

  64. 1) Pretty sure Berthaservant is kidding/jealous he can’t have a ferret.

    2) Aren’t ferrets actually legal to OWN in California – it’s just illegal to purchase them or sell them? I mean, Petco has a whole ferret aisle here in Sacto.

  65. Laura H — you fail at sarcasm. Completely.

  66. B-serv, we are famously ferret-less here in New York Citteh. Make sure you hiss Giuliani whenever he makes an appearance near you. Staten Island Chuck bit Bloomberg on Monday, on behalf of all us Cute-Lovers.

    “Viva Chuck” t-shirts:

    I am SO getting one!

  67. MALFOY!!

  68. berthaservant says:

    yes i was joking ferrets are teh awesome.

    BUT ILLEGAL. in california and apparently nyc (the only two places i have lived)

  69. Brilliant, maybe, but I still can’t find the damn USB port on that thing.

  70. Get that knee sock outta my frosty flakes!

  71. nobody can resist teh crunchberries

  72. Check out those Ferretaloons!

  73. the bug man says:

    Patito: Yeah, I heard that iWeasel 2.0 is going to have a USB port, but if you’re using version 1.0, you have to have the special USB-to-ferret adapter.

    Though I’m not sure exactly where you, um, plug it in.

    Thank you and enjoy the rest of your Friday night.

  75. O wow its nun udder dan my gud fwend Rodwigo! haha! at leest I tink it’s him. Saim wiskurs.

    I knuw he wud get on cuteoverload wun of dese days. Quite fwankly, it was fewety bound to hapin. Cuz he’s a fewet and all. He alcho poseses a vewey gud demeeanor.

    oh annuder fewet needs to use dis libwawy computur. I betur sign de heck off. I’m outta here!

    Postid by:

  76. totalee puppy says:

    Cath-Acadian music-ROFL! My favorite cajun number is
    “Don’t mess with my too-too”

  77. Totalee…”Jouez-ca!”

  78. Yay! That’s my iWeasel! He’s actually digging the raisins out of my porridge with his nose. Question: did I eat the porridge after?

  79. I can really see this beautiful ferret in the latest Apple Mac laptop advertisement… 😉

  80. How come the navigation to older and newer posts at the top of each page was removed? Navigating the site is so cumbersome now =/

  81. little-known fact:

    ferrets evolved their long body to reach from the chair to the edge of the cereal bowl

    * * * the more you know * * *

  82. Katie S I am guessing that yes you ate the porridge altho never having had a ferret.. perhaps not.

    Your iweasel is adorables

  83. I’m just impressed that you ate porridge for breakfast!

  84. Get that man a booster seat!

  85. Long ferret is loooooooong!