Worst. Action Figure. EVAR.

"… and then I got this one about three Christmases ago from my cousin Hamilton.  It’s all right, I guess, but it doesn’t come with any cool accessories or anything.  But I still take it out and play with it whenever he comes over to visit, ’cause Mom says we have to be nice to him because he goes to that special school and has to wear a helmet all the time."

No, that's not 'The Sixth Sense' on the TV.

So what is on the TV, anyway, Laura K.?



  1. well, we have a date and a time stamp… does anyone recognize the channel logo?

  2. Man, I wish I had one of those! He puts my “Indiana Jones” to shame!

  3. abc family?

  4. OMG, it looks like a tiny doll! Hey, boys can play with dolls… they just have to call them ‘action figures’. That doesn’t actually MAKE them action figures. But that dog-toy should totally have come with a tiny backpack accessory. For the tiny bits of kibble he’ll need.

  5. But if the tv guy got any more buttoned uo his head would explode

    the action figure thoug now there is the epitomy of Chill!

  6. i think that it’s a abc family logo.

  7. oh for crying out loud… PUG PUPPY, PEOPLE!!

  8. It’s The Sixth Sense, isn’t it? Bruce Willis in the beginning of the movie, with his wife scared behind him?

  9. The boy and pup don’t look too happy. What gives? I’d be thrilled to have that kind of action figure.

    Definitely ABC Family on the TV.

  10. NTM, you kill me.

  11. Mina, I agree! ABC Family!

  12. Finally, a doll with real pooping action.

  13. “I see nuffers..”

    Cute, cute puppy. Definitely an improvement over the usual action figures.

  14. C’mon, people. Can’t you see the dead people? “Signs” is on the TV. It’s right before Bruce is shot by a New Kid On The Block.

    Adorable pug!

  15. Signs. What the hell am I thinking. It’s “The Sixth Sense”.

    Sorry ’bout that.

  16. imho the guy is just as cute as the pup 😉
    (yep, i’m all for the C.O. dating service :P)

  17. Doofus. I can’t believe he took the pug out of its box. Now it’s not mint.

  18. I takes it if you dont want it… 😀

  19. balamuthia says:

    That’s TEWTALLY Bruce Willis about to be capped by an ex-NKOTB member.

    That puppy! So cute!

  20. cheesybird says:

    Fully poseable?

    I think I could fit the whole puppy pug head in my mouf. And I want to. What does that say about me?

  21. I prefer my puppy pug action figures to come with kung-fu grip.

  22. I will trade the Pug Action Figure (without accessories) for a Batman, a Joker, and a Barbie RV. Send the Pug to ….

  23. oaklandcat says:

    Here’s the important question: would ABC family actually show The Sixth Sense?

  24. Clearly he hasn’t found the button that turns the pug puppy into a TERRIFYING MAN-EATING SCORPION-TAILED ICE CREAM TRUCK WITH KILLER DEATH RAY LASER-GUIDED MUSICAL BOX!!! Rowr!

    Frozen sprocket bars not included.

  25. Whut the…?
    Peg, is it Early Friday for you?

  26. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW puggy!!!!! I love pugs. they make great guard dogs…. kill people with love lol

  27. scooterpants says:

    what do you MEAN?
    BEST action figure eva for sure!
    hey ya spoiled kid!, if you dont want it, i’ll take it off yer hands for free! 🙂
    (wow peg, you’re not makin it til this evening are ya?, maybe a nap around noonish huh?)

  28. Mary (the first) says:

    hover text people.. and I didn’t think it was either. That is NOT Bruce W. Meanwhile, back to the pug and the boy .. ADORABLE!!

  29. cheesybird says:

    Kar wrote: “I see nuffers..”


  30. Well, *I* think it’s ear-y.

  31. Jeanne Garrison says:

    The caption would be just as (not very) funny without the gratuitous reference to special school etc. Sorry to be a buzz killer, but all my students ride the short bus and some of them love cuteoverload, so BACK OFF!

  32. I thought it looked like Clint Eastwood on the TV. Maybe its Men in Black and the pug came out of the movie.

  33. Hey, is that action figure from Men In Black? Where do I get one? It can play with my Star Trek figures.

  34. Ugh, Beth, you beat me to it. I hadn’t seen your post when I wrote mine and I thought I’d be the first MIB reference. UGH! {or is that PUG}

  35. put some pants on that action figure!

  36. You know he secretly loves his Super Action Pug. He’s just acting too cool in front of the camera. You know as soon as he’s behind closed doors, he’s dressing the baby in tiny clothes and letting him gnaw on Batman.

  37. I love sullen teens and their animals. Because I have one – a sullen teen, that is. And he has animals.

    I bet when he thinks no one’s looking he’s all: “Ooooh Mr. Pugsy-wugsy-wittle-puppsie-wuppsie diddly doo!! WhatchaDOOOOin? WhatchaDOOOOOin? teekle-teekle…”

    And I bet his mom has to quietly go upstairs to stifle her giggles.

    Ask me how I know.

  38. Where is the breeder that the pug came from? This is the cutest puppy I’ve ever seen. I will fly anywhere to get one 🙂

  39. I never saw the tv – I couldn’t take my eyes off of that adorabuhl puppeh!

  40. the guy on the tv looks like Ed Harris…could they be watching Stepmom?

    Why am I so focused on this?

  41. Ms.McPantiesinaBunchnuff says:

    Hmm…I’m going to “nuff”..it’s my first time. But, can we please leave special needs kids out of jokes? I blame the movies like Dumb & Dumber that make jokes about “short buses” and such…society has become insensitive.

    When you have a child who has Cerebral Palsy/Epilepsy/and moderate to severe developmental delays…it’s not fun. She has at least one gran mal a day or in the middle of the night. Medications make her sick. Have you ever held a child while they have a gran mal? Have you ever heard the “Epileptic Cry” when they start a seizure?….it’s very jarring in the middle of the night. Have you ever had your happy laughing child turn unresponsive and drooling because of medications to try and help the seizures? Do you ever lie awake at night and wonder what will happen to her when your gone? Will someone abuse her? your precious girl. Will she cry for you and your not there? My daughter is non verbal…she cant tell anyone if she’s cold, or hot, or is thirsty. She won’t wear anything on her head..so no helmet. She had a seizure and fell and smacked her head on the floor last night.

    Nothing personal, and I realize we’re in the minority and majority rules. Majority doesn’t have to live like this…so they can laugh about it.

    But it doesn’t feel fun or funny…it really doesn’t.

  42. wannadance says:


    i love your name, first of all. and secondly, as much as i adore mike and this site, i was taken a bit aback by the reference mah own sef’. i know what you are talking about and slightly how you must feel every day.

    my heart is very sad for you.

  43. Yeah, not feeling the special needs jokes, either. I had to go to a special school when I was young for my autism, so I basically was on the “short bus”.

  44. balamuthia says:


    My three year old son is autistic, and while I didn’t appreciate the comment I also understand that my reaction stemmed from emotional response. We live with special needs kids every day and know the hardship and stress that goes along with it. Sadly the majority of people don’t ever have to develop that level of human empathy, so they say unintentionally insensitive things, and often.

    My son’s own uncle has slipped things like “what a retard” (about someone else, not my son- but in our presence) before, and I have had to get used to it and shrug it off very early on.

  45. OMG! i want a pug asap. they are so snuggly and wrinkly…two qualities that are great for pets…not so great for people. He needs to get fattened up though, and soon he’ll be another chubby little pug who keeps you up at night with his snoring.

  46. I want Peg’s inven-shun. I’ll even buy my own sprocket bars.

  47. I somehow don’t get the feeling that co laughs their asses off at retarded, handicapped, or physically affected one way or the other, kids.

  48. berthaservant says:

    Not a fan of the special needs joke here, mostly because it’s kind of gratuitous. But I still love CO an NTOMTOM.

  49. Cute pug action figure! Special needs joke was in poor taste, though. My brother rides the “short bus” (actually it’s a car, but same deal).

  50. Gail (the first one) says:

    Yeah, I cringed a bit with the special needs joke, too.

    That aside, cute little bendy-toy-figure-guy! I shall call him Johnny Longtorso!

  51. I’m not feeling the special needs jokes, if just for the fact that it’s a really easy way to get a laugh. And CO is known for unique and (dare I say) INTELLIGENT humor. I realize it’s weird to say that about wee little kittens and such, but the jokes and references are smart. This is beneath them.

  52. I usually do not feel the need to complain about items on CO that some have found to be of questionable taste in the past – most of the time I just put it up to the fact that not even a wonderful site such as CO can always knock it out of the park. However, I would be remiss if I did not express my extreme displeasure at the special needs “joke”. Have you ever volunteered with the Special Olympics? Do you know someone with Down Syndrome? I dare say if you did, you would not have made such a tasteless and cruel “joke”. For the record, I have volunteered with SO, and I do have a cousin with DS. My cousin, and all of the people I met in SO are fantastic, wonderful people, they are NOT stupid, and they deserve far better than this crass attempt at humor. I am severely disappointed in this posting. I will not give up on CO, but this was NOT funny.

    Cute pug. Horrible “joke”.

  53. Well, I can see this action figure is anatomically correct…

  54. snorglepup says:

    Ya know, peeps…
    We all face some sort of chalenges in our lives. My son is “special-needs”
    I love CO and am sure it wasn’t meant to hurt.
    We’ve come here to make light of realityasweknowit.
    Learn to laugh.

  55. Yitzysmommie says:

    ROTFLMAO @ Bev. Been there, had the son and the puppy. Right now have the husband who disses Yitzy the kitteh in public and then is all lovey dovey when he thinks no one else can hear/see.
    Love the perfect tee boy look and the adorabuhl puggerbebeh.

  56. Nuff said. Anyway, this action figure has had its privacy tail broken off. Ouch.

  57. OMG PUG!!!1!!!1!


    @ claudia – I agree. Unnecessary, yes, but I highly doubt CO is trying to take a dig at special needs kids. Lighten up, people!

  58. for once everybody objecting to the controversial joke in the caption seems to be doing so in a respectful, cool-headed, and non-accusatory manner (so far!).

    having been brought up in the nothing-is-sacred school of humor, my instincts are with Snorglepup on this one (my mom is currently battling cancer, and, as hard as this is on her the rest of us in the family, everyone has enjoyed my joke that, having had a large amount of her colon removed, she now has a semi-colon).

    but far be it from me to tell anyone in a situation i can’t imagine how to feel. the fact that they are voicing their opposition so nicely speaks volumes about what they’ve learned in their lives about respect and sensitivity.


  60. This isn’t so much a joke as it is a story to go with the picture.
    If I were to write a story about my special needs cousin, how could I describe him if I couldn’t call him a special needs child who goes to a special school? Am I to pretend he is a normal child and just not mention his special needs at all, ever?
    The truth is, my daughter walks with a walker and has trouble speaking because of her tremors, my grandson has a seizure disorder, and my cousin has Down’s syndrome. When I speak about them I sometimes bring up their special needs, because that is a part of them. I don’t take it personally if someone says something about a short bus, or makes a remark about being spastic.
    I don’t want to spend much time being offended when most of the time, the offense is only MY reaction to the statement, not the intent of the person making the statement.
    I suppose some would not appreciate the jokes I have made to my husband (an amputee) about one-legged men and certain contests…

  61. Definitely the Sixth Sense:

    see 29 seconds in

  62. Cute puppy but why the “joke” line about the cousin w/disabilities? — unnecessary & hurtful…

  63. That dog is ridiculously small – the smaller something is, the more ridiculous it becomes.

  64. berthaservant says:

    I am very much pro-anything joke but I think context matters. The South Park episode about the Special Olympics, for example, I find hilarious. My only qualm here is that it seems uncalled for. It’s just a short bus joke for the sake of a short bus joke. What if the cousin was described as “a cheap Jew”? (also something you hear a lot on South Park). It doesn’t really have anything to do with the story/pic in some inherant/indexical way. I’m very, very confident that NTMTOM meant no offense, and I think most people related to special needs people (or special needs people themselves) have heard far worse. It’s just that this particular offering seems out of place. You could take that joke away and the post isn’t any less cute/relevant, etc.

  65. totalee puppy says:

    Loving this pug! W00t-he’s so cute…Looks like he could fit in my backpack and
    sharesies lunch. Would I pack a lunch for a little pug? In a heartbeat.

  66. wannadance says:

    what i love most about the pug is his ‘eyes-right’ expression. what is he thinking? he looks wary and infinitely cute…

    and does need some jammies on!!! i can see _everything_…

  67. Jano- THANK you!

  68. Cute puppy ruined by the short bus/helmet “joke”. I come on CO to get away from bad comments and to destress, and I find this. As someone who is disabled and drove in the short bus all through grammar and high school, I find this highly offensive and I wish the text was removed.

  69. People, people, you are interpreting the post all wrong!

    Maybe he has to wear a helmet all the time at that special school because the “special school” is an Army training camp. Hasn’t anybody heard of the “action figure” GI. Joe?

    If my cousin was going to that kind of a “special school”, you better believe I’d be nice to him and play with the action figure that he gave me whenever he was around. I don’t want to lose any limbs! 😉

    As for this adorable little “action figure”, I know that I can see the collar/harness around his neck, but it almost looks like a cape. What a little doll!

    No, wait, that didn’t come out right… What a sweet little puppy!

  70. Star-eyed says:

    pugs weird me out.. must be the bulging eyes.. But it is “Sixth Sense” on TV, here is a link to the movie still that is in that very similar position plus same clothes

  71. As the mom of one of them “special” kids who wear helmets, I gotta say, I wish you hadn’t made that joke. Now carry on being awesome.

  72. kibblenibble says:

    That’s the tiniest pug I’ve ever seen. Cute!

    My best friend rear-ended a short bus once. When she told me about it we both had one of those guilt-induced giggling fits that happens when you know you shouldn’t laugh at something like that, but you can’t help yourself. She spent many years taking care of developmentally disabled kids, herself, and loves them. I think the majority of the population is compassionate about those who are differently abled, but making these kind of jokes is just a prod at that guilty part of us that still nervously giggles at things they shouldn’t sometimes. No harm intended, I’m sure.

  73. kibblenibble says:

    PS no kids were aboard at the time BTW.

  74. emily rachel says:

    i have spina bifida, and i wasn’t offended. are we done here? cute puppy, btw. cute boy also, but he looks a little young…

  75. Not to take away from a sensitive discussion, but “anatomically correct?”

    Love it.

  76. Bobble head Pug and ladies, it would be cradle snatching with the young lad.

  77. darkshines says:

    Special needs jokes aren’t funny, my little brother has special needs and I’ll defend him to the ends of the earth. That part of the caption wasn’t integral to the picture.

  78. I’ve got to say, that, apart from the obviously fascinating TV-program, not only the doggy is really cute, but the guy behind it is absolutely cute too. *all for the CO-dating-site*

    Btw. I cringed quite a bit at the special needs joke too. Noz exactly cute…

  79. The “special needs” reference in the caption really left me cold. My daughter teaches children with handicaps, and these kids are just as wonderful as any other – and just as loved. No need for the cheap shot, okay?

  80. Love Cute Overload, but let me add, do not make fun of children with disabilities. What are you thinking? I see you weren’t thinking. Probably because you haven’t experienced a special needs child. Very uncool.

  81. wannadance says:

    ah, now comes marching in the mean ole nuffers…

    actually, i feel i must reveal a Truth here, or maybe several:

    i have epilepsy and polio and am in a motor wheelchair. if i didn’t laugh about it all the time i’d lose my mind.

    i know mike personally. he has not a malacious bone in his body, nor an unconsidered thought in his brilliant mind.

    so nuffers? maybe you won’t tolerate a disability reference, but hear this:

    i won’t tolerate a mike nuffing. ever.

  82. I’ve rewritten this comment a dozen times. I don’t want to get on a soapbox. So… the dog is adorable and the way he’s just kind of all… floppy? is hysterical.

    As for the comment – meh. It doesn’t bother me. It’s easier to not be scared when the people around you can joke and laugh about it while they clear the area, etc. That’s just me though. My parents are of a bit different mindset.

    So hugs, cookies, cute puppies, and don’t take things personally.

  83. I totally agree that the “special school” joke is totally uncute and unfunny.

    Climbing off the soapbox, I notice that everyone else seems to fail to recognize that Pugpup is the owner of the Roberson teenage boy action figure, giant-sized, not the other way around. Notice how realistic his hands are and how posable they are for holding Pugpup. Hamilton knew what he was doing!

  84. emily HELCK says:

    is that benjamin button on the tv? in some kind of extended trailer, exclusive to abc family??

  85. I love cuteoverload. I am sad about the shortbus jokes. I would appreciate a retraction of it, or at least an acknowledgment of how crappy it would feel to be a cuteoverload reader who is a special needs kid (or adult!) today.

  86. Cute puggy. BTW, she’s a girl – just look.
    Now the tv show in the background is driving me insane – what IS IT??

  87. Mom of kid with Downs here. Waiting for his “short bus” as I type.

  88. momof2kitties says:

    I, too, have a special needs kid.

    And we joke about “The Power Of Therapy!” (say in overly dramatic TV announcer voice) all the time. We love therapy and funny, ridiculous things happen in therapy every week. If you can’t laugh at your own situation, then what kind of sad world are you living in? I poke fun at all my kids in equal measure.

    As for the post: I can has bobble head doggie?? Want!

  89. Thanks Kar! 😀

  90. kibblenibble says:

    wannadance, I just want you to know that I always admire your comments and your courage. Another thought: I never leave this site feeling the same as when I arrived. Thanks to ALL who contribute here. =)

  91. wannadance says:

    kibble!! i was admiring your comment, too and laughing at it. you are so thoughtful and, to my mind, that nervous sort of guilty laughter is a normal response to things which, otherwise, would require unrestrained weeping.

    i mean just because a friend ran smack into a short bus, i mean,….snicker, snicker….


  92. Oh, little pugglette! He’s so tiny he has to wear a harness! Too cute!

    Negatif on special needs joke.

    Love the name Hamilton.

    That is SO the Sixth Sense.

  93. This little “nuff-roversy” reminds me of my sullen teenage stepgrandson’s comment over Thanksgiving when watching a commercial for St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

    He wondered why they shaved people’s heads when they had cancer and said that he thought it was a really stupid thing to do. (I guess it is, after all, it’s bad enough to be sick and now you’re required to have your head shaved and why would girls want to be bald and what if they didn’t want people to know if they had cancer?)

    Similarly, I think the comment is pointing out the way sullen teenage boys THINK when no one is watching. I highly doubt that Mike and the rest of the CO staff think it’s cool to make fun of people with special needs.

    Think people, don’t just get outraged that they are shaving the heads of those poor kids with cancer.

  94. ohhh LAWD!!!!!! jhgfsdhgkj..this makes the world go round!!!

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