The Abdominal Snow Dog

Sender-inner Shelly P. sent her pooch Augustus to play outdoors, and things just kind of snowballed from there. But "Augie" seems perfectly pleased to be snowed in, don’t you think?


Smile, Augie!  Shelly suggests that a permanent toothy grin become a new Rule of Cuteness. What say you?




  1. I vote BIG YES on the toothy rule, because that puppy is cuuuuuuuuteeeee!!!!!!

  2. paulajeanne says:

    Ooooh…so cold! Quick, defrost him!

  3. fluffernugget says:

    Lurve the snaggletooth!

  4. Gail (the first one) says:

    She looks like she was rolling around in marshmallows!! Very cute!

  5. Abominable? Abdominal seems wrong… or I don’t get it 😦

  6. cheesybird says:

    First order of business: get that pup a hair dryer!

    Secondly: HELP! Not sure what’s going on, but I’m having trouble seeing all the comments on some of the posts. Any post that exceeds about 50 comments, and they just seem to stop. I see the numbers going up, but I can’t see any of the new comments. I noticed this in both the laughing dog and the cool koala post. The only way I can see all the comments is to start posting my own, and hit “preview”. Then I can scroll down and see all the previous comments, but they’re not visible in the main comment section. I’ve tried refreshing, to no avail. Anyone else having this problem? And anyone know how I can fix it?

    [It’s not a “problem” exactly; TypePad has added basic pagination to all of the blogs they host, including Cute Overload. Posts with > 50 comments now have “Next” and “Previous” buttons at the bottom. – Ed.]

  7. My daft long haired cat, would insist on keep going out in the snow and ending up in a similar state. Then siting on my Afghan rug to lick the snowballs off.

  8. Augie’s growing his own snowballs (haha…take your mind out of the gutter folks!).

  9. steppy seconds the motion for new rule of cuteness.

    Passes adorable puppy nice warm blankie and plenty of snuggles

  10. “Abomiable’ is the real name but, the snow is on the dog’s abdomen. Ah, well, still cute. A nice, warm bath will fix the prob in 2 minutes!

    Augustus is precious!

    Cheesybird- we get to eat a small frosted snack cake every time Theo says “Type pad is working on it”. *Snerk* There comes those 26 pounds coming right back on!

  11. Not a rule of cuteness… it’s cute on this pup, but I don’t think it would work for all anipals

  12. LOL, that’s what our dog looks like as well after a few moments in wet snow. She comes in and looks like she wants to be a moveable icecube tray!

    Mojitos, anyone??

  13. @ Lils: Yes please!! With extra mint leaves.

  14. cheesybird says:

    Ooh, Katrina, make mine a Hostess Cupcake!

    Although a Sno-Ball WOULD be more post appropriate.

  15. Jennie Mello says:

    it’s been like, 45 minutes, and I should really do some work…sigh. …I could spend all day here on co….as a matter of fact, I would love to spend all day here. Tell you what, I will work for, say, an hour, then check back, OK?? *brightens considerably*

  16. haha. i always see videos of ppls short hair dogs playing in snow at get jealous. my dog gets those crazy snow lumps too! they don’t just melt away, even in a hot bath. you have to like hack at them for hours n_n

  17. Oh my – snowy dangly bits! How does this HAPPEN?! I want to monsche them.

  18. cataddict says:

    How about the abdominable snowBALL dog…..?

  19. aw its poor vulnerable pink belleh! The snowballs look like cotton wool.

  20. My dog was having this problem yesterday, but only on the bottom of her legs and feet. That was as far as the snow came up to her. She loves snow, though. She runs around in it and eats it and sticks her nose in it, it’s amazing how she doesn’t seem to mind the cold.

    Anyway, this is a very cute doggie. Hope it defrosts quickly.

  21. Permanent toothy grin 100%=new rule of cuteness. Ms. Frsot, make it so! Please!

  22. charliewabba says:

    poor cold tummy. My golden retriever (g-d rest her sweet happy soul) used to get snowballs in her feathers and inter-toe floof. She would plop down and nibble them out.

  23. cheesybird says:

    D’oh!! Thanks for solving my “problem”, Theo! I’d seen that “Next” button at the bottom of the comments page and just assumed it would take me to the next POST, but since I always just go back to the main page by hitting back, and then pick a post to read, I’d never tried it. Mystery solved!

    Can I still have a Hostess Cupcake?

  24. Toothy Grin Cuteness Rule Addition: Agreed!

  25. cutelurver says:

    The new rule should be for snaggletoothed grins only. Snaggletoofs = anerable!

  26. cutelurver says:

    The new rule should be for snaggletoothed grins only. Snaggletoofs = anerable!

  27. Our Cat has a snaggle tooth that is so cute.

    Make it a rule, please!

  28. Our cat has a snaggle tooth and it is so cute.

    Make it a rule, please!

  29. superboymom says:

    mmmmm . . . Hostess cupcakes!

  30. Cheeseybird- Snowballs-oh, *snerkity-snerk*! Mine are little-pink-with-white-drizzling-heart-shaped Little Debbie Valentine’s Cakes- come on over, I’ll start the hot water for tea and to put in the nice,warm tub for the silly doggets that love to play in the snow.

    Snack cakes all around, yes, Theo, for you, too!

  31. I especially enjoy the discarded pink teddy in the background of the After picture, for some reason.

    I miss my doggy!

  32. balamuthia says:

    I say YES! Snaggle teefs are always really cute!

    On animals, anyway. O.o

  33. What’s the difference between snowmen and snowgirls?


  34. YES. Underbites are the cutest thing EVARRR. All of the cool dogs have them…

  35. Katrina…Thanks for the snack cakes!

  36. My goggie gets these big snow balls all over him too! He’s a bichon.. I wonder if it’s the hair-type that gets the snow to stick there.

  37. cheesybird says:

    Katrina, I’ll be right over!

    And I’m wif y’all on the snaggleteefs. Our old Irish terrier had an underbite that meant she wasn’t “show” worthy, but we thought it gave her the kyooooootest smile! Pah! What does the AKC know about cute, anyway?

  38. No on the snaggle tooth for me please. Again, cute in this instance, but most often I see it on dogs who have not had ANY oral care in their lives and that is not cute, it’s gross and sad.

    And this pic! I’ve never lived anywhere that gets much snow or with long haired dogs, but that looks like it hurts. Ouch!!

    (NOT nuffing – I have no idea what it feels like – it just LOOKS painful, lol!)

  39. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    I wonder if Boomer would like snow… he LOVES the rain, and comes back inside black where he used to be pure white, says his human. Seems to me he loves the MUD.

  40. mojadarrah says:

    I vote NO on the new rule of cuteness! Permanent toothy grins are the province of small, weepy-eyed, badly-behaved, spoiled dogs with stinky breath. UGH! Those small dogs can be cute (see previous CO posts), but they have to work a little harder at it. They can’t be cute by fiat. No to the blanket rule!

  41. The snaggletooth is a shih-tzu thing, I think, cause ours does it all the time too. They tend to have underbites and their lips get caught behind the bottom canines 😛 Adorable puppy! Cute haircut! Snowy balls, less cute, but I love how he’s just chillin’ on his back with his feets up in the air!

  42. Oh this is how cotton balls grow. For some reason, I always thought they grew on a plant. Gee, you learn something new every day, don’t you?

  43. My schnauzer lofs the snow – and he gets lots of snowballs in his beard, skirt and floofy legs. He seems to think it’s AWESOME becoming a snowballdoggie!

  44. Looking at the second picture, I cannot help but think that the big daddy of this fuzzball had a part in The Empire Strikes Back. He was the monster that hung Luke Skywalker upside down in his cave. The resemblance is uncanny.

  45. Not fond of the permanent toothy grin, no.

  46. wannadance says:

    that bebbeh looks so *happy* to be covered in snowballs. maybe it’s the fluffy towel held by loving hands…i love that pic….

  47. no offense to the goggies, but the toothy grins kinda freak me out. my vote’s no for a rule of cuteness.

  48. Yesh, toothiness is a virtue. My white English Bulldog has many toothy options: both fangs up, one fang up, tiny little rice-teeth up, no teeth up. All options are preesh.

  49. berthaservant says:

    I am certainly not saying that any of the oddly toothed animals described by my fellow posters are not cute. However, I do not believe that every mega-toothy animal is necessarily cute. I’m voting no on the rule, but will respect the decision of the community.

  50. What is this “snow” you speak of?

    Where I live, you don’t even need long sleeves outside today. 😦 It’s freaking February.

  51. pinkunicorns says:

    Shelly P – My dog Ginger looks just like your Augustus. She gets the snowballs too!! Do you know what sort of mix he is?

  52. Tractatus Blorpico-Philosophicus says:

    1 snaggletoof = cute!
    more than 1 = depends

  53. Yitzysmommie says:

    KEYOOT in a nostalgic sad way….first winter our Lucy isn’t around to be the Abdominal Snow Dog.
    I hope over the Rainbow Bridge has some pristine belleh deep snow for Lucy Goosey to bounce around in.

  54. And can I just say? Best pun ever, NOMTOM, sad that it just ended up confusing people…


  56. what breed is Augie? A Shih-tzu/Yorkie? A Maltese/Yorkie????

  57. I agree with the snaggle/perma-toothy grin rule of cute.

    Mostly because I’ve never seen a dog that has that smile that isn’t adorable!

  58. a toothy smile is actually known as a “muckle.”

  59. My Shih Tzu has that same underbite….looks like he’s constantly smiling! Is this pup a shih tzu/schnauzer mix?

  60. I like to think that this pup is budding clones, like a medusa. Soon, there will be enough Augies for everyone!

  61. I never really got an explanation. Why do people find these klingon snowballs so scary? I think they’re kind of cute and at least easy to pull off.

  62. cheesybird says:

    As opposed to the Vulcan snowballs that are a b!tch to remove.

    *boom tish*

  63. i vote a NO on the snaggletooth thing… it’s not really cute, it’s more of a… creepy factor.

  64. That’s a very cold belly indeed.

  65. Nix on the toothy grin as a “rule of cuteness” because – it’s not.

  66. creativegirl says:

    YES – Permanent Toothy Grin must be the latest addition to the rules of cuteness.

    My ShiPoo has the most adorable snaggletooth in the world – just like Auggie’s here. Only one sticks out. The school bus driver always teased her and said she needed to visit the orthodontist, but I say snaggletooths are personality overload!

  67. Oliver'sGirl says:

    I think teh rules of cuteness could do with an update. Quick! everyone, send in their toothy pictures!

  68. YES!

    little snaggletoothy grins are super cute!!!