Revenge Is a Dish Best Served With Puréed Squash and a Teething Biscuit

"So, you were going to pan-fry me in butter, were you?  Well, let’s see how you taste with some mashed ‘nanas, washed down with a sippy cup full of Juicy Juice, fuzzball!"

Gotta catch me first, Mister Can't-Roll-Over-Yet!

I see he’s already started on the tail, Alison G.



  1. Whoa…the gwat looks like he’s wearing pants!!!!


  2. Must touch stomach…

  3. I see this as a life long battle between these two mighty warriors. The kitty is gonna be awfully sorry once that kid starts walking 😉

  4. Von Zeppelin says:

    Cat, staring at mysteriously-shaped baby toy, “Let’s see how you like it when your favorite plastic thingy is hidden behind the sofa, Formula-breath.”

  5. Whut a deeleeshous calico!!

  6. OMG that’s so effin’ funny…and so effin’ cute!!!!

    I’ve seen cat toys that look very much like these playstations, but I couldn’t find anyplace that sold them. So I’ve been contemplating buying a bebeh toy for my kitties.

  7. They will be the best of buddies, until the dog shows up…

  8. Well, they seem like pretty good buds. And the cat has the kid beat on the chub factor.

  9. Kitteh doesn’t actually like the bebeh, just the bebeh’s toys…

    Great pic, great narrative, great hovertext–I give it a 9.9!

  10. I do believe that the “Matchingks” category is called for.

    oooooooooo the great white expanse! the whiteness! the whiteness of the wha…calico.
    plus sideways cataloons.

  11. Cat: “Wahhh…I’m over-stimulated!”

  12. Thats so cute says:


    That is so cute, My husband keeps showing me this site and I am now addicted , Thats a great photo,

    First I just saw this great photo of this little bouy with his dad working on CNN

    and now I see this, Excellent, The web is becoming great again!

    Thanks for the awesome post!

  13. Doxylover79 says:

    My favorite duo is back!

  14. metsakins says:

    I almost like baby feet as much as kitteh tummeh…almost 😉

  15. that kitteh is fatter than the bebeh

  16. Silent Meow says:

    Quick update, folks, before I head back to the courthouse again.

    My case got dismissed and I did not get the protection order, because my abuser and his two witnesses outright lied in court (all hearsay and can’t be proven otherwise), and therfore it was my word against all three, and it was thrown out for lack of evidence of domestic violence.

    I just got done talking to a lawyer on the phone. I will be re-submitting the evidence that I submitted in court this morning, under anti-harrassment now, especially the two violations of the former temporary protection order, etc.

    They will quickly find out that they have messed with the wrong woman.

  17. NotAnotherMilo says:

    Kitteh is just giving babeh instructions on how its done… babeh human is hers to mold and shape, to do her future bidding…

  18. AS usual, the cat is more interested in the baby toys than the baby. My mother-in-law bought our 9 month old these cute little stuffed stacker toys for Christmas, and within two days our daughter didn’t care about them anymore and they had officially become the property of the cats. That’s what happens when baby toys get made out of the same crinkly stuff cat toys are made of, sans catnip.

  19. I want to see that kitty try and roll over. He looks like he could engulf that little baby like an amoeba if he did. Super cute.

  20. michellemybelle says:

    That cat looks so much like my kiki that I thought she was cheating on me with a family with a baby – I did a double-take and realized that is not my kitteh and now I feel much better.

  21. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    Oh, Silent Meow, I wish you the very best! Been there, to a lesser extent. I didn’t go to court, but I lost all our common friends. ‘s OK, I made new ones. Keep up your spirits, and may the truth prevail!!

  22. berthaservant says:

    What? No baby nuffage?


  23. I love that the baby’s parents aren’t all freaked out about a cat being near the baby. I know too many people that got rid of their cat when they had a baby!

  24. Gail (the first one) says:

    @metsakins: Love those baby feets, too—there’s something about the way those so-solid little feet feel!

    @Silent Meow: Good for you! Frustrating tho, I’m sure….

  25. David (the first one) says:

    You just know the caption is written by NTMTOM because it captured Baby Stewie’s voice perfectly.

  26. I checked out the other picture, it’s not the same cat. the otherone has more brown on the tummy.

  27. And this one has black on it and the other one didn’t.

  28. No moral outrage over a baby on the site? No Pa-sickie, as berthaservant pointed out?

    /holds breath.

    Wait for it…wait…for…it..

  29. She looks almost exactly like my cat! I wonder if she is a sibling of my cat! Was this picture taken in Australia?

  30. I can NOT believe there are humans on this site. THis is for cute animals only! Please remove the baby at once! (happy now, Coffeecup?) PASICKIE!!!

  31. Kitty can’t sleep due to all the over stimulation, but the baby is honk-sheying.

    Silent Meow: Silent no more. Sounds like you found your voice. Meow out loud. Go Girl.

  32. Pasickie! Pasickie! Pasickie! Pasickie!

    It’s double the tummy snorgling/feets nomming fun!

  33. Pasickie!

    That’s adorable. My cat wouldn’t get anywhere near my son when he was little. But he would steal his little baby socks and there is a stuffed duck rattle that she appropriated for her own use soon after the interloper came from the hospital.

  34. Jennie Mello says:

    I heart babies of all species.

  35. michellemybelle – do you live in Aus? Maybe our cats are related!

  36. Silent Meow says:

    By the way, I am also going to pursue pressing a criminal charge of purgery (sp?) for the 3 witnesses and the defendant lying in court. The burden is on me to prove the purgery but I plan to, as soon as I can get a copy of the court transcript, start going through it with a fine-tooth comb. I just got done talking with the local sheriff’s office about this.

  37. Good luck to you Silent Meow.

    Oh and its spelled perjury. 🙂

  38. It’s always nice to see similarly sized creatures coexisting peacefully.

  39. Silent Meow says:

    It’s a miracle that they even allowed a cat like me in the court room. Maybe it’s because they had me remove my claws first before going through the metal detector, since claws can be used as weapons.

  40. hamster-on-rye says:

    Silent Meow, Can witnesses
    be asked to take a lie
    detector test? Or be interviewed separately after a wait to see if there are
    discrepancies with the story told in court? Please get
    legal advice on this.

  41. How adorable!

    How about this?

  42. michellemybelle says:

    Alla – Nope, I’m in Chicago.
    Our cats could be related though…

  43. Totally cracking up that this is tagged in the “primates” category.

    Silent Meow, good luck with all of this.

  44. Silent Meow says:

    I will most definitely ask a lawyer about that! Thank you so much for mentioning that! I will talk to a pro-bono lawyer on Saturday about the defendant and all three of his witnesses lying in court, and go over my legal options.

  45. TWINS!
    (I mean that in a good way)

  46. Women are truly wonderful – sweet cute little children come from them! Oh yeah – cats are cute too!

  47. Silent Meow says:

    They’re cute when they’re children. They’re NOT cute when some of them grow up to be my lying-in-court abuser and his three lying witnesses. What in the world goes so very, very wrong between the innocence of childhood, and that?

  48. Good for you Silent Meow. Don’t let this cr*p get away with this cr*p.

    My guess is that everyone knew that they were lying but until they trip themselves up, it’s a “her word against theirs” deal.

  49. LOL@ primates

    good code talk dudes LOL

    and now to the photo: my gosh that cats belly is soooo FLAT

  50. Von Zeppelin says:

    Cats suck the breath out of babies!! Won’t somebody think of the primate children?! (clutches pearls, waves hands hysterically)

  51. Kitteh. “Hey kid, how does this thing work?”

  52. LOL I too thought the primates tag Funny .. and I love how the cat is just chillin with his bud.

  53. Opps I mean kitty is chilling with her buddy.. Shesh how blind can I be…
    Pa sickie indeed

  54. That is either a very small baby, or the cat is a giant. 🙂

  55. OMG… That’s the biggest cat I have ever seen…. What never mind that, my cat’s the biggest. True that!!!

  56. snoopysnake likes the Snoopy plushie on the other side of baby. I have it on good authority that Baby Snoopies like cats, even though in general Snoopy hates them.

  57. p.s. just for the record, snoopysnake loooooves cats. (Dale is going for a blood test today to see how her CRF numbers are. She looks waaay better than she did a few weeks ago, and I’m hoping her numbers are better.)

  58. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Oh. My. GAHD!

    Is that a Snoopy on the other side of the bebeh?

    Best. pic. EVAR!!! 😀

    EH.OH.EH.OH!! (Emulating Snoopy-speak…kinda hard to do)

  59. Snoopy snake Crossing fingers for Dale to have a good testand better numbers

  60. David (the first one) says:

    This is really funny:

    In China the martial art style with most fearsome reputation (for its highly destructive strikes) is called Baji Quan – eight extreme boxing. This baby is doing THE classic technique from that style, the heart-piercing elbow:

    But looks like the kitteh is too fast for him 🙂

  61. I’ll take the one on the right.

    Kittehs much cuter than behbehs!

  62. 0_0 That cat looks EXACTLY LIKE my little Misty. They even have the same black patch on their face! I wonder if they’re related somehow…

  63. I was just thinking about the risk of the breath being sucked from the small child. You read my mind!

  64. Silent Meow With Claws Extended says:

    Hi, folks!

    I am going to talk to a pro-bono lawyer tomorrow about the wording of my protection order. I am going to re-file it under domestic violence, but this time with a different commissioner. And, I am already busy disputing some of the lies that I remember were said in court. It will be a big help once I get my kitty-paws on the court transcript in about a week.

  65. Silent Meow With Claws Extended says:

    I called my headache doctor in Seattle today and asked her to send me documentation that I am seeing her for a migraine condition, NOT for anything psychiatric, in order to prove that I am not getting psychiatric treatment in Seattle like was lied about in court. The lying witnesses alleged that I said that I am getting psychiatric treatment in Seattle. I would never say that because it is not true. And, besides, I am not getting psychiatric treatment, not that it is any of their cotton-pickin’ business!

  66. Silent Meow With Claws Extended says:

    I wish I could lie there between the baby and the kitteh, and just go sleepy-bye. That looks sooooooo comfterbuhls!

  67. hamster-on-rye says:

    Silent Meow, You might want to ask the pro-bono lawyer
    what a disposition is–hope I have the right word–and whether it can be used in this type of case. I’m thinking of the witnesses here. I hope time is on your
    side. I don’t know enough, but I do care.

  68. Silent Meow With Claws Extended says:

    I just looked up the word. It’s deposition, I believe. Now, as for whether or not it can be used in this type of case, that I will most definitely ask the pro-bono lawyer tomorrow. I wrote it down and will take it with me so that I remember to ask. Thanks for the heads up.

  69. hamster-on-rye says:

    Silent Meow…It IS deposition…I realized my mistake, woke up at 4:30
    to try to make the change–you got it first. So, please ask the lawyer what deposition is and if it can be used…I really admire all you are doing-you are an inspiration to others and you are in my

  70. Dear Pointy Silent Meow- Please know that I want justice for you and all victims of abuse, just give yourself the option of pausing and re-evaluating how much any action will be to your benefit, and stay away from ‘spinning your wheels’ in a case that may be dead and gone. I don’t want you to victimize yourself by digging a deep hole of frustration. Justice is important, however, you and your energy level are even more important. Your friend, K.

  71. Silent Meow With Claws Extended says:

    I need the protection order due to the multiple psychological abuses that were done in court (not stated in any Cute Overload posts), the multiple malicious lies that were stated in court but were not stated here, the fact that my abuser has been proven to have made himself an exception to the law and thus has made himself dangerous due to his “deaf defense” and a language barrier that he has refused or neglected to rectify, and the sexual assault that he did to me. Also, the malicious lies that were said in court must taken to task due to how malicious and defaming of my character they were and how they were used to put the outcome of the court hearing in the respondant’s favor. My energy level is great, and this case is by no means dead and gone. I have documentation to prove at least some of the lies that were said in court, and I am getting more documentation before the next court hearing. I have pro-bono lawyers to consult, and am taking their advice. To let the lying abuser and his lying witnesses win would be to give the impression that lying and bullying is the way to win, even in court, and would actually put me in more danger because they would think that they can do stuff like that and get away with it. Peace.

  72. Silent Meow With Claws Extended says:

    Thanks! I really, really needed to hear that.
    I am not going to let my lying-in-court abuser and his lying witnesses simply get away with such malicious, inflammatory, defaming lies in court. My court battle has only just begun. The creep is going to have to keep missing work in order to keep showing up to court and keep trying to not lose his case. He is digging himself into a deeper and deeper hole, legally, and I am getting all the documentation and court transcripts I can to prove it. I am not working at this time and am not attending any formal education except a correspondence school, and so I have a great deal of schedule flexibility. And, as you may know, it costs me nothing at all to file, and re-file under a different commissioner, a domestic violence protection order. I also have other protection-order options (free with a fee waiver due to my income level) as well, and other free legal options at my disposal. I have nothing to lose. And, I am learning a lot of stuff about the laws and court system this way, which will only help me later if I decide to become a DV/SA advocate. Peace.

  73. OO… Ahhhh… Huge cat there or is the baby small?

    So.. kawaii haaha

  74. Annie – and everyone else – thanks Dale had a great checkup, all things considered. She has gained back 3/4 of a pound in a month and her numbers are a little better. The sub-Q’s been working great. She may need to go on another med but she’s gotten less fussy about taking them as she gets used to the routine. She looks much better and seems much happier than last month!

  75. I wish the best to “silent meow” and am sorry for his/her problems. I have to say it bums me out to see it on this board, ‘though. This is where I come to escape the ugly world, and to ogle pictures of cats, dogs, babies, chipmunks. I hope this board doesn’t change, and the postings are kept light and humorous.