Part Chub, Part Musical Instrument

Go On!

I dare you! Stroke my chub layers! I’m a musical instrument!

[Zylophone sound]


Rule #27 anyone!? I’m looking at YOU Sarah S.!



  1. perhaps he will make one of those wooden frog “croaking” sounds…

  2. A furry Nautilus?

  3. five stars for looking that cute while also looking like a grey butthole!

  4. A swirly chocolate drop?

  5. katrina, you beat me to it. I was going to ask if this was a sharpei/nautilus mix. a sharpilus? nautipei? what madness will the breeders come up with next?!

  6. I see fractals in here somewhere…

  7. Anne Boleyn says:

    She looks like a brain with ears and a cute collar.

  8. mmm frosted crullers…

  9. This is a musical instrument? Accordion to who?

  10. Zanna — mmmmm
    Oakley — groannn



  12. haha aww my anatomical comparison got deleted. come on, you know you see it too!

  13. stark_rain24 says:

    Ahh! It’s a pill bug!!

    @nottmi: i can see the anatomical comparison.

  14. Chris Pepper says:

    Git the pump, maw! Somebody let th’ air outta the dog agin!

  15. I always get a sick feeling in my stomach when I see this sick breed…

  16. Michelle S. says:

    mmmmm I vote frosted cruller to!

  17. vegas vickie says:

    I see fractals in here somewhere…
    Cambridge_Rat Mom
    i thought the same thing. fractals are my fav next to kitties

  18. she looks like plush velvety pleated throw pillow

  19. Michelle S. says:

    to=too :p

  20. I don’t think his Oil of Olay is working. Looks like all those little Olays died for nuthin.

  21. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    Giant pill bug. Frosted cruller’s good too… but the funniest (IMHO) is Chris Pepper: “somebody let the air out…” Silly person, I like you.

  22. How prosh! Velvety wrinkular chub!

  23. An infinite spiral of chubby/wrinkular adorability.

  24. Please photoshop a harpist in evening dress plucking this blorpitude. Not Harpo Marx, though, because that would just be silly.
    Thank you.

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    congrats on winning best pet blog 08. u deserve it, always fun cute stuff on here.
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  26. berthaservant says:

    Lionel Hampbone?

  27. Mr. McFoldersons.

  28. Silent Meow says:

    This is one instance where the more wrinkles, the cuter! Ditch the Oil Of Olay, folks! I hope I look like that when I get old.

    Oh, and btw, for those who know that I am dealing with a domestic violence issue, tomorrow (Feb 5) morning is when I go back to court for the hearing to try to get a permanent protection order against the creep who sexually assaulted me. Please keep me in your thoughts & prayers.

  29. Von Zeppelin says:

    I’m not sure that xylophone (spell it as you like) is the right instrument. I believe this is a furry, wrinkly French horn.

  30. @Silent Meow: Thanks for keeping us posted. I will be thinking of you and sending lots of strength!!!!

    This doggie could sit in when Granny forgets to bring her washboard to the barn dance!

  31. I am so sorry, Silent Meow. I’m praying for you.

  32. Silent Meow says:

    I’ve never seen a French horn with wrinkles before.

  33. Silent Meow says:

    To everyone who is praying for me and sending me thoughts, strength, and well wishes:
    THANKS! :o)

  34. Gail (the first one) says:

    Egad, I just realized I have been posting without the full nom-de-plume!! (changed laptops)

  35. He looks like a giant shelled (grey) walnut.

  36. I think it’s a chambered nautilus.

  37. And part ammonoid!

  38. it’s a squeeze-pup!

  39. Ah! There’s where I left my grey velour throw!
    (snatches up and snuggles by the fire)

  40. Don’t mean to bring down the tone, but where I’m from, “chub” means something very different, and it’s not particularly family friendly!

  41. It must take ages to pleat these.

  42. dragoness says:

    As much as I love his wrinkly chub… I can’t look at shar-peis without itching! Have you ever touched one? They’re like prickly hedgehog-dogs! If someone can breed a shar-pei that has velvety soft fur and no ear infections, congenital eye problems, or snarky temperament, I’d consider getting one! INtil then, I’ll stick to pit bulls and rescue mutts 🙂

  43. Ah, sarah, you’re in CO now! Totally diff!

    Anner- Nautipei! How wonderful!
    And, I do have to admit, that cruller really is a perfect likeness, too!


    ^ look look look ^

    The shar pei should sue its drycleaner, they stretched that velvet coat all out.

  45. look at the at least three (!) rawhide bones she is guarding

  46. Ring around the wrinkeld!

  47. Mother Nature makes some beautiful things and this is one great photo!

  48. Well Nauti-peis may not be as soft as velvet, by I still think they are wonderful!

  49. What a wonderful wrinkly doggie!

    Silent Meow…I’m sending prayers and good thoughts your way. I’m glad you weren’t “silent” in this situation. Best of luck to you!

  50. freetomato says:

    My first thought was pillbug too!

    I had a friend who had a Shar Pei I lovingly called “brainface”. My friend was not amused.

    Prayers and safety to you, silent meow….

  51. Hey Warf ,
    I found your dog !
    All I see is a Klingon pupster & I’m not even a “Trekie”.

    Kla-Plah ! (sp?)
    (the only word I know in Klingon )

  52. Wrinkular!

  53. Meggy, I don’t think those are bones–I think they are legs! (Mmmm, puppy legs…)

  54. Ah…

    The little-known Accordipup… 😛


  55. Malle Babbe says:

    You could have this little guy sit next to you as you sort your mail! Bills go in one fold, junk mail in another fold, magazines in another…

  56. @dragoness: I’m totally biased b/c I am owned by a wrinkly peiby, but *groan* – not all Pei have a bunch of issues, just like not all Pits are evil baby-maulers. And snarky temperaments = personality!

    Squeee what a cutie – I love nauti-pei!

  57. bookmonstercats says:

    Just caught up after several days away.

    Silent Meow, love and prayers to you. You are showing lots of courage. God bless.

    BServ, you rowk. Lionel Hambone. LOL

  58. Alex: you are right, those are puppy legs. My eyes were playing tricks on me. What a great photo.

    Silent Meow: I am sending good thoughts your way!