Am I keeping you warm or?

Are you keeping ME warm?


I saw two deers do this once Katie L.



  1. Does it matter? SNUGGLEBUNS!

    Oh, and Bleen! (My first!) 🙂

  2. Heather Sherman says:

    This is so retardedly cute. Agh.

  3. They can come do that @ my house anytime. I’d like a pair for every door.

  4. They can exclude my draft any day!

  5. Love the hover text, it is exactly what I thought we I saw it!

  6. The answer is: YES.

  7. AuntieMame says:

    There’s a two-bun pileup at the kitchen door. Alternate routes are advised.

  8. Hot Crossed Buns?

  9. Hot Crossed Buns?

  10. oops. sorry ’bout the double Post.
    …Clean up in aisle one!

  11. HA!! Yes indeed “Hot Crossed Buns!”

  12. berthaservant says:

    Or…”If I told you once, I told you a hundred times, when we do the leapfrog bit, BE SURE THE SWINGING DOOR IS OPEN!”

  13. Looks like the things we put against the door to stop the cold draft.

  14. Yeah, those Door Draft Keeper Outers. I know exactly what you mean.

  15. Thanks, SAS: I just snorted black cherry Fresca out my nose over the ‘hot crossed buns’ line. *Snork*. Dang, there it goes again.

  16. cellarmouse says:

    SAS – they’s nothin else to say – and i didn’t even think of it til you said it!

  17. What a ripoff. My door draft keeper outers require no food.

  18. haha they are soooo cute…
    i have a ton of cute videos of my pets at

    go check them out

  19. lol
    its bun-blankie

  20. kibblenibble says:

    <3 the identical dainty poshish of the front paws.

  21. kibblenibble says:

    posish? oops.

  22. My bunny girls lay across each other like this. Except at right angles, for some reason:)

  23. Bring on the bun warmers/draft stoppers… so cute!

  24. We used to call those Draft Dodgers…. I didn’t get it when I was little, till I called my draft dodger a draft dodger in front of someone else and they looked at me funny.

  25. LOL! Hot crossed buns indeed!

    The black bunneh looks like the brown one’s shadow.

  26. Furtive looks rather than disaproving.

  27. Von Zeppelin says:

    Hey, black rabbit. Move a little to the right. There’s a draft in here. Thanks. . .that’s better.

  28. Ahhhh, a nice pair of warm buns to cheer us frozen Peeps!


  29. This wasn’t even posted on a Bunday! Well, I guess it was a TWOsday.

  30. These are very cute bunnies! I used to have a white one of my own. It had these really pretty pink eyes. It unfortunately got loose and ran away. It’s name was Jewell. I miss it. This is a very cute photo though! <3 I enjoyed this site. It made me smile.

  31. i couldn’t stop laughing – completely adorable. my rabbit is afraid of tile floors.

  32. Wooooooow that is so cute, where did you get it?

  33. Space, MakeMoney. We got it from the party in space.

  34. The plural of deer is deer. You saw two deer do this once.

  35. Important One is these bunnies is probably really SICK, when bunnies do this, one of them usually is having stomach pain. 1% possible they are doing this randomly and it is cute, but 99% likely one is ill and they die quickly from stomach conditions. Please research it and ask your vet.