It’s Game Time!

Good afternoon, sports fans!  Well, this is it: The granddaddy of them all, the brass ring, the game for all the marbles — the Super Bowl.  And with it comes the time-honored Super Bowl traditions; first, dressing up the pets so they can share in all the Super Bowl excitement!

Oh yeah, I'm feeling it.  How about you, Stan?

Like, rah.

And if that’s not thrilling enough, it’s time once again for the Animal Planet Puppy Bowl!  Here are highlights from last year’s action-packed game!

Thanks to Chief Sister Officer for the Steelers pet pics!



  1. Ahh, the water-dish tongue cam! A genius innovation.

  2. I purrfur the Kitteh Half Time Show, but Puppy Bowl is cute.

  3. PS, Way to rock the Terrible Towel, Mean Joe Kitty!

  4. Little-known fact: Steelers fans believe afghans are good luck!

  5. Clearly, having a Groovy Crocheted Afgan from the 70’s is a requirement to properly dress your pets for the Big Game…

  6. @Nakey, is that true?!

  7. Okay My absolutely most favorite part of this post is the kitty wearing Mardi gras Beads.

    W00T Kitty.

    ANd the Afgans

    MAkes me want to snuggle up with the puppy and the kitty.
    Wanders off to watch teh puppy bowl video from last year

    I don’t suppose there is any hope of this years puppy bowl getting posted here?
    I don’t have Cable. : (

  8. hey! that’s MY afghan.

  9. thats coolio

  10. Terrible shmeribble. These towels are oh so cuddly and snuggable.

  11. Aha ha ha ha
    I love when the puppy steals the refereeeee at the end. Does that mean he won?
    Where are the Caridnal pups/kitty dress up? Fair is fair.
    (not that I watch football. I just think fair is fair).

  12. Absolutely true, Nik.

    Afghans are good luck, perogies will put hair on your chest, and halushki will make you strong. And if the Steelers can’t take you out, the babushka mammas will be right behind them 🙂

  13. I’m watching Puppy Bowl V right now! Don’t forget to go to animal planet’s website and vote for MVP – Most Valuable Puppy!

  14. CARDINALS FURBABIES PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If not then *insert EYE ROLL here*

  15. This just in – the win goes to the BEAGLE!!! Yeah Beagles!! – Puppy Bowl that is – Kurt Warner in the Super Bowl!

  16. You know the world’s okay when grown men will referee and announce Puppy Bowl. The “streaker”….and the embarrassed tailgaters…oh gawd, I was a having a baaad day, saw that, and couldn’t stop laughing. And I so want that big red fluffy puppy. Just watch Puppy Bowl. Forget that other silly bowl.

  17. wannadance says:

    like, rah.

    (palpitating for mike, as usual….sigh….)

  18. They had a “steaker” at the puppy bowl? what the heck was that? A chinese crested puppy?

  19. “Clearly, having a Groovy Crocheted Afgan from the 70’s is a requirement to properly dress your pets for the Big Game”

    Heck yeah! I still have mine in my family’s college colors that Granny made for me!

  20. I can’t believe it, I made a afgan just like that in 1973.

    Loved the kitty getting his own treats.

  21. *scratches head*

    So you have a sports competition between the two teams punned in the previous post… okay, worked that bit out… but it’s called the Super Bowl, and the sport is… football.


  22. Take a moment to appreciate the crotcheting abilities of Pittsburgh grandmothers. Wonderful technicolor acrylic blankets.

  23. LOL Clare where are you???

  24. berthaservant says:

    To be fair, the Arizona pets likely live in warm weather and are probably not prone to snuggling deep into afghan warmy goodness because it’s 85 degrees out.

    Would love to see one lounging near a cactus, tho.

  25. AH firmly believe that the support of these two helped the Steelers to victory tonight!!!

  26. Sara, actually the word is ‘crochet’.

    But thanks anyway, your spelling is probably fun too 😀

  27. totalee puppy says:

    An exciting game and commercials were fun–except for the one about an urge to punch small animals-aieeeeeee! w00t for half-time.

  28. MMMMMM Puppy Bowl.
    My fave was Schroder, who just laid down in the middle of the field for a tie-tie nap.

  29. The tail-gaters were the best.

  30. Kultgirl, my favorite was Schroder too! Who would have thought that a beagle/husky mix would be so freakin’ adorable?! However, I didn’t like that he got a puppy-foul for napping on the field…

  31. Kyle Winland says:

    These were perfectly nice animals until some black and yellow was added. It looks like the animals are enjoying the new look, ok, maybe not. These pets would look better in orange and brown. No matter what they are dressed in they are still cute.

  32. awww I love the animals

    who’s blog is this anyway?

  33. How great would it be to just lie down in the middle of the that mini football field and be covered with puppers?!

  34. Joy — Rupert Murdoch. (You didn’t hear that from me.)