Hut! Hut! Ham!

THIS Heisman Ham trophy winner has ALL his football-shaped baloney sandwiches with mustard "strings"  READY for tomorrow’s game.

Do YOU!?


This encore presentayshe brought to you by Meg.



  1. look at those teeny nails/claws

  2. nooooo, go Steelers!

  3. YourMother says:

    If he scores a touchdown… does he hamsterdance?

  4. biscuithead says:

    Beautiful beady eye factor.
    Leetle paws too.

    Makes my evening.

  5. How on earth did they get the helmet on the hamster’s head? I should think it would struggle and squirm and protest mightily.

  6. I thought that picture looked familiar, but I couldn’t remember where I’d seen it… then I looked on my wall and it turns out it’s tomorrow’s calendar picture!

    Lollll, so cute. I don’t like football, but cute regardless. 🙂

  7. metsakins says:

    don’t forget to watch the puppy bowl with kitteh half time show.

  8. AuntieMame says:

    I’m planning to watch the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet!

    Football? Phooey!

  9. Tomorrow’s calendar pic!!!!! it’s darling!! I didn’t realize the calendar pics would be upcoming site pics.

  10. Steelers! Steelers! Steelers!….oh by the way..the hammy is way too cute! He could curl up with me and watch the game. I would give him a cheese curl and a thimble full of Iron City Beer.

  11. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Up! Loox like metaskins and AuntieMame beat me to the punch! I was gonna mention PUPPY BOWL AND KITTY HALF-TIME SHOW, too!!! YAY!!!! 😀

  12. Jennietals says:

    it matches my CO calendar yay!

  13. IT is a Hamstraviganza.

  14. Looks like I need some veggie snacks and tofu for
    my hammie buddy on superday…let’s see…sizzling carrots…
    rauncho dip…

  15. hamster-on-rye says:

    I think it’s from Popeye:
    “It’s the ham what am”.

  16. Martha in Washington says:

    Even I would watch football if this lil dude was playing.

  17. i could be wrong but i think this ham is TODAY in the CO calendar.

  18. gahhhhhhh!!!! what a handsome devil. He is like the homestarrunner of the rodent world.

  19. Raemie L. says:

    He might need a few cheese-stringers on back-up. 🙂

  20. Who makes itty-bitty hamster helmets? Who thinks of these things?

  21. Nooo, Polamalu and the Steelers!
    (Sing “Pola-malu” to the tune of “Mahna-mahna”!)

  22. I still prefer the pop-up text from the first time – “Quarterham”.

  23. mervtheflamingo says:

    Um, I’ve got my seitan-sandwiches ready. But they’re too chunky to be cut into football shapes. :{

  24. Hovertext made me LOL, picturing this poor little guy’s reaction to an actual cardinal! He’d be all, “Yipe!”

  25. Where do you actually find a teeny-tiny helmet like that? And what do they go for?

  26. ysubassoon says:

    I am sorry that I will not be able to catch any of the coverage of Puppy Bowl V, beginning with the tailgate at 3 and featuring Pepper the Parrot singing the national anthem as part of the pregame show. And of course, I am especially off-putted to miss the Bissell Kitty Halftime Show, which is always a favorite.

    Now, for my brother’s sake..GO CARDINALS!

  27. Why? WHY, I ask you, is there no C.O.X.C.U. of the anerable teeny tiny claws?! I love them!

  28. OMG this is the pic for today on the CO page-a-day calendar!! 😀

  29. scooterpants says:

    loved it the first time, love it again this time.
    he actually looks like he is very proud of his hellmutt! cute cute cute!

  30. berthaservant says:

    : blink blink :
    : looking at calendar :
    : blink blink :
    : looking at laptop :


  31. What cute little claws!

  32. See… he even comes with his own cleets (sp?).

  33. this is so cute…i might have to try this wiht my friends pet hamster! i hope he wins the game!!!

  34. HAMSTER POWEr says:

    this is a good HAMMIE AM
    je vuet manger ton HAMMIE AM
    don’t forget i pp you =)
    good morning

  35. u stole my line! i say hut ham and hut hang! i also say hut hut!