I Arrest You In The Name Of Surrealism!

Sender-inner Carrie L. found these pictures of "Stache" on a message board. Either Stache has had a little mishap with a Magic Marker, or that is one devastatingly delicate mustache.  And it reminds me of somebody, but I’m not sure who…

You're looking at it now, aren't you? The rest of me's cute too, ya know.

Now, my left brain, the logical, analytical half that tells me to store my ATM receipts in chronological order for future reference, thinks that he looks like genius supersleuth Hercule Poirot.

Frankly, d00d, both halves are kinda creepin' me out here.

But my right brain, the random, creative half that tells me to run through the mall wearing nothing but body paint and ostrich feathers and singing the Oscar Meyer wiener jingle, thinks he looks like surrealist painter Salvador Dali.

Am I weird because I want to see these two guys bullfighting each other?

So I leave it to you, peeps — which half is right?  Vote below!



  1. [ahem]
    *** OCELOT!!! ***

  2. Von Zeppelin says:

    Speaking of surrealism, I think I just saw a kitten with a thin mustache lurking behind a toilet. Wow. I thought the sixties were over, but they come to visit me now and then.

  3. @Theo: Gesundheit.

    [ *snurf* …tankgu. – Ed.]

  4. laureling says:

    Oh NTMTOM, how I love thee.

    First pic: Salvador Dali, second pic, catnipped up Dali/Poirot spawn.

  5. Very nice, NOMTOM.
    Let us all wish Merrie and Oceanpoet a happy Birthday (each).
    Happy Birthday!!!

    Nice muoo-stache, there, kitteh!

  6. TexIrishRose says:

    My name is Inigo Montoya. You have killed my father. Prepare to die.


  7. AuntieMame says:

    The purist in me demands that I explain that the real Hercule’s mustache is much more luxuriant than Mr. Suchet’s, as much as I adore his portrayal of the great man and his little grey cells.

    The rest of me is just gibbering over the adorableness of Mr. Mustachekitteh.

  8. This little gentleman needs to bring his paws to his tiny stach and twist it around when he’s thinking. He also needs a monocle, a top hat, and possibly a cane. Then he can go out looking dapper.

  9. Both are better than the Hitler cats… Although the cat can’t helpt it when he looks like him of course…

  10. jon spencer says:

    Guy Fawkes.

  11. reminder to self: computer screens do not like snorgeling.

  12. I would have chosen the fourth option, but I don’t know what “compusive” means. 😉 I understand “compulsive”, but not “compusive”.

    On the other hand, who cares about spelling? Just give me the kitty, please, whomever he looks like!

  13. DALI!

    If only for this photo of him with a cat.

  14. @belphebe: Oops. Spelling error corrected. Denk you veddy much.

  15. NO! NO! HE LOOKS LIKE MARIO!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Peeps ! Kitty ‘stache doesn’t meet in the middle.
    Dali ‘stache doesn’t meet in the middle.
    Poirot “stache much thicker & meets under the schnozz.
    I think this is the luv child of Dali & the OCELOT. You can see the resemblance in the eyes !
    Black & white pic of mom & dad , Black & white kitten.

  17. he looks like Inspector Cluseau. (did I spell that right?)


    I like how there is an inordinate amount of people who think like me.


  19. Yes, Insp. Jacques Clouseau!!!! That is my vote

  20. I am incapable of voting without the assistance of a STOAT.

  21. NomTom & Belphebe —
    I think it’s more properly a “CompuServe disorder”, actually.

  22. I think it looks like my Great Aunt Verna.

  23. Why do I suddenly want to talk like Hercule? says:

    Even without the assistance of a stoat, I voted for Sal because of the big big big round eyes. I do understand.. the contest was (technically) only about the ‘stache but I feel the entire visage should be considered when voting in such important matters.

  24. I love everything about this post. Tiny mustaches, kittens, Salvador Dali, and allusions to compulsive disorders make my day.


  25. berthaservant says:


    You have been cleverly fooled by superficial simularities to more famous people. In fact, kittie is a dead ringer for longtime character actor George E. Stone:


  26. He looks like Steve Martin on the Pink Panther…

  27. Makes me think of Boris Badenov from Rocky & Bullwinkle 😀

  28. I like the results of this poll *much much* better than the one about Manny Ramirez on MetsBlog.com.

    In fact, does this kitty hit right-handed?

  29. JL Sigman says:

    “I think it’s more properly a “CompuServe disorder”, actually.”
    OMG, it’s 1993 all over again… 😉

    KYUUUUUT kitten! You guys are not helping me not want more kittens, you know. 😉

  30. PS NTMTOM, the body paint and ostrich feather ensemble cries out for roller blades. Or stilts.

  31. very cute kitteh, tho i did get quite a shock as he looks very like my kitteh sake except she has a goatee lol

  32. Hey! I sented that in!

    I believe they’re actually calling him Pierre now 😦 I suggested Dali or Salvadore… not sure they kept it.

  33. Meess Limon, there has been a murder on the porcelain express. Please telegram Hastings immediately and get him to stop ze clocks from melting further!

  34. i love love love NTMTOM. love. and one more love for good measure.

  35. I went to University on a Ustinov scholarship, and my wife has met David Suchet, so I gotta say Poirot…

  36. The facial symmetry of little Colonel Mustache there is keeeeling me. ot just him moostache, but him kissy spot and guyliner, too.

  37. Edward — understandable. Cool. I’ve met… uh… Ani DiFranco. And Al Franken. (Not together.)
    Neither was particularly mysterious, either.

    Anybody ever meet Jeremy Brett? (sorta/semi on-topic)

  38. Cazzie — SOUL PATCH TUXIE!

  39. OHHHH, I wish I were an Oscar Mayer weeeeeeeenerrrrr!
    That is what I truly wish to beeeeee-eeeeee-eeeeeee!
    For if I were an Oscar Mayer weeeeeeeenerrrrrr,
    Everyone would be in love with me!

  40. *delurk*
    Actually, he looks like John Waters.
    ahem. Excuse me.

  41. More like a cross of Poirot and the Pringles guy, in my opinion.

  42. what the heck is Dali doing with an ocelot??

  43. DALI CAT! ……………I want it! ^___^

    (HUGE Dali fan, can’t you tell?)

  44. At least he doesn’t look like Hitler!


  45. Theo, I never met Jeremy Brett but I did share a theatre armrest once with Huggy Bear. (I have the lamest brush with greatness ever.)

    [ZOMG DID YOU HUG HIM!?!! – Ed.]

    [Yeah, I can out-lame anyone. I mean, see?? Even my SUPERPOWER is lame. – Ed.]

  46. Yitzysmommine says:

    Stashe or Pierre – Magnifique faux moooostache!
    Cazzie – your bebeh kitteh is prosh.

  47. Show of hands, who votes to see NTMTOM run through the mall wearing nothing but body paint and ostrich feathers and singing the Oscar Meyer wiener jingle?? Mall to be named later.

    [Mall of America! MALL OF FREAKIN’ AMERICA in BLOOMINGTON FREAKIN’ MINNESOTA! Or alternately, the Ikea right across the street. With dinner afterwards! They have Swedish meatballs and lingonberry soda! – Ed.]

  48. I’ve met Andy Devine & got autographed picture, does that count? (Referenced in Jimmy Buffett’s song, I Wish I Had A Pencil Thin Mustache)

  49. Well actually, that’s almost relevant here.

  50. Ergh…this say, “The actor who PLAYED super sleuth Hercule Poirot”! If you read the books, Poirot had a big moustache, not that little thing the actor had. That inaccuracy always drove me nuts. Poirot was proud of his big moustache!!





  51. *sigh* This *should* say.

  52. Guess I’m not the only “Poirot Purist”! I don’t mind David Suchet…I think Albert Finney was the best and I found Peter Ustinov unwatchable (appearance-wise…no offense, Edward!)

  53. No, I did not hug Huggy Bear. But, for the record, Huggy Bear does hog the armrest.

  54. Never met Jeremy Brett but think him the quintessential Sherlock Holmes. I love that JB also played Freddy Ainsworth-Hill in My Fair Lady, lip-syncing to “On the Street Where You Live”. Put those two side by side… now THAT’S surreal!

  55. Eet eez ze Eenspeteh Clew-zoh!

  56. At first glance I thought something was coming out his nose.

  57. Dali, paws down.

    I knew it before I even saw Dali’s pic. Call it my persistence of meowmery.

  58. *jumping online to buy plane ticket to Minneapolis*

  59. *cursing Eds. for these “Previous” and “Next” buttons, post was supposed to appear about 3 down from the Mall of America one on the previous page, oops*

  60. i think this should have been written in a French accent. or Belgian.


    Stache kitteh is very adorable.

  61. I’m on that line too, Hibiscus! I’ll buy the popcorn.

  62. Hey, the Previous and Next buttons are a SixApart/TypePad thing, and last I heard, they were still working on them. Don’t be cursin’ the [-Ed.]

  63. My Gus-Gus has a similar ‘stache — but only on one side:


    We used to say she’s half a Poirot, but perhaps she’s just doing one of those half-man half-woman vaudeville acts.

  64. That picture of Dali is quite disturbing. :O

  65. you forgot SNYDLEY WHIPLASH!!!

  66. you forgot SNYDLEY WHIPLASH!!!

  67. you forgot SNYDLEY WHIPLASH!!!

  68. you forgot SNYDLEY WHIPLASH!!!

  69. you forgot SNYDLEY WHIPLASH!!!

  70. you forgot SNYDLEY WHIPLASH!!!

  71. darkshines says:

    Dedinately my hero Dali. Look at the kitty in that wide eyed pic! They could be twins!

  72. Am I imagining things or was my post deleted? I can’t imagine why…did I do something wrong?

  73. Okay…it’s still there…I’m getting confused with this new comment format…

  74. I’m goin’ with Boris Badenoff on this one. Great comments, Peeps!

    I almost met Andy Williams-we were on the same puddle-jumping airplane for an hour and a half. *Sigh* So, near, yet so far.

    Love the puddeh stahses!

    I just bought two big boxes of individually-portioned pudding snacks for the orchestra snack breaks-it is their favorite. Soon, I’ll suggest the CO site to their parents and we take…oover…the..world!Just doing my part.

  75. Katrina, I saw Andy Williams too! Walking by on a city sidewalk in Japan. I was only 6 yrs. old but I remember seeing his smiling face, and my parents’ reaction.

  76. More Poirot trivia: Does anybody else remember that Suchet played Inspector Japp in Ustinov’s “Thirteen at Dinner”?

  77. The fact that you mentioned Hercule Poirot and Salvador Dali in one post means I can DIE HAPPY.

    Zee leetle grey cells, mon ami!

  78. I vote Hercule. Kitty’s stache is thick, short, and tidy like Hercule’s. Salvador’s is thinner, longer, and less perfect.

  79. Though I agree with darkshines, the eyes are all Dali. But we’re voting on staches here people.

  80. BrianMPLS says:

    I was just at MOA last night! Without the running, singing, and nekkidity, of course. The place could do with an occasional streaking. Better would be group scatter-streaking (all in different directions), with a good mix of gender, body type, skin color.

  81. I saw David Brinkley outside ABC, years ago. He was wearing a trench coat, just like I would have imagined.

  82. Andy has such pretty eyes. he really gets around, doesn’t he?

    Theresa-was he just wearing a white trench coat? I’d never have imagined that. (*snerk*)

  83. Katrina, it wasn’t *white*– it was trench-coat colored. You know, that kind of beige-y, khaki, taupe-y color worn by movie detectives and journalists since days of yore. 😉

  84. PS, he did have *pants* on under it. The upper layers, I couldn’t see. I’d never seen any news about Brinkley running around flashing people on the Upper West Side.

  85. NEITHER! He looks like Inspector Clouseau on the Pink Panther movies!

  86. @Theresa: You lucky girl! I STILL miss David Brinkley….both his writings and on Sunday mornings.

  87. Gail re: Brinkley on Sunday mornings– “Après moi, le déluge.” It’s all been unwatchable for me since he passed.

  88. this was posted by a member of http://www.centralpetz.com/smf in the board “cat tales”

    he’s a foster and the rest of her pets are equally cute!

    come check us out, guys. we love new members!

    [OK, added a link. Thanks… – Ed.]

  89. tracyFlick says:

    That cat hanging out with Dali looks like it was on the same drugs as he was.

  90. We must use our little gray cells…..

  91. I’m going with the guy on the right b/c of the eyes & nose..

  92. I think it looks more like Inspector Clouseau (Peter Sellers, not the horrible new remakes) than either Poirot or Dali.

  93. Glinkus Meerkat says:

    “But my right brain, the random, creative half that tells me to run through the mall wearing nothing but body paint and ostrich feathers and singing the Oscar Meyer wiener jingle”

    Oh, please. This would have been a LOT more interesting if Meg had said it. As it is, it’s just disgusting. Thanks so much.

  94. Hah, you’ve got a problem with THAT? Oh your poor mind’s eye.

    Just FYI, all *I’m* wearing is butter-flavored Crisco. Of course, I’m not exactly slip-sliding my way through the mall. And it really doesn’t work well with this mesh-backed chair, as it turns out.

    Still — toasty warm!

    (btw, is anybody else craving popcorn? I can’t explain it.)