Er, I meant Roomba.

Clean up. Aisle 1.




  1. Survivor: Roomba Edition. Who will be the last kitty left riding?

  2. And the winner is kitten #4!

  3. AuntieMame says:

    LOL! I was holding my breath that one (or more) of them didn’t get sucked up into the machine. The most hilarious bits were when it scooted the kitteh on the floor back about a foot (what just happened?), and at the end when there was just one kitteh left, hanging on for dear life.

  4. This is simultaneously the saddest and cutest thing of all time. The poor kittens were totally just getting pushed around!

  5. quick jump back on the bandwagon fat kitteh!

  6. They probably leave behind as much fluff as they vacuum. But sooooo adorable!!

  7. OMG. robot vacuum drifting around, dropping kittens all over, pushing around, naked kid, running doggy. what is going on in this household!!

    soon the kittens will be chasing the robo-vac around!!

  8. Am I the only one noticed that naked man?

  9. Put a shirt on that kid! Give me one of those kittens!

  10. biscuithead says:

    Man, they all looked so bewildered.
    Life in that house must be freaky enough for them without random shirtless humans + a large wandering dog.
    They’ll get over it though, one hopes.

  11. I want to second the cute or sad classification.

  12. Awww…cute little kittens and- HOLY CRAP NAKED KID! Hahaha.

    [Please. Shirtless, NOT naked. Wouldn’t be on YouTube otherwise. – Ed.]

    And OMG Meg those kittens could have totally been sucked up! Are you saying we should vacuum up our kittens now?!?!? FOR SHAME!!! 😉

  13. Nibbler, devourer of souls says:

    That’s so adorable. I disagree with Amy.. I love the kitties being pooshed around.. like a little kitten snow shovel.

  14. berthaservant says:

    Wow. With almost any other creature that would be dangerous. Imagine the disapproving rabbits! Kittehs are just like “whatevs.”

    And apparently they have a pet elephant, too (oh, I’m sorry, that was a huge doggeh)…

  15. What manner of cats are these, that have no fear of the Vacuum Monster?

  16. I’m so tired of this. They’re not poor helpless creatures, stop treating them like such. If they didn’t want to be on there anymore, they would have totally jumped off, it’s basic natural instinct. Nobody was hurt, it was all pure fun. Let’s just enjoy. OK?

  17. Pengraffe says:

    Oh my goodness, I wish I had a bunch of kittens to pile on top of my Roomba as it whirrs around. Not to worry for the kittens’ safety, the Roomba uses brushes but no suction, so they are just being scooched over by the oncoming Roomba.
    Kittens + Robots = Adorable!

  18. I have to work through the night, and this just made it a little bit better 🙂

  19. Animal Planet’s latest foray into reality programming:

    Survivor – The Rumba Island

    Kitten Halftime Show – this time with floats

    Robot Wars – the kitten version

    Animal Cops – The Kitchen

  20. Raemie L. says:

    (Loosely to the rhythm of “10 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed”)
    Six little kittehs cruising on the vac,
    Two fell off and said, “That was whack.”
    Another rolled off and then there were three,
    The third fell adjacent, immediately.
    Two little kittehs riding toward the end,
    Bumpy wall knockout–the last kitteh stands!

  21. Um… What the hell is going on in that house?

  22. Finally, housework is fun!

  23. It seems that Roomba surfing will be the new sport in pet olympics:

  24. Justine D says:

    What the h*** is wrong with CO these days?

  25. I loved this, totally made up for my crappy day. And the comments just added to it.

  26. Roombas clean up very thoroughly, and they don’t suck, so you don’t have to worry about sucking kittens or other small mammals into it!

    A Roomba goes quite slowly and is really low. Kittens can easily jump off if they want to.

  27. P.S. Hahahahaha! (They really don’t look bothered, do they).

  28. snorglepup says:

    Yay! Self-cleaning cats.
    Clean the litter box while you’re at it, mmK?

  29. And THAT”S how you herd lolcats

  30. Really fun and cute BUT the kitties could really get harmed so…. Kind of stupid thing to do but ended well this time!

  31. Poor Roomba. It’s confusing when the dustballs run away.

  32. Check out the belleh on the first kitteh that floops of the roomba.

  33. smilingdog says:

    Ingenious kitteh delivery system! Had to LOL!!

  34. Oh, automated kitten delivery AND cleaning service! Cool! Can I have one black kitten, please? Oh, and please do clean under the sofa, it’s a whole new world under there.

  35. Oh. My. Gawd.

  36. Lisa (one of several) says:

    If I know Roombas came with kittens, I would have bought one a long time ago! To those of you warning against this – have you ever been owned by a cat? They do more dangerous things than this on their own and survive quite nicely!

  37. Lisa (one of several) says:

    obviously “know” above should be “knew” – sorry

  38. Love the splayed position of the Last Kitten Standing. He’s bracing himself.

  39. “Really fun and cute BUT the kitties could really get harmed so”

    How? It doesn’t have suction. It just has some brushes, nothing sharp. It’s quite light and couldn’t squish a kitten if it tried. It can’t run a kitten over because a) it’s too low and b) as soon as one of its wheels lifts from the ground it stops dead and squeaks helplessly at you. It also has a sensor which spots objects, as you can see from the way it turned away after it’d shoved the kitten for a bit.

    If you think it’s dangerous, you haven’t got a Roomba.

  40. personally, i don’t know how Roombas work, nor do i care. This vid had me laughing out loud at work getting strange, covert glances from my coworkers. As for the bebehs, they didn’t seem stressed at all, just determined to sleep through all the moving. I definitly give this movie a thumbs up, Siskel!

  41. Von Zeppelin says:

    Big gray dog: “A vacuum monster AND a bunch of kittens!? I’m outta here!”

  42. I’m going with sad, but cute, but sad.

    Baby kitties don’t look all that thrilled to me.

    I would, however, like to pile up all those little kitties and dive in face first for a big, fat, fuzzy multi-snorgle!

  43. I have a roomba – greatest thing eva for sucking up my birdie feathers! I recommend to all petowners. And I heartily agree with Starling and others: roomba could not hurt a fly. If I sent a video of my parrot riding my roomba (with “Bat Outta Hell” playing as the soundtrack), will ya post eet!!!???

  44. It looks to me like the kitties were getting back onto it themselves, and one was lying down, relaxing on there. Maybe they think it’s purring.

    As for being pushed around: this reminds me of our cat Moonpie (a rather LARGE animal), who just lies on her back in the kitchen till someone feeds her. If she’s in front of the fridge, she’ll just let the opening door slide her along. “I Don’t Care” is her motto. Very Stubborn. Obvy, that little kitten wasn’t in the least worried about that Roomba pushing him/her a bit any more than Moonpie minds people stepping over her repeatedly (as long as they are headed for the chow bag.)

    (I also like the Delayed Tail View of the dog at the end of the clip)

  45. That house looks like fun! The mom in charge has a sense of humor, I bet that kid has fun at home…

  46. Wow, the incentives that companies are offering in the bad economy!! I have a coupon for a moo-cow kitteh with purchase of a Roomba (to get the entire puddle of kittehs, you have to get the SuperDuperExtraFabulous version)…..

  47. Kittens: “Hmm, Mom looks rounder and flatter today. But she’s purring, so I guess it’s OK. PILE ON!!!”

    Winner Kitteh looks just like my dear departed Yevgeny, and he was a Mr. Budge-No-More, too. Once he decided he was going to sit someplace, the Earth could crumble and nothing could shift him.

  48. R those kittehs playing ships-mast? i think the shirtless kid mus be Stuntman Mike…

  49. Birdcage – if they dont post it at least post the link. I wanna see birdie on Roomba.

  50. (peals of laughter shake the house)

    i don’t know what’s funnier, the whirring kitteh clown car or the babbling nuffers

    i’m going to be chuckling insanely all day


  51. “Bleep! Get these things OFF of me. I am a vacuum not your beast of burden!”

  52. shahinrani says:

    LOL. The first time a kitteh gets pushed, when the kitteh just keeps sitting and looking bewildered, and then when the first one goes keerr-flop, and then just lays, there are hilarious.

  53. Hilarious and cute! But I have a question: how does a Roomba work if it doesn’t have suction??

    [It does, just not very much. Doesn’t need to be a tornado to work. – Ed.]
    [ ]

  54. I just got a Roomba. As soon as it finishes charging, the first thing I will do is try to get my cats to ride it.

  55. Biscuit Tin says:

    The two best parts are the belly of the first kitty to fall off, and the kitty being scooted across the floor at :17. And the giant dog. Three. The THREE best parts are: belly, scooted kitty, giant dog. And the black kitty at the beginning who seems to be asleep. Four.Drat! I’ll come in again….

  56. That was completely hilarious! We laughed out loud and now I want to get a roomba. Cute kitties!!!!!!!!

  57. wannadance says:

    not a naked kid.has on jams.
    not scared kitties. did they have backs up, tails poofed? did they flee? were they taped on? they looked pretty relaxed to me.

    dog looked happy.

    this is a GREAT household.

    naked kid..grumble, hmmmph.

    nuffing against nuffers.

  58. That last kitteh on is all “I’m king of the world!”.

  59. First kitteh getting pushed back a little was SOOOOOOO FUNNY.

  60. Definitely sad. That poor, opressed widdle Roomba has to put up with so much — small space (poor thing keeps bumping into the cupboards, ow!), too many feetses in the way(bare-bellied hoomans, gigantic dogs…), and enormous sentient fur balls with the nerve to climb on TOP of it. Sheesh, won’t somebody think of the small appliances?!


  61. scooterpants says:

    the only thing naked about the kid was his nipple-less chest! (is that even possible??) completely and totally blank. (either that or he is just incredibly white, meaning without pigment)
    love kittehs on roomba,someone obvy piled them there, but kittens love this kiinda crap, we used to ride ours around in RC trucks and stuff. fun! and love the big dog, “i’m gettin the heck outta here! whoa!”

  62. Achewood did it first. 😛

    [Uhhm… you mean this Achewood? …which is a cartoon? – Ed.]

  63. I had the weirdest dream this morning. I dreamed I got up, went to the ‘puter to check out CO, and they had this vid of a buncha kittens and– OH. MY. GAWD.

  64. I laughed really really hard at this. The cat-roomba combination is always a win.

  65. Jennie Mello says:

    the roomba must be warm. thus the pile o kitties.

  66. Biscuit Tin: The kitties didn’t expect the Spanish Inquisition!

  67. oh my goodness I just watched this three times in a row and I am still laughing. I can’t get over the bulldozering action at the end. Weren’t roombas supposed to be able to avoid objects that were in their way, though?

    k going back to watch again, brb

  68. Is this like the kitten version of MXC, or some other wacky Japanese game show? Luv it!

  69. yep, as long as i can do that with it, I don’t care if the Roomba thing is really a piece of crap! LMAO

  70. @Cath: Best nuff ever! Almost as funny as the video.

  71. I haven’t read all of the comments but I would love to live in that house. Small hoomins + small kitties + big doggies = fun in my book.

  72. chet, ruby, and miaoux's momma says:

    HEY EVERYONE! KITTEN CAM OVER AT SNUZZY.COM! see ya there. and then will come back here for repeated viewings of kitten Roomba! my morning is very busy…..

  73. The Roomba ruthlessly took the kittens out, one by one.

    […for ice creams! YEEEEE!! – Ed.]

  74. this is so incredibly funny and cute. i’m obviously stating the obvious.


    i love the total lack of responsiveness from the kittens. everything’s “whatevs”


    [Risha — FYI, comments that only contain a URL usually get nuked as spam. Luckily I checked out this one of yours first. 😉 Just for future reference, you might want to include a bit of a descriptive blurb with your shared links, even when they’re right on topic with the thread/post. Thanks! – Ed.]

  76. Ahaha! This has me laughing so hard! I think my favorite part is when the little gray one roly-poly-olies off the Roomba. Too funny!

  77. Hahaha! They probably love the vibrations from it. Love when the kitty gets nudged, and then when the other one flips off.

    Extra funny points for the young shirtless dude and giant dog near the end lol

  78. Technically it’s a Scooba. The Scooba is the floor washing robot and the Roomba is the vacuum robot. 😉 You can tell because the Scooba is less frenetic than the Roomba.

  79. Wait I was wrong it IS a Roomba. My bad.

  80. Beth (in NC) says:

    Can I live there?? Can I??? CAN I???? Pleeeease?? Kittens (hilarious, cute, riding, not scared of vacuums), dogs who don’t mind kittens, and did I mention the kittens? Ehn!!!

  81. superboymom says:

    Please tell me . . . if the Roomba only has no brushes and doesn’t suck, where does all the dirt go?

    Course, I thought that was what doggie is for. To clean up my floors after dinner :-).

    Good boy, Max!

  82. superboymom says:

    ugh . . . what I meanta say was, “if the Roomba doesn’t have brushes and . . .”

    My Oildale roots are showing 🙂

  83. My dog used to bark at the Roomba, but now she ignores it completely. Maybe we can get her attention again if we load it up with kittens!

  84. Biscuit Tin says:

    @ Juno – Yay! Thanks for playing! I never see Monty Python references in this forum, do I? I think there might have been a “you must bring us a shrubbery” reference once. Over-all I don’t think there’s much of a fan crossover.

  85. Biscuit Tin says:

    I think the kid in the video is flopping around the room in swim fins. Look closely. Somewhere between the roomba, the kitten mews and the flapping giant feet on the kid, the dog said, “I’m outta here.”

  86. Geez…
    I’ve lived with two other people in a room the size of shoebox with less complaining than some of the comments I’ve been reading … Enuff of the nuffin’ …

    A kitten kaboodle is a always cute people!

  87. OMG the HOOMANITY! next thing you know, these cruel heartless people are going to be piling ELEPHANTS on top of the Roombas! Then you’ll be ashamed for having promoted such careless behavior!! SAVE THE ROOMBAS!!

  88. Also, to Biscuit Tin: are you joking? This site is nothing but a bottomless well of nerdom, especially with Monty Python references and what not 🙂

    Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!!!

  89. I’m also brilliant for posting the text of my msg in my byline, and then for double-posting (albeit correctly the 2nd time!). Okay maybe I should go back to work now; enough fail from me here…

  90. Estella — I think perhaps yes. Biscuit Tin maaaaay have been joking.

  91. Jackie – Roombas have pressure sensors (the broad black half-circle in front is mounted on them), but it looks to me like someone is driving this one. I don’t know what model that is, but you can get a remote for the current series.

  92. Takeshi’s Castle – WITH KITTENS!!

  93. I think that this is the most HORRIBLE kind of video. Why are you encouraging idiots to endanger helpless babies for their and others amusement?

  94. Complete wreckage and carnage!

  95. Kristabelle says:

    Risha’s link, after watching that video, had me laughing so hard, I had tears running down my face.

    My dogs haaaaaate the vacuum and I am sure that the Roomba would be no exception.

  96. I wonder if it started when the kittens fell asleep on top of the Rhoomba when it wasn’t in use.

    I can see where cats would enjoy this. Mine likes being dragged around the floor on the kitchen rug.

  97. @Jae: Thanks (blushes).

    @Estella: Don’t you mean “Oh, the ROOMANITY?”


  98. ok never ever watch this video during class when you cannot laugh. i think i broke a rib….


  99. Not fair! My kittehs run away from the Roomba.

  100. I like the Tienemann Square kitten the best

  101. wannadance says:

    for me, the whole thang is that this looks like so much fun, it’s all i can do not to buy a giant one to play with.

    toys just knock me out. that’s why my wheelchair looks like it lived the last 50 years in NM, running into trees.

    well, it DOES look like fun. wishing i were more petite, like maybe 1/1,000,000th of my present size.

    glad to see everyone is whacked today. thought it was just me.

  102. soo cute! had me laughing! I want a roomba and all the kitties that go with it! 🙂

  103. Michelle S. says:

    hahahah! I laughed til I cried! Hilarious! What a crazy house.

  104. Yitzysmommie says:

    Cats (or kittens) plus Roombas are hilarious!
    Have ya’ll checked out the sled riding cat video on CNN today? I’m too inept to post a link (maybe Ed. can do eet?).

  105. *Singing* Five kitties on the roomba and the little one said, “Roll over, roll over.” So, they all rolled over and one fell off. Five kitties on the roomba and the little one said, “Roll over, rollover.” So they all rolled over and one fell off…

  106. I want to ride the Roomba!

  107. Mary (the first) says:

    This is wonderful. Now I want a Roomba. The way it “deposited” the two gently onto the floor at about :25 .. ok you may think they rolled off but that’s not how it looked to me. Anything that can clean my floor AND entertain the cat is ok in my book!!

  108. Omg the poor lil babies!!!!

    The kitties being pushed and run over by the roomba makes me wanna cry=(, definatly NOT cute, very, very sad.

  109. If you can’t beat em… join em.

  110. I heard that these Roombas aren´t very good at hoovering, but it would be great to get one *simply* so your cats can ride it. 😀

    Oh, and did I say those kittens just KILLED me? 😀

  111. hahaah .. that is great!! reminds me of my kitties (who are probably all drugged up from getting fixed yesterday…) Misha just lays infront of roomba until it touches her and then she smacks it.. but sasha just lays on top and enjoys the ride.. I have some lazy kitties…. =^v^=

  112. julia the kittens are barely getting touched.. Besides they get more jostled around when their momma cat carries them around.. roombas have fronts that retract when they hit something and the spinning brushes are in the back… Im sure they all fine..

  113. I laughed so hard I scared my (disapproving) bun!

  114. JuliaJellicoe says:

    So is this the new cow pie bingo, placing money on which kitty lasts longest on the Roomba?

  115. That NOT Roomba. That be Scooba! He’s Roomba’s mopping brother.