Carrots… IN LOVE

Inspired by the PETA (People Eating Tasty Animals) superbowl vegetable ad, these carrots are GETTING IT ON!

[say in carrot voice] "C’Mere, Bebeh!"


"I love it when you wear your green hair like that"


This site is getting weirder all the time, Sarah K.



  1. You can say that again. About the site getting weirder. Also, as a knitter, these carrots remind me of a cable.

  2. ant man bee says:

    so that’s where baby carrots come from….

  3. “You see, ant man bee, when a Mommy carrot and a Daddy carrot love each other very much, they…”

  4. DustPuppyOI says:

    So it’s proof that Carrot Juice is Murder!

  5. I carrot beleive it.

  6. Why deride PETA? I certainly don’t agree with alot of what they do, but overall they do a good thing.

    (I think I woke up grumpy. Cuz the bunnies made me sad too.)

  7. This is the first post I’ve ever seen that didn’t have a category tag on this site.

    Maybe we just need a “weird” or “what are you people on” category now.

  8. AuntieMame says:

    Harrumph! I come to CuteOverload for the cute pictures. NOT for veggie pr0n! I demand that you remove these photos immediately!

    And bring me a salad! With Ranch dressing and lots of Bac-Os!

  9. NSFW: Now Send For Wesson

  10. Root vegetables, so dirty.

  11. bugs bunny says:

    veggie porn

  12. Ditto on the remove at once! This ain’t cute.

  13. Please, Dawn! Not on Christmas!

  14. LOL @ Shannon.

    Also, someone needs to tell me how to do a “carrot voice.”

  15. Why do I suddenly hear Marvin Gaye singing “Let’s Get it On”?

  16. The Button says:

    *cue sexy music*

  17. The Button says:

    yeahh MadameX! That’s what I’m talkin’ bout!

    And why are people nuffing the carrots? Did the flying animals put everyone in a bad mood or what?!

  18. Now that raw and uncensored!

  19. 260Oakely says:

    “Oh, why can’t they ever lettuce alone?”

  20. OMG! Carrott Porn. Tsk.

  21. “Not tonight, honey. I’m beet.”

  22. Reminds me of the turnip that looks like a thingie. Or the thingie that looks like a turnip.

  23. I always suspected you were really Baldrick in disguise, Theresa!

    Y’know, CO, all these loffing couples in the leadup to Valentine’s Day is gonna give you one tough act to follow when the big event gets here.

    You’re going to have to post video of Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel’s wedding night or something to top all thees huggeenks and keeseenks and snuggleenks.

  24. I don’t know if this was what you were referring to Theresa, but these photos remind me of mandrakes ( — only much orangier! 😀

  25. rofl@ the second pictures hover text.

  26. boo. as a site that makes it’s living off adorable animals, calling them tasty is CLASSLESS. you don’t have to be vegetarian, but championing the eating of them is disturbing and hypocritical.

    [In the words of my internets generation, OM NOM NOM – Ed.]

  27. AuntieMame says:

    BTW, my post was completely and entirely facetious.

  28. not to be a party pooper but once you pick those up from the soil, their dead, so no more getting it on for those carrots. (however, i bet they´re tastyyyyy)

  29. My first thought:
    “Looks like an X chromosome.”

  30. Looks like an X chromosome

  31. scooterpants says:

    whoa! i’m glad there were no kidlets in the room when i opened that.
    i hate splaining that ‘sort of thing’
    passionate carrots! yeah!

  32. Beth (in NC) says:

    Dude, the superbowl commercial is raaaaa-haaaaa-haaaa-ceeeee! Very awesome. I can see why they can’t air it though. 🙂

    The X chromosome is a very accurate desripshe of this veggie pr0n, Kelsey!

  33. thicktortiethintabby says:

    Those carrots sure are fresh.

  34. photogirl says:

    Is that organic?
    Must be GMO….

  35. MadameX, I heard Let’s Get it On too.

  36. marsheeeee says:

    Geez, guys, get a room already! hmmph. Carrots got no morals these days, making out in public like that. (mumble)

  37. Not funny to call PETA “People Eating Tasty Animals.” Juvenile and ignorant, in fact.

  38. wow I miss the days when Meg wasn’t sniffing glue.
    I really am so furious and disappointed by the stoner dude tossing his adorable little pets in the air thread.
    and if you had any sense meg you would take those down.
    and now amorous carrots ?

  39. I actually think cute overload has been overtaken by Meg’s Bizzarro anti-cuteoverload enemy.

  40. Ummm. How are these classified as “Unusual animals?” Did I miss something in biology class?

    “Kings Play Chess On Fine….”

  41. catloveschanel says:
  42. carrot pic is cute…but:

    “Inspired by the PETA (People Eating Tasty Animals)”

    NOT FUNNY! Even though I don’t agree with PETA, this is still a very insensitive thing to post on this site. I’m losing more respect for CO every day…

  43. David (the first one) says:

    Theresa – fan of Black Adder?

  44. It appears that “Being Offended” isn’t just a hobby for some people, it’s a career. Counter-Nuff!

  45. Vegetable porn!!!Think of the children Meg…the children!

  46. Failboat 9000 says:

    Nuffers, please stop posting negative disapprovals and speculative besmirchings of character on what’s intended to be a personal cute-OPINION blog. (Especially one that’s meant to unite and cheer up as many people as possible.) There’s a better way to express yourself without being nasty, and it’s quite obvious that you are all more that intelligent enough to do so.

    REMEMBER…if you can’t make everyone happy, make as many people as possible happy, and just love the rest – you’ve done your best!

    (Although, if ones’ beliefs are actually threatened by a mere cute picture post on the internet, then maybe they should re-examine the true strength of their beliefs.)

    (NOTE:The author wishes to hereby apologize for the word “as” since it may be possible to misconstrue it as a curse word which would scar the minds of 3-year olds everywhere who are on the internet posting while their parents are out drinking. It will now be replaced with the term ‘fluffle’ which can not be misconstrued OH GOD I’VE DONE IT AGAIN…)
    (We wish to let you know that the previous author has been sacked and replaced by a moose.)

  47. Anne e. Thema says:

    *Sigh*These carrots need some romantic waves lapping at their toes. Where are carrot-toes anyways?

  48. DustPuppy, Carrot juice isn’ murder, az yoo can zee,
    it iz


  49. David (the first one) says:

    What’s with all the personal attacks on Meg?

    Don’t know if this helps, but it’s not just her you know – most of people in this world both love and eat animals.

    If you are really interested in achieving real results, versus just feeling morally righteous (“I can’t come to bed right now, someone on the intrawebs is WRONG!”), then do something, like invent a new type of food that is 1) not previously alive in any sense of the word, 2) satisfy our protein requirements, and 3) this is just as important – tasty. Again, dealing with the real world here, you can’t expect the average person to give up meat for tofu and beans everyday.

    The tactic you’re using right now just make the average person think you’re extreme/weird/with no sense of humor. It does not change people’s minds. It does not help your cause.

  50. berthaservant says:

    Does this make minestrone an orgy gone horribly wrong?

  51. WickedWendy says:

    Amen Failboat 9000. Some peeps are so touchy.

  52. laureling says:

    Failbot: A moose bit my sister once.

    And also, some animals really are quite tasty, members of PETA are sadly neither particularly cute or tasty.

  53. VentureSister says:

    Wow, so now anyone with tattoo is a stoner? Way to generalize, Sleek. Also, way to reveal that you have absolutely no respect for people who are different. Tattoos? He must also be a stoner, both of which are VERY VERY EVIL!!1! Next time, focus on the act you actually think is bad and not the appearance of the person.

  54. George T. says:

    Hey – that’s not sand, Anne, that’s concrete. Um. Obviously, they couldn’t wait to get a room. 8.

  55. scooterpants says:

    *snort* Failboat 9000. monty python reference. bwah ha ha!

  56. Isawasquirrel says:

    Re: David (the first one)

    One word, dude:

    It’s ‘Great for the environment – okay for you!’

  57. VentureSister says:

    Also, I apologize for bringing up a topic from a closed down thread. It won’t happen again. It just makes me so steamed that people can’t respect what other people do to their own bodies.

  58. Is this the part in a horror movie where, as the two teens begin to get passionate , a giant woman comes up behind them and eats them?

    And PETA doesn’t stand for “people eating tasty animals.” You misunderstood, YOU MISUNDERSTOOD!!!!!

  59. Lawdy, people are so uptight. *sigh*

    Sexy time for the carrots! Bow chicka wow wow!

  60. I agree with a big BOO to the Anti-Peta comment.

    And to David – No one’s shoving vegetarianism down your face here – just asking that a symbol of vegetarianism and animal rights NOT be mocked.

  61. Whenever life gets you down, Mrs. Brown
    And things are hard and tough,
    People are stupid, obnoxious and dumb
    And you feel like you’ve had quite enough.

    Just remember that you’re standing on a planet that’s evolving
    And revolving at 900 miles an hour.

    Lighten up there are stars in the sky.
    Lighten up now there’s a good question why,
    But you don’t know the answer and neither do I
    So meanwhile let’s just all lighten up.

  62. How dare you? I am a teacher and I tell my students about your site. Now I am going to get fired! First cats ‘n’ racks, now this! God sees you!


  63. OK, hypothetically what would happen if you gave this carrot to the two guinea pigs of a while ago? Mayhem! Carrot guts all over the place!

  64. CARROT VOICE!!!! hahahahaa

  65. berthaservant says:

    first page of comments has disappeared…

  66. Exactly what is a carrot voice?

  67. @berthaservant: The first page of comments is still there. Click the “Previous” and/or “Next” buttons just below the last comment.

  68. “unusual animals”.

    I love you. 😀

  69. Dan in Tempe says:

    Carrot sex? Is that what we’ve come too?

  70. In europe, those carrots wouldn’t even warrant a second glance, nor a raised eyebrow. Here we are, blogging their behavior!

  71. berthaservant, indeed it is true, the first page of comments hath vanished.
    The Curious Case of Overload Buttons…

  72. Elisha B. says:

    It’s HUGS and KISSES people, just HUGS and KISSES, nothing else:)

  73. berthaservant says:

    Thanks NTMTOM…but those buttons were not working, there was just a blank page for comment page 1 — but it’s fixed now.

  74. You know what? I kinda think these carrots are actually cute.

  75. David (the first one) says:

    What’s with comments disappearing? Removed by mod?

  76. WHAT THE HECK!!!!! Get a room you two.

  77. bow chickabowbow… I have really awful 70’s instrumentals running through my head when viewing these pictures.

  78. We… we have carrot nuffers…..


    Could we have a o.O category, please? The butter duck could go in it too. 😀

  79. sweet pun harvest!

  80. And over on, they are displaying a picture of Carrot Top! 😉

    [Aaargh! I actually went and CHECKED! You… you… (spluttering) – Ed.]

    [P.S. – – Ed.]

  81. Awwwww, how sweet! They sure look tasty…where’s my ranch veggie dip…cronsh,cronsh

  82. Something ate the first page of comments. Probably Winston.

  83. haha pyrit

  84. Shame on you, Cute Overload. I thought this was a family friendly site that I could laugh at with my kids. I am thoroughly disgusted by this blatant display of tasteless pornography. Congratulations, you’ve just lost another viewer.

    [bwAAAAHAHAHAHahahaa – Ed.]

  85. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    Arrogant Worms is the name of a band?! LOL!

  86. totalee puppy says:


  87. can we get past the fiber-forn and get some poker playing dogs to talk about or something?

  88. lol, thatz funny… but the PETA thing in parinthases is kinda offensive

  89. Where are the dubbed in kissing noises??

  90. Teho – that was a lovely job of editing. I was wondering where you had been (Bean?)(bleen?) all day, and that answers my question

  91. Ok, I just realized it was a few days old.


  92. @ Theresa and T.U.M

    I heart your Black Adder references!!

    But I’m afraid that through the clever use of vegetable porn, the carrots are thinking of taking over CO-a plan so cunning you could brush your teeth with it.

  93. Carrotus interruptus.

  94. Foxy — you mean the Chick a Boom video? Thanks.
    Not a lot of Cute Overload material there, but at least it’s actually Friday now.

    (by only about 2 minutes here in Central Time)

  95. AuntieMame says:

    Theo, when someone says “Carrot Top,” you should NEVER go look.

    [No, see, he WASN’T there. I fell for it. I do grok the visceral horror that is Carrot Top; did you see my Old Man Doom? – Ed.]

  96. Why deride PETA?

    Because they do no good whatsoever, shame people for being on top of the food chain and acting the part, encourage and fund arson, vandalism, theft and assault, and hold back and sabotage efforts by real, sane, constructive environmentalists.

    That’s why.

    Also, carrot secks!

  97. Julia (the one in BC) says:

    I believe that carnivores refer to these as “soil eels”.

  98. First thought wasn’t naughty carrots. Chromosome came to mind first 🙂

  99. Say in carrot voice, LOL.

  100. What do you call a potato and a yam floating down the river? Tubers!

    (I stole this joke from my husband’s former co-worker.)

  101. I’m too sexy for my dirt…

  102. *falls off chair laughing at puns for two carrots enjoying their salad days* ;-P

  103. You can’t fool me. This is Photoshopped! *ducking away before rotten veggies get thrown my way*

  104. Darn, and here I thought we’d fooled you.

  105. I’m glad someone else thought it looked like a chromosome.
    Submetacentric, to be precise.

    ..Interesting, anyway :s lol

  106. They look like they’re trying to mate.

  107. I love this site, but I am vegan and I am offended. It’s not like I haven’t heard the “other” acronym for PETA before but it’s disrespectful to those of us that actually do ascribe to PETA’s message or at least to vegetarianism/veganism. How can you think a cow or calf (or sheep, or chick, or bunny, or goose, etc.) is cute and then serve it for dinner anyway? OK my proselytizing is over but please have a little more sensitivity!