Thanks to alert reader Bobbeh, we have this encouraging stoat-otter, who is OBVY voting for Cute Overload at the Bloggie awards. Shouldn’t…you? [head tilt, eyes narrow]

Vote vote vote!


Check out more fabu clip art and captions at Married to the Sea.



  1. Kefir stubble, enviable energy!

    Trouble ensued.

  2. Yay. I finally got the email to confirm my vote.

  3. I voted via the mangle.

  4. Stoats, Otters, and us, hmmm, my kind of voting booth!

  5. IT is my sad face so far I have stoated my vote but not gotten the email.
    I shall await it’s arival.

  6. Love the Otter’s personal ad! We’ll be in touch otter.

  7. Annie — from what I (and other folks) have seen, if you don’t get the confirmation email immediately, you can safely assume you need to try again.

  8. I Stoated AND I actually had
    a Tandy from Radio shack.
    I’m 2-2 before I’ve had my coffee. This is going to be a GOOD day !

  9. Tandy???

    Please. Any geek worth their bytes knows to call it by the true name.

    The Trash 80.

  10. …and then goes & plays Space Invaders on their Apple ][+

  11. married to the sea and cute overload… COMBINED??!

    is this some sort of crazy, wonderful dream?

    [Just wait till it be M F B T again… – Ed.]

  12. Thanks Teho I will try it using my Yahoo email instead of my work email

    Off to do my stoaty duty.

    [The problem is more likely with the Captcha. Just keep clicking the little refresh button they provide, until you get a reasonably legible code… – Ed.]

  13. NO I did that too IT is just not coming thru on either Email
    I will try once more on both and then Email Their quality control person LOL

  14. Woot I made it thru finaslly

    I turned my spam blocker completely off on My YAhoo email.
    Now I gotta go turn it back on and pronto

  15. I stoted and I voted! Woo hoo!!!

  16. WickedWendy says:

    I voted! I voted! I voted!

  17. I voted..and whoo hoo for the Columbus Zoo Otter..we are now truly awesome because our zoo was on a clip art on CO.
    Take that San Diego Wild Animal Park! woot!

  18. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    After numerous attempts yesterday and no confirmation email, I emailed their QC person to find out it I could register my vote that way. I also told him the stupid code words were illegible to those of us above a certain age. I did not get a response from him (or her, one never knows), so I don’t know if it “worked” or not.

  19. Boomer — there’s some kind of audio option in the Captcha too. You might try that. (I haven’t, but others have; apparently it’s really trippy)

  20. Married To The Sea = best web comic ever.

  21. I had never heard of Married To The Sea until today. I’m now addicted. Much awesomeness.

  22. “And I’d live in the bathtub and create a fishy smell.”

  23. I’m SO stoked that XKCD and MTTS end up in this blog every now and then.
    There’s also some “sister blogs” of MTTS… Natalie Dee, for instance:

  24. mervtheflamingo says:

    Columbus Zoo?1?1?!!!!!

    As in Columbus, Ohio?


    [Whoa, somebody still lives in Ohio?? – Ed.]

    [I kid. A little. – Ed.]

  25. berthaservant says:

    I have stoated three times but still no confirm e-mail (even in the spam folder).

    Also, I voted for which is awesome (in all relevant non-C.O. categories).

    But again, silly side-scroll bad-captcha website has not allowed me to confirm…

  26. berthaservant says:

    ….aaaaand, just got a confirm….pls. ignore previous….STOAT IT UP, PEEPS. Think of all the stoat suffragists who sacrificed so much for us to get the chance to exercise our democratic rights!

  27. Help…?? I can’t see the page turner that is usually at the top of the site. It’s disappeared! Did my computer gobble it? or is the problem on the site?

  28. Maia — for now, just use the links under “Recent Posts”. It’s in the right-hand margin, toward the top.

  29. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    Theo, I did try the audio option, and that was freaky… and also didn’t work. I keep trying. *frustration mounts*

  30. The Stoat convinced me to vote. The website never sent me the email. Please don’t hurt me Mr. Stoat!

  31. I was gonna vote for CO but because of the ‘dog in the air’ posting, you guys lost my vote. Bohoo!

  32. Sorry. Not gonna vote for CO due to the flying doxie.

  33. Voted! 🙂

  34. I luvs otters. river otters especially. I have to say something about ocean otters though…someone told me that they are actually really mean, and evil and super horny. It was like they told me santa claus wasnt real all over again. i still think they are cute though…but I’ll keep my distance.