Must… have… sliders!

Just don’t get grease on your fur.

(Is that his tiny schnozzle on the lower corner of the bag?)


[Did somebody say "ENHANCE"?? – Ed.]


DEEE-LEE-SHOUS, Kathryn F.! go Phi Mu! Alpha Iota chapter!!!




  2. The slight toe separashons!


  3. That might just be a schznozzle, indeed!

  4. If I know my ferret ‘tocks — and I think I do, since I have 4 sets at home — this is a classic case of “Whaddidjabringme-itis.” Most ferrets get it at some point in their lives.

    I hope this doesn’t result in a Krystal Cha-Cha-Cheese fries re-re-recall due to ferret infestation.

  5. Awwwww, I miss my ferts.

  6. AT first the tail keeled me, then the tiny teeny toes.

    The kicker though, what looks like the hint of NOSE popping out of the box corner.

  7. Hmm. Anyone else prefer White Castle over Krystal or Little Tavern?

  8. I loved me some Krystal back in the day!

    That’s a ferret?

  9. Is that a ferret ? Looks like a kyett to me ! Maybe it’s because I have a (white) kitteh that looks like a ferret (sometimes).

  10. humm.. I totally thought that was a kitten for some reason..

  11. Ooh, I thought it was a kitten too. You know, all slender and furs all askew as they often are…

  12. victoreia says:

    Looks like an extra-floofy kitteh to me……

  13. lsuhillary says:

    If you haven’t experienced Krystal burger, I feel sorry for you. This is how I would eat them if I were a kitty/ferret

  14. [SNICKER]

  15. Aww, definitely a kitteh – ferrets have non-retractable claws, btw.

    And ferrets don’t do the toe separa-shons quite like the kittehs !

  16. BeckyMonster says:

    Seriously, Krystals are the key to world peace. I would get up in that box too, if I fit!

  17. oh blargh.. to much enhance.. ganna frow up.. :-X

  18. This just has to STOP!! Who in their RIGHT MIND would feed their poor defenseless animal JUNK FOOD? Why would CO post such horror? Shame on y…oh…uh…Just KIDDING! Guess I got all nuffed up from all the ridiculous comments on that other post.

    LOVE the snow white pawsitude!

  19. Katiedid, that’s what the bellysnorgle looks like.
    (For a split second, at least.)


    [must… not… slap… MUSTN’T… – Ed.]

  21. Krystal, OK. But it is the “Cha-Cha-Cheeseburger” ! That must be good for something!

  22. LOVE the enhance action! Looks like the blizzard I’m about to get….

  23. How cute! And no, I’ll never get used to seeing Krystal’s packages, especially since we don’t have them in Ohio.

  24. homermariner says:

    I want a schnozhance! The enhance just looks like the background of the page… although that is one beautifully white coat…

    [Um, schnoz is kinda buried. – Ed.]

  25. the enhance is funneh

    looks like yer lost in snow blizzard….

  26. Never heard of Krystal?? Regional thing, like In-and-Out??

    Oh, and that’s a ferret????!

  27. I beg your pardon, but that would be krys-TAHL. *looks down nose before diving in for cha-cha-cheezburger*

    By the way, am I the only one who can’t get the COXCU to show in either Firefox or IE? 😦

  28. Chanpon — actually, I’m willing to bet very good money that it IS showing.

  29. fish eye no miko says:

    Best. Enhance. EVAR.

  30. Surely that’s a kitten.

  31. Yeah… ferrets look WAY stretchier.

  32. Mary (the first) says:

    Well, I’m glad I’m not the only one who was confuzzed by the “ferret” reference. I vote KITTEH! And as for the COXCU.. I, too, believe it was not loading the first 3 times I opened up. Finally I realized the deviousness of the poster. EEE-VEEL I tell you!!

  33. I prefer White Castle myself, but this’ll do. 🙂

  34. Once upon a time, I went to White Castle at 1:00 AM with my housemate. We chowed down for cheap. Note, please, that I said “once”.

  35. Do you want fries with that?

  36. Jennie Mello says:

    now, I can understand why that cat need boxhab. I can relate.

  37. Jennie Mello says:

    actually, revise to ferret—I am pretty sure that is a ferret, or a reaaaaaaally long kitty.

  38. Jennie Mello says:

    And would that frat be Eta Lotta Burga?

  39. (wasn’t a fraternity… we just needed to split rent)

  40. *crickets chirping*

  41. SenseiKrystal says:

    I think Krystal is a perfectly good name for a burger place, or a person, or a kitteh, or anything else!! =)

  42. go phi mu! 🙂

  43. Yep. Still love -Ed.

    He no like Cheezburger. 🙂

    [See, that’s an oversimplification. There’s important things that they definitely do right. Let’s just say there’s a history, nod, then move on. – Ed.]

  44. The nose at the corner of the box looks like kitteh.

  45. berthaservant says:

    I’ve never heard of Krystal.

    But still, this posish is strangely familiar….

  46. YAY, Phi Mu! I’d never dreamed that my sorority would be mentioned here! 😀

  47. Perhaps I’ll deign to eat a burger, if you get a kitteh with it.

  48. “[Um, schnoz is kinda buried. – Ed.]”

    Isn’t that it peeking out the bottom of the bag??

    And, seriously, people, that is a kitten. It ain’t no ferret. Ferrets don’t have feets like that.

  49. Why can’t I see the enhance.

    And I thought it was a nosicle, not a schnozzle?

    Never gave it a second thought about whether that was a kitty. But now I’m all confuzzled.

    Ain’t no Krystal here on the East Coast. And I’ve never had a White Castle–in all my ___ years!

  50. Good times!

  51. One of these days, we should have a side-by-side comparison of kitty tootsies and ferret tootsies. For research purposes. (Eeeek, kitty tootsies!)

  52. All those slider-belly-bomber-pseudo-burger places are somewhat regional. We have White Castle ’round these parts and I believe they’re the furthest west of the Mississippi. (That would be St. Louis, so “west” is relative.)

    Theo – in my youth we went to White Castle often. Usually in the wee morning hours and usually after some sort of friendly gathering featuring pocketbook-sensitive liquors.

    Now I eat ONE small burger and I think: “Why? WHY!!?”

  53. Arrrr, thar be a kitten.

    Still miss my ferrets, though. That is a kitten acting very ferret-like.

  54. My kitteh prefers Chez Whitey for the cheese sticks and Micky D’s for the fries. But his love for the Wendy’s burgers is legendary. Ten tipped kitchen trash can episodes later, we should have learned he will dig for them and take the trash out as soon as we are done – but NOOOOOOO!

  55. sugarbear says:

    hmmm. the ‘enhance’ seems to have lost some detail. what up?
    i see there is a website there on the side of the box, will have to go immediatley and investigate that.

    boxhab immediatley pleeze!

  56. Krystal is a chain of southern fast food places that sell little square burgers..I grew up on them and remember when they were just 25 cents per Krystal burger…of course that was back in the sixties, when I lived in Atlanta, GA. Miss them now that I live up in the Boston area….

    Kitty is cute though. Wonder if he likes pickles..? I used to have a dacshound that would beg for the pickles off my Krystals…I’d get the burges, she’d get the pickles.

    God I miss those Krystalburgers…

  57. Krystals are NOT the oringal White Castle Slyders! Not even close (and yes, I’ve both…)

  58. pinball22 says:

    You unfortunate people must all live on the other side of the great Krystal/White Castle divide. Here they’re perfectly normal. And tasty.

  59. sugarbear says:

    we dont have krystal burger or white castle here ( they sell those frozen white castle burgers , but YUK ! )
    we just have your basic burgerville and dairy queen and sonic and burgerking and stuff like that.

  60. Jennie Mello says:
  61. Hee. Years ago, I visited a friend in Indiana. Upon picking me up from the bus station, he INSISTED on taking me to a White Castle because we don’t have them in Texas. I couldn’t even contemplate hamburgers at 6 in the morning after 24 hours on a bus. I got a cup of water and he and his friend pigged out on strange little burgers.

    It was a BIG deal when we got Krystals in Texas. People waited for hours. I don’t get it. But then, I never was a big red-meat fan, so meh.

  62. Luckily I’ve lived on the East Coast where I’ve enjoyed not only White Castle and Krystal but the elusive Little Tavern.

    And yet, I would trade them all for a little white hamburgler like this.

  63. You know what pisses me off? What? You don’t care? Tough, cause I’m going to tell you anyway.

    It pisses me off when comments are closed down due to excessive nuffing, when a post was clearly intended to incite such strong reactions from loyal CO’ers.

    I love me some CO, and will continue to come here daily, but as the owner of a rescued Dachshund, I have to say, the previous post was irresponsible, at the very least. Definitely not cute, and not funny.

    Theo, feel free to smack me down in your usual condescending manner. I don’t care.

  64. temperance says:

    dang it! i’ve been so busy at work, i didn’t get to comment in the previous post how totally clever i thought the name Seiten was for that kitty-cat. so awesome for me. i even have a ‘hail seiten’ bumper sticker somewhere around here…

    just me, then? okay.

  65. W.P. Think Polar Bear in a snow storm…