Kitten Fail

The old "Ehn-Kerplop." [shaking head] so, so very sad.

Fail blog submishe, N E 1?




  2. Ms. Scarlet says:

    Epic fail! Poor little kitty. That’s what my kitten does, except it’s in the direction of the dining room table.

  3. LOL too cute!!

  4. Poor kitkit!!!!!

  5. Hiiii Yo Silverrr!
    (gallopy gallopy ..)

  6. ouchie!

  7. Looks like a headcrab move from Half Life, lol…

  8. No kettehs were harmed in teh making of this film. I hope.

  9. sugarbear says:

    poor little baby

  10. Poor little thing… and you know he went and tried it again.

  11. i’ve watched this a million times now this morning and have been laughing my tocks off!!!!!!!! roflzzzzzz

  12. Poor baby.

  13. ha ha ha!…… I laughed so hard my sides hurt and my eyes watered. There is probably a special place in Hell for people who laugh at kitties crashing into doors. See you there!

  14. that was crazy cuteness

  15. poor little guy! so funny though! fail!

  16. I LOLed an unexpected LOL but also a LOL of sadness ~_~

  17. charliewabba says:

    Tooooo much funny. I am a bad person.

  18. ♫ He-e-e-e-ere I come to save the da-a-a-a-a… **WHUMP!**

  19. David (the first one) says:

    Just how tiny is that kitteh?

  20. Hahaha it’s so awful to LOL at this but cats are indestructible… the only thing that gets injured is their dignity. Love the Black Beauty-esque rear at about 00:04

  21. “Kiii ai ai hai eeeeee kizami!”
    (fear the swishy karate tail of doom)

  22. “Not Clear!”

    i want to pick up kitty and make sure she’s ok. what a cutie!

  23. ButtaRumCake says:

    LMAO @ NOMTOM!!! Good one!!!

  24. Talk about “Failure to Launch”!!!

    Currently, my youngest (9mos) Helen is recreating her early kittenhood by trying to scale my living room curtains. Grrr!!

  25. I literally screamed! Poor kitty!

  26. Aw, we all have bad days. (head pat)

  27. Kristabelle says:

    I totally did not see THAT coming! hahahahahaha Poor kitty!

  28. Oof I felt that. Kitty looks very stubular, a Munchkin mayhap?

  29. awww!! Poor little baby! I felt sad and then I giggled! now I’m gonna watch again!

  30. It’s not often I LOL at something, that one got me, poor kittie.

  31. I sure hope he learned his lesson!

  32. Jennie Mello says:

    omg I have been having so many days like that lately, kitteh.
    “Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again!”

  33. Bwahahaha! I love it when kittens get clumsy (vs. their usual grace and miraculous ability to get on top of just about anything).

    One of mine tried to jump on the sink this morning, but accidentally landed on a hair clip I placed on the edge. He quickly slid off, and ran off to hide from embarassment. Poor baby – they’re usually not hurt, save their little bruised egos.

  34. In theory this is cute/funny but today it just made me sad. One of those days,I suppose.

  35. lol Poor kitty with its stubby legs, tiny tail and bad depth perception..

  36. lsuhillary says:

    Ha,Ho, Ho, dodge, turn parry, thrust…Yoiks and away..crash!!

  37. This is so ridiculous and horrible. I’m in the library trying not to laugh hysterically. I am sending this to all of my friends. Its the “bang” at the end that really gets me. I hope he’s not hurt!

  38. superboymom says:

    1 down . . . 8 lives to go!

  39. I’m going to hell… but I don’t care… LOL!!!!!!!

  40. It’s hard not to laugh. Ouch.

  41. Agreed, this is one of those few moments that is a little sad, a little cute, and very silly. I would love to give the little guy a hug and say, “That’s okay, you’ll get it next time!”

  42. ROFL…. I can’t stop laughing.. I’m starting to cry now. SO funny, SO cute!!!

    No nuffers pls! That kitten was totally fine and you all know it.

  43. There’s just something about the posture of it’s ‘flight’ that is too amusing for words.

    Poor kitty! When the Greeks were going on about Comedy and Tragedy, I don’t think this is what they had in mind… But it’s close enough!

  44. My kitty has only one eye, so he fails a lot. He sits on the couch and swipes with his paw to try and hit the coffee table. Poor kitty.

  45. mew…*rearing up*…meeew…*CRONSH*

  46. Looloobelle says:

    Oh my god seriously guys, watch it again – it is even FUNNIER the second time!
    Mew…CRASH! (We are none of us getting into heaven)

  47. Oh, it is so true- we have all done that one way or another-literally or metaphorically. I think we can all identify with the little bugger. The kitteh is fine, they bounce. But I’ll bet you s/he tried again and again mewling all the way to get out! That is one pathetical, but oddly musical little mew-er s/he has there.

  48. Hahaha!

    I’m sure it bounced, they always do.

  49. For me it is the little butt wiggle before the failed launch. HEhehehe poor cute little fuzzy kitten

  50. I tink dat’s why dere squishy when dere kittehs.

  51. Delaina, do you ever read Nicole Hollander’s comics? According to her, we will have to answer for it when we go to Heaven. There will be an angel with a clipboard wanting to know if we ever laughed when our cats tried to jump on something and missed.

  52. When my little Dante first came home at twelve weeks old, we optimistically put him into a kitten play pen. One SPROING and he was on his way to the kitchen.

  53. I LOL’d.

    Thanks for making my day, Meg.

  54. Oh the leg dangle during the jump is way too cute. Little kitteh pantaloonettes.

  55. When any one of my six kitties does something dumb like that, they take a couple of steps, sit down, lick their front leg, and look at me as if to say “What, I meant to do that!” then calmly stroll off with tail straight up in the air while I’m laughing my butt off.

  56. awww.. poor thing! i can’t help but giggle!;)

  57. Von Zeppelin says:

    Wile E. Coyotekitteh.

  58. Possibly the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

  59. That was a pretty good jump even if he did miss. Bet he can make it next week.

    I’m sure kitteh was fine – nonlinear scaling and all that.

  60. emily rachel says:

    there is entirely too much nuffology going on here. come on peeps, kitty is probably fine.

  61. True fact: Kittens are made of cartilage and rubber.

  62. Juniper Jupiter says:


    Lurve the mewww!

    LURVE the mittens! 😀

    Didn’t lurve the thump, ackshually. 😦


  63. HAHAHAHA!!! The funniest part is the part they didn’t show – the part where the kitty stands up afterwards and swaggers away like “I meant to do that.”

  64. Cuteness WIN.

  65. What gets me giggling is not the crash at the end, but that you can hear him sliding down the door.

    You just KNOW he’s on the other side going, “now how do I extend those claws again?”

  66. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    On the third viewing (yes, I know…), I noticed how CLOSE those front paws were to the top of the door. Kitty will have it mastered and conquered by next week, easy.

  67. …or by the very next jump.

  68. victoreia says:

    Poor baby!

    (Some advice, kid: you need a running start. And leaping *closer* to the gate is important!)

  69. This is NOT funny. That sounded like it hurt and shame on the person filming.

  70. hahahah, each time I watch it, it cracks me up! (i had to stop though because i’m at work) so adorable with its little legs, hehe. how far of a jump was it??

  71. OMG this reminded me of my poor froday, he did almost the same thing the first night we had him (it was a dresser) awww

  72. froday? opps I meant friday!!

  73. What is WITH CO today posting these cruel/sad things?! Come ON! It’s not cute. This isn’t funny. Kittens’ limbs are fragile and they don’t know their limitations yet. This kitten could have easily broken one or more legs.

  74. Why is the word ‘fail’ so funny now!? Where did it even start!? I did LOL unexpectedly too!
    I’m sure the kitteh was fine and sailed through the 2nd time.

  75. amaretto bunny says:

    Elle –

    Shame on the person filming? Seriously?

    Because I’m sure the camera operator KNEW that the cat was going to jump at the door, and they KNEW that the cat was going to whack its face. I don’t see how you can place blame on the person filming, since he/she has no control over the actions of the cat.

  76. @ Chris

    My dearly departed Chester was a one eyed kitteh with depth perception problems as well. Luckily he was never much for leaping, but he would sit at the end of the coffee table and swipe at the TV every time there was a show involving fish. Every time Norman and Oscar have an epic fail like this they give me a dirty look and then run away really fast.

  77. oddly, this is exactly what my 5-year-old cat does EVERY times he tries to jump onto something.

    sad, really.

    but thoroughly entertaining nonetheless.

  78. “Climb every mountain,
    Ford every…” fageddaboudit

  79. berthaservant says:

    Noooooo!!!! I’m not sure why I find this much sadder than the still pics of the aminals flying (which is now closed for comments). Poor kitteh….

  80. Maukie go boom!


    haha…hmm…sorry. here:


  81. Teho or whomever: i swear i didn’t hit enter twice on that. If you’re seeing two please make it one and then make this one not be any more thanks byebye.

  82. But, but…the cat *chose* to abuse itself! We can’t nuff the kitten, can we?

    I adopted this little feral kitty who never quite got over her feral-ness. She was racing around the house once – as even tamer cats are wont to do – and tried to jump onto a handrail that overlooked a flight of stairs into the basement. She missed. By a lot. I mean, basically she jumped OVER the handrail and down about 10-15 feet to the basement. She knew what was on the other side of the railing – she would jump onto it from the floor and look over, so…

    Sure, she could have been hurt but she was fine. Came up the steps all “I meant to do that” and strolled past us to the food dish. She lived another 16 years after her dive into the basement. Of course, she never did it again…

  83. This needs to be filed under “cute or sad”!

  84. Poor kitty! 😦

  85. catloveschanel says:

    Go, Cat Go!

    Maybe kitteh should wind up tail more before next attempt.
    Cat’s tell me that’s the most important part.

  86. Carolinafern says:

    I want to tell the baby to get a running start. She just springs up like a kangaroo. Soo cute, i will bookmark it in my i’m having a bad day file.

  87. Kitten, we lof you so moshe.
    Want to go to Sonic? We can
    have a nice outdoor table and be a comfort for each other.

  88. Awww poor silly little thing! I laughed so much though lol

  89. that’s sick.

  90. The “Ker-PLOP!” at the end is lol.

  91. Seriously, people!
    Kittehs are tough! Most baby animals are pretty darn tough so that they CAN survive incidents like this without seriously injuring themselves before they really learn what’s outside of their limitations. If a every kittenfail was followed by horrible injury, kittehs would have died out long long ago.

    It’s funny because they do it and live to tell the tale. And look so embarrassed afterward. That’s funny too.

  92. hahaha