Cute Overload Super Xtreme Games Ultra Challenge!

Welcome, sports fans!  And going first in the "Freestyle Toss Up" category is Pickle, catching some righteous airtime as she soars over the stadium!  Way to work those ears, Pickle!

On your mark...

… and up next is Seitan, rockin’ it with a perfect 90-degree mid-air twist!  Radical!

... get set...

… and finally, we have Seymore, who’ll be attempting a gnarly double back-flip followed by… Whoa!  Seymore misses the target completely and heads right into the stands!  Oh, that’s gonna be some points off — bummer, Seymore!

... NUFF!

And now it’s over to Irene for the post-game wrap-up!



  1. I am offering a pre-storm “uh-oh” for the comments soon to be displayed here …

  2. Ahh! My Dad used to throw me up in the air when I was a kitten! Can my hamster join the games? He can ski!

  3. sugarbear says:

    pleeze do not ‘throw up’ your pets. specially the teenie puppehs.

  4. And let the nuffing begin!!

  5. biscuithead says:

    Hope no one got hurt.

  6. Nice sleeves on Jim McMahon there.

  7. I love the name “Pickle.” He looks like a little pickle. A brown one, anyway.

  8. You can really hurt your animal friends that way. Bad, human.

  9. Hovertext FTW.

  10. I’m afraid I feel a nuffroversy coming on … and I may be the start of it.


    Please, don’t throw your pets in the air – they really don’t like it…. omg esp. a dacshie!


  11. 260Oakley says:

    I was all set to nuff, but then I got distracted by Cpt. Tattoo’s pillowcase. Kitties. Awwwwww.

  12. When do we get to throw the human up into the air, and see how he lands? I will boycott CO and vote for their competitors if I see much more of this type of posting. This does not fall under any of the “cute rules”.

  13. Carrie, your pets may not like it, in which case you should not do it. However, all critters like different things–don’t presume to know how every one of them feels.

  14. To do that with your animal, especially with a small dog, is not funny at all. He can be badly hurt. This is really stupid and not “cute” at all. I’m surprised you show this here!

  15. thicktortiethintabby says:

    Please can *I* find my kitteh- and doggie-having tatted-up man, already??

  16. llism, do any of these pets look like they’re smiling? Don’t ASSume that these do!

  17. Bye Steph!

    I really don’t get the nuffers. It’s okay for cats to jump DOWN from great heights, or jump UP on counters or (in my case) on the top of my bookcases. It’s okay for dogs to jump UP to get treats, jump DOWN from tall beds, or jump OVER hurdles (or in my case, their fellow house-critters), but it’s NOT okay for humans to have any part of any aspect of these things?

  18. Nice Hello Kitty blanket!

    Now for the nuff: I think the pets are having fun, but that guy isn’t invited to my house.

  19. I have never flamed here before but I can’t say that anymore. That’s bad. Very bad.

  20. Not funny…not cute. Mean.

  21. THe Puppy Ears OMG the Puppy ears.


  22. Could break a dachshy’s back that way. Not too smart at all.

  23. I feel better now that I see others thought the same! Do NOT throw your pets! Poor babies!

  24. LOL Okay and is that a ??? hello Kitty Maybe??? bed spread???

  25. llism… they are in control of their jumping onto and off of things.. not being grabbed by a silly human and being tossed in the air. What if some giant being grabbed you and tossed you into the air and it was totally out of your control? Pets trust us to take care of them, and protect their little bodies from harm.

    Dachshunds especially have fragile little backbones that can break and paralyze them, just tumbling off a step – let alone falling from 10 feet in the air. And no, I don’t know that he landed safe and sound on the bed, or in daddy’s bed so yeah, I guess I should just shut up – but this is irresponsible.

    Am I going to stop coming to CO? Nope, it’s my homepage and will always be, sometimes it’s not always in good taste or responsible… but the times it is funny and sweet is what keeps me coming here.

  26. muttluver says:

    Um…. guys? They don’t look hurt, the cats, at least, know to land on their feet, the human looks like he’s fairly capable of catching them, they may actually like it…..

    I know I LOVED being thrown in the air as a kid. Y’all don’t know the circumstances, the humans, or the aminals.

    Nevertheless, I don’t think I’d recommmend this, though I wouldn’t nuff it either. And NomTom–HOW did you KNOW???? (Note the sarcasm.)

  27. I’m seriously questioning the judgment in posting/promoting a photo of someone throwing a dog like that. Not cute. Not funny.

  28. Bye Llism!!

    That would be correct. If the cat or dog doesn’t have any control or balance when it goes up, where do you expect it to get it for coming down. Actually, it’s not okay for dogs to jump off of tall beds, it can cause hip and knee damage. And if you notice, there are different hurdle heights for labs and poms.

  29. muttluver says:

    Carrie–You backed up my argument! Y’all don’t know the circumstance or animals at all!

    I shall now withdraw from the nuff wars, laugh at the commentary, be impressed by the agility of the cats, look more closely at the man’s tattoos, and aww at the cuteness. You nuffers shall not spoil my fun. I refuse to let you!!!!!!!

    ;D (This was all said in good humor, by the way.)

  30. thicktortiethintabby, I feel your pain. 😦

    And now for the obligatory: Who is this guy, is he single, and where does he live? 😉

  31. TRIPLE SOW COW REVERSE TWIST earns you a GOLD! [Cat anthem playing in background]

  32. yeah, the guy is a bitt of an ass.
    another vote for, please don’t throw animals.

  33. i dont think you should be throwing animals into the air……

    this was not cute, cuteoverload!

  34. Carrie–I appreciate your viewpoint, and that makes sense. I do not have dachsunds and I don’t know anyone who does, so I don’t know what they’re like. My two dogs are sturdy and like roughousing, but they are too heavy to throw :-). However, I know my cats (all four of them) are completely insane and love to be tossed around and spanked (if you recall the S&M kitty post from some time ago), but I know of friends’ cats who would kill you in your sleep for this. My main point was only that each household is different.

  35. This stunt is not cute overload…It stupid overload. Who in their right mind would throw their pets especially a little puppy? What an idiot!!!

  36. I admit that I think it’s cute for the cats, but I cringe for the pup. They aren’t as flexible or as good as landing on their feets as felines.

    However, judging by the edge of the blankets we see, I believe that the human is tossing them only above a nice thick soft mattress, which is a point in his favor.

  37. LOL! Love the first one especially!
    Uh, giants (adults) throw babies in the air all the time. It’s not like this guy is throwing them to the ground like a football player that just scored a touchdown.

  38. ButtaRumCake says:

    Um – isn’t this still Meg’s site? Last I checked she’s the head honcho here – if she posted it (or okayed the post) then apparently she knows more about the back-story than all you nuffers. Besides, if you don’t like it don’t look.



    P.S. Seitan looks like he/she nailed the landing! *holds up “10” sign*

  39. Can someone point to me where these came from? I wonder if it’s even real, or if it’s some clever photography and Photoshop.

    At the angle the guy is laying, it would be difficult to throw an animal that high into the air. Baseball, sure, slice of pizza, of course. But several pound animal? The pup, maybe, but the cats?

  40. OMG!!! This is NOT CUTE!! I can’t believe they posted this!! Next thing you know they will show a dog being dragged by a chain behind a truck, with some idiot saying, “Dogs run all the time, but it’s NOT okay for humans to have any part of any aspect of these things?”

  41. leeleemarie says:

    I hope hotdog puppy piddles on Mr Mean Messy Dresser.

  42. Plus, the shadows are slightly off.

    So, no fear, worried Overloaders, I’m sure this isn’t real.

  43. ahem – it’s not good to throw babies either.

  44. Don’t mean to “nuff” BUT, cat’s can land wrong as well, and I have seen one break a leg being tossed just like this, it really isn’t a good idea. And doxies are known for their weak backs. This should come under the “don’t do this at home” rule.

    Other then that, cute critters, interesting tatoos.

  45. Next thing you know, they’ll have some idiot on here engaging in hyperbole.

  46. Iiiiiiiiiddiot! What kind of a stupid moron throws a dachsund in the air? This is literally the worst picture I’ve seen on this site. And whoever calls out nuff on this is just as idiotic. Dachshunds aren’t even supposed to jump off of couches and this (insert curse word here) is tossing it several feet into the air?

    And I love how people say “they’re having fun” or “you don’t know, they could be having fun.” Or they could be terrified. Why take the risk and have your dog end up with a broken back?

    Again, iiiiidddiot!

  47. Meg (a different one) says:

    In defense of nuffers: I really think that if CO posted pictures of someone kicking puppies, the anti-nuffers would be all “God, you sensitive nuffers are so annoying, some puppies LIKE to be kicked!”

    [Oh, don’t worry, that’ll *definitely* be our next post. Yep. – Ed.]

    It’s okay to be concerned about animals. Really.

  48. Seriously peeps??? How do you even know that the animals don’t like it.. my cat Misha loves to be spun around in our computer chair for one.. Sometimes animals like that stuff.. just like how some human babies think it is the funniest thing in the world to be tossed in the air.. So nuffers, be gone before some one drops a cat on you!!

  49. anon for this one says:

    yeah, f**k that. my abusive stepdad used to do that with my cat, and threw him into the ceiling once. it terrorized the poor cat, who started to hate men, and it terrorized me.

    i have no respect for the tatted shithead in the pics. pathetic.

  50. This is gross. Really gross. The guy’s tats are hideously ugly, and it’s really not cool to throw animals in the air like that. Double fail, CO. DOUBLE FAIL.

  51. P.S. If you compare the length of his arms to the height of the critters he really hasn’t tossed them that high, it looks higher because of the angle the photo was taken.

  52. I’m concerned about animals, I don’t even eat ’em, I just doubt that this particular photo is cause for concern. Maybe I’m wrong. There are loads of people who think that keeping pets at all is wrong and bad. *shrug*

  53. Yay for Meg!

    Nuffers seem to think since they’re telling everyone to “mellow out” that they’re right. Yeah, not so much.

  54. Yeah, I guess I’m not the only one who is hoping those cats come down with claws out… If it is real, the guy’s just an ass – a tattooed ass.

    AND, just to clear up this misconception: yes, cats most often can turn themselves around and land on their feet. But that doesn’t mean they’ll not get hurt. And if there isn’t enough time/height for themselves to get turned around, they won’t even land on their feet. DON’T GET ME STARTED! 🙂

    Nuff said! (ooh – sorry)

  55. I’ve never understood the idea that just because C.O. has a photo up, Meg must be endorsing the behavior illustrated therein.

    No one is telling y’all to throw your pets around.

  56. Dachsunds have enuff back problems without any help.
    Kitties have enuff jumping skillz without any help.

  57. Doxie’s do not have great control over their little bodies because they’re so low to the ground. They can only bend so much in so many directions. It is not good to throw doxies in the air like that. Poor baby. She looks shocked. 😦

  58. Alice–I agree wholeheartedly. We should absolutely be concerned for animal safety. It’s just that this is Cute Overload, and animal cruelty doesn’t show up here, which is why it always perplexes me how people react. Do readers really think Meg, Theo, NTMTOM, et al would post photos where our ani-pals would be in any kind of danger?

  59. I know it looks cute…but it’s wrong.

    One wrong move and you have a sore baby.

  60. yankeebird says:

    Ignoring all the nuffery, may I say…

    Well, hello there, Mr. Tatts. Nice sleeve, and nice bedding.

  61. Lol @ whoever decided to post these.
    I bet you wring your little hands and do your evil cackle as you post up photos like these just waiting for the Nuffstorm to start rofl.
    I give it another hour before this post reaches the 200 mark 😛

  62. I knew the *second* I saw this show up on my LJ flist that it was going to get nuffed. The field of nuffing potential practically melted my screen.

    Pass the popcorn.

  63. Wow, nuffers and ‘shopped-ers! Two for the price of one!

    I, for one, would not throw my cat in the air, because on the way down, I would be catching a spastic ball of fur with 20 sharp claws. I’d rather juggle chainsaws. 😉

  64. Come on, you guys, can we please just take a close look at the photos before calling this guy names?

    Photo 1: Shadows on the tat-covered arm don’t line up to the angle of the arm. Why aren’t there shadows behind all of the fingers on the right hand, instead of just the pinky?

    Photo 2: Angle of shadows behind guy’s hands don’t match up, nor do they match with angle of shadow behind kitty, or shadow behind the pillow. Not to mention that the shadow behind his left hand doesn’t really fit, considering that it would be a little messed up from hitting the table.

    Yes, it’s probably a stupid thing anyway to Photoshop this, but I’d be willing to bet good money that it was indeed Photoshopped.

  65. Capricorn says:

    WTF!! I’m seriously disgusted. POOR dachsie puppy!
    Considering people are so fast to do what they see online, I’m sure a lot of poor little puppies are gonna be flung up in the air now, and some of them may not make it.
    Do you yay sayers not see how HIGH up the poor little dachsie is being flung?

  66. what an a-hole. That’s not most NON cute thing I have seen on here

  67. I just threw up in my mouf a little on behalf of poor Pickles.

  68. Von Zeppelin says:

    If the animal gods are merciful, the trajectory of the marmcat in the third picture will land his hind foot claws directly in this morons eyeballs.

  69. This is NOT cute at all.

    I needed something to cheer me up today and this is certainly not it. Come on people, this borders on abuse!

  70. God, you people are hilarious. It’s OBVIOUS. The guy is lying on the ground, the animals are laying down on the floor. Sheesh folks. Look at the pictures.

  71. *hurts self keeping quiet now*

  72. This is NOT cute at all.

    I needed something to cheer me up today and this is certainly not it. Come on people, this borders on abuse!

  73. …I have add that the tattoos have nothing to do with someone being an a-hole or not. Tattoos can be beautiful art and are ON many beautiful people inside & out. So leave that out of it. (I don’t have any tattoos)

    However, this is an a-hole who just happens to have tattoos. 🙂 Why is this even on here?

  74. @Ender – Also, you can tell by the pixels.

    @Nuffers – calling this guy names is…amazingly pointless. Is it a good idea to just blindly toss animals into the air? No, t’ain’t. Do we know that this guy doesn’t know what he’s doing? No, we don’t. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, nuffing as a general advisement I don’t see any problem with–knowing better is always a good thing. Attacking the poster/postee/other commenters blindly? That’s entirely different muffin altogether. Chillax.

  75. Choose Compassion! says:

    Gotta add my voice to the No votes. It’s definitely not cute to throw animals up in the air.

  76. WTF?
    This is *NOT CUTE*. This is animal ABUSE.
    What the hell is wrong with you, Ms. Cuteoverload??
    Stop posting this kind of sh*t on here!!

  77. “God, you people are hilarious. It’s OBVIOUS. The guy is lying on the ground, the animals are laying down on the floor. Sheesh folks. Look at the pictures.”

    they don’t look like it to me. I’m not seeing any photoshop here.

  78. “Do we know that this guy doesn’t know what he’s doing?”

    That makes no sense at all.

  79. Four on the floor, please. Not kewl, dewd.
    Surely the cats will come up with a plan to suffocate him, though.

  80. I’m going to el oh el if it turns out this is ‘Shopped or the result of some very clever photography.

    Nuffers, don’t you get that Meg is baiting you? And that you’re falling for all her commentroversy-inducing posts hook, line, and sinker?

    Also, also:
    Congrats, Meg. You’re the sh1t. 😀

  81. **Take this down. Its sick and more people will try this. IF YOU LOVE ANIMALS TAKE THE THROWING PICTURES DOWN> ITS SICKENING !

  82. *snort* at the hover text.

  83. Angie:

    It’s on here because Meg knows that people will get pissed off and post the same thirty jillion comments as everyone else. She’s very skilled at masterminding riots. And I applaud her for it.

    [Wow, you seem to know Meg really well. Wait, is this her mother again? Hi! I see you’ve changed your email address… – Ed.]

  84. I agree with Angie. I also have no tattoos, but who cares if he has tattoos? An idiot is an idiot. He would be a giant jacka$$ if he was wearing a three piece suit.

  85. “Nuffers, don’t you get that Meg is baiting you? And that you’re falling for all her commentroversy-inducing posts hook, line, and sinker?”

    Seriously? Wow, I have had the total wrong idea about this site all this time. I thought it was touted as the place to go to see uber-cute things and relax you during a stressfull day. Isn’t it known as a proven mid-day work relaxation break? Taking it off my favorite sites lists.

    I seriously would like an explanation. Even if it IS a joke or photoshopped.


  86. “It’s on here because Meg knows that people will get pissed off and post the same thirty jillion comments as everyone else. She’s very skilled at masterminding riots.”

    really? Wow, I had the total wrong idea about this site and the maker. What a time waster. Guess the jokes on me.

  87. i’m not crazy about it… dachshunds are very prone to back injuries. i wouldn’t toss a dachshund like that. or any puppy. if they fall even a couple feet they can break their legs.

  88. “I’m seriously questioning the judgment in posting/promoting a photo of someone throwing a dog like that. Not cute. Not funny.

    pny | Jan 27, 2009 at 11:30 A” – i totally agree!

  89. The Button says:

    LOL to the pictures, and LOL to all of you getting upset about them.


  90. This site is more for the benefit of Meg than anyone else. It’s Meg’s blog and she doesn’t owe you anything. How else would you explain the Cats N’ Racks posts?

  91. I dunno — people like them?

  92. feedthebirds says:

    I’m NOT amused in the least! I think this is a disgrace and I am troubled you would post these pictures. While this creatin (which is obvious by the way he disfigured his arms) may not have hurt his pets, it encourages other idiots to throw their pets in the air…and they may not be
    as lucky.
    I come to this site for a little fun, I do not enjoy seeing people harming their pets. One false move and the animal is toast. You should know better and your site should do all it can to try and protect pets. SHAME ON YOU!

  93. P.S.

    Angie, you say that like inciting commentroversy is a bad thing. Most people el oh el when people get worked up over something relatively minor. Remember Bonsai Kitten?

  94. Well, I would agree with you Theo if it weren’t for all the “OMG UGLY BITCHES” posts that seem to pop up after one gets posted.

  95. I’m not saying EVERYBODY likes them (or behaves civilly).

  96. True, true.

  97. re: “One false move and the animal is toast” — sorry, where’s the toaster?

  98. Well, maybe there’s an open toaster oven just outside the frame.

  99. None of these critters look remotely bothered to me.

  100. Carrie…

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

    I was just going to say that it is totally unsafe to toss babies in the air as well. The poor dog!

  101. I don’t think th is is terrible, but I don’t like it, and I don’t recommend doing it. To someone who commented about how these animals can jump to/from high distances, they need to realize that animals try to calculate their landings and jumping before. An animal can’t anticipate being thrown in the air. Were these animals caught? after the last pic it doesn’t look like it. Shame.

  102. ohdeargodtheFRAME! [headsmack] ANYTHING could be out there!!

    …like a mattress.

  103. Based on this CO post, I am going to dedicate my life to throwing puppies. I’ll throw them for hight and distance and width. I don’t care. Throooooooooowwwwww!

  104. Seriously, folks, I am a veterinarian (OSU class of 97) and it is absolutely 100% NOT OK to toss a dauchsund in the air. I currently own one who I got because he jumped off my clients’ couch and landed funny, blowing a disk in his neck, which caused him to be paralyzed from the neck down for several months (very lucky he is walking again). He’d made that jump many times before with no problem, but ONE bad landing from a very low height is all it takes for a dauchsie to become a furry paperweight. IMHO this photo is enough evidence for local animal control to take this dog away from this idiot. Now you know and you cannot use the excuse of ignorance to EVER do this again.

  105. I think there’re a dozen more tattooed hooligans (‘cuz we all know physical appearance is such a great indicator of character) with open toasters ovens, just waiting to snap up and toast these poor critters.

  106. Umm – new at this: What is NUFF?
    BTW, I own a doxie and I would never throw her. She prefers the full-body, extra-long-back massage.

  107. I do hope this is ‘shopped. Our Doxie mix, Preston, had to be on crate rest for an entire month because of the disc he herniated just doing regular stuff (curbs, stairs). Their backs just aren’t very flexible or well-engineered. A month of crate rest is a long time for such a hyper little ball of energy, let me tell you.


  109. I’m a little surprised at the anti-tattoo vituperation, myself. His tats are not on trial here, peeps.

  110. Incredibly idiotic. Not cute at all. What a moron that guy is.

  111. Well Noelegy, we know from previous posts’ comments that women are evil because they have breasts (which can draw attention) and that having your photo on the internet makes you a self-centered attention whore. And we know that Munchkin kitties are cruel because they were cruelly mutated for human benefit. So it makes sense that tattoos make you an evil person. Mr. Tattoo Man there is evil because tattoos draw attention to him (Check!), his photo is on the internet, so all we wants is attention (Check!), and he has mutilated himself for his own human enjoyment (Check and check!).

  112. I like -Ed.

    Just Sayin’ 🙂

  113. Well Noelegy, clearly Mr. Tattoo Man is a self-centered attention whore who mutilates himself for his own enjoyment. I mean, clearly, he is a bad person. Clearly.

  114. That’s not cute or funny…

  115. Poor little anipals.

  116. Ah man, I’ve never been a nuffer before either, but as a dachshund mama, I cringed at the photo of the puppy. As others have said, dachshunds are supposed to use ramps to get up or down from anything because of their inherited spinal problems and the huge risk of disc disease. Many rescue dachshund rescue groups refuse to adopt out to families with young children because of fears that little kids will throw or pick up and drop the dog.

    I know I’m a major kill joy, but I can’t look at the little red dog snuggling in my lap right now and *not* say something.

  117. Katiedid, just because babies may like being thrown up into the air doesn’t mean it’s good for them or still can’t cause them brain damage. That’s all I’m sayin’.

  118. So, do they like it is my question. Hopefully no animals were harmed or frightened in taking these pics, right?

  119. cooper1178 says:

    As someone who spent over $1000 on her weenie’s spinal surgery (ruptured a disc after a long session of digging holes), I can’t recommend throwing your doxie in the air. The cats probably don’t like it either, but at least their more agile and equipped, the darling dapple doxie not so much.

  120. I like this site, but those pictures and that behavior aren’t cute at all, and I’m really disappointed in the CO site for displaying them.

  121. I just took another look at my CuteOverload calendar and today’s page made me geegle in context with this post.

  122. PLeeeze don’t post pix of animals being thrown in the air.

    Definitely unhealthy, not cute.

    Bad CO.

  123. Maaaaan, dogface, I really hope you’re speaking with tongue firmly in cheek. 🙂

  124. Is there no “free press” on the webs????

  125. Space Cowgirl says:

    Oh noes, the ASPCA is going to shut down CO for realz this time!!!!!1111

    I agree that it’s a trick of the lens and that some people are far too excitable. There now, free Norvasc and Valium for everyone. *puts on nurse hat and passes out pills in little cups*

  126. K to the T says:

    “Y’all don’t know the circumstances, the humans, or the aminals.”

    …Which is exactly why people shouldn’t be tossing “aminals” around.

    I’m not exactly outraged by this, but it does look more uncomfortable than cute. Why is it here?

  127. Not funny or cute. What kind of an a-hole throws a little dog in the air like that? Almost ceiling height — about 7 feet up.

    Any cute factor would have been killed by the nasty tattoos anyway.

  128. Chinchillazilla says:

    This is one time I think nuffing is justified. :/

  129. Seriously (skips glasses to the nose tip and stares disapporvingly): You should not throw dachshunds. They can get intervertebral disk disease, which is called Dackellähme in German and which means great pain, the inability to walk and even death. Dachshunds are a robust breed, but not supposed to walk up stairs because their long spines can’t deal with the pressure.
    Love your doxie.
    Don’t throw it.
    Now tattoo 100 times “I will never throw my lovely dachshund again” on your belly. There. Good boy.

  130. For the cuties! says:

    Personally, I don’t know if every last animal enjoys one particular activity. However, I do know that particular activities can cause physical damage and that alone is enough to stop *me*, a human who has the ability to reason and knows better, from performing those acts on my pet. Sometimes you just have to take old cliche to heart: it’s better to be safe than sorry.

    And consider that I’m sure kids visit this site. It’s not exactly the wisest idea to display this. I love kids, have my first on the way…but kids are known for mimicking what they see. Let’s show them things that are cute AND safe. It’ll make the kids happy and keep the pets happy (and safe, too!). Win-win for all. 🙂

    I love CO, but sometimes these pictures just make me wonder.

  131. Daphne Moss says:

    Lism is an idiot.
    The difference between throwing animals and their jumping is the same as the difference between dating someone and being stalked.
    People who don’t know the difference have no business having pets.

  132. “Kris”- yah that is why people have been doing it for thousands of years to entertain babies.. Give me a break

  133. Oh, ex-ACT-ly, Daphne. No difference whatsoever.
    Um… I mean, the same, yeah… wait, sorry — what’s your argument?

  134. You know, I certainly am not going to argue that this guy isn’t completely irresponsible. He is. Animals definitely shouldn’t be thrown around like that.

    But to suggest that the pics are cute or funny? That’s just wrong! Look at the puppy ears! Look at the feline reactions! It’s cute! And funny!

    Sigh…I really have problems with my multiple personalities. I now feel guilty for laughing. (But it’s still objectively cute & funny)

  135. It’s “Salchow,” Meg.

    Hope you get tossed in the air unexpectedly by someone fifty times your size soon.

    BTW, ten years ago one of my friens, who was drunk, grabbed another of my friends, who was not, on the street on New Year’s Eve and “playfully” threw her into the air. She still in a coma. True.

  136. Steven Baranowski says:


  137. My guess is that those pets are landing, CLAWS OUT for traction. If daddy gets scratched by mistake, it happens.

    BTW, heck with the tattoos, I need that comforter with the cool cat shades.

  138. If dachshunds are so fragile that they, like, break in two just by looking at them funny, then maybe they shouldn’t be bred anymore. Just sayin’…

  139. I know most CO regulars are intelligent and animal lovers who would never try this at home with their own dogs or cats, but kids are impressionable and may not realize that doing this could seriously hurt an animal. Yes, it’s Meg’s site, but why post things that could inspire kids to try something dangerous? There are plenty of other cute photos out there that don’t cause controversy or harm animals.

    [Well, this is part of why we say Cute Overload is PG-13. As far as the internet in general, heck, pretty much any rating you can think of applies. Kids just plain need supervision. – Ed.]

  140. yeah, I’m gonna throw in my “pa-sickie!” too

    oh and Teho, that toaster comment = ♥

  141. scruffylove says:

    I have to go with the phyics arguments. To get the height that’s pictured, he would either:
    a.) Throw them in an arching underhand motion. In which case, they would end up in the wall. Or,
    b.) Throw them straight up like he was pushing them away. But it would be hard to get that much force lying down, and the pup would pry be spinning.

    If anything, they look like they are falling from the ceiling. I smell something hinky.

    [OK ya lost me. Who’s doing the underhand push-ups? – Ed.]

  142. The Button says:

    LOL Taj.

  143. scruffylove says:

    Honestly, throwing animals is the last thing I would worry about my kids picking up from the internet.

  144. I’m not even going to address the argument of throwing pets vs. not throwing pets. I just want to point out how very rude it is to call someone you don’t know “idiot,” “moron,” etc. and insult his tattoos. We’re CO people for pete’s sake! Don’t we have better manners than that?

  145. PS, I find his tattoos both interesting and beautiful 😀

  146. Doxylover79 says:

    Whoever that guy is should know that dachsies such as Pickle are notorius for back problems. Throwing them in the air is a big no-no(typed as I shake my head in dismay at the thought of it).

  147. Good point Taj: Why is it okay to breed doxies, but not munchkin kittehs? Isn’t it the same thing?

  148. ysubassoon says:

    Thanks, Meg. Now I’m going to be spending the rest of the evening trying to imagine what the “cat anthem” might sound like. And then singing whatever I come up with to my cat Ogre to see which one makes him look more patriotic.

  149. Psilopathic says:

    I bet his pets think he is very weird… I’m sure they don’t LIKE this, per se, but maybe the guy doesn’t LIKE working for all their kibbles and bits… I’d say it’s an even trade, as long as no one gets hurt (I’m sure they’re fine, you people are crazy as hell).

  150. I really don’t want to get mixed up in this, but I’m gonna say that the pictures wouldn’t have been sent in if the animals were hurt in the process. Pictures 1 & 2 lead me to believe that Mr. Sexy Tattoo caught them fine, and Picture 3 shows a cat about to land on a bed. A soft, cushy bed.


  151. feedthebirds.. wow. judgmental much? you are worse than the pictures.

  152. rhonda.. mr. sexy tattoo LOL! love this! and my thoughts exactly.

  153. I don’t find spiderweb-around-the-elbow tattoos sexy.
    Look at me, I’m nuffing.

  154. ysubassoon – I like to think the Cat Anthem is like that one song in “Evita” – I always sing it to my cat, like this: “I kept my promise, NOW GIVE ME KISSES!” okay so that’s the only part of the song I know, but anyway, the cat loves it soooo much she runs like hell whenever I sing it! 😀

  155. I don’t understand why something like this -which in my opinion is sick humor – would even be posted on this site.
    What choice does the small dog and the cat have when this jerk decides to throw them in the air – it is sickening to see this type of abuse and so sad.

  156. You guys do know that these creatures were CAUGHT afterwards? Well, not the orange cat apparently but the dachshund and the other cat would have been caught by the guy.

    Love these pix. I used to toss my cat in the air, too. He loved it.

  157. whitetrashoverload

  158. Please take these photos down and do not accept anymore of this sort. This is not cute, this is not funny. It is dangerous to throw a living being in the air, no matter how quick you may be to catch them. This is not the sort of imagery that Cute Overload should be endorsing. Please take these down.

  159. This is the worst post I’ve seen on here in a while. You should remove it. Stupid punk abusing animals. Get this stupid post off CO. Noone likes it, it’s not right.

  160. If one more of you folks dis someone with tats (speaking as a tattooed woman married to a tattooed man) I will scream so loud you’ll all hear me wherever you are.

    Those of us in this world who have chosen to decorate our bodies in this way are not cretians, morons, toughs, losers or whatever else negative insult some of you throw our way.

    How about NOT judging a book by it’s cover? Because both my husband and I, with all our tats, are well educated people who live in a nice home with nice things and have nice families.

    As for the photos, whatever, I long ago got sick and freaking tired of people making snap judgements on what amounts to a split second of life caught on film.

  161. Wait.. what?… I’m supposed to chuck my pets around?(LOL Phil!)

    well… I don’t wanna!

    So I won’t.

    See that was pretty simple.

  162. And joe? STFU.

  163. Now Joey that is just plain mean.. go sit in the corner until you have something nice to say..

  164. I used to LOVE getting tossed in the air. These guys, probably not so much.

  165. This guy is an idiot!!!!!! AND shouldn’t have animals because he IS one!!!

    [Pithy. – Ed.]

  166. It used to be that nuffers attacked the photos for what they felt was wrong…when did they graduate to name calling and attacks on fellow human beings that are in the photos? I don’t care for tats, but I’m not on here going “OMG he’s so fugly!”

    Relax people, get a grip on yourselves. If you want to be heard, you probably don’t want to come off as a jerk, especially about someone you don’t know.

  167. I <3 you, Teho. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get back to stalking the people that I've thrown after I've dated the animals that I have no business jumping.

  168. I am SERIOUSLY confused now.

  169. There are a lot of great photos on this site and I think people get their shorts in a knot over a lot of silly things, but this one is really disturbing. Maybe the animals haven’t gotten hurt yet, but throwing a long-bodied, short-legged dog in the air like that is a recipe for disaster.

  170. threepeats says:

    Not happy with this..not cute…looks mean to me!

  171. not only he’s not throwing them up up way up high (it looks like a reasonable height) he’s throwing htem from his bed… so im sure they’ll land safely.

  172. jelliajamb says:

    just out of curiosity — why are comments solicited on this site at all? i mean, if it’s meg’s site and she can do what she wants (agreed), then doesn’t that imply that all feedback is irrelevant, whether supportive or not? or maybe typepad doesn’t give the option of turning comments off, in which case ignore me.

  173. Report this guy to the local humane society.

  174. Teho–the comment about throwing being akin to stalking wherein the poster called me an idiot and misspelled my screen name?

    What are you, some kind of puppy chucker or something? 🙂

  175. [double-underhands two basset hounds at Llism]

  176. Throw in a corgi and maybe I could juggle!

  177. faunablues says:

    Enuff nuffing has been done already (haha), but I am kind of wondering about the dude – he named his cat Seitan, which is a form of fake meat. vegetarian/vegan guy tossing his animals up?

    Does not compute.

  178. Joey:

    Bravo. Way to raise the bar for nuffing ignorance.

  179. biscuithead says:

    Perhaps a comment posted by a veterinarian would settle the argument over this.
    Surely a pro would know what’s good/bad about tossing animals.

    Personally, I’d err on the side of caution + keep my snorgle-able critters earthbound or in my arms.

  180. Wait, I’m on cuteoverload right? After reading all of the comments in which you are not only attacking the guy in the photo, you are also calling each other names in your posts, I thought I might have logged into FU Penguin… Honestly, whatever your opinions are, it is just plain mean spirited to call each other names and attack each other in order to make your point. How about keeping it civil? Go ahead and disagree with the pictures, but power down the insults, they are not cute.

  181. FU Penguin and Cute Overload are more alike than many people realize. The difference is largely style.

  182. Nik, are you sure you haven’t been reading a CO in some alternate universe all this time? This level of bitchery is tame compared to some of the other commentroversies. I mean, there are about half a dozen nuffers each Cats N’ Racks post calling the humans featured “bitches” and “hos” and “sad attention whores.” So yeah, this is normal. Unfortunately.

  183. Bad pet owner. Shame on CO for posting this item.

  184. Well I wouldn’t call it exactly “normal”, Dogface.

    (I feel like I’m insulting you, typing that. Sneaky.)

  185. Dogface, my experience on CO has not been the same as yours, I guess. I haven’t seen this level of insu

  186. I am a graphic designer and this does not look shopped to me. Animals are not babies . If anyone has forgotten, you should not throw babies in the air either, even though they like it. After all you are the responsible adult and children trust you. Regardless of whether or not the pets are having a good time (I doubt it) the adult human should know better than to throw a pet. Its cruel to put an animal in danger of permanent disability, especially the doxie.

  187. lolocaust survivor says:

    NTMTOM is so edgy and cute! Not some square who follows “the rules,” man! NTMTOM knows you’re gonna nuff, and he’s already laughin at you man, you squares, worryin about the animals and stuff! Have fun with your worrying, we’re gonna have some more lolocausts about the flyin puppy! LOSERS!

  188. …Nik??

  189. Oops! Hit post before I finished! As I was saying… I haven’t seen this level of insulting before. And in general it is an ineffective way to argue a point–it automatically sets up the other person to stop listening.

  190. :whew:

  191. Theo–Okay, I’m laughing out loud! I was in the middle of typing when this tattooed guy in a really messy bedroom grabbed me and tossed me in the air…

  192. wait wait WAAAAIT a sec.
    “LOLocaust” ??

  193. Wow, and I thought playing flying airplane with my cat was the most creative thing ever. I concede.

    Love this!

  194. Theo–hilarious as always.

  195. Well, normal for the commentroversial-type posts. Most of the comments on the other posts are fairly civil.

    Yes, I am sneaky, aren’t I? MUAHAHAHAHAHA!

  196. hello kitty bedsheets!

  197. This could be filed under “cute or sad?”

    Be kind. Don’t throw your pets around.

  198. Dear God… those ARE Hello Kitty bedsheets.

  199. Seriously, what’s gotten into the water at the CO watercooler? Why the hate this time? I’ve seen worse commentroversies but never has there been such intolerance for:

    – people with tattoos
    – people in general
    – other posters

    People, calm down and stop insulting each other. You’re making it downright unpleasant to be on CO at all because I derive a lot of joy from the comments, and many of these comments are ridiculous.

  200. also, for the ppl saying some pets might like this: yeah, true, but
    (1) just because your pet enjoys something doesn’t make it a good idea (that dasch would almost certainly enjoy eating a big old hunk of chocolate) and
    (2) what are the chances that THREE pets living in the same house all enjoy this?

    i know you humans bred these things to look like toys but turns out they really aren’t.

  201. I love when these things disintegrate into issues (tattoos) that have nothing to do with the actual problem (throwing a dog), which then allows people defending offensive behavior to feel like they get a free pass and that they’re right.

    Who gives a f*** about the guy’s tattoos/looks? He is a giant a$$ for thinking that it’s okay to throw a puppy.

    The reason people are so pissed off is because — yes, this puppy may have landed safely — but it also stood an incredible chance of getting serious injured. All because some selfish moron thought he was being funny.

    And I can’t quite understand why Theo vehemently defends every photo on this site. Yes, we weren’t there, but neither were you.

    [Is that what I’m doing? Oh. – Ed.]

    Yay for free speech and all that, but yay for properly caring for animals.

  202. thicktortiethintabby says:

    I’m cracking up at the latest comments, Teho et al. (And BTW, full sleeves get me *every time*. I don’t dig on bankers in tasseled loafers. Diff’rent strokes, man.) Toss me a puppeh.

  203. Ex-Bookmarker says:

    These pictures remind me of the time when I was 11 and I innocently tossed a kitten on the bed. The kitten landed funny and limped for hours. Watching it limp was so anerable I’ll never forget it.

    Also, when I was a kid, my brother would dangle the cat upside-down off the second floor fire escape and then let go of it, to see if it would land on all fours. (BTW it always did.) You should have seen the look on the cat’s face just before my brother let it go. So kewt!!

    If only I had taken a picture of these events, I could have had them posted here on Cute Overload for the amusement of all the sensitive animal lovers here. And if it generated a “commentroversy” and drummed up traffic for the blog hosts, so much the better!

    [You, m’dear, are an ass. Bye bye. – Ed.]

  204. Nope. This guy is brainless and deserves to have these animals taken away from him. And the way he is lying down on the bed, these animals did NOT land softly.

  205. What I really despise is how some nuffers (note I say some) feel that reducing themselves to attacks is perfectly acceptable as long as they think their point of view is valid.

    This guy probably shouldn’t have been throwing his pets. But a lot of people do things they probably shouldn’t, and what’s done is done. You can’t undo pet-tossing.

    What you CAN do is calmly point out that pet-tossing is probably not a valid hobby, and move on to happier things. Did you see the ferret in the carton photo? That was hilarious! All happy rainbows there, unless you nuff about how said ferret might choke on cardboard or suffocate because it might get stuck (oh noes!!).

    Please, for the love of everything, STOP acting as if one tossed animal means the owner is a terrible, wretched person who doesn’t deserve to live. Some people in this world are TRULY wretched – think people committing genocide, or starving their children. In this instance, in this very moment of documenting a few photos on CO…I don’t think this guy warrants this amount of vitriol.

    And calling him names doesn’t change the fact that you don’t know the situation. Just because it doesn’t show obvious neglect or abuse doesn’t mean it’s not there – but on the flipside, just because it shows a little pup-tossing, doesn’t mean this person is an animal abuser. Don’t apply your own judgments without accepting the same. It makes it really difficult to hear your side, and it makes it even more difficult to care about anything you have to say to anyone.

    CO is a nice place. People are happy here, they enjoy taking a break from life (which, admit it, is pretty hard) and looking at puppies and kittens and bunnies. Deal with it. Stop making it a soap box for your vitriol by calling people names, launching attacks on the character of people you don’t even know. If you want to be heard, speak clearly and calmly. Otherwise, take your anger somewhere else.

  206. I can’t believe the dog-in-the-air photo went up during voting season! Good luck, CO! ; )

  207. It’s a brave man who throws a cat straight up above him… because they tend to land pointy-parts-down.

  208. Is that a green bong on the table?

  209. I’m gonna jump on the ‘this is a bad idea’ bandwagon. My uncle tossed me like that once when I was a baby, slipped and caught my head instead of my waist and I got whiplash. It doesn’t matter if the animals like it (which I doubt anyway), you do what’s BEST for them, not what makes them happy. My niece -likes- espresso, doesn’t mean I’m gonna give it to her. Lets be responsible animal parents ok?

    [I think your niece is gonna turn out just fine… – Ed.]

  210. Meg (another different one) says:

    Seriously not okay.

    I thought CO had better judgment than to encourage this kind if behavior.

    [Is that what we’re doing? Oh. – Ed.]

    I’m with Steph. I am considering boycotting this site if there is much more of this disturbing material on here. =(

  211. Humane human says:

    Only a frigging IDIOT would think endangering & terrifying their pets by throwing them up into the air is ‘cute’ ! I hope the ASPCA cleans your clock.

  212. Throwing animals is never a good idea, but especially when it comes to daschunds. The long bodies can’t take lots of stress. They can get back injuries simply from gaining too much weight, so certainly throwing them into the air is not good.

  213. Meg this one is hilarious! its a cat being thrown into a swimming pool.

    whose to say it didn’t enjoy it?

  214. Puddin’ puddin’ pud— oh noes I ran out of puddingks!!! Fling me some more!!

  215. When I was 18, a cat that belonged to some college guys who lived down the street had kittens. I picked an adorable one; cute, healthy, full of life. The guys told me to come back in a few weeks when the kitten was weaned. I came back, got the kitten, took it home. It didn’t look well; thin, listless, and it whimpered when I picked it up. I asked the guys what happened. They finally told me that they had been tossing the kittens off the porch. I was horrified but the guys said, “It’s cool. They always land on their feet. They’re fine” Two weeks later, my kitten died. True story.

  216. (Amid the crowd.)
    Get ‘cher snack here! I’ve got popcorn and Pudding Surprise!
    I’ve got the traditional pudding flavors in marmalade and chocolate-vanilla twist! I’ve got novelty flavors of wheat seitan and sweet pickle! You want dach-quri-flavored pudding, ma’am? Lemme toss one to ya.

  217. Just, y’know, don’t garnish it with a dachshund first.

  218. Cats and racks is cute and safe. This is not. And as a designer, I would bet money that this is not shopped.

  219. thicktortiethintabby says:

    C, I wondered that also. I decided it was a cup instead of a bong, b/c while I like my puppeh- and kitteh-tossers to be dirty tattooed ne’er-do-wells, I don’t like them to be drug addicts, too.

  220. Raemie L. says:

    (stifles images of certain ballpark food jokes)
    I *could* sprinkle popcorn as garnish… or garland… or, ah… I’m hungry. I’m out for now.

  221. ReggieLois says:

    Dachshunds’ backs are soooo sensitive. Please never throw them in the air. Disc problems abound! I think these pictures should be taken down. Dachshunds shouldn’t even be allowed to jump on and off furniture, nevermind thrown in the air.

  222. I wonder if those animals are experiencing mild cardiac events while up in the air?

  223. inbadtaste says:

    Real klassy just like this dude’s fugly tats.

    Seriously tho, this is sad. :/ Poor dachshund.

  224. With so many other cute pictures to showcase, why go with the one that demonstrates a terrible choice? Yes, most of us would know not to be so awful as to toss a pet in the air, but for some, it just gave them the idea! Why take the chance?

    cuteoverload loses points.

  225. Why would you do that to your animals? You should be reported to the athorities. That poor little puppy.

  226. The fact is, if we disregard the fact that doxies shouldn’t be thrown, the picture of him in the air with his ears all out like that, IS CUTE! Meg didn’t throw him, or even take the picture while he was being thrown. I am pretty sure she didn’t ask the tatt man to throw him. When Meg found this picture the damage was done, but the CUTE is still there.
    As for everyone trying this with their doxies because they saw it on the internet…
    Well, IMO, most of us are smart enough to know not to try this at home. If someone doesn’t know better, than perhaps they shouldn’t be surfing the internet alone.
    And what do his tattoos have to do with his character? Some of you tattoo nuffers probably have pierced ears, does that mean you are on the same level? After all, we aren’t born with holes in our ears.

  227. Maybe CuteOverload could contact the photographer for the story and post back here?

  228. Not cute at all. I dont know why these pictures are even on here. It does’nt even look like the guy catches these pets based on the last picture! 😦 Poor guys!! 😦

  229. Patty, what? I can’t hear you, I wasn’t born with holes in my ears. Ha ha ha. Just kidding.

  230. CUTE? NOT!!!!! Do they realize the harm that could be done to this sweet puppy by throwing it in the air!!I come to this page to smile and laugh at the cuteness…but this is ridiculous!! I am really mad now…I could spit nails!!!!!

  231. Why can’t we see picture #4 where the cat lands on Tat-man’s face? Now *that* would be funny!

  232. To all the holier than thou types threatening to boycott CO, please do so immediately. You’ll create a more pleasant enviroment for those of us with a sense of humor.

    I guess where it falls apart for me is the inability of some people to simply disagree with what they’re looking at. Don’t like the picture? A simple sentence voicing your concern is fine. Jumping straight to the idea that this guy is somehow an abusive jerk (and don’t even get me started on the pointless tattoo insults) is so [um… “incorrect” – Ed.] I can’t even get my head around it. The fact that people who are doxie owners are able to calmly post why doxie tossing is a bad idea (although peeps, I beg you-I think we all got it after the first fifty posts)tells me that there is no need for all the hysteria. Gee, is it possible that maybe the doxie is brand new and he didn’t know about the weak backs yet? Or that it was a rescue pup and that information wasn’t supplied to him?

    Please remember that this is the same site that alerted us to Cat House On The Kings and the animal shelter where the blind pony lived and other places that are doing good works on behalf of animals. I really have a hard time believing that anyone on CO would endorse photographs for this site if they really thought that an animal had been harmed or was in danger. But some people choose to believe the absolute worst in order to exercise their self righteous indignation. I’ve said it before-what a joyless existence you must lead.

    [Still, don’t throw your doxie puppy, mmkay? – Ed.]

  233. “The breed is known to have spinal problems, especially intervertebral disk disease (IVDD), due in part to an extremely long spinal column and short rib cage. The risk of injury may be worsened by obesity, jumping, rough handling, or intense exercise, which place greater strain on the vertebrae.” Tat-man may be bored, but if he cares at all for his pet, he should find another past-time.

  234. This is not okay. This is not cute. Shame on you, Cute Overload!

  235. begun, the nuff war has…

    Cute flying pets. 🙂

  236. I can’t believe any viewer could “feel bad about” objecting to this content or need to look around for reassurance that others here back up their negative reactions to an act that is so OBVIOUSLY dangerous and potentially fatally to animals–especially the dog — broken legs, crushed skull, broken back…. The advance belittling (by way of “let the Nuff-ing begin”-type comments) of those who know that this is not harmless fun and have the sense to call it out mirrors the negative peer pressure and juvenile attempts to disuade those encouraging correct behavior that one usually only finds in elementary and middle school OR only the very lowest performing high schools.
    Truly, are you bullies really saying “stop ruining my fun by pointing out the photos of animals in peril that are giving me a chuckle — we say it’s “cute”, therefore it is!” ???????????? Really! This is too much and those people instinctively saying “Enough!!!” need to stop worrying about looking too serious here. If your gut tells you it’s wrong, it’s WRONG!!! To be silent is to condone this and encourage impressionable children or dim-witted imbeciles to copycat these dangerous antics and endanger other animals. We all come here because we love and respect other creatures in all their diverse “cuteness” & wish to keep them safe. That is our common goal. Remember that before you scoff at those protesting bad behavior.

  237. Andrea B. says:

    I know how many trials it takes to get a good mid-air shot on a digital camera, so this worries me how many times each pet had to be tossed to achieve this photographic glory. Poor bebehs.

  238. Not amused.
    Questionable treatment of pets.
    Ugly arms.
    Tasteless background.

    Perhaps the first serious misjudgment by Mr NoTMiTOM.

    [Oh yeah, ’cause that’s TOTALLY Mike in those photos. (actually he’s the dachshund, but you didn’t hear that from me) – Ed.]

  239. jelliajamb says:

    JB — Ditto, and thanks for taking the time to type out what I didn’t have the energy to say.

  240. I don’t know the person’s situation, or whether the animals actually enjoy being thrown, but it still might give people bad ideas.

    To mock those who are concerned seems very irresponsible.

  241. Ms.McPantiesinaBunchnuff says:

    Relax everyone! 🙂

    I do this ALL the time with my Robo hams! They LOVE it! I’ve put a twist on the trick by letting them land in my open mouth.

    The only harm that could come to anyone….could be to me……I could choke on one :O!!!!

    😀 ;D

  242. NOT CUTE. Not cool. Throwing a puppy is abusive. Dogs aren’t made to fall long distances and when you’re a tiny puppy, that is a LONG distance. Looks like the equivilent of a human falling about 20 or 30 feet. NOT COOL.

    What’s next? Is CO going to show people pulling the wings off flies?

  243. All sorts of stupid in this post. Not cute AT ALL.

    First, the guy is stupid for throwing animals into the air like that. Second, the owner of this site for even posting this. It could’ve been rejected, but was it? No. Not very good judgment.

  244. @ Ed.

    Thank you for the correction..I had second thought about it myself. Also, agreement on doxie tossing. 🙂

  245. You can seriously hurt your dachshund by throwing her like that. There are many of them with broken backs because of people like you.

  246. Pickles, Seymour, and Irene are cute in of themselves. They don’t need to be tossed in the air to be cute, especially when they don’t enjoy it and could be injured.
    My advice to tattooed man is toss human babies: they really get a thrill from it–they smile and squeal and obviously find it great fun.
    But cats and dogs do not show similar joy in experience and could be seriously injured. Dogs are not as flexible as cats. And doxies have back issues even without being thrown in the air.
    Pickles could break his back and become a paraplegic and need a doxie-cart. Not good idea to toss pup-dogs.

  247. Wow. How in the world does anyone think this complete loser is “cute” – ?

  248. Uhm, well, which rule of cute does this follow? Because instead of the warm fuzzy feeling I look for when I read CO, I got a sick, sad feeling.

  249. Bailsabub says:

    People who live in small brains shouldnt throw dachsies!
    They have delicate backs.
    Thank you

  250. Lame overload on the pet-throwing. Really not cute.

  251. Helena Handbag says:

    I’m done voting for CO for a while–and I worked really hard to get you over the top on the 2008 Weblog Awards. Yecch.

  252. Not funny. It makes me feel sad that this guy throws animals around – seriously, they could get hurt. Please do not encourage this kind of bad behavior.

  253. Michelle S. says:

    I haven’t even read the comments, but I’m gonna preemptively agree with all the nuffs on this one. Looks like fun, but anyone who knows anything about Dachshunds knows they’re are not aerialists. :\