Real-life Tom and Jerry

[Sounds of multiple chops being licked] Run, little gerbil RUN! Because when you get out of there…you’re gonna need to be REAL fast.


Brought to you by Ashley V., Nova, Moogle, Jinx, Yoshi, Uno, Buster, and two defenseless gerbils.



  1. Karen in Toronto says:

    I don’t see a stopwatch. Does anyone have the stopwatch? Or an oven timer?

  2. Lol, you won’t get that gerbil…. They are waaay to fast….

  3. That looks like a rat to me.

  4. Ha, the puttins on the far left seems to be the only one whipping up a plan to get the top off of that tank!

  5. Kable for Kittehs!

  6. he keeps running but he can never seem to get away

  7. Oh. teh poor McRodentsons!! The cats are all “This is the best TV show. EVAR.”

  8. Oh, they CAN catch that gerbil, believe me . . . and they have 😦

    Depending on how determined and wily the kitty, it can be very, very difficult to cat-proof a gerbil/hamster cage.

  9. platedlizard says:

    That is my cat with my little lizard, only there is room for her to sit on top of the cage. Best show EVER.

    Second best? My cat watching the iguana. Who is about three times as long as she is, and can tail-whip hard enough to leave welts. Dream big kitty cat, dream big.

  10. shahinrani says:

    I like how the kitteh in the back is all, “What are they looking at? I don’t get it.”

    And incidentally that is the same carpeting my bedroom had in the house I grew up in. Same wall paint color actually too… If it turns out that woodwork used to be cherry and was painted over…

  11. Looks like my Zora with my son’s hamster, Jumper. Except she either sits on top of the ROUND-TOP cage or knocks it off the desk in the hopes that it will break open and the tasty morsel inside will become her snack/playtoy.

  12. Cue nuffers talking about how crool it is to let cats n rodents be in the same room, for fear the cats will give the rodents heart attacks…

    Maybe my gerbils were extraordinarily brainless, but they never showed any discomfort (or, indeed, signs of caring) at the presence of cats.

  13. Tennis racket… check… water bottle… check… electric fan… check… book… check…

    I think these cats have their plans all devised ala Tom (or Wile E. Coyote)! Now it’s time to put the plan into action! Roast gerbil for dinner tonight!

  14. “Moogle”?

  15. OMG! I want a hedgehog or a hamster but I’m afraid my kitty would eat it! This is amazing.

  16. BeckyMonster says:

    (Gerbils sing-song to the tune from Annie)

    It’s a hard-knocks life, for us…

  17. berthaservant says:

    Just for the record, Jerry often got the best of Tom in the cartoons, so I’m not placing any bets on the eventual outcome here.


    OMG MARMIES!!!1!!

  18. kitty videos >”<

  19. Sure, it’s a great show now. But if the kitties don’t get cable by February 17th they’ll be out of luck.

  20. I’m typically a marmie fan and all of these kittehs are pretty, but that brown tabby is absolutely GORGEOUS! Such a shiny coat and wonderful stripiness…

  21. Berg — yeah, I call that a Cloudy Tabby. (not sure where I got that term)

  22. …clouded leopards, maybe?

  23. Beats staring at a yule log.

  24. thicktortiethintabby says:

    Teho, my gray tab I had when I was growing up was named Cloudy. (I named her.) She was a great little sister.

  25. Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “Run for your life!” Poor little gerbil…

  26. @Theo: I like that term “Cloudy Tabby,” no matter what its origin was.

    Clouded leopards are pretty, but I suspect that I would not sleep well with one in the house. Too much fear of becoming a meal…

  27. How come that sender-inner has 6 kitties and I have none? That’s no fair!

  28. Be careful what you wish for, Laureling.

  29. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    @shahinrani – I wonder if ALL of us grew up with that carpet – I did too!

    I can barely see the rodent there, but the kittehs obviously have a front row (hey! no pushing!) seat.

  30. Personally I like the fluffy orange tabby Moogle. Look at that fluffy cuddliness, omg! i loves fluffy chubby cats. more to love.

  31. A scene I know well. Fortunately, my dragon doesn’t sweat the drooling from the roof of his cage.

  32. Alternative caption #2:

    “Bee afraid….be very afraid……”

    Alternative caption #3:


  33. Gerbilevision. All gerbil, all the time. At my house we get Squirellevision.

  34. It is very seldom that my herd of six cats all sit and concentrate on the same thing. If they were all that close to each other, there would be hissing and boxing galore. They do love each other, but they ARE brothers and sisters!

  35. scooterpants says:

    ah pootie tat TV.
    most excellent…
    rodent(s) is in no danger, looks like they are all well fed pooties.
    they all just have dilusions of gandure, as if they all could make a killin… not so much. 🙂

  36. This is just mean!

  37. Martha in Washington says:

    My cat used to sit on top of the hamster cage and if she jumped on it just right the top would move slightly. Just enough to get a paw in and then she was “ehn, ehn, ehn.” She never caught the hammie but the hammie died last weekend (of old age, I assume) so now the cat has to watch the birds outside.

  38. Kitteh Lunch-o-mat.

  39. eikoleigh says:

    oh my….

  40. eikoleigh says:

    “Hey….where do I put my quarter?”

  41. Heh. The gerb looks just like my little guy, Sheltie – who could very probably take on 6 cats and win.

  42. @Decca: LOL!!!!

    I used to consider getting an aquarium but I decided that having a kitteh audience 24/7 *might* be too stressful for the fishies!

  43. Gerb TV 😀

  44. cataddict says:

    I have fish TV inside, bird, squirrel and duck TV outside. My indoor kitties have more to watch on TV than I do……

  45. “Cue nuffers talking about how crool it is to let cats n rodents be in the same room, for fear the cats will give the rodents heart attacks…”

    Let me tell you the one about the gerbil that ate all the other gerbils in the cage …

    Or perhaps not.

  46. That’s entertainment!

  47. LongtimeLurker says:

    I had to come out of hiding to post my cat / gerbil story. My two male gerbils somehow managed to make babies. So every morning I’d try to handle the babies to get them used to people. My cat Peek always sat with me and would cheek mark my hands while I was holding the babies (figured they might as well get used to the cat too). I would tell her ‘be gentle with the babies!’ and soon everytime I said ‘babies!’ she’d run to the cage.

    So fast forward a few weeks and I come home, kitty Boo is trying frantically to go in the kitchen and Peek keeps chasing her out. My ex tells me that this has been going on for most of the afternoon but he hasn’t checked out why. I walk into the kitchen to see the gerbil tank spilled out and no gerbils to be seen anywhere! I put Boo away and finally find Momma Gerbil and every one of the babies, safe inside Peek’s bed in the kitchen. Peek had guarded them until I had gotten home.

  48. Kristabelle says:

    That is an excellent story LTL! Yay for Peek being protective of her Babies!

    Kittyvision looks very interesting.

  49. I just noticed all the tails are pointing to the right. You know what this means: SYNCHRONIZED SWISHING!!

  50. Wow, LTL-great story. See, you have lots to offer!
    I brought home one of those male guinea pigs that had three lovely babies about a month after we got her. HMMMMM. Surprise! I thought it was just getting fat!

  51. westingtown says:

    At our pad it’s the AquaChannel… All Fish, All The Time. The cats take turns sitting on the clear glass top, warming their bellies on the light strip, watching upside down.

  52. Kitty TV!