May I Take Your Dream Order?

… all right then, so that’s four endless bowls of milk, three cars that let you catch them, one Godlike Mastery over Space and Time, and a chew toy.  Will there be anything else?

You know puppies are happy when they even SLEEP in smile formation.

What’s your dream order, Andrea B.?



  1. oh my garshck! they look like little potatoes and i wanna eat ’em up!

  2. Somebody worked really hard getting all their puppies in a row there!

    Is it wrong to want to steal them?

  3. Bottom pup is getting le squish.

  4. I see a perfect place to put my head and snorgle the entire pile. How convenient!!

  5. A pile of puppies-oh, just imagine them awake and running all over you as you sit on the bright, shiny Summer lawn! Oh, oh, the puppitude!

  6. Nine soft puppehs lying in a smile
    nine soft puppehs lying in a smile
    and if one soft puppeh should roll around a while
    there’ll be eight soft puppehs lying in a smile

    or something…

  7. A half moon of puppies.

  8. Von Zeppelin says:

    Everybody CONGA! One, two, three, KICK! One, two, three, KICK! (Bouncy Latin rhythms of the Xavier Cugat Orchestra)

  9. Oh…the nubular tails are explodeding my head with cutness overload!

  10. Sahrawi Wife says:

    AAAWWWWW!!! How cute!! Puppies every where!!

    Makes me smile even here at work !

    Cute overload makes working at the jail more bearable !

    Thanks Yall!!

  11. We had some pups like those. They grew up into pups like this: — still cute!

  12. OH MY GOD!! I want-em all! Too cute..

  13. NotAnotherMilo says:

    I think you could add 5 heaps of something that tastes like beef jerky and 8 piles of laundry fresh out of the dryer to the dream list… oh, and one gigantic fire hydrant.

  14. If I’m not mistaken, they’re Australian shepherds?

    That said, homahgawd can I just have 6? Just 6!!!

  15. 胖嘟嘟的~好可爱~他们就像小奶牛一样~嘿嘿!
    Chubby~~CUTE~They are like little milk cow~~~!LOL~~!

  16. James they are still really cute. I want one!

  17. superboymom says:

    @snuh: Baked potatoes! LOL We’ll wrap them in foils and eat them up (with sour cream of course)! mmmmm

  18. HollyLobo says:

    9 puppies sleeping! Ah Ah Ah! (channeling The Count)

    They look so young and nomible. I wanna snuggle them all. So cute.

  19. catloveschanel says:

    Those Australian Shepherds like everything in order.

    Perhaps their “I have a dream” would be Sheep that go where you tell ’em.

    No cats, ever, they are incomprehensible.

  20. Oh my god, my bouche is amused with these puppy morsel buffets.

  21. Smile! It makes people wonder what you’ve been up to!

  22. @ James, AHHH calico dogs!!!

    Hey, I thought you guys would appreciate this hilarious cat-related video… it certainly made me chuckle!

  24. OK, now, someone has to be them in order of descending spottiness! (shouting through tiny megaphone) Numbers 2 and 3 need to switch places, and number 7 needs to move into the second spot!

    Further arranging will require SPOT CHECKING! *ducking down*

  25. Elisha B. says:

    AHH.. the smell of puppy bellies in the morn’!! Oh, the SMILE of puppies in the morning, oh…it’s afternoon…oh, whatever!!

    Puppies, puppies, puppies…just makes you smile:)

  26. Now, THAT is some serious spooning

  27. wee_squirrel says:

    Head splode.

  28. 求助~~~~~:
    I can’t understand “garshck”~
    Who can tell me ?Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

    [The language of Cute Overload is VERY loose and colloquial. In this case, it’s just a strange way to pronounce “gosh”. Snuh is basically saying “wow”, only sillier. – Ed.]

  29. (and they even have the Blue Bedspread of Fabulousness!)

  30. Fixxation says:

    Am I the only one that sees a little face in the fur of the pup in the middle? Near the bottom I see a smile, nose, 2 eyes, and a cocked eyebrow. Tell me I’m not suffering from cute insanity…

  31. hahahaha~~Thank you!!!~I can sleep secure~

  32. I must sit right in the front of that pup-half circle and then pet them all at once. Cures headaches, high blood pressure, low blood sugar, and boredom!

  33. Baby pink toe beans. Mm. Baby pink noses and leepses. Mm-mm-mm.

    @Fixxation: [Whispering: You’re not nutz, I see it too.]

  34. Heh, Mom Dog snuck away for a ciggie, a cup of coffee, and her stories.

  35. Ahhh! Slightly guinea-pig-like, too… very, very, very CUTE.

  36. AuntieMame says:

    My dream order is 9 snoozing Australian Shepherd puppies lined up like a smiley face on a fabulous blue bedspread.


    OMG! My dream has come true!!1!!1!!ELEVEN!!!

  37. a biologist, but not an animal biologist says:

    I’d like some “Godlike Mastery of Space and Time,” please.

    and i’ll take a puppy too.

  38. It’s a virtual bridge o’ puppage!

  39. scooterpants says:

    “now theres nine in the bed and the little one said ‘roll over, roll over!”
    now theres eight in the bed and the little one said ‘roll over, roll over!”
    and so on and so forth
    til theres two in the bed and the little one said ‘roll over, roll over!”
    then theres one in the bed and the little one said ‘Good Night!” (this is the goofy puppy song we used to sing when we were little kids, does anyone remember it?)

    And those are Cattle Dogs or Ausie Shepards and they are going to be crazy smart!!!

  40. MaggieBee says:

    One might say they are….on cloud nine?


  41. Michelle S. says:


  42. they kinda look like piglets with their round lil bellehs. AAAHNNNNNN

  43. @Brenda – That wasn’t the calico dog — *this* is the calico dog: !

    Ours are extra-cute because they’re miniatures. I can’t tell if the nine little pups above are minis or not…

  44. @ chanpon — Wow! “my bouche is amused.” Indeed. Mind if I steal that one?

    @ everyone — I like the little “keystone” one at the bottom all squished in there. Obviously if he weren’t squished in like that, the architectural integrity of the whole thing would be compromised.

  45. Yes, it’s time to play everyone’s favorite game show…Wheel….of….Puppies!

  46. my dream order is 9 tiny pups in the shape of the huge smile on my face as I snorgle them!

  47. Cuddlesbear says:

    I want to hold them and give them kisses!

  48. wannadance says:


    this does it. moving to australia.

    and i am not even a true ‘dog person’. if that’d been a smile of kittehs, my haid woulda blown up.


  49. Wannadance — not to disappoint, but Aussies are actually American, as long as we’re talking about the working breed:

  50. Daniel, that vid was hilarious and so true! As soon as I started watching it I said “and that is why I bought a different carrier.” Sure ‘nuf, it’s an ad for a diff kind of carrier. 🙂

    By the way, this is one of the most adorable posts evah! Way too many ways of cute to even comment on. Well, maybe one comment. The sheer volume of puppitude is what’s putting me over the edge! Stop! Snorgle time!

  51. i loffs how puppehs sleep so hard that you can move them into cute configurations without waking them up.
    As they become older it gets hard to sneak up on them and snorgle their bellehs

  52. smigoo – 🙂 in old popeye cartoons, he used to say “oh my garshck!”

    superboymom – mmmm, don’t forget the chivesssss…

  53. Juniper Jupiter says:


    They look like pigs ON a blankit! 😀

    And I think they look JUST like my Benita did if she were that size! I don’t know for sure, because when I got her, she was four months old and almost full grown!

    It’s been 14 years since she died…still miss her! 😦

  54. my god, they look so snuggly!!

  55. eikoleigh says:

    SO~ CUTE!!

  56. My head exploded once, then it exploded AGAIN when I saw James’s pics!

  57. phd in cuteology in progress says:

    puppy, puppy, puppy, puppy, puppy, puppy, puppy, puppy, puppy…. MUSHROOM! MUSHROOM!

  58. Words fail me over this delight, but I do second DeeJ. Har!

  59. Better throw in a coffin, ’cause I am *dead*.

  60. berthaservant says:

    Chain chain chain
    Chain chain chain
    Chain chain chain
    Chain of squeeee…..

  61. Oh my god, nine warm chubby bellies in need of snorgles.
    And I’m not even a dog person.

    No joke, the woman on PBS just said “Everyone loves doggies!” O_o

  62. marco polo says:

    Perhaps they were all just spayed/neutered and were still under anesthesia? Is it possible to move that many naturally sleeping puppies without having them wake up and run all over?

    I’m not nuffing – spay/neuter is a very good thing for the population levels and these critters are still totally adorable…

  63. totalee puppy says:

    Nice to hear about Benita–it was years ago but may not seem that way.

  64. fixxation–Yeah, I see that smiley face.

  65. scooterpants says:

    i wanted to say a special HI! to Smigoo! I have many friends that I work with in China (i could not find the post that said exactly where you are from, but i thought you had said you were from HK???) regardless, welcome! i am so glad to see you posting here and joining us in our fun! thank you! )
    best wishes for a wonderful New Year of the OX! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  66. Honk to the shu, people. Honk to the shu.

  67. GAHHHH!!!

    [dives into puppeh pile]

  68. At first glance, I thought they were guinea pigs.


  69. Thats going to be really big in here.

  70. @James: Denim would cheer anyone up on a bad day. So prosh!!

  71. wannadance says:

    @theo…ooooh, no. another dream dashed!

  72. Are those alive?

    [Are you out of your mind? Of course not! You think we’d string them on a necklace like that still ALIVE? – Ed.]

  73. MooMooGal says:


  74. Are those Australian Shepherds? I want the one in the middle! Even “I” almost made a little happy noise when I saw this picture.

  75. Don’t fight it, Peter.
    It’s *P*U*P*P*I*E*S*

  76. Mmmmm! So tender. Just add butter…

  77. 9 aussie pups! I can barely handle one. dem momma’s in trouble.

  78. Gah! Looks like my Jakey when he was a pup. Pity he’s not that little. He still cuddles though. 😀

    Goodness, people shouldn’t crop Aussie’s tails. They’re beautiful! So puffy. *luff*

  79. fixxation – I see a bikini on the 3rd from the right!

  80. Our female golden and male black cocker (don’t ask/don’t tell) had 12 puppies and we had soooooo much fun with them – brings back such sweet memories.

  81. LAST TIME…

    puppy breath, mmmmmmm!

  82. Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!