Dude what’s up.

Sure it’s a little gravel-y, but there’s a good view of women’s volleyball.

Alaskan Coastal Brown bear…..2, by Alan.V, spotted by alert Sender-Inner Chief Sister Officer.



  1. The women’s volleyball team will be stoked to know you’re watching.

  2. biscuithead says:


  3. FingerlinTaters says:

    Someone should tell him to face the water if he’s trying to see Russia.

  4. Felicityanne says:

    …what’s that you said?

  5. Hi, you got the beers.

  6. Julia (the one in BC) says:

    Actually, I think that’s just a … really RELAXED salute.

  7. Von Zeppelin says:

    “Hey! Over here! Some nachos and a couple of beers, please.”

  8. berthaservant says:

    “uhhh…..little help please….I’ve sort of turtled myself here….quit waving….no it’s NOT cute, I can’t get up….yah, thanks for nothing, dude….”

  9. I think he looks like he collapsed there after partying just a tad too much last night and is drunkenly trying to tell the other bears that he’s fine. 😀

  10. “Buttscratcherrrrrrr! Buttscratcherrrrrr!”

  11. Cute! Looks like he was napping and got woken up. He’s all like, “What? Oh… Hi! I’m going to sleepies again…”

  12. haha bservant, just what I was thinking!

  13. I’d walk Alaskan tundra miles for Berthaservant’s

  14. What great ski gloves those would be.

  15. totalee puppy says:

    cachorro means the design, not the actual bear paws for gloves. Nuffers might’ve come out of hibernation for that one…

  16. hamster-on-rye says:

    “I ignore this situation by closing my eyes.”

  17. Certified Cutologist says:

    That’s some Xtreme paw-pad action!

  18. “i’m good. but we might want more rocks in the basket on the bearapult. oof.”

  19. Hey, over here! Yeah, I’m a pretty helpless 800 lbs teddy bear right now. Why don’t you yumm…, er, wonderful peoples come ‘n help me out of a jam.

  20. This crowd for Obama’s inauguration is just ridiculous!!

  21. All I need are some tasty waves, a cool buzz, and I’m fine.

  22. Dude–that Pineapple Express is wick—–eeeddd!!! Anybody got any Doritos, man??

  23. The basking bear belly must be toasty.

  24. superboymom says:

    Do you think I could just sneak up and snorgle his belly? *thppppbbb!* No I don’t think he’d mind 🙂

  25. Kristabelle says:

    For some strange reason, this reminds me of Wilson’s “Hi-de-ho, neighbor,” from Home Improvement.

  26. hahaha that is cool…

    and the bear photo number 3 is hilarious as well, He’s all “Wassssssup” lol

  27. s’up beaches!

    [*snicker* – Ed.]

  28. Can I puhleease just curl up on that furry brown belleh!?

  29. Wouldn’t recommend it, LPT.

  30. Hi everybody! I’m back from Florida, where I saw baby alligators!!

  31. *hands bear another honey colada and scooches next to it.*

    Bring on the volleyball!

  32. Theresa-welcome back, see any bears on the beach?
    Baby alligators are cute, yes?

  33. Katrina, no bears, but I saw the long and short of gator-hood. Saw eight babies out for a bask in the sun– also saw a ca. 12-foot big daddy.

  34. Awesome luck!

    I love this. Forget Colbert – bears rule!

  35. Bo Babbyo says:

    I’m beginning to think that waving bears are not so rare. A bear in the Memphis zoo waved to me just like this. There are witnesses.

  36. ‘Sup.

  37. “oh NO, the paparazzi have arrived!”

  38. muskiedb26 says:

    haha this is actually really funny…it looks like he dug a hole out for himself to sit in