Duck rides shotgun

Here’s the story of Frank and Joe.

Frank is the fast-quacking trucking buddy of construction delivery guy Joe. Joe used to hunt ducks, but got a duck-hunting dog that… wouldn’t. Frank does helpful things like eat bananas on the job, watch Joe deliver stuff, and snorf the ladies. The best part is the "if more people had ducks…" line.

Actually, Sender-Inner Sparky thinks the gosling baby pics are the best part.



  1. Wow. Frank’s flying somehow looks more levitating than flying. If you know what I mean. Such a cutie-pie!

  2. Von Zeppelin says:

    A duck hunter, eh? Well, he found one. I suspect the duck persuaded him that it was Rabbit Season.

  3. berthaservant says:

    Why a duck?

    Lord love a duck.

    Joe Medwick’s nickname was “Ducky Wucky.”

    This is why I love C.O. Thanks Meg! Thanks Joe the Trucker!

  4. This is awesome. If only more people had a duck…. What I can’t believe is that he still hunts them!

  5. This is my FAVORITE C.O. post EVER!!!!!! Love me, love my duck! What great friends 🙂

  6. Haha I love that: “If more people had a duck they’d be less angry!” XD

    Baby Frank was the cutest 😉

  7. kibblenibble says:

    Best line: “What the…duck?”

  8. thicktortiethintabby says:

    I could barely see the video through my tears! I LOVE stories like this–even better that it’s a “tough” truckdriver with a soft heart!

    Animals are incredible, and we humans that have them as companions are so very fortunate. I absolutely know that animals have the capacity to love their human caregivers, just as we love them. Thanks for the wonderful video!

  9. Wait — this is in the TWIN CITIES??
    [looks around]

  10. Shannon Coleman says:

    I had a duck as a pet when I was a little girl. Beautiful white duck, female, followed me everywhere. Was one of the best pets I’ve ever had. I totally agree. More ducks equal less anger. I’ll never forget her.

  11. FANTASTIC! The sounds Frank makes are so great. I love the duck bill XCU at the beginning of the video. Theo, sounds like you could possibly to meet Frank the Duck in person! er, (in… duck?)

  12. A duck! YAH!
    Thats adorable!

  13. Michelle S. says:

    Hahaha awesome! Guys multiply their own cuteness factor by about 10x when they pair up with animal buddies. 😀

  14. Awwww I’ve always wanted a duck. They sound like they make good companions. I wonder if you can teach em not to poop all over everything, though…

  15. LOL I love this BTW My Qvack says Hi to Frank… Frank is such a ladies Quacker.

    LOL Indeed!

  16. Qvack (They are, after all, Minnesotan.)

  17. “What the duck?” I’m offended by such fowl language! *ducks*

  18. *groans at G.* 😛

  19. binky-mama says:

    I want to snorf him and give him ‘nanners!

    “You’re a good duck.” Awww!

  20. “I still hunt ducks but I don’t consider Frank a duck…I consider him a friend.”

    So he’s learned nothing. He’s just a lonely killer. Nice.

    Still, cute duck. I really really want one.


  22. You’ve GOT to be kidding! ;D

    This is the most entertaining thing I’ve seen all week! And I have to totally agree with the guy: If everybody had a duck (especially on the road) we wouldn’t be so angry all the time.

    He’s a Gandhi of the road that’s for sure. Love this and love them!

  23. I was worried his wings were clipped and glad to see they aren’t! That’s so cool. Weird the guy still hunts ducks, though.

  24. Down here in Raleigh we have the chicken man. He has one of those fluffy angora white chickens. He takes it into Home Depot and lets it ride on the handle of the cart. I guess he’s in construction too…hmmmm

  25. Ugh. Good point, Robin.

    He ought to renouce hunting altogether before getting the warmest welcome from this community.

  26. Sadly, it looks like you can’t see this video of you’re outside of the US. I get a screen that say “LOCALS ONLY”. ! Thanks kind of thing drives me quackers.

  27. I saw this a while ago on Mr. and I still don’t believe it now. I am so glad that he found a companion in this flappity friend, but I am confused that he is still a duck hunter. I know that hunting still has a place in society though. I think it is a super cute vid though. Flappy feet do make me happy.

  28. I think he should have stuck with the name Francis. Then the duck could have been Sir Francis Drake.

  29. robin, why the hate? Maybe you need a duck like Joe. I personally think ducks are adorable…but I also think they’re yummy. He hunts ducks, so what? Obviously you have personal feelings against hunting. Why not enjoy the story like everyone else, and see it for what it is – a guy who found an unlikely companion in a duck. End of story.

  30. I understand the confusion at why Joe is still a duck hunter even though he has a duck as a pet/friend.

    I think cows are great, but I still love burgers and steaks. One’s appreciation for an animal on a personal level doesn’t have to translate to swearing off them entirely.

  31. @Patricia: I can see it, and I’m outside the US

  32. berthaservant says:

    Patricia — that’s just a slide at the beginning, let it play and it should work.

    As long as he eats what he hunts, I’m okay with it (I’d never do it, but it’s a free country). When he dies, his body will be eaten by worms and bacteria and such, which will in turn feed plants and other little critters. Circle of life, peeps. (Yes, I know he could be cremated or stuffed filled of nasty chemicals, but eventually, he’s going to be recycled back into the food chain).

  33. A lot of people on this site are not vegans, so lets not be hypocritical about duck hunting. At least hunted animals have a good standard of living prior to being eaten, since the same can’t often be said about factory farmed animals.

  34. I’m not sure who I think is cuter, Frankie or Joe!
    Is Joe single?! What a keeper!

  35. mervtheflamingo says:

    I don’t know. After meeting my kitty, I could never ever ever eat a kitty, no matter how delicious they are (might be?).

  36. Oooh! I think this is absolutely adorable! Love the banana feeding and the dog teasing 🙂

  37. How eggs-traordinary

  38. That quacked me up.

  39. Transpogue says:

    Why does he still hunt?

    Cause he’s a Minnesotan.

    People here take hunting VERY seriously.

    It’s not how I live my life; I’m a vegan. But as long as he’s not telling me what to eat, I won’t either.

    Hunters are the same as meat-eaters, in my opinion.

    Cute story. 😀

  40. Couldn’t get it to play for some reason, (got the “Locals Only” message), but I found it here:

    What a great story!

  41. What I especially love is that Frank’s dad has helpfully provided two booster cushions for him, so that the duck can look out the window while they’re driving together! : )

  42. Transpogue — hey, I’m a decent shot, but I don’t hunt. Of course, I’m originally from Ohio, which explains exactly everything.

  43. B-serve, Medwick LOATHED the name Ducky. When my parents were kids, amd he played at Ebbets Field, the kids would yell “Ducky-Wucky!!!” at him and watch him go rooty-kazooty. 😉

  44. Man, I wish I could bring *my* birdy to work with me! I’m jealous!

  45. gravyboat says:

    I would so want a truck duck, but how much poop does he have to clean out of there every day?

  46. Oh my goodness, that’s the I-35W bridge they helped build! I drive over that bridge every day! *will be keeping an eye out for Joe and Frank from now on*

  47. I can’t believe I posted this on my faceboook page before CO! I feel so proud!

  48. That is terminally cute and reaffirms my fascination with the adorableness that is duckhood.

  49. It’s an honor to be named
    after Frank the truckin’

  50. Hey!!! Not all Minnesotans enjoy hunting. I do enjoy fishing, but I’m a catch and release kind of gal. And yes, I’ll be watching for Frank the Duck on my morning commute 🙂

    You can’t get much cuter than baby ducks. My grandma used to hatch ducks (then set them free, mind you) in an incubator, but I still got to play with them when I was younger. I loved their little beaky-beaks that would kind of nibble your hands.

  51. so endearing! where do I find a gentle man like that?? that was just soooo sweet!

  52. I love being a Minnesotan, and a Minneapolitan, and I am proud of it every day. But never so much as this day. Welcome to a glimpse of our world, people. Welcome!

  53. I’m so touched by this story, I used to live in the Twin Cities and this really tugs at my heart.

  54. Ducks poop a LOT. Is Frank truck trained?? I can’t imagine, lol.

    Nice story – altho I don’t get the still hunting ducks….there is still time for him to change his mind. What does Frank think when he brings home the hunt I wonder?? I mean if I had a pet cow or pig I sure couldn’t eat them anymore!

  55. Smushably squashably snorgably adorable. Want to gnaw on his precious lil duck head.

  56. this is by far one of my favorite C.O. posts EVAH!

  57. He’s right about how much better off we’d be if we all had a duck. Way to go pal.

  58. Well I’m a standin’ of a corner in Winslow, Arizona
    Such a fine sight to see
    It’s a duck, my Lord, in a flatbed Ford
    Slowin’ down to take a quack at me

    Hey, Joe, if you’re reading this, check out my pet ducks:

  59. Whats wrong with hunting??? I love animals but to a point…gotta eat..not everyone is a tree hugger…

  60. @Teho, that’s what I thought: “The Twin Cities? Isn’t that the place where Teho lives?” You seem to live in a great city full of great anipals.

  61. I too could not get it to load, only got the Locals Only thing…no matter how long I let it go and go and go…..even went to the alternate site on NBC and could not get it to play 😦 Anyone know if this is on Utube too?

  62. ok, I went to the nbc local station wasn’t able to watch the video, went to finally found the video…wasn’t able to watch it…..sooooo, searched and TADA found it on Youtube! For those others who also had trouble, here you go:

  63. The reporter seems to think it’s really weird that the duck eats bananas. I bet all ducks would eat bananas if they could get them open, and if they lived where bananas grew. 🙂

  64. I love the bitchiness that Frank seems to exhibit whenever Joe gets into the truck….Frank’s all like “Where you been?! You know I’m in here??! WTF!!” <3 Frank & Joe!

  65. . . . but what about the – poop?

  66. Gail (the first one) says:

    I was seriously confused by the Bay Area tag on the video!!!!! Stillwater?? Twin cities??…..THEN I realized it was Minnesota!!!

    Go Frank and Joe!!!!! So cool, bringing a little fun to everybody’s day!

  67. Katie Kat says:

    One of my best friends had a duck named “Aflac” and he was the SWEETEST little guy! He followed her everywhere and absolutely adored her!

  68. thicktortiethintabby says:

    I am a strict vegetarian and animal-lover, and this story bowled me over (as I’ve already posted). Yes, *in my opinion*, hunting is appalling. However, Frank is one less duck that was hunted. He’s one *more* animal that is a human’s companion, albeit an unusual one. Animal activists know to be thankful for the small victories. All of us: Get and give love where you find it.

  69. Silent Meow says:

    Oh, the luck of a duck in a truck! It’s better than one can make of a drake in a lake.

  70. Add Joe to the “Cute Guys of Cute Overload” calendar, please.


  71. Someone please enlighten those of us w/o sound at work… does it say how he came to have a duck pal?

  72. Noelle (the original) says:

    Natalie…it says he bought a duck hunting dog that wouldn’t hunt, then he called a store (I don’t remember what kind) and said he wanted to order a duck. At first it was a joke until the baby duck arrived! He originally named the duck Frances until he descovered the duck was a boy so he shortened it to Frank. Thenone day Frank followed the guy to his truck and he hasn’t missed a day of work since!

  73. if they’re in Minnesota how come it says NBCBAYAREA on the video?

    Good duck!

    [That’s just where the story aired. Meg’s in the Bay area, y’know… – Ed.]

  74. A trucker walks into this bar with a duck under his arm….funny

  75. Love Love Love this story!
    When big scruffy men are good to animals it makes my heart sing.
    Hey, um, Joe? How bout not hunting them anymore? He’s your fwend!

  76. Robin said, “He ought to renouce hunting altogether before getting the warmest welcome from this community.”

    What community? We’re a bunch of somewhat anonymous people who reply to a message from far-flung parts of the world. There is not a city on Earth with the motto, “Firsties!!! LOL!!!” etched into the keystone of its town hall. The only thing that each and every one of us has in common is that we want to see something cute.

  77. KansasGirl says:

    There are actually businesses that need construction materials? I thought everything had come to a stop! Lies, more lies.

  78. KansasGirl says:

    To the strict vegetarian, I am a strict canivore who also loves animals. The difference is, I’m not telling you how to live. Stay out of my business and I’ll stay out of yours.

  79. VeganDragan says:

    I had a mallard just like this. He would follow me around, *loved* being cuddled, and would fly up to the kitchen window each morning to call me down to see him. I miss him so much.

  80. i use to have a mallard… they become your best mates… we would play tag and he would climb into my bed at night.
    i was a wreck when he passed.

  81. Sihaya — you won’t be seeing any of that “FIRSTIES!” crap here.
    I burn it.
    Even if it’s on keystones.

  82. OMG, baby picture of Frankie was mind-numbingly cute!!

  83. Wait till Peta sees this and the duck will have to be in a child restraining seat.

  84. i agree- not all minnesotans are hunters. i have never hunted in my life, and don’t ever plan on it…

    this video is adorable… and really makes me want a duck. 🙂

  85. OK – am dying to see this (i too have a pet duckie) can’t get it to play – any suggestions???

  86. Joelle Taschereau says:


  87. OK folks help me out here – can’t get the dang thing to play

  88. all i get is loading locals only and NOTHING HAPPENS – help!!

  89. Gwyllion, what part of the world are you in?

  90. That is BRILLIANT. “If more people had a duck…” Priceless.

    Also, did anyone else think that was a really well-done report? Not too corny, not too ridiculing, the voiceover came just right, I liked it!

    Also, the duck actually harassing the dog was perplexingly excellent.

  91. friend of chickuns says:

    it is pretty sad that he thinks that one duck is different from any other ducks. They are ALL wonderful – – but he saw this one as a baby and fell in love with it – – – so he spared it from being killed. give me a break. he doesn’t care about the wild ones flying around that he shoots, who have babies and friends and social structures that matter to them, too.
    To the people saying to “just enjoy this story” – – um, no. we care about animals – that is why we visit this site. And duck hunters with pet ducks: not amusing, or cute – only stupifying.

  92. friend of chickuns says:

    kansas girl: you need to relax. no one will tell you to stop eating the animals you claim to adore, don’t worry. If you can live with your hypocritical self, then party on sistah! I mean, why all the aggression just because others express dismay that this man hunts the very creatures he calls friends? You seem so darn “pissy.” (oh, Must be from all the suffering and pain in that animal flesh that you ingest… it is pretty well acknowledged that you are what you eat! )


    Theo – you make me laugh all the time. Thanks.

  94. hippies suck
    kill the duck

  95. It’s hard to be mad when you’re sitting next to something that sounds as goofy as a duck.

  96. Genevieve says:

    I use to have ducks. So cute & sweet. And they followed me around like I was their mommy. BUT POOPED!!! Oh my gosh, my back yard was ruined. I would love ducks again but I also want a yard I can walk in.
    Also, why does this guy still duck hunt? Frank is a duck regardless of what he wants to think. How can you love an animal & also eat it? Humans make no sense to me.

  97. That comment about if more people had a duck they’d be less angry. Well I recently bought Duck Amuck for the Nintendo DS, it’s a video game based off the Daffy Duck cartoon of the same name.

    You pester Daffy with the stylus, and play mini-games to make him lose or get blown up or something, to make him more angry. You win when you get his anger thermometer to the highest point and he blows up.

    Well perhaps this wouldn’t be such a great game for people disturbed by cartoon animals being harmed, there also is a mini-game which makes references to duck soup. It does make you less likely to be angry though, cause you can take your anger out on Daffy whenever you need to. LoL