Bunday Delivery

Your delectable Bunday dessert is ready. [Handing you bun] slurp it up!


This may just be the BEST Bunday post of all time, Vivian F.



  1. Aww – It’s like a little bun-burrito!

  2. How can something so small and so young already look so very disapproving?

  3. mervtheflamingo says:

    Desset you mean? 🙂

  4. Awww, it’s eyes just seem to say “Hold me!” Don’t worry, little bun, I’ll never, ever let go!

  5. I would like a dozen, please. Do you have any chocolate buns?

  6. binky-mama says:

    Bite-size ear nubules!!!! I bet they are silky-soft and melt in your mouf….*sigh*

  7. A bunday cone with no sprinkles, please.

  8. The ears… THE EARS… *ded*

    *revives* Wait. Did I see a tiny morsel of TOEFLOOF on the left there?!

    *ded again*

  9. AuntieMame says:

    And in a waffle cone, too!

  10. I hope you are proud of yourself – I just hugged and kissed my annoyed bunny 20 times!

  11. Selphie van der Boffin says:

    Those ears are just outrrageoous.

  12. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    The perfect kind of Oreo… not too much of those dried out cookies, and lots of the creamy stuff!! Wait… that’s a bun? Oh, ok. Even better…!

  13. scooterpants says:

    OMG it iz thee most delectable of ALL bunday posts. I am speechless.
    LOVE the ‘smokey eye’ , how come I cant get this effect with my makeup???
    *falls off chair and rolls under table* ded.
    Vivian and Meg- YOU ROCKETH!

  14. His brow is very furrowed.

  15. Naw–you couldn’t slurp a little bun like this. You’d have to nibble him a little at a time, starting with those *scrumptious* little earies!

  16. Scooterpants – Even if I do manage to make my eye makeup look like this, I don’t look as adorable as this bun. I look like a floozy. It’s not fair…

  17. Gail (the first one) says:

    A Bunling’s First Utterance:
    “I disa, disa-pwoove.”

  18. He don’t look the least bit disapproving to me, more like where’s my carrot.

  19. For my Bunday cone, I’d like all the extra sprinkles that Jules didn’t want on HIS Bunday cone. Thanks!

  20. I love the little paw holding on the towel–you can just bearly see the tips of its adorable pink nails…

  21. It’s like a moca bunny latte.

  22. That is ADORABLE!

  23. Little bunny Foo-Foo hopping through the forest…

  24. Aww, what a cutie. I’d like a dozen of those!

  25. totalee puppy says:

    “Little Bunny Foo-Foo” HaHa
    HaHaHa. It’s like one of the little tunes Mom

  26. Don’t you mean … bundaE?

  27. noramaria says:

    Ish sho incredableh fluffeh…

  28. major *bleen* to the fluf sno-cone bun! ^.^

  29. CoffeeCup says:

    Now you’ve done it, CO. I’m getting annoyed and “harumph”-type looks from the corner where my bun is currently chomping down on some veggies. Between the chomps, there’s disdain. He’s the jealous type.

  30. datastick pro says:

    ….Damnit…this website is too cute… even for me.

  31. aaaiiiieee. minibun in a cone with guyliner AND dipped ears? trying to kill us much, meg?

  32. Ze best crepe EVER!

  33. randnsmama says:

    When is Coldstone going to start serving these? I could nibble him all day!

  34. Can I get another scoop?

  35. The Enrichment Center reminds you that the Snorgle Companion Bun will never threaten to stab you, and, in fact, can only squeak.


  36. It’s a Bun…it’s a burrito! No! It’s a Bunnito!

  37. What kind of bun is this? I’ve seen this type without much of a profile and kind of a smooshed-in face with shorter ears.

  38. berthaservant says:

    Bunday Bunday
    So good to me
    Bunday Nommage
    It was all I managed to squeee….

  39. GAHHH!!! It’s like a fluffy ice-cream!

  40. I must munch those wee ears!

  41. My big bunny looked like that once….honest!!

  42. what beautiful markings on this bun!

  43. Wish I could buy a Valentine with this special little bun on the cover.

  44. totalee puppy says:

    Wish I could trade my brother for this cute little bun…
    that’s going to cost me…okay, tonight I make the nachos and thin-slice the jalapeños.

  45. hamster-on-rye says:

    A happy Bunday morning…
    Berthaservant without warning…
    I’m learning to squeeeeee…

  46. 太可爱了!好想咬它一口~~嘻嘻~~
    so CUTE!!!I would like to bite this little bun~HOHO~~

  47. 很小很可爱!
    So little So cute!

  48. ET, Metal Rabbit says:

    It’s an ice cream cony!

    [LOL! So it is. – Ed]

  49. That is one not amused bunneh! Note the laid back ears as if to say…”I know where you sleep…”

    Then again, I’m amazed no one has come up with a joke about pulling a rabbit out of a mitten or something….

  50. Ahh, what a cutie! Can’t get over the sweet face and those little ears…

  51. David (the first one) says:

    I’ll take that crepe with some strawberry, banana, and nutella please.

  52. Donna Lewis says:

    At a guess, I’d say that this is a Dwarf Hotot mix.
    A purebred Dwarf Hotot would have thinner ‘eyeliner’ and no other markings.

    See links below:


  53. I can’t decide whether it would taste like vanilla soft serve, coconut gelato, or lemon sorbet.

  54. rainy days and bundays always get me down…

  55. Looks like a very soft serve.

  56. I just said “Aww!!” out loud. Now everyone is looking at me funny.. lol

  57. That is perhaps the cutest picture I have ever seen!! Makes me think of a rabbit tunnel (http://www.petstuffgalore.co.uk/small-animal-products/
    (Mind, sometimes it looks more fun being a bunny than a human. 😉