Great Scot!

"Ach, how dearly I love to stroll the hills an’ valleys o’me beloved East Kibblearneyshire-on-Heath, land o’me birth. To watch the mornin’ mist creepin o’er the moors… To hoist a pint wi’the lads down at the Goose and Gristle… And the lassies. Aye, the bonnie lassies, greetin’ ye with a hearty ‘hoocch floocch nae’Gloocch!‘ Aye, there dinna be nae finer country in Heaven an’ Earth than me own bonnie…"

"Oh, will you give it a rest already, Brigadoofus?  This is Des Moines!"

( Ach, I kinna stands that cat. )

The dilithium crystals kinna handle the cute, Carrie B.!



  1. Von Zeppelin says:

    Pay no mind to the cat, wee doggie. He’s obviously a jealous Sassenach. Up the Scots! (Skirl of Highland pipes playing “Bonnie Dundee” as cat skulks away)

  2. The wee tam o shanter, no less!

  3. ShelleyTambo says:

    Totally what my cat would say.

  4. OMG I Love this one! I have a thing for the Scots & the Irish. 😀 One of these days I’ll learn to speak Gaelic.

  5. omg too funny!!! lol. i didn’t see the disapproving kitty at first. “brigadoofus”??? LOL

  6. Hmmm, helps answer the question about what a Scotsman wears under his kilt

    or reminds me of the old joke–

    “Lad, I don’t know where you’ve been, but I see you’ve won first prize.”

  7. The dog wears a dress
    The dog wears a dress
    High-ho the merry-o
    The dog wears a dress

    The cat mocks the dog
    The cat mocks the dog
    High-ho the merry-o
    The cat mocks the dog

    Poor dog.

  8. Janeyferr says:

    just in time for Burn’s night

  9. “Brigadoofus” — bwAAAAAAH!!

  10. Indeed, @Janeyferr, and for Robert Burns’s 250th birthday, no less! Also, love the hovertext, and I suspect the feeling is mutual…

  11. *blinks*

    Are those socks? Booties? We need a close up!

  12. LOL–Great capshunink, Mike.
    Hey, brinnann… Rosetta Stone finally has an Irish version– my husband has been learning it!

  13. Oh Dirty DM (Des Moines) nice Iowa reference.

  14. LMAO @ Peg of Tilling

    Uh oh. Now it’s stuck in my head. o_O

  15. shahinrani says:

    LOL the look on that pupper’s face!

  16. OMG, LOL! Love the accent! And the kilt’s a riot, too!

  17. shahinrani says:

    Also, the alt text is hilarious.

  18. Jenni, Verona, KY says:

    Funniest….. post…. EVER!! I forwarded it to anybody & everybody!

  19. violetgreen says:

    Cute pic alright but thank-you for “Brigadoofus”! I post on the Big Country (rock group) message board, shared by many Scots. Now at last we have a term for sentimental American tourists (like me) who think they’ve gone native as soon as they touch the shores of the Old Country!

  20. Is anything worn under the kilt?
    No, it’s all in perfect working order.

  21. Should somebody tell this puppeh that bagpipe playing is sometimes called “strangling the cat?”

  22. Maybe the cat is mad because the wee dog ate all the haggis.

  23. Too funny! They must be married.

  24. scooterpants says:

    omg, i bout peed ma pantz! that is the cutest thing ever.
    i didnt even see the dang hissy cat there cuz i was overwhelmed with the cute-a-tude of the lil puppeh!
    HA! jealous much nasty hissy cat?
    MOST adorable puppeh dressing!

  25. That kitty’s all “if you try to do this to me, I will KEEL you!”

  26. Kristabelle says:


    I can only hear Fat Bastard from Austin Powers saying, “Get in mah belleh!”

  27. Brings back “Outlander” memories 🙂

  28. AHahahahahahaha
    Oh boy what a good laugh this brought, and two thumbs up at hovertext… perfect!

  29. catloveschanel says:

    My luve’s like a red, red rose,

    Tha’ cat is like a run in my hose

  30. the cat is lols

  31. Gah, Kitteh – Don’t you know if it’s not Scottish, it’s CRRRRAP?!

  32. Whenever I think “Now, NOMTOM has reached the zenith of creativity, this one cannot be topped”, he comes back with something even better. Being Scottish (now living in Ireland), I am delighted by his post. It is not only cute (and the cat looks like my Ares), it is just hilariously funny.
    Alba abu, little doggie.

  33. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Poor poochie, looks like the kilt is giving him a wedgie…

    [From what little reliable information I’ve been able to glean, I really don’t think it works that way… – Ed.]

  34. Och, Jock! Is that nae a wee Parrson Russell Terrier? And a fine one, ’tis! And ma wee auld gentlecat would have a field day, rrrrippin’ up the wee kilt and wee tam wi’ his wee teeth! As me auld friend Bert would say, “’tis enough to make a cat laff!'” (as this black one seems to be doing)

  35. In the words of SNL… “If its not Scottish its Craaap!”.

  36. “Tis a braw bricht moonlicht nicht the nicht”
    is what my Scots roomies would make me say, usually after the pubs closed, for a perenniel giggle. Brings me right back to my Junior Year in Edinburgh, lo these many years ago. Perfect post for Burns’ Nights’ Eve!

  37. ChibiKitten says:


    GOLD post, NOMTOM.

    I laughed SO hard at brigadoofus.

    *can’t wait to head to Scotland & Ireland in the summer*

  38. That’s a great piece of writing that accompanies this photo. Will it be made into a movie, do you think?

  39. Holly – brings back Outlander memories for me, too. I love that series!

  40. I love how the skirt is hiked up…like an old guy with his pants yanked up to his armpits.

    And Outlander…my favorite book of all time…sigh. I really think that one is the best one of the series even though they’re all fab.

  41. Kilt!! I meant KILT!!

  42. Ach, crivens!

  43. plaid-shirt pyrate says:

    I can do no better than to echo what Kallisto said.

    Keep up the Brilliant, NTMTOM!

  44. Violetgreen, that’s funny, I heard “Big Country” on the radio this morning and wondered aloud what ever happened to them.

    LOVE the disapproving black moggie!

  45. Ah joools, but will he go out snafflin’ the coo beasties?

  46. The cat’s face is priceless 😀

  47. snoopysnake says:

    IMHO that tam would look a lot better on the cat.

  48. Cat doesn’t think so.

  49. More love here for the Outlander series. There’s just something about kilts…

  50. violetgreen says:

    Noelegy, if interested in more BC info pls write me at

    Meghan & Theo pls excuse this plug 🙂

  51. berthaservant says:

    That dog’s got a HUGE HEEED!

    (he doesn’t really, I just wanted to throw in another Mike Myers Scotsman reference)

  52. Yes this is perrrfect for Burns’ Night (25 Jan)Can we have more Scottish pics please!!! How about a “wee sleekit coorin’ timorous beastie”

  53. I know the doggie is supposed to be the cute, but I can’t get past the look on the cat’s face. :3

  54. Martha in Washington says:

    As a devoted Scotophile I do NOT find this funny!! Nor do I find the “Scottish Skit” funny or anything thing else that mocks my beloved “Home across the water”.
    That said—BWAHAHAHA!!!

    M.V and Red Kitten–isn’t Jamie just the most romantic man EVER!!

    And YAY! I am actually going to Scotland in June!!

  55. snoopysnake says:

    Puppy dog is all set to play doubles with Sandra, Alec, Jocaster, David, and the Blancmange.

  56. This is another vote for the Outlander series – currently reading it now. Also LOVE the pup in a kilt – didn’t even see the cat until I started reading the comments about it.

  57. wannadance says:

    oh, nomtom. here’s the deal: i am getting to the point where i have laffed so much ah kenna laff no more.

    speechless and awestruck.

    STRUCK, ah tell yew…

  58. Brigadoofus is hilarious!

    Poor puppy has such a humiliated look on his face!

  59. I didn’t know Des Moines had moors!!! Ya lern somethin every day.

    “Brigadoofus”… hahahahahaha!!!

  60. @berthaservant – “We’ve got a piper down! I repeat, a piper is down!”

    I’m getting flashbacks to “Whose Line Is It Anyway” – “Ohhhhhhhh, li, de di, de di, de di, de di, de di, de di!”

  61. Aesthetica says:

    “the cat is laughing at me again.”

  62. And of course, Sunday is Burns Night …

  63. Michelle S. says:

    This post is pure gold in so many ways! XD

  64. Gail (the first one) says:

    If Burns Night is Jan 25th, when is Ewen MacTeagle Night?

    Cat to Dog: I TOLD you this wasn’t a costume party!!

  65. DLR in Canada says:

    omg, that is wrong, that is just wrong. the cat is no doubt chortling in glee at the misery the poor pup is going through. ah, sometimes it is good to be a cat, lol.

  66. @brinnann – most Scots don’t speak Gaelic, it’s only really spoken in the Western Isles where the Irish influence is strongest. In Ireland it’s called Irish, not Gaelic, and it’s an official second language and taught in schools i.e. its political.

  67. I love Gabaldon! I love Scotland… I could hear that brogue all day long…. purrrr.

  68. Special on haghis–buy one, get one free.

  69. Brigadoofus! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!
    Love it!

  70. Och! Poor wee laddie! Dinna ya mind the sniggering cat – the d****d thing is english, it’s only to be expected. I ken tell ya, I see by the lift of the beasties’ tailio, he be carryin’ a skookin, a danglin’ fra hees hairy trews!

  71. OK, speaking as a real live Scot, in Scotland, I have to say that the comments are funnier than the strange strangled pseudo-Oirish caption. BUT, am not being a nuffer as I do LOVE ‘Brigadoofus’!
    Happy Burns Night tomorrow y’all.

  72. Cheeta Lee says:

    NOMTOM and CO, you are personally responsible for making this mortal coil bearable, nay, even enjoyable. This one had me snotting myself (though at least I didn’t spew my coffee all over the keyboard this time). Is it possible to get an intravenous drip of this stuff?

  73. Coffee, perhaps; snot, no. Sorry.

  74. Looks more like a Rat Terrier than a Russell, No? Either way, adorable.

  75. As my mother tongue is Finnish, would someone maybe dare to explain where does the word ‘brigadoofus’ come from? 🙂 (I’m trying to think there’s no stupid questions, just stupid answers.. :p)

    This just reminds me of Terry Pratchett’s Wee Free Men. ‘Ach, crivens!’ <3

  76. Weeladdie says:

    No too bad on the accent Mike, but ye could stand a wee bit mair o’ the rrrrrrrrrrollin’ RRRRRR’s


  77. IHateToast says:


    this is one of your best.

    brigadoofus. heeelarious.

  78. As a Scot, all I can say is… Bwahahaahhahahahahaha!! Goan yersel wee man!

  79. Dilithium crystals?

    The cute of the one outweighs the sensibilities of the many.

  80. @Hon Glad “Is anything worn
    under the kilt? No, it’s all in working order.” Your great comments always
    work for me!

  81. wannadance says:

    great scot!!

    just a step to the right…

  82. Thanks, Theo! 🙂 Now I’m enlightened.

  83. darkshines says:

    “”Ach, how dearly I love to stroll the hills an’ valleys o’me beloved East Kibblearneyshire-on-Heath, land o’me birth. To watch the mornin’ mist creepin o’er the moors… To hoist a pint wi’the lads down at the Goose and Gristle… And the lassies. Aye, the bonnie lassies, greetin’ ye with a hearty ‘hoocch floocch nae’Gloocch!’ Aye, there dinna be nae finer country in Heaven an’ Earth than me own bonnie…”” So many inaccuracies I don’t know where to start…..

  84. The Wee Free Men! Hooray for the Wee Free Men! Ach Crivens-it is not a coo beastie nor a ship beastie- ach what kind of beastie do we have here? Ach, A dog beastie and a cat beastie!
    Hello Mr. Pratchett, you have transformed my life to a higher plane of word play! Ach! Where’s Granny Weatherwax’s “Special Sheep dip?”

  85. Ach, here we have a woof beastie and a meow beastie!

    Long live the Wee Free Men!

  86. I didn’t even notice hte cat was there until I read the hovertext!

    [Black cat’s pajamas are just as bad in real life. Especially in dark hallways at 3:00 AM when all you want is to get 10 steps to the bathroom, I mean seriously, cat, why RIGHT THERE? – Ed.]

  87. Do you know, I looked, read the captions,came to read the comments…. and then had to glance back up to see that there was a CAT in this picture!!

    That dog just meltered my mind!

  88. I didn’t see the cat either until the hovertext…It’s kinda like one of those optical illusion thingys! I have a black cat myself and she’s the sweetest out of my 3 btw…

  89. That cat is totally taunting that dog.



    “Ach, how dearly AH luv tae stroll thuh hills and’ valleys of’ mah beluved East Auchtermuchty-, land o’mah burth. Tae watch the mornin’ mist creepin oor the glens… Tae hoist ah pint wi’the laddies doon at the Goose and Gristle… An the lassies. Aye, thu bonnie lassies, greetin’ ye wi a hearty ‘hoocch floocch nae’Gloocch!’ Aye, thur isnae a finer country in Heaven an’ Earth than me ain bonnie…”

    “Oh, will you give it a rest already, Brigadoofus? This is Des Moines!”

  91. Well done Jo, I feel better already! But ‘VALLEYS’? Are we in Scotland or California? Oh yeah, we’re in Des Moines, ah wiz fergettin masel’. ;P