CoverPup “Chevy”

"Chevy" the Pop is showing off some full bleed Pomeranian ACTION. We’re talking an entire FACE FULL OF SCHNOZZLE.

That’s right:



"Muuu hwa hwa hwa hwa hwa!"


Pom "Chevy" over at NonMinus pants in your general direction.



  1. BeckyMonster says:

    Hate to say it, but that is some sad hover text. Cute fuzzy though!

  2. *grabs pom by the rough of the neck and waves it around*

    2, 4, 6, 8 Poms are Good Poms are Great!

    3, 5, 7, 9 Poms are sweet Poms are fine!

    GO QTE!!!!!!!!! WOOOOO!!!!!


  3. Gah. An entire snorglable body!

  4. doomchild says:

    Am I the only person on Earth who doesn’t like poms? Or poodles or even golden retrievers or king charles’ spaniels?

  5. “pants in your general direction”…
    Your father was an ice cream cone, and your mother felt like fluffy white downs!

  6. are we being punished for not helping with the wallaby hovertext??? lol

  7. 260Oakley says:

    And what does he use to keep his coat at its fluffulent best? Pomade, of course.

  8. This dog reminds me of Ivana from “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody”/”The Suite Life on Deck”

  9. BeckyMonster, Sherry — you were saying?

  10. I’m still wondering what happened to the “before” and “next” photo links that we use to have at the top of the pages?

  11. Yes, Doomchild, I guess you might be the only one on earth or even the whole universe who doesn’t consider poms, golden retrievers or spaniels cute.
    Poodles, however are difficult: they are often silly (and cute).
    There are plenty species left for your cute enjoyment, though.

  12. his pompadour is the puffiest parade of pure pristine paradise, and pageantry,a palpable paragon of Pomeranian perfection.

  13. death by floof works for me 🙂

  14. BeckyMonster says:

    Theo, much improved. I obviously got to work WAY too early this morning. I’m sure that the wheels of creative writing hadn’t had enough coffee/grease just yet.

    Good show!

  15. Ewww. Coffee grease.

  16. hard to imagine thes guys in the wild,
    did they roam in packs? what did it look like? was anyone ever fearful?

  17. Work it Chevy! Show us how fierce you really are. The camera loves you baby!

  18. Hm, that’s an interesting idea… I’d imagine poodles in the wild would be like flamingoes, eating special proteins (or whatevs) to get that celebrated pink color. they would stand somewhere in weird, yet elegant postures. Waiting for their prey to drop dead from laughing.
    Evil beasts, wild poodles.

  19. Hey, it looks like Chevy has a BFF too…

  20. Joey they were much larger in the wild before domestication and were originally a working dog weighing in at 30+ pounds.

    here is an excellent history

  21. the bug man says:

    Are you kidding? Russian grandmothers still tell stories of the icy winter nights of their childhoods, when the people would huddle inside for fear that the packs of wild poodles would come racing down from the steppes, slaughtering and devouring any man, woman, or child caught in the path of their implacable rampage.

  22. Hi, all! That’s my boy up there. Thanks for the nice comments! My fiancee and I love that little floofy guy. He is way more rugged and macho than you would ever think. He looks like a show dog, but he hates to be groomed. It is all natural, baby! 🙂 There’s a link to my blog post about him up there under the last photo if you want to read more about him. Plus, Theo posted a link in the comments to another post about Chevy and his BFF… Wesley the ninja cat. 😀

    We love CO. We are so proud to have our little fuzzy guy posted here!

  23. Will, what beautiful children you have- both Chevy and Wesley!

    That being said, you can only be relieved to be living in our current times- wayyy after the thundering herds of manipulative Pomeranians terrorize Pomerania. Their fangs bared as their prey (mostly bakers) tried hard to appease them by throwing (or perhaps dropping-history isn’t clear) small bits of baked goods in their way (also perhaps the start of the Hansel and Gretel story-same forests). Anyway, those slavering beasts would jump at the bakers whose small children did not understand the serious nature of their baker-fathers as they held the hounds at bay. And we ALL know what history has sent down to us through the eons- the doggie treat, brought to us by the evil Pomeranians of DOOOM!

  24. plus shiny eyes!

  25. Thanks Katrina, I think I’ll knock Pomerania off my places to visit list. To be savaged by floof, not good.

  26. scooterpants says:

    what a lovely lil pommie, so happy and smiley.
    ALMOST as adorables as my own personal puppeh-pommie.
    they could be like, the best of friends.

  27. superboymom says:

    My teenage son saw a puppy Pom the other day . . . he thought it was a tribble. All floof and no appendages. Qte!

  28. Juniper Jupiter says:


    DKN, I hope you didn’t hurt yourself!

    And is it me, or do Poms look like they could be related to hedgehogs? I mean, when they both have their mouths closed an’ all you see are their eyes and nosicles, they kinda look alike, no?

  29. Juniper – I kinda did, actually. *rubs thigh*

    WILL – what WONDERFUL petsikins you have. That pic of them holding paws just about did me in.

  30. scooterpants says:

    juniper jupiter – nah.
    DKN- yes see! pommies Love everyone! no matter their species or national origin.
    they are just the most lovin smiley little puffies! the world would be a better place if everyone had one or two.

  31. Stellar hovertextage.

    [Thank you, I’ve been practicing. – Ed.]

  32. Katrina, I think there should be a poignant Lifetime network movie about the plight of the plucky patisseries of Pomerania. 🙂

  33. thanks Annie!

  34. berthaservant says:

    No one’s going to comment on the amazing look of content and happiness on the pom’s face? Well, I am.

    There. There it is. That look.

  35. He reminds me of Farrah Fawcett for some reason.

  36. kibblenibble says:

    To know a pom is to <3 them. Pretty doggy.

  37. DLR in Canada says:

    it is pictures like this that almost convince me to get a pom instead of a pug. almost….lemme look some more…if only they didn’t have all that fluffy, poofy hair….

  38. omg i love chevy! such a happy cutie. and your blog is awesome, will. the story about ninja cat and the visiting dog cracked me up 😀
    i hope my kitties and their new sister-dog boston sadie will get along like that someday…

  39. oh, and “pants in your general direction, LOL!

  40. Poor plucky Pomeranian populace, I’m hoping I helped avert a major catastrophe.


    Yes, that dogget does remind me of the hedgehog’s visage. Just substitute prickly things for floof.

    So very sweet. The puddy-tat is adorable, too.

  41. He’s cute and he knows it.

  42. If anyone wants to rent an adorable movie with a Pomeranian as the star – rent “Quigley”…it might be in the family or kids section. You may have to ask the employees at the rental place to help you find it. I found it at Blockbuster. Total CO movie!!!

  43. Thanks, everybody! Poms rock! 🙂