Area Wallaby Experiences Porch for First Time

There’s always that first, tentative outing to the porch, People. Your first trip outside, I bet you were crying like a baby.


It’s going to be OK Ellie R. Deep brefs.



  1. From pouch to porch?

  2. Beth (in NC) says:


    Since this is my second [OHHHHIDON’TTHINKSOOOOO] comment in one day, one must assume that I need to be working harder on work. Ahem.

    [… – Ed.]

  3. ONG – you mean the whole world ISN’T fur-lined!!!

  4. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    for just a sec I forgot how much my back hurts (pushing a shopping cart through slush-BAD idea!)

    OMG, the utter charm of de teensy foot in the hand.


  5. Beth (in NC) says:

    Amoeba– pouch to porch… hahahahahahahahaha

  6. Wallaby dammned.

  7. Noelle (the original) says:

    I remember my first trip to the porch…I think that’s why I have a problem wih heights. :\

    Wittle Wallaby is sooooo adorabuls! This totally made my headache better! Thx

  8. Noelle (the original) says:

    Lil’ Mr. WallabyPants is all: Put me back, put me back, put me baaaack…waaaaaaa Mommy?

  9. Porchaby?

  10. I feel the need to snorgle that belly!

  11. Wallaby pantaloons? Walloons?

    [Yes! FLYING Walloons, even! – Ed.]

  12. What a great picture! I loves me a wallaby…

  13. AuntieMame says:

    Since my first trip to the porch probably was when I was a baby, no doubt I was crying like one. I wasn’t this fuzzy, though. (But I was pretty cute!)

  14. At first glance, I thought, “Wouldn’t the world be better if we all had a hand to hold onto,” but then I realized I was looking at it all wrong. Wouldn’t the world be better if we all had a WALLABY to hold onto?

  15. love the wallaby “finger shake” LOL

  16. superboymom says:

    That’s it . . . I’m becoming a pick-pocket!

  17. This is just too darn sweet.

  18. I didn’t know they had stripey tum-tums!

    (My first trip to the porch as an infant involved a broken handle on the baby carrier, a roll down the steps into the road, and a trip to the emergency room. But I’m feeling much better now.)

  19. Yes, Noelegy, I think it would.

  20. Awwwww, what a prosh pouch bebeh! Lurve the support from the human hand; best way to explore new, somewhat scary things, is with a helping hand. 🙂

  21. oh! the dainty, uncertain paw! so tentative! so trusting!


  22. Jules, did you know you were making a history joke? Yep. I’m a professor. Come to me for your useless info, peeps.

    And HonGlad made me spit beverage onto my screen.

  23. Jules: Wallapalloons?

    AChk!! What a complete and total bebbbeeee! The pantballoons are too much

    [keeled oveeer]

  24. Sweeet! Love the eyelashes. And excellent Onion headline!

  25. the first step outside is always the scariest part of the day.

  26. bubbyscranky says:

    Further proof that wallabys are way cuter than kangaroos.

  27. Hovertext: …is all WHAT?

  28. Mary (the first) says:

    Does the little wallaguy have a stripy-face on his tummy, too, like previous kitteh? or is it just me?

  29. Joey Pants

  30. No fair! I just checked my porch and it was completely wallaby-free.

  31. Oh someone needs a hug! I volunteer. I volunteer so much.

  32. Kristabelle says:


  33. Gail (the first one) says:

    Clearly, just like my cousin at age 3 who didn’t want to go in ‘the G-D water’, young Master Wallaby does NOT WANT TO GO ON THE G-D PORCH!

  34. aww. I’ll hold your hand, lil’ wallaby-pants.

  35. Kristabelle says:

    BTW, Hon Glad, that was EXCELLENT.

  36. Beth (in NC) says:

    Teho— you are funny…. I think that- I think I like you!


  37. shahinrani says:

    Aw, little curled hands! Belly fuzz!

  38. awww…that is the sweetest little wallaby ever. I’ll take 5

  39. wannadance says:

    small critters. want one.

  40. For some reason, this little critter reminds me of my cat …

  41. It’s the tail, right?

  42. berthaservant says:

    I have seen the writing on the wallaby.

  43. Don’t think I need anything at allaby.

  44. berthaservant says:

    Or, as my friend the greatest east German rock and roller ever might say,

    There ain’t much difference,
    Between a bridge and a wallaby.

  45. (well I’d say 90 degrees, give or take, is significant)

  46. berthaservant says:

    NO, Theo. It’s a METAPHOR! (Napoleon Dynamite voice) Guy!

  47. awwwwwww! lil cutie

  48. Bother… never saw Napoleon Dynamite. Netflix time, I guess.

  49. Ahem. I call Pocket Pets. 🙂

  50. put him back in his pouschie before we kiss all his furries offfff! cuuuuutttieee, we love!

  51. Beth (in NC) says:


    You must fix that. And soon.

  52. This little guy is adorable and so scared! I just want to scoop him up and protect him.

  53. Debg–you must tell me about walloons*! I’m a history buff, but don’t know about such. Help!

  54. The wallaby has tyrannosaurus rex hands.

  55. (*not to be confused with real actual Flying Wallendas)

  56. Hon Glad “Wallaby damned”

  57. Jenny Shain says:

    Obviouswy, I am a Veggie Tales fan…
    “It’s a lip, It’s a Lip, it’s a LIP LIP LIP!…
    It’s a Lip, It’s a Lip, It’s a LIP LIP LIP! It’s a LLLIIIPPP! IT’s a LIP LIP LIIIIPPPP!!!!!!!!!”

    Also, I did get mah 2 frwont teef for Chrwismas, but I Hiiiiide dem, cause I’m Cuuuuute like dat.

  58. It looks like my kitty her first time on the porch. Her eyes were like, 5X bigger though. Needless to say, she’s an indoor kitty.
    I want a wallaby. =(

  59. I want to hug this leetle guy. I like the dainty front paws.

  60. I used to have a cat who acted like this. ‘No! The world’s far too big and I am far too small! Treats, please!’

  61. i feel like all he needs is an awesome 80s lunchbox and a mommy telling him that he WILL make plenty of friends on his first day on the porch. and maybe some glue and construction paper.

  62. OOO look at that teeny little paw and those wide eyes! He’s so scared! “aj, baby- I will make the meanies go away- I promise! You’s safe with me-” and the little thing replies- “you s s ss ure?”

  63. Theo-Sadly, I think video games are not what the professor had in mind.

  64. Cuddlesbear says:

    That is so cute and endearing! Is this supposed to be a baby wallaby?

  65. Probably not, Jules. The guy whose sorta-sweetie’s older brother had a “Trash-80” back in middle school, though — HE was probably talking about the game from the get-go.

  66. this looks like a cross between a kangaroo and a rat

  67. This is the cutest little animal ever. I just looked at it and thought, awwwwww. SOOOO sweet. Poor little thing. I want to pick it up and protect it.

  68. Laura: Wallaballoons?

  69. Oh, aww! So fuzzy and shy!

  70. AAAAAHHHH!!!!!

    So cute. So. Darn. Cute.

  71. OH MY GOD IT’S SO… CUUUTTTTEEEEEEEEEE!!!! I just had to say this!=.