How Do I Get Out Of This Chicken Outfit?

I wanna be the first dog to piddle on the moon!Now, I was told there'd be an in-flight movie...

Sender-inner Jennifer W. loved her pups Flossie (left) and Dougal so much, she shot them into space. Well, not for real, but with the help of Pets in Uniform, she put them in matching space suits, ready for blast-off.

"Everyone asks me how I got the dogs to pose so nicely," says Jennifer, "and how did I ever get them into the uniforms—they don’t know they’re photoshopped!" (Tip: You can tell from the pixels and from seeing a lot of Photoshops in your day.)

But it isn’t just space suits; for a reasonable fee, Pets in Uniform will enlist your pet into any branch of the armed forces, as this sampling demonstrates:

Hrrphth mrrpth ith glurrphtth! Fancy a spot of sherry in the officer's club, old bean? Workers arise! You have nothing to lose but your leashes!
Sgt. Hubert "Biff" Miffman,
101st Tennis-Ball Battalion
Admiral Reginald Snarf-Bixby,
Captain, HMS Redonkulous
Jalea "El Gigante" Buñuelo,
President-for-life, Spanielvania
N-no c-c-coffee for m-me, th-thanks... I've ... SEEN things. (shudder) Lick that fur, soldier! You're a disgrace to this cat's Army!
Cpl. Percival "Twitchy" Limpet,
Specialist, Bomb Disposal
Lt. Marguerite Flang,
(position classified), Area 51
Sgt. Hank "The Tank" MgGuire,
Drill Sergeant, Camp Hairball


  1. creepy… O.o

  2. This is just a tad disturbing.

  3. that site had me sold with the very first line:

    “Imagine: your dog, cat, or other pet in full military regalia.”

  4. and I never thought I’d see pancakes in a spacesuit.

    teh internets, you never fail me.

  5. fritzlesnick says:

    Don’t wanna nuff – but the two navy pets are both Chief Petty Officers – and the two Army pets are four star Generals, lol – not a Captain and a Lt – or a Cpl and a Sgt.

  6. I like the matching space suits. Since the Air Force encourages us to pose as
    astronauts for a photo-op at the Air Show, looks ok.

  7. Uhyup… just a tad.

  8. … disturbing that is.

  9. @fritzlesnick: Thanks! 🙂

    I figured I’d get some details wrong, because my military knowledge is kinda thin. :-/

  10. pandasocks says:

    Tori — lol. Same for me! I’m pretty sure that’s all I’ve EVER wanted.

  11. Ditto to Rach…Creepy

  12. eikoleigh says:


  13. Wait, I thought I was on Cute Overload… this is more like Creepy Overload(and I say that as a loving dog owner).

  14. That is a little strange and creepy.

  15. hey CO great new add but there’s been a mix up you put it where the sites content is supposed to be.

  16. yay more Alien(s) references! I am a big fan of anything that gets us more Alien(s) references plus cute ani-pals on CO!

  17. Well that’s just wrong. Everyone knows cats don’t follow orders.

  18. The one with all the medals, AND all the tennis balls… OMG.

  19. berthaservant says:

    Apparently Dustin is such a big fan of C.O. because he cares so much about the site’s content. Which makes it all the more puzzling how he has never noticed the “Product Cuteness” category.

    Nicely done NTMTOM — multiple hovertext kudos!

  20. Wait… I just saw Tori’s link.
    My WTFs and my FTWs are currently fighting it out. My the best LOL win.

  21. I gave up trying to make sense of it about two minutes in. You just have to respect that kind of ingenuity.

  22. Lieutenant Marguerite is my fave. She does look like she’s “seen things” and is still seeing them, perhaps.

  23. Somebody better check Area 51, cause it looks like an ALIEN has taken over the body of Lt. Flang. There’s something SUSPICIOUS about those eyes…

  24. weird, weird, weird.

  25. binky-mama says:

    You can’t play ball in here; this is the War Room!


  26. For the record: the mouse-overs on this post made me L out L. Good stuff.

  27. Ok, first of all: Creepy Overload indeed. Secondly: they’re actually asking $20 for this? I’m not sure which of the two is more disturbing.

  28. DLR in Canada says:

    that is just wrong. just wrong. not to mention a wee bit creepy. i’m a pacifist, so military stuff isn’t my thing.

  29. I’m calling Giant Scam on this thing. I mean, 20 DOLLARS?!? You can make fluffy into anything you want at any number of websites or applications for free, and make ’em disco dance on “Elf Yourself” FOR FREE.

    And you probably do most of the work yourself on this “service” with “corporate clients.”

  30. I might need a unicorn chaser for this. Baby unicorns cuddling with fluffy bunnies. Yes. And a rainbow, please.
    Now make the evil looking uniforms go away.

  31. The only Army that can’t pass a lampost without lifting a leg.

  32. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Hon Glad: LOL! Sure hope they’re wearing kilts, not trousers!

  33. To each her own. At least it didn’t include the actual animals getting dressed up.
    I’d rather spend my money on my youth orchestra.

  34. Lt. Flang slays me!

  35. freetomato says:

    This is no surprise to me. I have a teenaged son and when he comes out of his room to hang out with us in the living room (which is not often) he tends to take the spot on the sofa that is my big lab’s spot, prompting much sad eyed beseeching on the lab’s part. I usually tell the boy he has to move because the dog outranks him 🙂


  36. freetomato says:

    Also…this came to mind:

  37. odd

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  39. Um … Doesn’t this fall into the categories of cute & mildly disturbing … Or Perhaps cute & creepy??

  40. snorglepup says:

    Meg. I for one, will support anything you’re behind.
    You’ve satisfied my warm-fuzzy-fix for years now. You’ve united kindred spirits. Given us a safe place to snorgle together.
    I wish you the best and lots of it!

  41. Kristabelle says:

    Funny, the wheaten looks right at home in his outfit! hahahaha.

    Tres weird.

  42. The kitty ones are cracking me up, especially Lt. Marguerite Flang there.

  43. …I’m going to have nightmares…

  44. Okay, the dogs are kinda cute, but the two kitties are just REALLY creeping me out!!!

  45. wannadance says:

    mike, uh, i LOVE the area 51 kitty. she looks genuinely freaked out…

    shiny, man,

  46. NTMTOM, secure that Chicken!! *say in Sgt Apone voice*

    Creepy pictures + Aliens reference totally works here.

  47. momof2kitties says:

    @ fritzlesnick:

    Chief PETty officers? Get it? Pet?

    Ahahaha…I crack myself up sometimes.

    And yeah, this is def. Creepy Overload.

    *goes back to squirrlio pic*

  48. “How Do I Get Out Of This Chicken Outfit?” asked the fast food company mascot at the end of a long hot day.

  49. Yeah, I think I get why the cats are a bit creepier. With the dogs, you just think, “Well, that’s silly.” With the cats you think, “You know, it COULD happen.”

  50. am i the only one more taken aback by the fact that people are paying upwards of $20 for this???? pleeeeeease everyone, i know YOU know someone with basic photoshop skills who would do this for you for free!! …or for a cookie or something.

  51. Lt. Flang looks like she’s had one Close Encounter too many.

  52. mish, that was my first thought. I visit worth1000 on occassion, and ses super awesome chops, these – even I can tell where the edges are. . .

  53. snorglepup says:

    I’ll make a batch of cookies if you could photoshop my face on say a Marilyn pose..
    Poor little blonde girl didn’t eat enough cookies.
    Just sayin…

  54. Not sure about the site ($20?) but awesome post!

  55. (the original) Mel says:

    I would just like to apologize to the Command Master Chief, Submariner, whose hard-earned uniform, showing the marks of a distinguished and long career, was used as a joke. Yes indeed, I would.

  56. (the original) Mel says:

    I left a comment about this post, yet it seems to have mysteriously disappeared. Interesting.

  57. Not to be a pain, but I find these a little disrespectful to the men whose faces were chopped off and replaced by animals. The astronaut pictures don’t bother me because there pretty generic photos but I’m almost positive the bottom right corner picture is/was General Peter Pace…who served over 40 years in the Marine Corps/First Marine to Chair to Joint Chiefs of Staff.
    -Marine wife/cuteoverload addict

  58. I’ve been coming to this site for years now it seems, and I’m not much of a commenter. And even when I’ve seen something that I thought was stupid or I didn’t think was all that cute, I’ve held my tongue because I really don’t see the point in being contrary on a website. But this-this makes me have to let the rest of the world know that it is quite possibly the stupidest thing I have ever seen and really, who is going to pay that kind of money to have his or her pet Photoshopped? My apologies.

  59. The names and ranks killed me dead. You guys are hilarious.

    And yeah, $20 for something I could easily (as long as I could stop laughing) do in 5 minutes? BOO.

  60. Word, MsAmanda.

    Mind you, those pancakes are pretty kewl …

  61. These are pretty creepy…the bottom right one totally looks like
    The Onion’s “War On String May Be Unwinnable.”

  62. I love these! Why are people so upset about the price of these? They are hilarious, and people can spend their money however they want! As for disrespecting the people in the uniforms–calm down, geez! Where is your sense of humor?

  63. Akitas Rule!!!

  64. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    the hovertexts almost make up for the goofy pictures I wouldn’t pay $20 for… hanging participles be danged.

  65. Lt. Flang FTW!!!!! HAHAHAHA

  66. Ahhh, the dogs of war.

    Cute doesn’t seem to fit here.

  67. Thats 2 Alien refrences in a row!

  68. Holly — huh? What was the second one?

  69. I never comment on CO, but this site’s pretty weird, to say the least. But it had to happen one of these days, because the internets is full of strange and odd stuff like this!

    I’m pretty sure what my Army officer hubby would think of it. He’d just criticize how they’re getting the ranks and uniforms all wrong, nevermind the weirdness, LOL.