I… notice you have nachos…













Sender-Inner Mark says "Please enjoy their cheesey little noses." Done.




  1. What a great series! So cute!

  2. Molly Hetrick says:

    Ok, sorry to ask, but cant see a tail… are these red squirrels or are they chipmunks?

  3. (Oh my, am I first?)

    Wait, so if I sneak up to this person disguised as a cute, clawful rodent, then will I get free chips?

  4. My favorite is Mr. Squirrel taking a flavor test of his finger. “Hmmm, the bouquet is not exactly to my liking.”

  5. AngiePangie says:

    Prairie Dogs??

  6. Ellie in Flint says:

    I love the delicate lil clawsage. They’d look beautiful with a bit of pink nail polish.

  7. Skee whirls!!!!! Lub em!!

  8. Wow, these are really excellent pictures. Kudos to the photographer. And such cuteness!!

  9. The finger nibble kiiilled me. It did. It did. What a keyoot fuzzeh bb!

  10. With claws like that there’s no argument, I’ll go to the shop and get another packet.

  11. This is AWESOME! I love the photo story…. hehe

  12. Kristabelle says:

    Skwerlio! Too moishe!

  13. This might just be the cutest bunch of photos ever posted on cute-o. Oh my gawwwshhhhh… I’m melting…

  14. PeppaMama says:

    Hey! It’s Hammie, the nacho-lovin’ kiddo from Over Teh Hedge…not to be confused with Over Teh Hedgehogs, and entirely different and possibly cuter film if someone would care to produce it. Ahem…Meg, that means YOU! More hedgies, plz?

  15. LibrarianJessica says:

    *fainting from accidental cute overdose*

  16. Remember the magic of seeing a wonderful movie as a child? Well recapture that magic by checking out what’s on offer from our corporate sponsors! Animated comedy night, anyone?

    Check out the DreamWorks website to learn more!

  17. BrooklynJoe says:

    Very cute, but, umm, offering your cheese-covered finger to a wild animal to nibble on seems like a REALLY bad idea. If that squirrel had innocently chomped down, mistaking it for a delicious cheese snack, you could end up at the hospital for who knows what kind of animal-borne infection. So the lesson of the day is:

    Feed Squirrels: YES
    Feed FINGER to Squirrels: NO!

    This concludes the Public Health portion of our program.

  18. Oh, my. That last pic of the crumb-sprinkled nose and the wee tongue just kills me. What a great lil squirrel!

  19. I’m perfectly comfortable with ads on the site, but I am a little weirded out by product placement in the Comments.

  20. oh dear god, that’s the cutest thing i have seen in AGES!!! the cheesy crumbs on the furry noses, the big (disapproving?) eyes, the… EVERYTHING!! totally amazing post. LOVE IT!

  21. Holy C.O.X.C.U batman!

  22. So to combat the forecasted acorn shortage, we should counter with snack chips? Ok.

  23. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    I love rodents!

  24. momof2kitties says:

    Oh Em Gee! These pictures are spectacular!!

  25. michellemybelle says:

    Nice marmot.

    (Or squirrel or groundhog or prairie dog, whatever the case may be.)

  26. Hate to be a spoilsport because the wee creature is adorable. But…
    Feeding wild animals is a big no-no, it can lead to lazy animals who are dependent on handouts and lose the desire/ability to forage which, often leads to their demise.
    Bottom line, if you love cute wild animals and care for their safety (as I do), observe them but don’t feed or touch them.

  27. feeding wild animals & letting them nibble on fingers (hello, diseases?) – not so cool

  28. Blueheron98 says:

    I agree with BrooklynJoe, must be careful with fingers, humans. Otherwise, these are SO cute! 🙂 The squirrel probably had a cheesy, synthetic food high all day!

  29. it the 4th pic, it lookslike the squril is reading the ingredient list 🙂 finger nomming is scary

  30. Oh my Lord! How I long to kiss that little nosey.

  31. Camille – I’m with you. I had to read it a couple of times to see if it was serious.

  32. LOL Teho, I am thinking the upcoming 3D Movie “Monsters versus Aliens” is going to be excellent.

    Dreamworks always puts out an excellent Movie.

  33. Noelle (the original) says:

    Was this taken in DC? I ask because I’ve fed squirrels there myself. They are so used to humans being around that they’ll come right up and investigate. A couple were really interested in my popcorn one time when I was sitting on the mall. It is soooo cool to have close encounters with wildlife! (although I do have to agree with the cautions about fingers, squirrel may not know the difference and much pain could ensue)

  34. BTW The Squirrel pics are too cute!
    my favorites.. The squirrel about to gently nom the finger
    THE last one with the chomped on chip and crumb sprinkled whiskers and of course the Closeup of squirrely paw holding the nacho cheesy chips.

  35. i’m with adrian on this one… those signs about ‘don’t feed the wildlife’ do include cute wildlife.

    not only are you teaching the animal not to fear humans, you’re making it realize that actual foraging is way more work, and ultimately you could be making it sick by feeding it our overly processed crap food.

    the photographs are amazing though. still not worth the life of this little cutie though.

  36. Sooooooo…. I’m gonna be annoying.

    a) Don’t mind the ads on the sidebars at all, but really really do mind ’em in the middle of the page. Also really mind them in the comments, but I’m sure Teho meant his commentary in a purely jokeful manner.

    [The ad-spam COMMENTS which were coming in… are now out. – Ed.]

    b) While I agree that allowing little critters to chomp on your finger is a bad idea in theory, is it really necessary to comment about it? I mean, are there really people who go poking their fingers down poor unsuspecting critters’ throats and then, once bitten, go “But…but it was on Cute Overload! I saw some guy do it! It must have been safe!”

    c) Skwerls are cute. And the photographer is tewtelly skilled.

  37. I love the girl in the background on pic 5… with her handbag up on her shoulder, keys in hand, she’s like “are you done with the skwerl pics, hon? yeah, they’re cute. But I need to get to Costco…”

  38. Perhaps these creatures were raised by him? Not that familiarity will stop a chomp – anyone with a kitten or a ferret knows that!
    A “no animals or humans were injured (or overfed)(or desensitized) in the production of this photo series” might have prevented the PSAs. 😉

  39. These photos eerily remind me of my husband….

  40. Okay, this is just simply the cutest thing I’ve seen in a while! Adorable.

  41. Oh, cute little squirrelly, and the COXCU is adorable. The last picture should go on my cookie/chips/cereals cabinet door.

    Neither of us needs a nacho chip, but hey, once in a while, not so bad. -26 pounds and counting!

    Be careful about eating peanut butter- check out a website before you eat/purchase peanut butter-including products.

  42. The last picture was the best, lol. xD And that’s funny how not afraid the Prairie Dog was.

  43. a mermaid says:

    Did you know that today is Squirrel Appreciation Day? No joke. This is perfect!

  44. Von Zeppelin says:

    Don’t worry about the squirrel getting dependent on handouts, or the guy’s finger getting a rabid bite. See, Theo is going to reveal a few comments down that this is actually a Dreamworks ANIMATED squirrel! Amazing computer-generated texture in the squirrel fur and Dorito crumbs, Dreamworks geniuses! (Coming soon to a theater near you: “Chips: The Squirreling.” This crunchy rodent nosh is not yet rated.)

  45. Wow, those are some seriously impressive pictures!

  46. snorglepup says:

    Animated!! I thought for sure it was shopped!!

  47. Feeding wild animals isn’t ALWAYS a bad idea. There’s some wild bird species here in the UK that could be extinct by now if they didn’t have bird feeders to rely on in winter. Just make sure you don’t train the animals to rely on or be a nuisance to humans.

    I think this is a prairie dog – foldy nose and little little ears. The pic series was sheer delight. 🙂

  48. They’re on the junk food band wagon…this is wrong.

  49. Don’t let animals eat people food! it can seriously harm them and make them ill 😦 😦 😦

  50. These are great pictures! Until I saw the COXCO, I never new that squirrels had such protruding little noses! Love the cheesy freckles!

  51. The last pic is awesomeness squared.

  52. What squeekable little round cheese-dusted cheezes!! and the tiny skwirl ears!!


  53. I am sending you a bill for my hospital bills for the cute attack I suffered. I think I sprained my tongue from saying “awwwe…”!

  54. Will the person who sent these in please tell me what camera they have? These pics are amazing.

  55. catloveschanel says:

    At an Office Potluck the other day, some people from other depts that normally ignore us came up and stared at our food and said, “I notice you have nachos…” just ‘xactly like that squirrel did

    that’s the last thing I remember before the swarm…

  56. Daddy. I want a squirrel. And not just any old squirrel. I want a trained squirrel.

  57. yankeebird says:

    Whoa… a “next” button. Freaky.

  58. L.O.L! I love the progression!

    We’re looking for the cutest dogs around so if you have a pooch, show it off! Submit photos to checkthemonitor@thegarden.com.

    We’re going to select the cream of the crop for MSG’s photo gallery. Thanks!

  59. You really think it is a good idea to feed animals something that salty and unhealthy?? Try seeds or nuts next time, please. Don’t feed wild animals (or any other animals) with junk food you eat yourself…

  60. Really lov'em? - don't feed'em says:
  61. For the hundredth time, if you don’t like ads, install Firefox and adblock.

    As for feeding fingers: indeed! Think of the diseases you could give one of these little critters!

  62. Woah, a “previous button”!

  63. I just imploded, that made my life. To the safety squad, give it a rest. Thank for the cutest sight i’ve ever seen!

  64. That last picture with his little tongue just made my day!! also, i would have picnics more often if i knew this would happen.

  65. Vanessa The Animal Rights Advocate says:

    Judging by the size of those claws and the ‘non ears’ these are not squirrels. They look more like prairie dogs and likely pet ones.
    Squirrels dig, but they don’t do the type of digging that require claws like that.
    Here is a typical grey squirrel: http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/image/s_squirrel1.jpg , and a typical prairie dog: http://www.drstandley.com/images/animals/PrairieDog.bmp
    Earl the prairie dog, looking out the window…

  66. Jennie Mello says:

    I would like a next button at work. You can keep the previous button.

  67. I am really interested knowing what these are. I’m going with prairie dogs? They seem the wrong color for squirrels and too big for chipmunks. On 2nd thought, looking at those claws I’m sticking with prairie dogs/groundhogs (altho kinda tiny for groundhogs) Bah. what a conundrum.

  68. ThreeCatNight says:

    (To be sung to the tune of “I’ve Got a Lot of Livin’ to Do”):

    I’ve got cheeks, just right for some munchin’,
    And I’m gonna munch me a few.
    So I’m standin’ here while you’re lunchin’.
    I’ve got a lot of chewin’to do.
    Righteous chips, all cheesy and crunchy,
    And I plan, to bag me a few.
    So get hip, and gimme a bunchy,
    I’ve got a lot of chewin’-
    Got a lot of chewin’-
    got a lot of chewin’ to do!

    (Can I help it if I watched “Bye Bye Birdie” the other night on TCM?!)

  69. superboymom says:

    I love that the squirrel / prairie dog stops to check the “nutrition label” . . . she must be the mom. 🙂

  70. Squirrel tongue!! Yeah!

  71. Nik- it gives a whole new life to the word ‘cheesy’!

  72. ThreeCatNight says:

    What happened to my comment? Did it evaporate into cyberspace?

  73. I’m comfoosed, both my posts have vanished.

  74. And now they’re back.


    *hides under desk*

  75. Mary (the first) says:

    I didn’t notice the second skwerl at first and thought the reference to “their cheesy little noses” referred to the girl in pic 5. These guys are cute and I doubt the guy in the photos “trained” them to be helpless, they must have been pretty darn accustomed to humans already to have come up to him like that. I do agree with those who recommend don’t let the skwerl /dog/whatever bite your finger, though. OW and shots too. Not good.

  76. ThreeCatNight says:

    I’m a bit disconcerted. Where has my previous comment gone? This is the third try.

  77. Eeeee! Cheesy little noses!

    (plippy ploppy cheese nose, anyone? :D)

    I also loff the fuzzy leeps. Mmmm, soft.

    *wanders around mumbling about cheesy noses and giggling to myself*

    *C’s husband shakes his head resignedly*


  79. Garstabugg says:

    Mind-numbingly adorable. I literally just had a cute overload.

    Thank you!

  80. Beth (in NC) says:

    OH MA GAH! That was almost too much. I love tame squirrels…. some people are terrified. But I used to like it when they would come snoop on campus and ask for some of your burrito.

  81. Too freaking cute!

  82. Oh my gosh I love the fifth piccy ^ ^ Great shot.

  83. catloveschanel says:

    Ok. I want a “done” button for work.

    Plus I want a “NOT” button for this new stupid computer system that is not working and making so much extra work for me.

  84. That’s some impressive photography. Love the corona of light in Squirrelio’s fur in the first picture.

    The squirrels that live on the campus of Texas Woman’s University are absolutely fearless in their pursuit of munchies. Will walk right up to you and say howdy!

  85. Is that maybe a PET prairie dog?? I mean, that doesn’t exactly look like the sort of environment prairie dogs live in… Plus, I saw a couple for sale once at an exotic pet store.

  86. “My own, personal, cheeses…”

  87. Now you’ve done it. Now you’ve started an addiction, ’cause you know they can’t eat just one. Just promise me guys, not to get crumbs all over the couch?

  88. FuzzBob Chubbypants says:

    *stomps foot*

    Peeps! These debates about the pros and cons of ads are detracting from what’s REALLY important here — cheese-covered squirrel-itude!

    Let’s stick to talking about how teh qte these pix are. Mmkay?

    *stepping off soapbox*

    *resumes squealing from extreme cute overdose*

  89. @pyrit: Suddenly, I have an urge to find my Depeche Mode CDs. I wonder where they are…

    (not to mention the urge to buy some nachos for myself! I might even share, if this little guy comes begging for them.)

  90. FuzzBob Chubbypants says:

    Dewd, check out the fang action in the second to last pic. Craziness!

    At first, I agreed with the posters who said these were likely prairie dogs, however, do prairie dogs have tails? I see tailios… Perhaps these fellas are a new and improved combination of prairie dogs and skee-werls? That would be awesome.

  91. I think it might be a ground squirrell judging by the slight view of his tail

    THey are The Bane fo my life here in California… they dig big ol holes and are quite destructive but adorable non teh less.

  92. Now I don’t know what I want more, squirrels or junk food.

  93. Holy macro lenses, Batman!

  94. catloveschanel says:

    Guess what I have?

    [looking pert like a squirrel]

    I have laughing cow light garlic cheese and wheat crackers…

    I have to focus on my food now

    [squirrel like intensity]

  95. This is pure, unadulterated Meg, this is why I love CO and what I hope to find every morning when I turn on my computer or at night when I come back from work.

    Yay for sqwerlios who can read nutrition labels!
    Last pic : skwerl tongue, a rare sight !

  96. MaggieBee says:


    SQRL TONGUE!!!!!!!!

    *runs in circles, falls down*

  97. blephebe – No, it wasn’t Depeche Mode, was it? Maybe it was. I’m hearing Johnny Cash. LOL!

  98. scooterpants says:

    excellent pictures!
    i’m with you people about nthe finger offering, i did this once with my hammie and got bit ChOMp!
    really hard, and it bled like CRaZy, and it hurt.
    from then on the dang Ham bit me all the time thinkin i had something good on my fingers.

  99. Nacho, nacho squirrel
    He’s got to be… a nacho squirrel

  100. want! such a cute little fuzzbutt 🙂 wish we had these in oz.

  101. @Mary (1st) – Trained squirrels referred to a line in Charlie and the Chocolate factory–didn’t really think these were trained…

    @Katrina – it’s Cheesetastic!

    @Pyrit – as always, you slay me…

  102. pyrit – Johnny Cash? (google, google, google…) Wow! Johnny Cash did a cover of a Depeche Mode song! That is just so strange… (it seems that Marilyn Manson did a version of the song as well.)

    wanders away singing: “my own, personal, cheeses” (Parmesan! Gouda! Roquefort!)

  103. BabyOpossum says:

    I’m off to Aaron Brothers to pick up a multi-frame! Anyone else need one?

  104. Sheesh, you might as well complain that nachos aren’t proper nutrition for squirrels!

    Squirrels are made of awesome. Nuff said.

  105. I think Erin said what I wanted to say better than I could, so I’ll just leave it at this: best claw close-up ever.

  106. so cute! yeah yeah i know nachos are not the best things for squirrels, but look at them! so cute!!!!

  107. berthaservant says:

    Once again: I call for the creation of a “nom” tag (or perhaps “nomming” or “nommage”).

    This is one of the best longer series ever posted, Meg (and kudos to the photog!)

    And by the way, if you’re hungry for a REALLY good snack, be sure to try delicious, nutritious, The-o’s anytime! They’re packed with nutrients and they taste great! Now in four delicious flavors including Regular, Extra Regular, Extreme Regular, and Olde-Fashioned!

  108. berthaservant says:

    P.S. Teho (and/or whomever is doing layout), I certainly don’t mind the “next” and “previous” buttons, but I do wish I could navigate to the home page or the previous/next post from the second comments page (via the smaller links on the top and bottom of the page, which seem to be missing).

  109. Yay for my friend Mark! Been waiting for these to make it here!

    There’s also videos on his LJ post.



  110. This is my favorite I’ve seen on CO in a long time. Bravo!!!!

  111. Gail (the first one) says:

    I don’t usually “kvetch” about stuff here, but I just don’t like the “Next” and “Previous” buttons. (Unless somehow this helps the site??)

  112. lurkingsmirk says:

    Excellent point Clare, if feeding wildlife is wrong then where do birdfeeders come in? I am so jealous of the people in the photos, ever since Snow White I’ve dreamed of having squirrel friends.

  113. Re: Johnny Cash & “personal cheeses” – indeed, I just heard that the other day & was like “whahh?!?” It was odd, to say the least.
    These skwerls-prairie dogs-whatever they ares, are simply adorable.
    Re: next/previous buttons: I like them, except I wish they didn’t open a separate browser window. I now have 4 separate windows of CO open, okay by me, but my employer may consider it excessive.

  114. I recognize the backdrop and the tame squirrels. Those photos were taken at a conference center in Banff, Alberta, Canada. I went there for a professional meeting once, and I fed the squirrels, too.

  115. momof2kitties says:

    Not liking the Previous/Next buttons. It makes it cumbersome to go back when someone refers to a previous comment. And I second BServe’s comment about the lack of linky buttons at the bottom of the page. Where’d they go???? Ize all cofoozed.

    Squirrelio is still made of win, tho’.

    *wanders off humming. My. Own. Personal. Cheeses…*

  116. [Adjusts rodent-specialist cuteologist glasses]

    Note the way his nosey is turned down in the last picture. Ratties do this too! I think it’s so they can smell their food while they eat and more fully enjoy the flavor. Cute AND practical!

  117. these guys are so cute!!!!!the pics are amazing!!!

  118. scooterpants says:

    hmm. my postinks are not postink.
    is it because ED is jealous of my clever word-using? or have i burnt so many brain cells i’ve forgotten how to post.
    what UP???

  119. Having a squirrel nibble my finger would be a life dream come true. All they do is run away from me on campus, cute buggers.

  120. TINY NOM!

  121. Alright, I just listened to both versions of My Own Personal Cheeses. While, Depeche Mode’s rocks the techno groove, The Man In Black’s guitar playing and the way he sings those low notes makes him the hands down winner, to me.

  122. I see why that squirrel is all over those chips…they look like Old Dutch Arriba Zesty Taco….MY FAVORITE!!

  123. I’ve noticed a technical quirk here for about a week. I have to click a post and then refresh it to see the latest comments. So it takes 2 clicks. I imagine this would try the very soul of the impatient types…ahem, not me of course, cough.

  124. This… is the greatest thing ever.

    *hed asplode from teh finger nom*


  125. Gail.1 — those buttons are apparently still being worked on (by TypePad, not Cute Overload). Hang in there.

  126. Psilopathic says:

    Definitely in the top 5 Cuteoverload posts EVER- My life has been changed forever.

  127. woah ‘previous’ and ‘next’ buttons. Check it out.

    I love this. Great photos, and those are some seriously cheesey chips. They look thoroughly enjoyed.

  128. Oops, didn’t see the other comments on the buttons. Lagged out a bit there. Sorry:)

  129. Hey, sorry to those who are alarmed by my pics. My finger is fine. He nommed really gently – he definitely knew the difference, although I agree that’s lucky.

    These are prairie dogs (or ground squirrels as they’re commonly called in Canada), who live in a little colony on the main field at the Banff Centre of the Arts in Alberta. They are VERY accustomed to treats, and they don’t fear humans. I don’t see this as a bad thing. They have no reason to need to fear humans in this environment, and they seem to be thriving – the centre is full of artists and other softies year-round who love these guys. They’re not bothered, even by the groundskeepers.

    I do worry about giving them an MSG headache, but I doubt it cost them their lives.

  130. @Mel2: I’m not the sender-inner, but according to the file properties, the camera is a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT. If you’ve got dibs on his camera, I’ll have his talent, thanks. 🙂

  131. Vanessa – do you have a pet groundhog?
    Kewt- do they make good pets? Can they run around free like ferrets?

  132. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Theo: Thanks for ‘splaining!!

  133. Love the dramatic pre-nom close up.

  134. What kind of camera did Mark the sender-inner use?
    And where was the camera – remote firing?

  135. superboymom says:

    ” . . . But, mate, my heart is sore for Christian diet. You mightn’t happen to have a piece of cheese about you, now? No? Well, many’s the long night I’ve dreamed of cheese–toasted, mostly–and woke up again, and here I were.”

    From “Treasure Island”

  136. soooooo CUTE!!!!!!!!!!

  137. I don’t care what anyone says about feeding wild animals, that doesn’t take away from the cute.
    If anyone cares, Johnny Cash also did “Hurt” I think originally by NIN.

  138. I squealed when I saw the little hands…
    Then I saw the mouf…
    the fuzzy, crumb-covered mouf…


  139. thicktortiethintabby says:

    I’ll end the debate by saying that the fourth picture shows that the snackies are cholesterol-free and therefore not bad for critters. *snicker*

  140. Seriously cheesy nosicle. This is the cutest thing I have seen on CO since…just last week I am sure, but seriously melt my heart cute!

  141. Richardson’s Ground Squirrel, I’m thinking.

    People get them as pets.


  142. Cathryn Bauer says:

    I would hand over every Nacho in the house instantly to that level of cute. It’s overpowering. Brilliant photography.

  143. Happy Squirrel Appreciation Day! These may be my favorite pictures ever posted on Cute Overload!

  144. kibblenibble says:

    <3 all the cheese crumby-fuzzy cuteness!

    😀 many times at Pyrit…

    Once I tried to pet my friend’s very sweet blind rat right after I had eaten something. My hand smelled yummy, I guess, and ratty sunk her teeth right in. Ouch. But she couldn’t see, so… my bad, I guess.

    Other somewhat related tale: I visited a park with large canyons with my family as a child. The squirrels were very tame…took food right from your hand. Mom wanted me to hold on to the food I was offering the squirrel long enough for her to get a pic of him taking it from my hand. Squirrel didn’t like waiting so long to get his cracker. He almost pulled tiny little me off the edge of the canyon in his determination to get his treat. So…don’t allow your small kids to feed the wildlife if you don’t want them to fall off a cliff, I guess. :/

  145. I also have a series of pics of me feeding a squirrel in Banff. Mine was on top of a mountain, and it was a granola bar. He was too cute and went in my pocket after the wrapper.

    It might have been right beside the ‘Do not feed the wildlife’ sign. My bad.


  146. Hey Theo… do these Next & Previous buttons originate from TypePad? Are they completely out of your (or Meg’s) control? If so, ignore the next paragraph.

    As many people have already mentioned, these Next & Previous buttons are annoying. It doesn’t seen that they are necessary at all… unless, they are to split up excessively long pages that freeze up a lot of computers. If that’s the case, then Yes, those pages should be split up (as in the now humungous category pages — even on my relatively up-to-date computer, I can’t view those pages because it always freezes up). However, the pages don’t need to be split up as much as they are. The main page doesn’t need it at all. Just to get thru the current week, I had to click a Next button and pull up 6 new pages. That’s time-consuming. The comments shouldn’t need to be split up either. As one person said, it makes it very difficult to view a comment that is referenced in a later comment. An exception of course would be where there are a high number of comments (as in a certain recent post that had over 800 comments). Then maybe it can be split up in 200-comment sections. And of course the category sections need to be split up into maybe thirds or fourths.

    That’s it for now. Thank you kindly for listening.

  147. p.s. excellent photography and keeeyoot skwerls or whatever they are.

  148. Thanks for the skwerl-tunes:
    ThreeCatNight “And I’m gonna munch me a few.” LOL!

    C. “Nacho, nacho squirrel”

  149. They look like pet prairie dogs to me. I wouldn’t worry about the disease or feeding the wildlife. They are probably domesticated.


    Hold on – prairie dog or squirrel?

  151. Best stream of photos. Evar.

  152. berthaservant says:

    I also agree w/ spb…I’m noticing now how it is impossible to get to the last comment on this thread without clicking through two “nexts” (and in that rabbit naming one, getting to the end of 800 posts would have taken a really long time). It’d be nice if we at least had the option of going to the last comment page.

    But it doesn’t matter because it’s all still awesome. Not complaining, just suggesting.

  153. Oh for the love of all that is tiny with huge almond shaped eyes, please someone tell me who’s the photographer?

  154. Ok nevermind my request, I just found the photographer thanx to the previous comments.. carry on and be calm! 😉

  155. how kyooooot is this??!!? The photog is extremely talented! And I must agree with the comment above- I don’t see the need to point out that people shouldn’t let wild animals nibble their fingers…I don’t understand why people feel the need to constantly add some kind of negativity to a site meant for fun and the love of cute! keep up the fantastic work guys!

  156. The first couple of pics are so like ‘Excuse me may I have some nachos pleeeease!’

  157. That is a gopher, not a squirrel!

  158. Chiselers!

  159. metsakins says:

    Upon entering the San Francisco zoo, a squirrel ran down a wall and took a nacho chip from the bag that the ticket taker was eating. I believe that was his idea of foraging for food.

  160. wheresandrae says:

    These are beautiful! Wonderful job photographer! 🙂

  161. These are adorable! But not taken in DC – we don’t have mountains here.

  162. Those are excellent pictures, I wonder what kind of camera they used?

  163. Oh god

  164. SPB — I hear ya. TypePad knows there are issues with the Previous and Next buttons, though, and they’re working on them.

  165. Zay buttons arr ebl…

  166. Pups'nstuff says:


  167. Vanessa The Animal Rights Advocate says:

    Foxy, that is a chipmunk not a squirrel. Don’t be fooled by their size, they are absolute gangsters.
    No, I do not have prairie dogs as pets, those pictures were found doing a google image search. Prairie dogs are not domesticated so I don’t believe in keeping them as pets, captive bred or not.

  168. Everyone who hasn’t been living under a rock knows about the dangers of feeding and being bitten by wild animals. I’m sure the submitter does, too. So thanks, Captains Obvious, but kindly stfu and enjoy the MIND-EXPLODINGLY CUDE RODENT OMG I WANNA TICKLE HIS TUMMEHsqueeeeeeeee

  169. I would let that thing give me rabies in a heartbeat.

  170. Super Kute!
    (The last frame we didn’t see though included a pic of this cute and furry a month later…. He’s 40 lbs overweight and lays on his couch watching America’s funniest animals all day.

  171. I picture the little guy speaking in a romantic Latino accent like the late, great Ricardo Montalban

  172. Nice to see a red squiggle! Its grey grey grey in the UK and I’m not talking about the skies!!

    Cute Pics! Obviously the squiggle is loving the MSG

  173. Best. photo. series. EVAR!

    I don’t care how reckless it is, that moment when some critter takes a nibble at my cheese-dusted finger is heaven!

  174. the second picture looks like matt parkman’s mind-reading stare from heroes!

  175. Forgetting about all the things that are wrong with this scenario, the pictures are adorable. The delicate finger tasting just melts my heart. Also, I am still on the fence about the claws… cute or terrifying???

  176. that was just just IDK

  177. I’ve been reading CO for quite some time and this post is – by far – the cutest post ever. I absolutely love these photos!!!

  178. Aishwarya says:

    We’ve reared two chipmunks. The female lives around the house, building nests…having her litters. She loves salted chip, Maggi noodles, rice&yogurt, globe grapes, cheese puffs, and lots of nuts. We are running a squirrel hotel :O)

  179. These pics are sooo adorable! I have to agree with previous comments about not feeding wildlife. They can get sick or fat from eating so much people-food. It teaches them that people = food, which is bad because then they can end up being pests and can ultimately get killed from being so habituated to humans. If you love animals, don’t feed them by hand! Birdfeeders are good, but nachos- not so good.

  180. just wee anecdote:

    was having a fast food lunch in the boston commons, where squirrels are bold and rapacious snackers. i saw one slowly approaching, hungrily eying my fries, and i thought, ‘how cute.’ suddenly he was perched on my foot with his little hands on my knee. then i noticed another behind me on the bench, breathing into my left ear. but the most unnerving, was getting goosed through the seat slats by yet another squirrel.

    i stood in hopes of finding safer ground, but when i looked behind me there were over 20 (!!) other marauders inching their way towards me!

  181. As a child, I was taught never to approach a squirrel, because if it scratched or bit me, I would have to get rabies shots.

    Is this still true?

  182. Fransouah says:

    Is there such a thing as a social networking site for newt afficionados too?

  183. AViewer, as I understand it, there isn’t a single case in history of a squirrel transmitting rabies to a human. Small rodents hardly ever become rabid at all. In addition, it’s transmitted through saliva and nerve tissue only, so even a rabid dog couldn’t infect you with a scratch unless it had drooled on its feet. :p

    Having said that, these ain’t squirrels – they’re prairie dogs – and I don’t know the stats for them. But I’d be amazed if they have a serious risk of being rabid.

    Tetanus on the other hand can be picked up from a scratch, but all it takes to prevent that is a booster every ten years.

    The More You Know. 😀

  184. naee!!! I love them!!! they are just the cutest… How did you let him just bite our finger like that? You could feel him breathing he was sooo close!!

  185. I remember in college a cutie like this stole a gumdrop from my little cup of gumpdrops.

    Probably not good for him, but who is going to take a treat from a wild skeee-whirl when he has it heading towards his precious little mouf? And watching him eat it was the single most adorable thing I’d seen all year. And he wanted more!!! *no, I did not give him more. But he gave me sad face*

    And omg..that last pic. Keeled me. Keeled me ded.

  186. Rob Dykeman says:

    We’ve had two prairie dogs and three Richardson’s Ground Squirrels, and this isn’t either of them. The smaller ears are those of ground squirrels that burrow (vs tree squirrels) and the first video shows them ducking into a burrow. From the tail (#2) and fur markings (#3), as well as the video, they look very much like California Ground Squirrels or a closely related species.

  187. yumyumjanitor says:

    Feeding wild animals IS a big no-no.

  188. Rob Dykeman says:

    Well, I could be wrong – I’ve just seen some pictures of Richardson’s Ground Squirrels marked like this guy – mine had no markings on their backs. And there is a RGS colony in Lethbridge Alberta. Great pictures, whatever they are.

  189. HAHA – I think SOMEONE has seen “Over the Hedge” too many times! 😀

  190. dereklobinski says:





  191. Liivviia x says:

    Dees Squggil Is So Vewy Cwute >_< .
    Tis A Squrril On Teh 2 && 3 Pic Youh Can See Its Tail 😀
    I Love Teh One I Is Going To Eats Youh Fingerr nom nom nom!
    Lmao Nice Peektures btw x

  192. As an owner of 5 pet prairie dogs (our oldest is 10 years old), I can tell you that those cute little guys are not.
    Prairie dogs are part of the squirrel family and are very closely related to ground squirrels. It’s difficult to tell the difference between Richardson Ground Squirrels and Prairie Dogs if you aren’t already familiar. My best guess is that this is a type of ground squirrel.

    @FuzzBob Chubbypants: Prairie dogs do have tails. They are sometimes short furry nubs (maybe an inch long) and sometimes a longer, but they are sleek, not bushy.

  193. PHA+RGllcyBpc3QgZWluIGdyb99lciBPcnQuIEljaCBt9mNodGUgaGllciBub2NoIGVpbm1hbC48L3A+