Alien V – The Snorgling

…wherein Ripley’s cat Jones, rescued from the Nostromo, becomes a host for an altogether floofier form of Alien.

No chest-bursting (it’s a PG cert, folks!), just an awful lot of furberts—less HR Giger and more HR Pufnstuf.


Movie is now playing (and lying around showing off its belly) at local theaters.


See you at the movies, Ana and Scooter!



  1. Mrs. Capers says:

    That there’s a smiley face on his belly!

  2. Smiley tummy.

  3. I like the cat’s smiley face pattern! Cool!

  4. He’s so adorable with that belleh. He could be famous!

  5. Hmmm, now what is this cat’s fur trying to tell us, hmmmm..

  6. fish eye no miko says:

    Re: The hovertext on picture one: Ouch, what a pun… ~_~

  7. berthaservant says:

    Two in a row out of he park for TJ! Well-played (anything with a pufnstuf reference makes me very happy…I know the theme song by heart….)

    back to the inauguration.

  8. You realize the smile is just there to trick you ..

  9. I don’t get the pun…explain please?

  10. What can I say, but join in the smiley tum chorus.

  11. Annie – of course, you put your face in to snorgle and then this alien proboscis shoots out of the bellybutton, clamps on to your face, and sends a tendril down your throat.

    But only in the unrated version. In the Theatre release you just get bunnyfeets in the head.

  12. Cslick: it relates to an actor in the original movie:

  13. You’re two for two TJ! Nicely done!

  14. binky-mama says:

    I just smooshed my nose in my screen trying to get to the spotted belleh. I love the coy look on this kittehs face…”You want my smiley don’t you? DON’T you???”

    Yes. I do.

  15. Psilopathic says:

    I hope his smiley face tum makes him a star! I love it!!!!!!!

  16. LOL Tony you read my mind…..o-0… does this mean you have been assimilated.
    ; )

  17. okay it’s been said-but the smiley face is awesome!! Is it asking me to snorgle it? I think so
    *walks away with mouth full of fur*

  18. Michelle S. says:

    Best part is where the two pink nipplz are the rosy cheeks on the smiley-face. XD

  19. We just watched Alien on Sunday. Is this a coincidence?! I think not…

    By the way, I too love the smiley face tum.

  20. Keep it simple, TJ. Keep it simple.

    Cute cat and smiley face, though.

  21. scooterpants says:

    motorboatin directions.
    (so now they have to draw us a picture huh?)

  22. will Hotel for Dogs ever go away?

  23. photogirl says:

    Kitty is a Rorschach Test!

  24. happy tummy kitty!!!

  25. 🙂

  26. bookmonstercats says:

    Does the Vatican know about this smileh tummeh? I think the Pope should be told. A World Peace kitteh shurely?

  27. grammarright says:

    *its* belly. remember yesterday’s grammar lesson?

    here’s the test: say it out loud. does “it is belly” sound right to you? it shouldn’t, so you wouldn’t use “it’s” which is a contraction of “it is”; instead use the possessive “its”. there, you’ll never make that mistake again. 😉

    [You know, Cute Overload ain’t the OED or Strunk & White. Just sayin’. – Ed.]

  28. OMG! Smiley belly! Must nuzzle and snorgle and rub. Awesome!

  29. Him must be a West Point cadet with all those rows of buttons on him chest.

  30. omg that is too much!!! i want to snorgle the smiley!

  31. That’s it, Tony James! Game over man, game over!
    **Say in Hudson voice**

    Props for the Alien refs!

  32. Happy kitty! Our cat has a crop circle on her side. Not as happy, but equally alien in origin.

  33. i love the smiley face that his belly is sportin’!

  34. Grammaticize y'all! says:

    No matter what happened to the its/it’s, Tony has my undying devotion because he said “LYING around showing off its belly” instead of the oh-so-common but completely mistaken LAYING around that always makes my flesh crawl.

    Yay for Tony! And yay for the fuzzbelly.

  35. HAHAHA oh i looove that smiley face, but what got me laughing is the fact that, in the second photo,little pussy looks like he’s doing micheal Jacksons “thiller” dance, hehe, (while laying down, i mean)

  36. Tony James says:

    Hey, Teh-0 – there’s a place for grammatical looseness, and that place is over there >>> ware kittehs haz teh crayvins fur pertikler tipes uv fuds.
    I for one welcome our new grammatical overlords, on the condition that capital punishment is introduced for those who believe that the phrase “a propos” can be substituted for the word “appropriate” – as in “How a propos.”

  37. Tony James says:

    Bouvie – they mostly hunt blanket mice at night…mostly.

  38. His tummy is happy about the inauguration, too.

  39. GAHHH. Get thee behind me, LOLspeak!!

  40. (PS — I fixed your rogue apostrophe.)

  41. Noelle (the original) says:

    Smiley belly: Adorable!

    Hovertext on first photo: Groan! 🙂

  42. “They mostly come out at night. Mostly.” First-timer–I LUV this site!! RIPLEY FOREVER!!!

  43. KITTY7779 says:

    smiley face!

  44. The grammar vigilantes are cracking me up. I wonder if the smiley kitty has any idea that “its/it’s” belly “lying/laying” around would cause such scandal!

  45. Ya lost me, Tony James, ya lost me on the grammar.

    Good grammar is always appropriate.

    I’m just one peep, but I do try to keep my funny spelling and my grammar two different things. Ah, well, live and let live. Have a fluffy day.

  46. Michelle S. says:


    I think where people get confused (myself included) is that we are taught from early on that the possessive of a non-adjective contains an apostrophe. If we’re using the cat’s name, it would correctly be “Scooter’s belly”, with an apostrophe. But we’re not saying “Scooter is belly” any more than we’re saying “it is belly” – it’s just the possessive of a perceived name or noun.

    I know when I use “it” in that particular context, it feels more like a name or noun: “It sat there.” “It frightened me.” “Its belly” just like “Scooter sat there.” “Scooter frightened me.” or “Scooter’s belly” So it’s confusing. Not nearly as confusing as French, perhaps. But yeah.

  47. tries to imagine this as a 100×100 avatar and can’t get my head around it…

    its as good as it gets … I’d love to snorgle it’s belly 🙂

  48. Theo, by the way, do we know what that lady finally named her cute bunny? And more importantly, was the name grammatically correct?!

  49. My thoughts exactly Michelle S.

    That kitteh belleh is keeling me with the qte! I love his expression in the first pic. He’s all “Again with the belly. I do like to be in other positions ya know!” lol

  50. H.R. Puffinstuf! Who’s your freind when things get rough? H.R. Puffinstuf! Can’t snorgle little cause a snorgle’s not enough!

  51. This more than makes up for the disappointing remake to “The Day the Earth Stood Still”-Gort was robbed!

  52. Theo – I’m wondering about that bun’s final name, too…..?

  53. cataddict says:

    I love, love, love the smiley kitteh belly! I also want to know what the bun was named. And – was that the record for the most posts ever?

  54. Nik & M.V. — I’ll ask around.

  55. Biscuitz4Bearz says:

    Let us hope this is not a tattoo inspiration for anyone. Anyone!

  56. scooterpants says:

    every time i go to tehos vox and see that picture of him trying to pop his cats eye out, it makes me fall in love with NTMTOM and TJ more and more.
    say, did you ever get that eye outta that cat Teho?
    other than that, i too am wondering what that girl named that bun bun?
    that’s about all the brain cells i have to use today after yesterdays MLK festivities and all.

    [That pic’s an egregious photochop, you know. Mr. Bounce and Rikki will both sit still for the Stretchy-Face/Smooshy-Face game, though. To this very day. It’s comical. – Ed.]

  57. Gail (the first one) says:

    I could use some happy thoughts, Peeps. Just got laid off from my job. Haven’t broken it to the “kids” yet (smile).


  58. it never fails…CO brightens yet another day! Love the smiley face belleh!

  59. David (the first one) says:

    Actually, in the first picture it looks like kitteh is reciting his official Oath of Office. And of course, unlike a certain ‘strict constructivist’ judge, he’s doin’ it right.

  60. That kitten looks like he’s wondering when the novelty’s going to wear off.

  61. Volunteers to do the alien snorgling in this sequel.

    D’oh, foiled by the smiley face.

  62. Kitty swallowed a Have a Nice Day button.

  63. anastasia m. says:


  64. anastasia m. says:

    the belleh has a smiley on it <3

  65. Happy belly!

  66. warrior rabbit says:

    So sorry to hear that, Gail the I. Positive thoughts to you. On the plus side (looking for a silver lining for you), more time to hang around on CO and virtually snorgle smiley kitty bellehs, among other things. But really, sorry to hear it. Job-finding-vibes coming your way.

  67. Silent Meow says:


    I have never seen a kitteh with such a happy tummy! :O)

  68. It’s a smiley face! 🙂 Adorable!

  69. It looks like somebody needs to pet that belly.

  70. OMFG, there’s a smiley face on his tum-tum!!!!

  71. “Have a nice day!”

  72. Nicolletta says:

    Kitty…smiley face…tummy…


  73. It’s been a “Happy Tummy”
    Inauguration Day!

  74. *blinks*

    We have a NEXT button?

    I”m sorry Gail. Give your self a brief morning period and keep your chin up.

  75. Vanessa The Animal Rights Advocate says:

    I am reminded of the Far Side comic where the deer has a bullseye birthmark and his buddy says…
    “Bummer of a birthmark, Hal!”
    This puss is probably going to feel the same way after all the smooching he is going to get.

  76. DLR in Canada says:

    oh my, now that is what i call a pussy spread. yes, dirty innuendo here. 😛

  77. OMG smiley tummy, SMILEY TUMMY!!!!!!

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  79. In the first picture, I see a panda on the belly. It’s the same spot as the smiley face, but the two dark spots above its eyes make the panda’s ears.

  80. lurkingsmirk says:

    mebbe i’m crazy, but in the first photo i think i see a panda face!

  81. Ya know, the its/it’s thing is nowhere near as annoying as the people who use apostraphe’s for plural’s. Gah.

  82. HRHQueenCat says:

    or “grammer”

    LUV this kitty tummy 🙂

  83. I truly have no words for the exquisite proshness that is a furry smiling tummy.

  84. Gail (the first one) says:

    @warrior rabbit & Kar: Thanks for the support!

  85. I LOVE the smiley face on its belly!!!

  86. scooterpants says:

    T glad to hear all yer cats are still in one piece and no one needs to wear an eye patch, less they want to. i love that pic though. one of my favs.

  87. Anyone else here miss the smiley face until it was turned sideways? 🙂
    Boy, what does that say about computers in our culture?? Wow.

  88. TheBladeRoden says:


  89. shanette says:

    looks like the Grench