Rule of Cuteness #31: The “Stubbular” Stage is Cute

People, I realized that rule #31 and Rule #36 were like, identical (Someone in QA is soooo getting fired) So I am creating a NEW rule #31.

Rule of Cuteness #31; The ‘Stubbular” stage is cute. That means a young ani-pal with short, non-grown limbs or tails. Here’s what I mean:


Let’s get stubbular! stubbular! [sing in Olivia Newton John voice]



  1. Von Zeppelin says:

    This cat reminds me of “Twoface” from the old Batman comics. But cuter, of course.

  2. kibblenibble says:

    Oooh, hewwo, yoo are a wittow kiiteh wit a teeny, tiny bleening tailio! Why so sad, wittow kitteh? 😮

  3. kibblenibble says:

    Ooops. Dang, Von Zep, we tied!

  4. Awwww! She’s so sweet. I want to put her in my pocket!

  5. I loof little triangular kitteh tailios.

  6. kibblenibble says:

    When they’re this tiny, their tailios stick straight up, and tremble a bit as they toddle around…*melt*

  7. What about giant heads?

  8. Kibblenibble, around my place, we call that the “carrot tail.”

  9. At my house they are “Sticky-uppy tails” They are my favorite part of the little kitteh.

  10. I always called beh-beh kitteh ears “teddy bear ears” — ack! I can almost smell ‘new kitten smell’!!! Those ears need nibblin’!

  11. It must have taken a lazer level to draw that line between the eyes!

  12. It’s a bobble head kitty! This is beyond cute! Love the markings on her face.

  13. berthaservant says:

    Good move, Meg…but I would like to respectfully ask what the “original” rule 31 was, just for the sake of preserving the historical record. I can’t find the relevant post.

    Stubbularness is definitely worthy of a rule, though, so I’m not questioning the move, just curious as to the specifics. I’m a nerd like that.

    Which brings me to my next question: is Meg alone in charge of the rules of cuteness? I mean, I’m sure she has many consultants, (i.e., all of us!), but is the final determination hers and hers alone? Do Teho and NTMTOM and Sparky form some kind of review board and prepare reports on various proposed rules? Are there bylaws and feasibility studies? Do you need a secretary? OMG SOMEBODY GIVE ME A JOB ORGANIZING CUTENESS, I CAN’T STAND EEEET……

  14. berthaservant says:

    P.S. is it me or are those incredibly beautiful kitteh eyes? there’s a layer of wistful regret, a touch of disapproving-ness, a scosh of “I own your soul” and a nice aftertaste of “what, I’m just a cat.”

  15. I think the “our eyes are blue and I’m too young to have them change color” stage is cute regardless

  16. omg! if she were a toy it would be a best seller!

    drops ded of qte!

  17. Exactly berthaservant. You have to keep the OLD rule 31 as well. This isn’t 1984. Memory Holes are bad. What was the old 31???

  18. Juniper Jupiter says:


    Even the little needle-razor claws are actually cute!!!

    Is that possible?

    Conceivable even?

    (LUV the two-tone fasche!)

  19. Haha… such a big head on that kitteh… 🙂


  20. Dear Posterity,

    Rule #31 used to be FURBROWS. The former Rule #31 post got removed from the Rules category and the text was edited so it now says 36 instead. But it’s still on the site. 🙂 (Why thank you, Google cache!)

    The new rule gets my stubbular approval. 😀

  21. Selina's Mommy says:


  22. I have fallen deeply in love with this Kittehs stubbulosity!
    *steals it and runs away*
    @berthservant ditto on both comments. I feel utterly the same way and you are not only more eloquent than I- you also said it first 😉

  23. berthaservant says:

    Thank you Clare…I’m not sure why the re-numbering of the original, but I trust Meg’s judgment on the issue.

  24. Janet in Cambridge says:

    Part of that rule must surely include the very seriousness in the eyes and face of said stubbular creature.

  25. oooohhhhh! tis a bobble head kitteh!!!!! where can i get 1?

  26. Lobbyist for Stubbularity says:

    While we’re renumbering rules, I think you might as well bump this rule to number one!!! “Stubbular is cute” definitely deserves to be the first rule of cuteness. (I’m sure the late George Carlin could have collapsed all these rules into like three. Stubbular would still be number one.)

  27. this kitty is so cute i wish it was mine!!!:)

  28. k, seriously… what’s with the advertisements in the middle of the page now…

    and more seriously, why do comments like these keep getting deleted? are we not allowed to ask questions regarding the site anymore?

  29. Oh my goodness, how careless of someone to leave this on the rug. Let me just sweep up this little fluff and take it with me. *sweep sweep*

  30. berthaservant says:

    k, what’s with all the people who are taking umbrage at the inline ads as if they own the freaking place? the ads have been up for at least a week, folks…we’ve already discussed it numerous times. if you haven’t noticed it before, it’s hard to consider you a regular (and even a lot of us regulars don’t really care about the ad because it means the qte is free for us).


  31. Ok, those eyes are like he’s trying to send me brain waves or something. It’s Mesmer kitten. But I don’t know what he wants! Tell me kitten, it’s yours. I’m yours.

  32. Kittums!!! And y’know, even before Megums posted it, I would hum that Olivia Newton John song to myself, replacing “physical” with “fuzzulent,” “tubbular,” “knobbular,” etc. Such diversity!

  33. MAXimum Stubbitude. And that’s all I have to say on that.


    btw while we’re at it, anyone ever noticed the startling similarities between rules 15 and 17? hmm…

  35. Methinks somebody’s gone & opened herself a can of (cute) worms.

  36. totalee puppy says:

    I heart this kitten…so prosh…Face makes me think of a mask for a tribal dance celebrating
    animal magic…(rattles are shaken).

  37. i can’t even look at that for the cuteness involved.

  38. I’m *ded* from cute–(last gasp).

  39. Cats don’t live by rules. Cats have their way, and it is up to us to try and keep up.
    Da pawz iz abuv da lawz.

    Aint it the truth Oh Little Bobbleheaded One?

  40. SQUEEEEEEEEEE!!! The tiny tailio! The leetle feets!


  41. Hey guys, sorry I’m not around so much lately. I hate to say it, but I spent more time looking at this site at my last (crap) job than I did at home. I now have a great new job and I don’t really want to spend time on this site while I’m there, besides they tend to block sites you dally on too long.

    Anyway, what I wanted to say was, to B-serv, I think you could get away with saying just about anything if you put Pa-sickie at the end of it like that.
    “You kind of smell today………….pa-sickie,”
    “Hey thanks, man, you’re all right.”

  42. My mom has a 21-year old tortie by the name of Cricket who has very similar facial markings. I was reminded of her kittenhood (and by default, my childhood). The old girl’s still spry as can be, despite being deaf as a stone and feline AIDS.

  43. ooooh, LOVE the face! I’d SO name this kitten Two Face!

  44. I’d say that this had to be Two-Face’s cat but both sides are so cute!

    Baby’s in severe need of a cuddle though. I’ll volunteer.

  45. Raemie L. says:

    Lof this kitteh’s serious eyes and pathetic “expression”.

  46. berthaservant says:

    Ummm…yeah, 15 and 17 are sim-u-lar, and in fact, kind of overlap with this here new rule #31….wow….this organizing is more complicated than I thought….but Meg will sort it out! Meg will save us from our confusion!

  47. We don need your steenking rules,we live outside de law.

  48. yeah i’ve been trying to ask about the ads since i noticed they weren’t part of the posts. and the comments keep getting removed so how am i supposed to find out whats going on? i check this site several times a day… just because i don’t leave comments doesn’t mean i can’t wonder about increased site advertising.

    how is it that this site needs ads to stay running when they’re selling tons of calendars and there are ads all down the sides?

    [The only comment of yours that has ever been unpublished — NOT deleted — was your first one, wherein you cussed me out for making a cartoon. I’ve never seen you make any comment here that wasn’t some kind of complaint, in fact. I’m talking about you specifically, not any of our other “Davids” who use real email addresses. The ads have to stay. You, however, are bound by no such restriction. – Ed.]

  49. Oh, for Pete’s sake.

    Incidentally, here is Pete:

  50. david – C’mere and sit wif me. You’re too cute. Together we’ll get through this and rise up and come out better for it. One day, we will look back and laugh. Meanwhile, let’s have some fun. Grab your coat and get your hat, leave your worries on the doorstep…

  51. crazyweinerdoglady says:

    Why are you so adamant about the ads? Who cares? Do like everyone else does and IGNORE THEM.

  52. WAh!!! Pete! Cute little kittah. I can’t take it: he’s another stubbular!!!

  53. pyrit: aww, thanks.

    crazyweinerdoglady: i just hate seeing good websites get overrun with needless advertising. i can ignore the ones on the sides just fine, but i hate when they start getting mixed in with actual site content.

  54. david – I see a kitten! Ooooooooh, lookit dat kitten!

  55. snorglepup says:

    Yay. Can I come too?
    Let me find my hat.
    BTW, Pete,s cute too!!

  56. snorglepup says:

    Sometimes I watch TV just for the commercials…
    Just sayin.

  57. WOW.. that kitten looks just like my cat Misha (which by the way is going crazy over her first snow…) .. well maybe 6 months ago.. so stubby!!!

  58. Gail (the first one) says:

    @David: Are you sure your comments *are* being removed?? ‘Cuz I remember reading at least one on an earlier post….

    I’m not wild about ads, but I understand the realities. I’m perfectly happy for the Cute Overlords to sell plenty of ads to keep the lights turned on, so to speak. I find it quite easy to skip past the ad with the page down.

    @Erebella: Happy to “see” you!!

  59. Oh the facial markings reminds me of one of the kittens my brother’s cat had.

    Cool eh?

  60. There’s something magical about a calico cat – it’s like you’re getting two kittehs for the price of one.

  61. David (the first one) says:

    What, there’s another David now? I guess I’ll have to attach “(the first one)” to me name from now on. Or maybe he was here first? I’ve only been here a year.

    [Well you’re not really our first David, but you’re not the rude one either. Differentiate yourself however you like. – Ed.]

  62. My first thought was “How did Meg get a picture of my baby Dulcie?” The markings are different, but 19 years ago, I had a ball of stubbularity that looked just like this little sweet niblet. I even have a picture of her looking at me with those soulful, sad, blue-on-blue eyes framed by ears that haven’t quite migrated to the top of her head.

    Katie’s comment about “teddy bear ears” brought back the fact that we called her “baby bear” because that’s exactly what she looked like when I first laid eyes on her.

    RIP, Dulcimer

  63. Welcome back Erebella, drop in when you can!

    What a beautiful kitteh. Peter the cat is adorable, too!

    Ads, schmads, go with the flow.

  64. Question: can stubbulars “Meow”? Or is their meowing stubbular too? Please may we have audio sample …

  65. Meggy: it’s usually a sort of *MEEP*.

  66. In Dulcie’s case, it was a raspy, “Ehhhn!” and it continued that way all through her life. She never did have a normal voice.

  67. AuntieMame says:

    (To be honest, david isn’t the only one who find the ads a tidge annoying. But it’s not worth kicking up a fuss about it. I just grit my teeth and scroll.)

    And admire the geometrical perfection of kitteh’s Y axis.

  68. @amoeba – That’s a tortie voice for you. My girl always sounded oddly desperate and insistent, even during normal “conversation.”

    And berthaservant’s comment on the eyes? Those are the typical, dilated pupil, OMG what is happening?!?! look in her eyes that most torties seem to have.

    My Victoria had that well-defined, half and half face, too. I miss that girl.

  69. All will be well as long as new torties are born into the world!

  70. FuzzBob Chubbypants says:

    @ Theresa – The cuteness combo of your “Pete” and Stubular Kitteh here is simply too moishe!

    Re: the movie ad – The itty bitty Boston Terrier in that ad makes me piddle with joy every time I see eet!

  71. Torties young and old (21 and 19, Laurie and Amoeba!), tortie voices or absence thereof, torties’ soulful eyes… What’s with the magic tortie spell? I’m tearing up! I lof torties !

  72. I am in luff with this kitteh! Her eyes have stolen my soul.

    FYI: All those bothered by the ads need to use Firefox and Ad Block Plus. I use it and have no idea what ad your even talking about.

  73. *You’re not your.
    Sorry, I hate when I make that error. :/

  74. I have three comments:
    1. I want to hire Berthaservant to be my spoke’s person – Berthaservant always says what I want to say but far far better
    2. I think the new stubbular rule of cute is excellent
    3. To all nuffers: pasickie!

  75. Mary (the first) says:

    In addition to all other pointing-out of delicious tailios, etc. I would like to mention for your enjoyment the little bits of white “eyeliner” making Cleopatra-type wings on her eyes. That kitteh is a little bee-yoo-tee.

  76. Goodness. That is dedleeee.

  77. berthaservant says:

    browngrl — I am available (and actually have been a publicist in my day). Actually, I’m not available for work, I have to finish my dissertation, but I am “available.”

  78. As long as there’s no Rule 34 of Cute Overload, then I’m good!

  79. Probably nobody is following this thread anymore esp. now that NOMTOM has posted raccoon porn.

    But thanks to all for answering my question about the meowing of stubbulars.

    Thanks Theo for link…I see a squeezed marmalade cat, but haven’t found audio of *MEEP* yet. Will keep searching site…

    Thanks also tortie and calico experts for responses…

    New question: do calicos have unique “meow” (@amoeba & bev “a raspy Ehhhn”)? I knew that mews of siamese were distinctive but not those of other cat varieties too!

  80. The Spice must flow…

  81. Origamigryphon says:

    Oh Meg, you’d better knock on wood! Someone just might challenge you on that.

    In the meantime, I just wanna fuzzle that perfectly straight line on kitty’s face~

  82. Not completely on topic, nor completely off, but as Laurie brought up her mom’s 21 year old tortie and I myself belong to a 19 year old tortie, does anyone else have anything to add to the idea of torties = longevity (and quite a bit of spicy cattitude?)

  83. Origamigryphon says:

    Jiff, I agree with this, because my mom had a Tortie that lived to be 20. RIP, Chrissy. <3

  84. Mary (the first) says:

    Something is truncating my comment string.. it says 83 but I only see 25 and not one I previously commented.. am I the only one with this trouble? As much as I love the pix, I also enjoy the peep’s comments and am saddened that I cannot see them all .. ?!? halp

    [It’s fixed now. TypePad just added a feature we’ve been wanting for ages: PAGINATION. Look for the “Next” and “Previous” buttons at the bottom of the page. It works for comments, categories, everything. YAY!! – Ed.]

  85. According to the rule of stubbularity, it would follow that dachshunds are ALWAYS cute. Which is just as it should be.

  86. Lor’help me, that’s some potent cute right there.

  87. poor itty bitty kitty is sooooo sad – must make it all better right now – cream? snuggles? bell ball? what, what can I do to take that wittle frown off your wittle face?!

  88. Just direct your feet to the sunny side of the street, David.